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H!P Profiles: W


L to R: Ai Kago, Nozomi Tsuji

So as Morning Musume were starting on their path of losing many members in a short period of time, for me it started with the graduation of Aibon and Nono.  They had decided to graduate from the mainstay to become a duo unit called W (Double U) which makes sense because they’ve always been seen together at the hips for as long as they been H!P members.  It was a quite nice deal because they were quite popular (well Aibon was moreso than Tsuji).  They lasted 6 singles and 2 albums before scandals and troubles hit.

Aibon was caught smoking underage and she was placed in a forced break for a short while, but she was caught again but this time being with a man which a no-no in the idol world and her contract was terminated which meant the unit was permanently disbanded.  Sucks when there was a known single and album in the works….totally canned.

Although 2019 happened and we get the return of W for a performance which is a shock to many fans within the H!P fandom!  They also released a digital single that were to be the cancelled single and some songs that were going to make up the cancelled album!

Style of Music: W musically in the first half of their careers were doing nothing but cover songs which was an odd choice to do, but they were still quite young so make do what you will with that.  In the 2nd era and the singles after the album, they started getting original music and it was pretty poppy, a lil dance, and some ballads…



  • Koi no Vacance
  • Aa Ii na!
  • Robokiss
  • Koi no Fuga
  • Ai no Imi wo Oshiete!
  • Miss Love Tantei
  • Choiwaru Devil


  • Duo U&U
  • 2nd W

This is W’s debut single, Koi no Vacance.  Pretty cool song to debut with and great to see more Tsuji!

And this is Miss Love Tantei, the duo’s final single before ultimately breaking up.

Top 5 Favorite Songs

  • Samishii Nettaigyo (album song from Duo U&U)
  • Sentimetal Boy (album song from Duo U&U)
  • Ai no Imi wo Oshiete!
  • Miss Love Tantei
  • FRIENDSHIP (B-side from Miss Love Tantei)

Other Things To Mention

Strange to think about why Tsunku chose to make W mostly a cover album duo because only a couple of songs (and 2nd W) are original…

Overall: W was definitely not a surprise in the making since basically both Aibon and Tsuji joined Morning Musume.  I loved the idea because they brought so many surprises that no one really saw at that point, well Aibon had Momusu and Tsuji became known more in Minimoni.  Then W happened and Tsuji was appointed leader…damn she became a powerhouse in the unit….way to go Tsunku all this talent could’ve been brought out more in Morning Musume!  It is tragic to see how the duo ended up splitting because of Aibon’s scandals…but I hope one day we see the return of both members in some fashion ^_^….Well, dream came true…13 years later though haha  Still, what an awesome return!

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