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H!P Profile (small): Shimmin


Shimmin is a South Korean native who kind of randomly shot herself into the H!P world even though she was already kind of known in her country doing Entertainment shows and the like.  In 2006, it was announced that she would be training in H!P in mostly all areas but the focus was on Gatas Brilhantes (the futsal team).  She did eventually get on Mix Gatas, but after that…just vanished back into her homeland and she was forgotten.

Overall: This is one of those cases of, well that was a bit of a waste of time wasn’t it?  Shimmin is probably the member I know least about, though I’m sure there’s plenty of others.  I really was wondering what Tsunku was planning for her because she was a bit older than most of the girls were and relatively speaking, strange to focus on Gatas rather than H!P itself.  I feel like this is the beginning of the curse that would fall upon non-Japanese H!P members in the future (you know, Junjun, Linlin, Jang, Ojousama, and Icecreamusume).  I just am perplexed on what she could’ve done for H!P…was there some plan and she just ditched because I don’t think we’ve heard ANYTHING since Mix Gatas.

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