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H!P Profiles (special): Hello! Pro Egg (pt. 1: The Original 32)

So after Ecomoni, Tsunku started a big plan and what a plan it was.  He decided to have an audition for this new trainee program called Hello! Pro Egg.  What it turned out was that there was 32 winners and they were given a chance to debut and work hard (granted some of them left in the time period, but a lot of them had chances which is great!  Some of them still are a part of H!P as well).  Shall we get to know these 32 ladies?

Maho Ohyanagi


Starting it off, Maho is the first Egg to just basically leave the program…one of the least known members from the program itself because it feels like she never did anything (maybe one performance but that’s the best I can say).  Strange to have a member that just upsand leaves like that with nothing else about them known otherwise lol.

Yui Okada


The next member actually graduated and got whisked out of Eggs pretty quickly after the program started.  Yui Okada was the first success story and she joined Rika Ishikawa and Erika Miyoshi to form v-u-den.  The trio lasted for quite a while, but they disbanded and Yui has retired from being a musician/idol to focus more on cosmetics and her new line IVORA.  So happy she’s following what she wants to do.  BTW…I had to mention, she got them boobs going on!!! LOL

Miyuki Kawashima


Not much is known about Miyuki besides the fact that she was a part of Gatas Brilhantes, is the first Egg to be married, and auditioned to be in AKB48.  Besides that she’s about as unknown of a member to me as Maho is.

Kanna Arihara


The next member that actually graduated, Kanna Arihara was an Egg longer than Yui was, but she was a sudden move as well.  The only thing she did as an Egg was being involved in Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai but before they fulled debuted with their single, she left to become the 8th member in C-ute.  She was fine up until 2009 where she graduated from (more like quit) H!P to try to return to a normal life, but now she’s back as a talent on another label.  Hope whatever goes on she’ll do her best!

Kaede Oose


The next 6 members all left simultaneously, but that’s because these 6 are the members of THE Possible.  They were created as an H!P unit, but quickly moved over to Tsunku’s newest label, TNX so they were moved there and really wasn’t a part of H!P any longer (I’ll still make a profile for them).  Kaede though was also a part of Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai for a short time.  Since then, Kaede graduated from THE Possible to become an actress!! GET IT!

Aina Hashimoto


The rest of the girls are the current line up of THE Possible, sad to say most of them didn’t really do anything outside of Egg performances, so I’m not sure what to say xD.  Hashimon though is a pretty cool nickname and in the early days was easy to pick out as she wore glasses! (like Maana!)

Yurika Akiyama


Akkyan is probably my favorite voice from THE Possible, though I kind of wished she did more in H!P lol…that voice girl!

Robin Shouko Okada


I think from just knowing the group for a while, Robin is the face and main vocalist used for THE Possible, she’s not the prettiest of the bunch but her leadership is quite strong and she has a pretty good voice as well!  Add in that she collaborated with Kanon Fukuda, Sayaka Kitahara, and Mirei Hashida on “Sora ga Aru” and it’s definitely known Tsunku liked her from the beginning.

Kanami Morozuka


Mororin is another voice that I tend to love a lot in THE Possible (second to Akkyan of course).  I would love to know more about her in the future and get used to her voice on other songs she’s done with the group!

Yuki Goto


She’s another that’s not exactly the most prettiest of the group. but she’s the member I know the least amount.  At least we aren’t confusing her with Yuuki Goto (Gocchin’s brother that was in EE JUMP).  Gonna have to learn more about her lol

Mirei Hashida


Mirei Hashida was another Egg that I’m not all too familiar with, but she has done “Sora ga Aru” with a couple of other Eggies however she’s most notable as the Egg with the attitude as she kind of made fun of Maimai and was disgusted by wota. Nowadays, she’s actually on SONY and debuting this year with her single “My Song”.  So it’s cool to see her continue with music with her new penname, mirei XD.

Ayumi Yutoku


There’s just a lot of Eggs, I just don’t know too much about.  Ayumi is one of those.  Besides being a replacement after Kaede graduated to be in THE Possible in Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai (wasn’t even on a studio release mind you) there really isn’t anything else that’s totally important here.  There’s not even information on what she’s up to…though I guess she really went back to being a normal girl.

