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H!P Profiles: HANGRY & ANGRY-f / ABCHO


L to R: Hitomi Yoshizawa, Rika Ishikawa

Moving onto before the big Elder Club graduation, Tsunku announced a rather interesting group that included 2 of the 4th Gen members, Rika and Yossie to promote a gothic clothing line!  hANGRY & ANGRY was a unit that really stood out with their extreme fashion and bold look.  Their sound was also quite a bit darker and edgier than normal.  They weren’t exactly in H!P but their first release was after the graduations from H!P.  They released a mini-album before changing the name slightly to HANGRY & ANGRY-f because their fashion was changing up to a more white look, so the “f” meant future.  They released a couple digital singles, a studio album and a single before going into inactivity in 2011


L to R: Rika Ishikawa, Hitomi Yoshizawa

Which sort of brings us to ABCHO (decided to do this unit because it’s the same members and all).  ABCHO (meaning ABstract CHOp) were created in 2012 to sing a tie-in for Sengoku Collection. So they released one single before going into inactivity…why it was necessary to make a group instead of just using H&A-f for it baffles me and seemed so weird to exist.

Style of Music: H&A and ABCHO had a similar sound to one another.  However, HANGRY & ANGRY was a bit more grungier and darkwave kind of sound mixed with a bit of their idol status while ABCHO had a more anime-esque sound but both used guitars prominantly.



  • Reconquista (HANGRY & ANGRY-f)
  • Me wo Tojite Gyuushiyou (ABCHO)


  • Kill me Kiss me (hANGRY & ANGRY; mini-album)
  • Sadistic Dance (HANGRY & ANGRY-f)

This is the duo’s first video, Kill me Kiss me and I still laugh so hard at some of the facial expressions both make (especially Yossie!)

This is Reconquista which is the last thing H&A-f released before going inactive, you really tell the look of the group was such a change after the group’s 2 other PVs (Kill me Kiss me & Top Secret).

Finally, here is Me wo Tojite Gyuushiyou, the only PV released from ABCHO…I found it weird they were just having a photoshoot for a PV but eh.

Top 5 Favorite Songs

  • Top Secret (album song from “Sadistic Dance”)
  • Romantic ni Violence (album song from “Kill me Kiss me”)
  • Kuusou Discotheque (B-side from “Me wo Tojite Gyuushiyou”)
  • Kill me Kiss me
  • ANGELIA (album song from “Kill me Kiss me”)

Overall: When it came to HANGRY & ANGRY-f, I wish they would’ve continued as a duo because their sound was pretty edgy and adding that Rika and Yossie are well-liked in the idol-fandom, I thought it was a no brainer they would’ve pushed on promoting the fashion line but seeing as they haven’t released anything since 2011…and adding on they’ve been dealing with Dream Morning Musume after that…who knows their fate right now.

ABCHO on the other hand felt like such an afterthought.  Like whoever decided to just make Rika and Yossie clean up but keep their sound was probably one who didn’t wanna deal with the fashion line and just wanted the girls (at least that’s how I looked at it).

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