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H!P Profiles: Tanpopo / Tanpopo#

Original Lineup L to R: Aya Ishiguro, Kaori Iida, and Mari Yaguchi

Tanpopo is actually the first sub-group created out of from Morning Musume which is a proud moment when you’re well enough to have one of them and they chose three girls who didn’t really get noticed at the time.  You had Kaori and Aya who sung very well but like I said didn’t get enough recognition and then newbie Marippe ^_^.  It was a very cute group and they are the only rendition of Tanpopo to get an album to themselves.  So all in all they had four singles and the album before Ishiguro graduated.

Generation 2 L to R: Rika Ishikawa, Mari Yaguchi, Ai Kago, and Kaori Iida

After Ishiguro’s graduation, Tsunku I guess wanted to update the group since then new members have been added to different groups here and there lol.  Tanpopo not only got a lineup change, their sound also went in a different direction.  Adding the recent 4th Generation members Rika-chan and Aibon alongside the other two members.  They lasted as long as the first generation with three singles but they never got an album to themselves like the original trio…but they did have different joint albums (3 at the most I think).  Then after that they went down in the unknown again.

3rd Generation L to R: Risa Niigaki, Rika Ishikawa, Ayumi Shibata, and Asami Konno

The third incarnation of Tanpopo really kind of made people turned their heads sideways lol.  I mean at the time both Kaori and Mari were still doing things but didn’t want to join up again and Ai was doing W at that time.  This generation of Tanpopo had also gone outta the way to add someone that wasn’t from Momosu and that’s Ayumi Shibata from Melon Kinenbi.  Also this was a pretty short stint since this incarnation released only ONE single and it was on a Petit Best and a joint best-of.  Most people remember Tanpopo with the first and second generation and not this setting.

Tanpopo# Clockwise: Chisato Okai, Yurina Kumai, Eri Kamei, and Aika Mitsui

Quite a while later, Tsunku decided to have a “revival” of some of the old groups and update with new members once again.  Having no members of the last generation being here we had two members from Momosu, a C-ute member and a Berryz member.  While they never got an official release they have 2 songs to they’re name in studio form (which is the same amount from the last generation as well).  As in these two songs are on the Champloo 1 album and a Petit Best.  While I think if they bring back Tanpopo it’s going to be another change of members since Eri graduated since this incarnation of the group.

Style of Music: When the group started out it was pretty much fact that Tanpopo were the mature sounding group of the various sub-groups that were in H!P land.  Songs like Last Kiss and Tanpopo really gave this somber but pretty soulful feel to their music and I loved them for that ^^.

Second generation is where things started to become a little more different…becoming a little doo-wop and a little bit of cutesy pop…it’s not what I really came into but Tanpopo’s most recognizable songs are from this generation like Otome Pasta ni Kandou and Koi wo Shichaimashita!.

The third grouping of Tanpopo only have one A-side (BE HAPPY Koi no Yajirobee and that was more of the same from second gen but…it was a little more R&B-mixed as well which is a little unusual and further from its original roots.

Tanpopo# was pretty close to the second incarnation overall with both Akai Sweet Pea and Umbrella but the vocals were entirely a different situation because everyone BUT Yurina had higher set vocals.  Still nothing totally different xD



  • Last Kiss
  • Motto
  • Tanpopo (Single Version)
  • Seinaru Kane ga Hibiku Yoru
  • Otome Pasta ni Kandou (2nd Generation’s first single)
  • Koi wo Shichaimashita!
  • Ouji-sama to Yuki no Yoru
  • BE HAPPY Koi no Yajirobee (3rd Generation’s only single)


  • Together! ~Tanpopo, Petit, Mini, Yuko~ (Joint album with Tanpopo, Petitmoni, Minimoni, and Yuko Nakazawa)
  • All of Tanpopo (First two Generations only)
  • Tanpopo / Petitmoni Mega Best (Joint between all of Tanpopo and Petitmoni (cept the revival units)

It’s my favorite song from the original trio and still is one of the best songs minus Last Kiss.  This is Tanpopo (single version) ^_^

This is Otome Pasta ni Kandou, the 2nd incarnation’s most memorable tune and if it sounds familiar elsewhere it’s because S/mileage covered this on one of their singles (they also did Koi wo Shichaimashita! as well).

BE HAPPY Koi no Yajirobee is above here and is the lone PV the third generation of Tanpopo did…PV is just ugh to me XD

Here’s a live performance of Umbrella from Tanpopo#.  It’s interesting and fits the name well right? lol.

Top 5 Favorite Songs

Not too many because there wasn’t a whole lot to choose from but here they are.

  1. Tanpopo (Single Version)
  2. Last Kiss
  3. Otome Pasta ni Kandou
  4. A Rainy Day (B-side from Tanpopo (Single Version)
  5. ONE STEP (album track from TANPOPO 1)

Other Things to Mention:

Like I said above at the beginning of the post, Tanpopo is H!P’s first sub-group.

Overall: I honestly hope that if Tsunku revives Tanpopo once again that he makes them the emotional and deep group Tanpopo begun with because while the Rika-chan infused Tanpopo were overall more successful, the sound didn’t work for me as much as songs like Tanpopo and Last Kiss (and most of TANPOPO 1) did.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Otome Pasta ni Kandou and songs here and there from them but the meaning of the group initially attracted me a LOT more!

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