Miki Korenaga


When the first 32 members of the program were announced, Tsunku made Miki the leader of the bunch (as she was the eldest) and she was leader for quite some time.  Add in that she was on Kunoichi (female version of Ninja Warrior) and was in Gatas Brilhantes, she was definitely the athlete of the bunch.  Then she was added to Ongaku Gatas with some other Eggs and during that time she’s graduated from Eggs and H!P but continued to do Ongaku Gatas.  Technically they’re still together so Miki is still going (even if they don’t perform lol).

Mika Muto


Another former member, Mika Muto, like Miki was another member that was in Ongaku Gatas, but she graduated fully out of H!P (whereas ManoEri stayed within H!P just became a soloist).  Mika later popped back up with a single, but nothing else has happened since then.

Erina Aoki


I really don’t know much about Aoki….she didn’t seem to do much in her time as an Egg, but she’s a model now so I suppose that’s a pretty good thing to hear from an old member right?  She also kind of looks like Linlin in a way 0.o

Yuri Sawada


If there was one member during the Egg days where I was fangasming the most…it would definitely be Sawachan!  I mean she had amazing vocals and she made the other Eggs that were a part of Ongaku Gatas look bad (even Konkon and Rika-chan!).  It seems she’s doing promotional stuff now, but damn look at her now, she’s beautiful!!!

Arisa Noto


I think of all the Eggs, I think Nocchi saw the biggest favorable light of popularity out of all the original Eggs (minus S/mileage).  Arisa in H!P was not bad….she was one of the more promoted Eggs in Ongaku Gatas and was a leader of the Eggs for a short while after Miki Korenaga graduated. After that, she graduated to join HAPPY!STYLE (something Tsunku-related) and  joined three other members to form Team DEKARIS who only lasted about one album, before her (and the same three) reformed as StylipS (because a label switch happened)where she still continues to sing for today and they’re seeing pretty good popularity nowadays!  She’s definitely a great story of her road to fame ^_^

Saki Ogawa


Quite shocking to get to more of the younger batch.  Saki Ogawa at first was never really a standout member but for some reason there was a big push of her and she and the next three were chosen for a new group Tsunku was planning called S/mileage.  However, in that time she last for an album and a couple extra singles before bowing out of the group to return to a normal life (this happened just after the sub-members were announced too).  There really hasn’t been much mentioned after she left the group so who knows what she’s up to now.

Yuuka Maeda


I think in Hello! Project, I feel like Yuukarin did the most of the 32 members.  As an Eggie, she was in Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai, Shugo Chara Egg! and High-King before graduating and becoming a full member in S/mileage and Lilpri up until 2011 where she decided to retire to focus on her studies and did Mobekimasu and one more single with S/mileage before she graduated.  There’s been some pictures of her, but otherwise nothing.

Ayaka Wada


Ayacho seems to really have grown into herself since the first time I ran into her in Shugo Chara Egg!  Took her a while to get to that role but she eventually graduated from Eggs by joining S/mileage and then was involved in ZYX-α and Lilpri.  Then she did Mobekimasu of course before currently being involved in the SATOYAMA unit, Peaberry.  She’s a pretty gal, but her voice could be so much better!

Kanon Fukuda


Nyon is a lot like Ayacho in the way that she’s done quite a bit.  I mean she was an original Egg and she wasn’t doing too much until Shugo Chara! happened and she joined the other three.  Of course like Sakitty, Yuukarin, and Ayacho…they formed S/mileage and graduated Eggs shortly after.  Then Kanon was involved in Lilpri, Shin Minimoni, and Mobekimasu.  Currently she’s still a member of S/mileage and a member of the SATOUMI unit, HI-FIN.

Anri Tanaka


I don’t know much about Anri to say much, but she was in Gatas Brilhantes and in a weird way reminds me of Maasa…strange right?

Mia Sainen


Like Anri, I don’t know much about Mia Sainen to say much…I wonder why if they weren’t totally promoted, why they’d stay long in the program.

Asuna Okai


I am so surprised that Chisato’s younger sister decided to try out for the Egg program and got into it, though I am a bit saddened that she also left as well doing completely nothing but Egg performances with no unit push like many of the other members had.

