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H!P Profiles: Erina Mano


As H!P’s last soloist (currently), ManoEri started with humble terms.  She begun as a 2nd Generation Hello! Pro Egg member before shortly joining into Ongaku Gatas in 2007.  A year later, she graduated from the group but unlike many others, she was given a chance to debut as a soloist and it worked…first couple of singles were indies but her 4th single, “Otome no Inori” brought her into the leagues of H!P.  At least until 2013 where she decided to graduate from H!P to focus on her acting.

Style of Music: When she first began, she was known amongst the wota/fans as the piano girl because her early work focused primarily on her skills as a pianist.  After a while it shifted to more like cute, idol-happy music with a little of her piano playing.



  • Manopiano (indies)
  • Lucky Aura (indies)
  • Lalala-Sososo (indies)
  • Otome no Inori
  • Hajimete no Keiken
  • Sekai wa Summer Party
  • Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo
  • Love & Peace = Paradise
  • Haru no Arashi
  • Onegai Dakara…
  • Genkimono de Ikou!
  • Seishun no Serenade
  • My Days for You
  • Dokidoki Baby / Tasogare Kousaten
  • Song for the DATE


  • More Friends Over
  • BEST FRIENDS (best-of album)

This is the sort-of PV for ManoEri’s 2nd indies single, Lucky Aura…To be fair she didn’t have PVs for any of her indie songs and this was kind of a bonus.  Erina was in Guam for this and I’m surprised they would make it look so…normal with her enjoying a car ride and shopping.

This is the 2nd to last PV ManoEri did and it’s Song for the DATE which is pretty much favored amongst the fans as it has a sort of deeper meaning to it than others before it.

Top 10 Favorite Songs:

  • Song for the DATE
  • Lucky Aura
  • Onegai Dakara…
  • Arashi no Mae no Candle (album song from “MORE FRIENDS”)
  • Uchi e Kaerou! (B-side from “Genkimono de Ikou!”)
  • Glory days (album song from “More Friends Over”)
  • Hajimete no Keiken
  • Haru no Arashi
  • Jasmine Tea (B-side from “Sekai wa Summer Party”)
  • Minna, Arigatou. (album song from “BEST FRIENDS”)

Overall: ManoEri had a pretty good run during her career within H!P.  Started off little but quickly became a name in the company even when she joined Ongaku Gatas.  Even though her graduation was last year, she’s still performing every once in a while and she definitely found her place at the end.

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