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Haruna Ogata to graduate MM’18/H!P in June


So it was announced today that in June, 12th Gen member, Haruna Ogata, will be graduating from Momusu (and H!P) to focus on university studies.


You know personally and it might offend some people, but Haachin really didn’t bring much to the table when it comes to the group and she really had never popped up on my radar (which is a current issue that still permeates within the 12th Gen girls sadly enough).  With Haruna, I feel like she was/is the worst vocally of the current lineup and due to the fact that she’s had little time to showcase herself (well in studio recordings), I felt no connection to her so this is kind of 0 emotion for me unlike both Duu & Zukki previous.

To be fair, I hope she gets far and builds a great future for herself and it’ll be nice to see her return once in a while

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