Irori Maeda


In a strange move, Irorin was an interesting member for me because of how she ended up.  When she first joined she was part of H!P Egg Kansai (something that would be talked about later since Irorin lived far).  She was also first a 2nd Generation Shugo Chara Egg! member before leaving the program and joining the indie group AKBN 0 (no relation to that big ass group of Aki-P.’s).  Today, she left the group but still wants to be an idol…hope she gets what she wants because Irori was a pretty popular member!

Minami Sengoku


Minami never really stood out to me as an Egg besides being a member of Ongaku Gatas (which she might still currently be in, but given that she’s in UUG…she might not).  She was also involved in Reborn Eleven but was after it was announced she completed her training.  Though she kind of looks like Eri a bit >.<

Saki Mori


Ahhh Morisaki!  I have to say back in the days, I probably wouldn’t have noticed her because she was in Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai as a replacement for Kanna when she left for C-ute.  Then she kind of went to the wayside until 2011 when it was announced her training was complete and the next thing she’d do would Reborn Eleven.  Then 2012 came and Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari) was brought together with various other members.  Today, Morisaki is still with the group and UFZS (their K-pop dance group).

Konatsu Furukawa


Another member that went under the radar just like Morisaki did.  Konacchan was also a member of Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai and all before completing her training and becoming a member of Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari) / UFZS.  She’s still is a member today though so WHOO!

Sayaka Kitahara


Saaya was a pretty interesting original member and she’s also got some popularity nowadays!  She started in Eggs with being one of the four voice on “Sora ga Aru” and then a couple years later, joined Yuu and Koharu to form the short-lived unit, MilkyWay.  Then her training was complete, but unlike all the others who finished in this time period, she became a soloist under FRAME (a UFP label) and release singles and an album before announcing she was joining avex and in the first move joined an anison unit, COLORS.  Can’t way too see what that’ll be like!

Azusa Sekine


There were a couple of Up Up Girls that were basically unimportant to H!P when they were Eggs.  I felt like as if Sekki didn’t do too much besides being in ManoEri’s PVs.  Not much to say about her now except it’s great to see her in UUG.

Manami Arai


Just like Sekki, Maana kind of just flew on the bottom of my radar because she didn’t do anything too big as an Egg.  Then she completed her training and became a UUG lol.  She does stand out as a member because I always remember Manami has blue and Morisaki is green xD

Akari Saho


Akari was kind of a surprise that she never got to debut in H!P.  She begun being the replacement for Ayumi Yutoku when she left Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai, then later became a member of the original lineup for Shugo Chara Egg! but was left behind when the other members went off to do S/mileage.  She also was a part of the reborn Aa! with Miyabi and Airi which was where I really took notice for her.  Though I guess we can say Akari was the last original Egg to leave the program.  She was also the final piece to Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari).

NEXT TIME: The other Eggs / Kenshuusei who left or graduated!

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Morning Musume PVs through the years: Leaving and Leaving

As we get back on track after Otomegumi and Sakuragumi, we return to the full group as they move forward.  After Nacchi’s graduation, it seemed like it was just member after member leaving and it was really depressing to watch as some favorites left during this time period.  The 5 PVs that I’m writing about today are: Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~, Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari, Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago, THE Manpower!!!, and Osaka Koi no Uta.


The Song: As this was the first song after Nacchi left, Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~ kicked things up a notch with its more vocally free style and a tad more aggression.  I quite found myself just rockin’ out to the song because it really begun to show members off a bit more than normal which is great.  Plus hearing a lot Miki helped a lot too lol.

What Genre is it?: I would have to say it’s a cross of idol pop and punk rock (but slightly).

The Premise: I’m not entirely sure how the song ties to the video very much, but the video is kind of a bit more I guess strange?  I don’t know, the ladies are singing in groups to these world leaders (or something like that) and somehow they become the leaders at the end of the PV…hmmm

The Setting: Kind of going back to “Memory Seishun no Hikari” a lot of this video seems to be done in a warehouse almost.  Though the only scenes that really seem that way are the angled close up shots and roughly in the middle 8 area and some low-res areas throughout.  Then there’s the groups at the mic section which is kind of a cool way to do it (even though it really is mostly Ai-chan, Mikitty, and Charmy at the front since they’re lead vocalists).  The other part is of course the dance shot which takes place where “world leaders” are.

