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Review: Petit Best 11


Track Listing

  1. Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai / Morning Musume
  2. Appare Kaiten Zushi! / Muten Musume
  3. Maji Bomber!! / Berryz Koubou
  4. Dance de Bakoon! / °C-ute
  5. Genkimono de Ikou! / Erina Mano
  6. Yumemiru 15sai / S/mileage
  7. Our Songs / Buono!
  8. Going On! / Guardians 4
  9. Little♡Princess☆Pri! / Lilpri
  10. Elegant Girl / Ibu Himuro (CV Risako Sugaya / Berryz Koubou)
  11. Ramen Revolution 2011 Long Type / Morning Musume
  12. Nusunda Heart wa Koko Desu ka? / Reina Tanaka with Chorus: Yui Ogura and Buruburuiyaan (Arisa Noto & Sachika Misawa)
  13. ○○ Ganbaranakutemo Eenende!! (TopNude Remix Version 02) / S/mileage

1. Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai

Ahhh Petit Best 11 opens up with Morning Musume’s first single without Koharu and well kicks things off with a bang so to speak.  It was a different song from the group since they were moving somewhere else beyond the emo music by releasing a vanity track.  It has also gained a rather split reaction amongst the fans whether it was a good song or not.  For being a bit more louder, Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai features latin guitar and some screechy synths to go along.  For a Momusu song, yeah its one of their weaker songs, but it’s catchy to be an A-side. What a really odd song to start things off.

2. Appare Kaiten Zushi!

Then we move to Appare Kaiten Zushi! which is sung by Muten Musume, you know the sub-unit created only for Sushi lol.  There’s something about this song that just grabs my attention and makes me hum it all day long!  It’s such a goofy song, but something the group needed to have before Eri, Junjun, and Linlin graduated.  This was a nice song for the trio (especially since everyone got a solo line here).

3. Maji Bomber!!

When it comes to Berryz in this time, they were getting some steam with their music.  Maji Bomber!! took the group into more of a rockier setting and really showcased the group’s vocals better here.  With the amount of energy given through this song, it was a song that did take some time to enjoy, but today really love!  It was like Berryz was given a good Buono! song and we get this awesome tune.  It’s a very cool track and happy they chose this!

4. Dance de Bakoon!

It even crossed over to °C-ute because Dance de Bakoon! is just as rockin’!  Well, it’s not as wild and loud like Berryz’ song, but this song had a lot of good riffs and the chorus is fun to sing along as well.  Of course we were still dealing with Maimi and Airi having the lead lines while the remaining three had lines here and there.  It’s a fan favorite for sure and the group always puts their energies into this song and it’s a great song live!~

5. Genkimono de Ikou!

Then we move into ManoEri’s track and well, it’s also another energetic rock track that’s very suited for lives.  I found it odd that we had three rock tracks lined up next to each other.  Back to the song, Erina’s vocals have really gotten better significantly since her last PB appearance!  This track really has a lot of chanting going on which helps those at live performances to follow along too.  It’s not my favorite song from her, but I’d say it’s in the top 10 at the least from her!

6. Yumemiru 15sai

Then we get into H!P’s newest long-term group with their first major label single, Yumemiru 15sai.  S/mileage at the time were releasing genki, cute songs with their signature squeaky vocals so I found it great that they changed it up with their debut.  This is where I actually started to get used to the vocals and where I leaned towards Saki as my favorite voice of the 4.  This tune also had this different feel, like a more serious tone unlike their indie tunes.  What a great song for them this was though, got them some important accolades lol.

7. Our Songs

Next up is Buono! with their 10th single (before they went on their hiatus since Shugo Chara! was ending), Our Songs.  I have to be honest, I actually didn’t remember how this song went for the longest time…but coming into this again, Our Songs is really good for the group!  There’s just a good sense of synergy between the trio and my issues with Momoko is pretty low as she fits well with Miyabi and Airi in this song.  It’s a worthy song for one of their bests, but man there’s been so many good Buono! songs lol.

8. Going On!

We move onto Guardians 4th A-side, Going On! and it’s also the last one we get from the group before they become inactive due to the anime as mentioned in the last track ends.  Fitting that Going On! is pretty damn anison in comparison to other songs of theirs and I’m kind of OK with it.  Though it wasn’t as great as “PARTY TIME” was.  Overall it was nice, but nothing I’m going to return to very much.

9. Little♡Princess☆Pri!

Onto Lilpri’s first single, Little♡Princess☆Pri! to me is a lot like what “Going On!” had but a little more oomph and some guitars so it was between Guardians 4 and Buono!.  Since it was Yuuka, Ayaka, and Kanon, this song had some squeaky vocals but actually they were more together than expected.  It’s catchy once in a while, so there’s no REAL complaints I suppose.

10. Elegant Girl

If you didn’t know, Risako actually did a solo track during that year as well!  This was before her voice had become fully deep and diva-ish.  The tune is different with including strings but keeping some beats and a slight mid-tempo track going.  The problem though is how 0ne-dimensional Risako sounds singing this track.  It’s kind of like she’s lacking depth here and doesn’t have a certain richness to it.  I wonder if she’d do better singing it today…

11. Ramen Revolution 2011 Long Type

Huh?  What’s this?  A parody of “Ren’ai Revolution 21” based around ramen noodles?  Yup…this was such a weird inclusion but so great to have something unique to this Petit Best.  Of course this is just a longer version than the one used in the CM and it’s only 2 minutes long.  What really goes on, is mostly the mid8 section to the ending (with the intro of the song).  It’s such a goofy track but I can’t help laugh at the idea.

