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Manaka Inaba returns to idol full-time and joins who?!?


Yup, on today’s Hello! Station, it was announced that Manakan would return as a full H!P member and was subsequently placed in Juice=Juice!

To be honest, I’m not quite sure how to take the news because we went from a 5-nin Juice=Juice to an 8-nin in under a year.  Add on that she’s back with Yanamin of all people since H!P refuses to make Country Girls active again (y’know since Momochi graduated and the after-effects of Ozeki / Yamaki going on hiatus).  Still, it is odd timing since the 7-nin J=J just announced their sophomore album the same day they were told of Manakan’s addition.  So…we’ll see, she’s pretty strong of a singer & dancer and since Juice=Juice isn’t quite as sugary as Country Girls are she can prolly start showing off her real prowess (like Funakki in ANGERME)…so I can’t wait for the first single / release with them!

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Updates on the 2 upcoming groups? Excuse me?!?

So waking up today, I was greeted with not just the title of Juice=Juice’s sophomore album, but there’s even more that had to deal with the two groups that are going to debut at the Summer H!P tour!

Ichioka’s Group



As you remember, Ichioka’s group would be based on Performance and so we have the Kenshuusei chosen for the group, Shiori Nishida, Rika Shimakura, and Saya Eguchi.  Now, I will say that the only one that I’m heavily happy for is Shimakura as her Test Recital performance was really impressive and was one of the better ones for the evening!  As for Shiori & Saya, they both had OK performances, Shiori’s less likened for her yelling in her performance.  Still, it does feel like good choices to have for Reina to work with since Rika can bring her own while the other two seem to be working up to the same level ^^

Takase & Kiyono’s Group



On the other side, Takase & Kiyono’s more theatre-esque group has also added 3 Kenshuusei to their lineup; Kokoro Maeda, Yuhane Yamazaki, and Minami Okamura.  Now, I’m pretty happy with both Maeda & Yamazaki joining the group due to their more finessed style and strong vocals that both of them have (I was impressed by both of them at the Test Recital).  As for Okamura, she’s still of the newer side, but her Test performance showed a lot of progress that was made and she’s rising quickly, so it’s nice they chose her.


NOTE: These aren’t the final lineups as the audition is still going and member will be added before the Summer cons start off!…but what we have right now is really exciting here!

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