The Outfits: There was really only two outfits in the video.  The first was seen primarily for the dance shot and it’s this kind of purple jacket with these black bell bottoms (but a bit more poofy).  I mean I didn’t understand considering the PV is kind of a bit more punk and there was not a whole lot of differentiating colors going on, so it dos stick out like a sore thumb.  On the other side, for the other shots…they were definitely channeling their inner Avril Lavigne and kind of going a bit more punky in their clothing which is cool.  As for the members themselves….Miki was hawwwt!  She stood out, but Yossie’s slicked back hair in the dance scenes was a bit icky to me.  Can’t win them all lol.

The Choreography: It seems like the dance (which luckily there was a dance shot), it seems so bouncy and quite based around the leads that it was kind of hard to follow other members (especially the ones who didn’t have full solos).  Still it was a pretty flowing dance and I liked once again how the middle 8 was handled dance wise.

PV as a whole: I love this song and sometimes I wonder what’d be like if Nacchi was in this PV (though with the Dream Morning Musume version out…I haves my wish!).  Roman was just a pick-me-up I needed after listening to “Ai Araba IT’S ALL RIGHT” since I kind of just don’t enjoy that song very much.

Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari

The Song: This song Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari was a really random song to come out from Tsunku because not only is it Nono and Aibon’s final single before graduation to form W, it’s also one of the rare times you see Morning Musume have equal line distribution!  It’s a really bizarre song in point too because it’s about the girls themselves so really it’s kind of like a digest.  Of course this has been redone time and time again (because there’s new girls in place and etc.).

What Genre is it?: I would believe the song to be kind of jazzy, but also a bit more sillier than the style really given.

The Premise: There doesn’t seem to be one, but all the girls seem to represent different lifestyles of girls.

The Setting: The only place they are located for this PV is on a train (and it’s moving too).  The makes it somewhat difficult because trains can be bumpy rides so kudos for the cameramen for keeping that stable!  Even the dance shot is set on the train (could you imagine how tight that must’ve been for them?!?).

The Outfits: Once again, for this PV there are only two sets of clothing.  The ones seen during the verses are quite casual but they also suit the person in a way.  Like Sayu and Ai-chan they’re wearing school clothes while Miki and Yossie and the older members look more like lady workers and Reina being all in her yankee get-up.  Then you move onto the dance (only the choruses) and they changed into different sparkly outfits of varying colors.  Not sure of the reasoning, but they looked quite cool and Rika-chan’s green vest is so awesome lol.

The Choreography: Most of the PV there wasn’t really any dancing to be had, the only times where you see it happen is in the chorus, but it’s seriously their easiest dance they’ve had in a LOOOONG time.

PV as a whole: This is just such a random song and the video is just as wacky!  The good thing is that if I had gotten into the fandom during this time, JKM would be a savior of a song because of its sheer focus on all the members and we get a little insight on them.  A bit basic when compared to their last A-side, but this was a pretty cool gimmicky PV.

Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago

The Song: As we leave Kago and Tsuji behind Morning Musume released Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago and I think quite a lot of people were surprised about the turn out here.  I mean Konkon actually was THE main lead vocalist in this song while Sayu was next then came everyone else (maybe a bit more Rika and Miki).  When I first heard it, I was surprised at the line distribution but also the fact that the song is a ballad…there has been some pseudo ballads like “AS FOR ONE DAY” and “Memory Seishun no Hikari” but nothing this light.

The Premise: Kind of tying  to the title of the song it’s really girls at school, taking archery lessons and aiming them at hearts….(it’s a bit like Cupid, but some of the lyrics go for more like Romeo & Juliet)….don’t they know they both die at the end???

The Setting: Lord knows, H!P was basically being lazy bitches with this one because they’re in a white area….I mean there’s props and all, but it’s still very white.  Oh yeah add bubbles to that too lol.  It was pretty plain!