12. Nusunda Heart wa Koko Desu ka?

Then it gets weirder by getting into our next track.  I’ve said back in the review of the 2014 compilation album released from TOWER Records, that THAT was the first time I heard it and this would be the second.  I really don’t know what it is, but it’s REALLY odd to hear Reina of all members singing a sugary cute song (as she’s one to not even stride in that direction).  Add on Yui, Sachika, and Arisa and this kind of just was a mind screw right from the start.

13. ○○ Ganbaranakutemo Eenende!! (TopNude Remix Version 02)

The compilations ends with a remix of S/mileage’s 2nd major single!  Also take notice of the “02” in the tag because this is the second version since 01 was released as a digital single.  Now at this time, S/mileage was getting random remixes and seeing this one feels odd lol.  Of course, ○○ Ganbaranakutemo Eenende!! is already a bizarre song to listen to and well the beginning minute was annoying as hell lol.  The remix has a lot going on and some of it kind of overshadows the group’s vocals.  Still, the whole ~daki daki daki dakishimete~ lines are so annoying!!!!  I don’t know, this was a messy remix for me).

Tracks Recommended

  • Yumemiru 15sai
  • Appare Kaiten Zushi!
  • Dance de Bakoon!
  • Our Songs
  • Maji Bomber!!

So Petit Best 11 felt incredibly short to me for some reason, quite possibly because it was only 13 songs this year (wow…that suuuucks).  Plus a lot of the songs were OK, but some were odd choices (especially in the later half).  I don’t know why but I felt like this was somewhat lazy, but hey there were some pretty nifty songs.  Though the main groups songs were pretty good…hmmm…I don’t know this was eh. 5/10

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H!P Profiles: Muten Musume



L to R Back Row: Junjun, Aika Mitsui, Linlin
Middle Row: Risa Niigaki, Reina Tanaka, Eri Kamei
Front Row: Ai Takahashi, Sayumi Michishige

During the summer, it was announced the Morning Musume was doing a tie-in for Kansai’s Muten Kurazushi Shops and later would turn-out that there was a side-group announced that included all of the then-current Momusu members.  Of course the single would release a little before Eri, Linlin, and Junjun’s final single in Morning Musume so this single was kind of overlooked due to the triple graduation.  Of course, after that single, the group became no more and went to the underground.

Style of Music: Considering that the group only has 2 songs to their name, Both tracks were kooky and goofy sushi-themed songs~  Very quirky and upbeat and was a nice breath from Momusu who were starting to slowly move out of the emo-musu stage.



  • Appare Kaitan Zushi!

So this was the PV for Appare Kaitan Zushi! and yeah it’s animated with the members being turned into well, various ingredients to food.  Different right?

Overall: Muten Musume was a strange announcement for me especially with 3 of the members ready to graduate and all that.  It was a really random side-group for me and the songs were pretty damn random and quirky which was something Momusu was missing in this line-up (of course there was 3, 2, 1 BREAKIN’ OUT!” but that’s only one song >.>).  Would be great to see this song performed someday again…

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H!P Profiles (short): Ex-ceed!


Clockwise: Miyabi Natsuyaki, Linlin, Koharu Kusumi, Junjun

In 2010, Tsunku decided to randomly announce a new group to represent their invitation to the Shanghai World Expo.  Initially it was just Linlin and Junjun (because they were of Chinese heritage) and later on added Miyabi because she wanted to go to China and then Koharu because her Chinese was funny.  Of course they performed together in October of that year and well…that was that.

Overall: I got that they were a one-time deal, but there’s just something completely weird about these 4 together, but at the same time I kind of wished they had released a single to kind of have more reason to see them perform (maybe a 4-nin “Ame no Furanai…”?).  It was nice that Junjun and Linlin had something special do to with this occasion but Koharu and Miyabi were strange choices.  I don’t know, but this could’ve been a great group if Tsunku had little more interest and effort (and clearly there was some interest if he bothered to even make them an actual “UNIT”).

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H!P Profiles: Lilpri


L to R: Kanon Fukuda, Ayaka Wada, Yuuka Maeda

So Tsunku, decided for one last hurrah, decided for ONE more anime-tied unit consisting of 3/4 of S/mileage (why Saki was left off beat me) but hey.  They were brought together to promote Hime-chen! Otogichikku Idol Lilpri.  They also voiced some of the characters in the game so it was like the Kirarin groups in idea.  They lasted only two singles before the anime ended which meant the group was also put to sleep (and plus Yuuka graduated, so no comeback in store).

Style of Music: Given that they’re in outfits from the anime, the group was really anison and the music mirrored that aspect by being cute and really shoujo-esque.



  • Little♡Princess☆Pri
  • Idolulu

Here’s the PV for their debut single Little♡Princess☆Pri…boy did they take cosplaying up here >.<, BTW, if you click the link, this PV was uploaded on the S/mileage channel too >.>!

Overall: Ending off Tsunku’s love of anime groups, Lilpri never really made much sense to me.  I mean, I don’t know what it was with Tsunku and his love for these 3 ladies from SCE! to S/mileage to this group…it was really tiring me out because back then I loathed Yuukarin and Ayacho’s vocals and then slamming them to such a cutesy setting with Nyon was just too much.  I mean I’m not fan of any of their 4 songs TBH.  Although having S/mileage’s “Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii!!!” on their first single was kind of cool.  Still it was kind of a useless group (and really these songs could’ve been JUST FINE with S/mileage especially at the time where they were still bridging from being an indies group and a major group…so ugh…

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