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H!P Profiles: Da Xiao Jie (Ojousama)


L to R: Aiko, Frances

As we move on through “Asia love from H!P” we go back to the auditions that ended up forming Ice Creamusume.  2 of the auditionees had become finalists in the ending round, but Tsunku stopped them from winning because they were too young to win, but he saw them with a surprisingly good amount of talent and let them have something special.  Well, turns out they won but in a different way by becoming a duo unit under H!P Taiwan (which Ice Creamusume was under as well).  They debuted dancing behing Koharu at the Elder Club graduation and went on to release a Taiwanese mini-album before going the same route and being dropped by H!P.  HOWEVER, the duo managed to stay afloat and are still currently releasing music in Taiwan (with a re-release of their first mini and two more mini’s afterwards.

Style of Music: Their music is pretty much that really cutesy, youthful pop sound that’s almost too sugary and all C-pop as well.  Add some cute synthpop and you basically have Da Xiao Jie in basics.



  • Wo Shi Da Xiao Jie
  • Wo Shi Da Xiao Jie Zhi Hu Hu Sheng Feng He Nian Ban (re-release)
  • Jia Jiayou! Da Xiao Jie
  • Follow Me

This would be their first MV, Da Xiao Jie (yes, same name as the duo).  Cute, definitely H!P written all over it.  Still cute!).

This is Follow Me which is from their most recent album of the same name, they’ve grown up a little right? >.>

Overall: Back then I was never really a fan of Da Xiao Jie simply because they voices were too much for me to take in…not much has progressed since then, but their vocals are finally getting someplace relatively good.  I was more shocked that Tsunku let these two into H!P at such a young age (that is until Tanapyon came in).  I’m also surprised that they’re still together and releasing music as it wasn’t the fate for the other group, though DXJ never really got footing in Japan besides being back-up dancers for Koharu.  I wonder how they’ll be in a couple more years, see if they’ll keep on with this uber children’s sound or try for something more different.

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