The Outfits: I mean it’s hard to really tell what the PV director was really going for here.  I mean the archery uniforms are a given which were kind of nice (could’ve been a nicer color than shit brown though LOL).  Then there were that “dance” outfits which consisted of most of the members in pastel-colored dresses/sleepwear.  That was nice.  HOWEVER, I didn’t get why Kame, Kaorin, Makochan, and Reina had these super bold outfits and these off-putting hairdos…I get they didn’t get lines in the song, but damn they stood out in a terrible way to me.

The Choreography: I know there was dancing in the video, BUT it was kind of made so that it wouldn’t be noticed because you were paying attention to the members singing so most of the time the dance was blocked by the 8 members that had solos.  I guess it mirrored a girl and guy in love dancing together (which could make sense why the 4-non singers were done up the way they were).  Still, the dance didn’t really do much for me.

PV as a whole: I was so excited to know that my Oshi, Konkon got a song to really shine as a member.  Sadly, the PV just felt so tacky and lazy and just didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me in the long run, but I still really like the song!

THE Manpower!!!

The Song: I was so shocked to see that Kaorin had announced her graduation and made this her final single, but this song is quite awesome and probably my favorite during this time period of Morning Musume.  Though what got me with this release was the the main PV used for promotion was the dance shot (which lets be honest is a low blow and dumb for H!P to do, so I’m looking at the -Another Edition- version or the main PV that got snuffed because Tsunku had a stroke or something).

What Genre is it?: There really is no specific genre to place this in besides idol pop

The Premise: There really isn’t truly a premise to be had in this PV, besides watching the girls nom on random foods lmao.

The Setting: You can clearly tell that this PV has a lot of Greek touches about it like fire, olive branch crowns, the outfits (which will be later) and plenty of food to be had.  I mean some of the PV is shot inside some tent with them and the food, then there’s the dance shot which looks set on a sandy planet (CGI of course) then the scenes before choruses where they fade in and out of each other (CGI once again).

The Outfits: Really? Only one outfit for the entire PV?  Yeah they definitely dressed up like they were Greek goddesses.  I think I would’ve liked another outfit just for the hell of it, but it seriously was lacking in this department.

The Choreography: This has got to be one of Momosu’s most complicated dances (until recently of course).  There was a lot of levels to it and many different formations to be had which really surprised me (and could possibly be why Tsunku chose the dance shot to be the main PV to kind of show it off).  Epic dance despite Ai-chan and Yossie not being in good portion of it (because they were doing their back and forth shpeal.

PV as a whole: I love the song, let’s just be frank with that, the song is just hook after hook of a damn well good song.  Though I still do question on why Tsunku chose the dance shot over the -another edition- version is beyond me.  I just love the Greek ties to the PV and suited for such a track…loved it!

Osaka Koi no Uta

The Song: Kind of strange that we also had another graduation announced for Rika-chan and decided to leave with this single to focus on v-u-den and all that.  Osaka Koi no Uta was a pretty dark song and kind of a switch from the norm for Morning Musume and it was sung in a Ai-chan’s dialect which explains why she has so many lines lol.  HOWEVER, another member was lost prior to the release.  Marippe found herself in a scandal (not the current one, mind you) and decided to leave as she was not fit to be an idol no longer.  Though she still remains on the song and PV which is considerably nice lol.

What Genre is it? A bit of electropop with strings as its backbone.

The Premise: Couldn’t tell you if there was one or not, didn’t seem like it to me

The Setting: I think most can be said that it was just a bare dance set for the dance shot.  They are some scenes where there are clouds in the background (could just be CGI) and there’s also the close up shots which is mostly their face and a black backdrop.  There’s also the name section where there’s a kind of 360 shot of them with the names written in red rotating around them…bit cliché considering we had JKM 3 PVs ago and only people left.

The Outfits: White dresses and angel wings for them all.  Some had pendants on, but otherwise it was hard to directly tell them apart besides knowing what the members look like.  That was it…once again, could’ve used another outfit in the PV

The Choreography: It was really hard to take notice of the dancing because of the flashing lights and a lot of the times they were shrouded in the shadows.  From what I did get, they seemed to incorporate some ballet moves and a lot of bouncing and jumping.  I wished I saw more of it though.

