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H!P Profiles: Coconuts Musume

1st Generation L to R: Mika Todd, April Barbaran, Chelsea Ching, Ayaka Kimura, and Danielle Delauney

Well, H!P decided to broaden their horizons and set out for Hawaii to have auditions for a new group.  This culminated into these five beauties (OK, Danielle might not be a looker BUUUT….).  They debuted with their single and the sorts.  These 5 released two singles and a half a year passed before Chelsea Ching and April Barbaran left the group.  Some speculation has been pointed out with the fact that the two hard a REAL hard time adjusting to the Japanese culture/language so they had to drop.  Sadly those two would also miss the first Shuffle Units.

2nd Generation L to R: Danielle Delauney, Ayaka Kimura, Mika Todd, and Lehua Sandbo

Immediately after Chelsea and April left the group, auditions were held once again (albeit twice) and brought forth a new member in Lehua Sandbo.  Nothing too exciting after that announcement but two more singles were released with the four of them before Danielle Delaunay jumped ship as well (some say it’s the same reason the prior two members left, others saying stress-related problems).  Either way we were left with the three.

3rd Generation L to R: Mika Todd, Ayaka Kimura, Lehua Sandbo

The last true lineup of the group, really left Ayaka, Mika, and Lehua together and even then that was shortlived because they lasted one single before Lehua left H!P and the group more or less became dead and inactive.  After Lehua left, Mika started to pay more attention with Minimoni before she graduated and Ayaka was just there (not doing much but involved in shuffle groups here and there) and before she knew it, she was the last surviving member of Coconuts Musume…Sadly she up and left H!P without a graduation sadly enough…Surprised but at the same time not lol.

Style of Music: When the group debuted, it was definitely obvious they were going to do tropical music because of course playing on the fact that they were from Hawaii and all that but also combined urban R&B to an extent.  It was like a brighter Taiyou & Ciscomoon but not as impressive vocals and with the original 5…bad Japanese pronunciations as well (which is a bit of a surprise that they (as in Tsunku/UFA…whoever) didn’t spend more time teaching them).  Obviously though Mika and Ayaka (and later on Danielle) would get SO MUCH BETTER).

Once the two girls left and Lehua joined up, their sound changed into once again a fest of cuteness.  I’m not sure why Tsunku decided to abandon the whole Hawaiian theme he had with the original five but it’s whatever.

At least when the final iteration came around, Mika, Ayaka, and Lehua got a song that sort of went back to their roots…but landed in between the two incarnations.



  • Halation Summer / Summer Night Town (English Version)
  • DANCE & CHANCE (Chelsea and April’s last single)
  • Tokonatsu Musume (Lehua’s first single)
  • Watashi mo “I LOVE YOU” (Danielle’s final single)
  • Jounetsu Yuki Miraisen

While I do think “Halation Summer” needs to be here instead (since it’s original), I kind of have a inkling to put the English Version of “Summer Night Town” on here since it was the other A-side to their debut!  Notice how awkward they sound in the song…but the instrumental is just orgasmic to me.

Watashi mo “I LOVE YOU” is probably the lowest of the low for me.  I mean the PV was yikes and the girls were just overdoing it at places…I mean Danielle’s expressions are a bit TOOO overdone.  Song reminds me of another but I’m sure it’s somewhere down the H!P history lane.

As the group’s final outing, Jounetsu Yuki Miraisen is a pretty nice goodbye but what’s with Lehua looking like she’s in the military…or trying to cosplay Sonya Blade? XD  It’s a pretty good PV (prolly their best of the 6 they have XD)

Top Favorite Songs (they don’t have a lot under their wing to make a top 5)

  • Summer Night Town (English Version)
  • Jounetsu Yuki Miraisen

Other Things to Mention:

Well they are the only H!P group to hail from the United States currently which is kind of surprising that they never tried a second time (then again, with how this group turned out…well yeah it’s no surprise).

While most members did have a hard time speaking Japanese, Danielle really was the best singer of the group (she kicked ass in the Shuffle Group she was in, which I’ll talk about when the time comes).

Of course most people would recognize Ayaka and Mika the most because they had other ways of getting out there, Mika the most because of Minimoni.

BTW, Coconuts Musume is the first H!P-related to not have an album to their name (well, they only have about 8-9 songs to their name so I guess it wouldn’t constitute to having one…)

Overall: I think when everyone thinks of Coconuts Musume they think of two broad things.  One might be just for the fact that Mika Todd was originally a part of this group and the other half will probably think of how BAD this group was handled through the active years.  If Tsunku had actually trained the girls properly in teaching Japanese and stuff like that, I’m sure they wouldn’t have sounded as bad as they did in the first two singles (before finally getting it right once Lehua joined).  Shortlived and kind of a black ink stain to the H!P legacy…but they tried and it did bring some good vocalists into the open ^_^