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H!P Profiles: Sheki-dol

Original Lineup L to R: Ami Kitagami and Ibuki Oki

Coming off the audition that Aya Matsuura wom, Sheki-dol was formed with two other winners Ami and Ibuki.  Tsunku really wanted to have this group stand out as the rock group of H!P as noticed with the duo’s only release in “Kokoro no Pheromone”.  Short while later we were introduced to Mami Suenaga.

2nd Lineup L to R: Ibuki Oki, Mami Suenaga, and Ami Kitagami

The longest incarnation (that’s not saying much) of Sheki-dol was with these three and released two singles.  I’m not even sure where or how Mami came to join the duo to make a trio but it happened and Mami was pushed to the forefront and pushed the other two back…typical ace movement basically.

3rd Lineup L to R: Ami Kitagami, Saki Arai, and Mami Suenaga

Sheki-dol then lost Ibuki basically because she wanted to go on solo activities which brought them down but quickly gained a new member in Saki who also I have no idea where she came from.  Luckily they got to shine and finally debut with a major label single in “Ai wa Muteki ~Hatachi no Yoru no Chikai~.  Sadly, the group suddenly disbanded after one of its members were sick…oh H!P way to hide that the actual reason for the disbandment was because Mami got pregnant and that’s a no-no.  >.>

Style of Music: Tsunku said he wanted an edgier group which to lead to the formation of Sheki-dol but as an idol group they still had their pop tendencies.  Many people who know of Sheki-dol say they sound like PUFFY and I agree but less random.  It’s guitar-laced and rockin’ but it’s no Buono! AT ALL…totally different.



  • Kokoro no Pheromone
  • Tetteiteki Unmei (Mami joins)
  • Zentaiteki ni Daisuki Desu. (Ibuki leaves)
  • Ai wa Muteki ~Hatachi no Yoru no Chikai~ (Saki joins and major debut)

Ahhh the debut of the group, Kokoro no Pheromone is pretty good for the two….but….

*Cue in the underrated neon sign!* No seriously, Tetteiteki Unmei is probably one of the coolest early H!P songs I’ve heard.  It was badass and everyone’s serious nature helped.  Though I can’t help but think Mami looks a lil like Tsunkupapa here >.>  Though what was with the news reporter guy? XD

Sadly no PV happened for Ai wa Muteki.

Top Songs (with only 4 singles can’t really do top 5 XD)

  • Tetteiteki Unmei
  • Datte Datte (B-side from “Kokoro no Pheromone”)
  • Ai wa Muteki  ~Hatachi no Yoru no Chikai~

Other Things to Mention:

Definitely is the only group many people would go WHOOOOOO? Because they weren’t that popular and 3/4 of their releases were indie releases.

Mami is the only one today that continues to release solo work…which is great that she survived all this.

Probably the first group to disband over unusual circumstances (T&C Bomber never really had a reason for disbandment) but Sheki-dol disbanded because a member got pregnant, sounds suspicious and they could’ve easily replaced her like they did with Saki replacing Ibuki.

Overall: Sheki-dol is a hard group to talk about because their history only spans 2 years and their group went through three changes is pretty normal lol.  I liked the girls vocals and IMO they sound better than Ayaya at that time.  Musically they were a lil dated but like I said like PUFFY which should’ve helped em but didn’t.  I’m just surprised that they’re so forgotten in the annals of H!P history.  Sad that they also never got to be involved in Shuffle Groups or on the Petit Bests…I wonder why they were denied…was it because they were an indies group?

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