PV as a whole: I wish Osaka Koi no Uta wasn’t such a dark video because I would’ve loved to see more of the dance.  The outfits and making them angels was a bit loathsome, but I dealt.  I also kind of disliked showing off who’s who in the video because we got that the first time lol.  Still I love the song, pretty different and unique.


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H!P Profiles: Ecomoni


L to R: Sayumi Michishige, Rika Ishikawa

Shortly after W’s inception, Tsunku I guess wanted to make another duo unit, but this time base it around environmental concerns so to kind of make due and make a “save the oceans and trees” but, Ecomoni came into view in 2004 and released a song just for a concert for an environmental festival called “Help!! ~Ecomini no Achii Chikyuu wo Samasunda!~ (which was later covered by Morning Musume).  They also ended up collaborating with Aya Matsuura (though this was after they almost broke up) in a Hamtaro-themed release called “Tensai! LET’S GO Ayayamu”.  After that, they’ve done surprise performances up til 2007…though technically they can still perform as they’re both still performing elsewhere.

Style of Music:

Well, considering they have only two tracks and both are VERY different songs stylistically….Help!! is a poppy song with some rapping and bad engrish and Eco no Waltz…is well a waltz what do you need? More randomness?

A live performance of their song Help!! ~Ecomoni no Achii Chikyuu wo Samasunda!~.  Yeah this song is pretty meh because of the engrish throughout.

Overall: Ecomoni was the start of the environmental-themed units and at first the idea was pure and nice, but personally we have Charmy and Sayu and two overly cuties, yet crap vocals making songs a bit disheartening.  Still, one of the more interesting units (and would’ve been great to see them return because of SATOYAMA and SATOUMI…you’d think they’d be the best of both worlds right?).

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H!P Profiles: W


L to R: Ai Kago, Nozomi Tsuji

So as Morning Musume were starting on their path of losing many members in a short period of time, for me it started with the graduation of Aibon and Nono.  They had decided to graduate from the mainstay to become a duo unit called W (Double U) which makes sense because they’ve always been seen together at the hips for as long as they been H!P members.  It was a quite nice deal because they were quite popular (well Aibon was moreso than Tsuji).  They lasted 6 singles and 2 albums before scandals and troubles hit.

Aibon was caught smoking underage and she was placed in a forced break for a short while, but she was caught again but this time being with a man which a no-no in the idol world and her contract was terminated which meant the unit was permanently disbanded.  Sucks when there was a known single and album in the works….totally canned.

Style of Music: W musically in the first half of their careers were doing nothing but cover songs which was an odd choice to do, but they were still quite young so make do what you will with that.  In the 2nd era and the singles after the album, they started getting original music and it was pretty poppy, a lil dance, and some ballads…



  • Koi no Vacance
  • Aa Ii na!
  • Robokiss
  • Koi no Fuga
  • Ai no Imi wo Oshiete!
  • Miss Love Tantei


  • Duo U&U
  • 2nd W

This is W’s debut single, Koi no Vacance.  Pretty cool song to debut with and great to see more Tsuji!

And this is Miss Love Tantei, the duo’s final single before ultimately breaking up.

Top 5 Favorite Songs

  • Samishii Nettaigyo (album song from Duo U&U)
  • Sentimetal Boy (album song from Duo U&U)
  • Ai no Imi wo Oshiete!
  • Miss Love Tantei
  • FRIENDSHIP (B-side from Miss Love Tantei)

Other Things To Mention

Strange to think about why Tsunku chose to make W mostly a cover album duo because only a couple of songs (and 2nd W) are original…

Overall: W was definitely not a surprise in the making since basically both Aibon and Tsuji joined Morning Musume.  I loved the idea because they brought so many surprises that no one really saw at that point, well Aibon had Momusu and Tsuji became known more in Minimoni.  Then W happened and Tsuji was appointed leader…damn she became a powerhouse in the unit….way to go Tsunku all this talent could’ve been brought out more in Morning Musume!  It is tragic to see how the duo ended up splitting because of Aibon’s scandals…but I hope one day we see the return of both members in some fashion ^_^

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