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Enter the Kobushi Factory!~


Even though we’ve known about the group for a month now, we FINALLY get their group name, made by the amazing Saki (Captain) Shimizu!  That’s why it’s not surprise that the group’s finalized name is Kobushi Factory (based on a flower, fighting spirit, and of course Factory to kind of bridge that Berryz feel here.  Now with all that said and we’ve had a month to sort of get to follow the group, here’s what I think of them!


Ayano Hamaura

One of the most memorable moments from Hello! Station is Hamachan’s reaction to becoming a member of Kobushi Factory…to me it definitely showed a lot of relief and happiness to see her dream finally come true!  Being one of the 2 eldest of the current Kenshuusei, Ayano has come a long way from her first appearance.

Personally, I thought she would’ve been great as a S/mileage member because her voice is pretty high in comparison to a lot of members, so seeing her past up twice was shocking.  Though with her joining this group, I wonder what role she’ll play.


Natsumi Taguchi

The other eldest member, Taguchan also had a look of relief when she was told she’d be joining the group.  Though in later appearances with the group, she did seem rather non-excited for the name announcement, kind of just meh with it all, I hope it doesn’t mean she’s already deciding to leave…(be too soon).

As for her prior status, Natsumi is an odd choice for me.  I’ve never really connected with her and 2013 was lacking her for most of the releases which was odd as well.  As for her voice, I’m not too keen on it, but I’m sure she’ll be either a back member or be support maybe, who knows.


Rena Ogawa

Ahhh, one of my favorites from the Kenshuusei made the cut!  Renako felt elated to have joined maybe not as the two above, but she was pleased as it.

Known has having one of the more quieter voices, Rena did cause some worries with yours truly because she was a quiet singer (with a rather quiet personality to come with).  When she joined the KSS, she was overshadowed by her other mates (Aina Otsuka & Minami Mogi because they were well known for being finalists whereas Rena wasn’t.  Initially she really didn’t stick out until she grew older and let her hair grow and she became a quick beauty.  So I love that she made the cut!


Minami Nomura

Like Taguchi, I thought Minamina took the announcement rather steadily, she was smiling, but not overly so or showing extreme emotions, but you can tell she likes it lol.

It’s hard to think of Minami without her partner in crime, Riko Yamagishi, but I guess it had to happen at one point right?  It’s clear to me that Mina has gotten a lot better as a performer and the first performance with the group over “Onna no Sono”, she has a solo and it sounds amazing.  She might be one to keep an eye out as the year continues on!


Sakurako Wada

As we get closer to the newer Kenshuusei that were to join, the emotions aren’t quite as vivid.  Like Minami, Sakurako’s reaction was more subtle, but definitely excited.

As she was the first winner from the judges from the Kenshuusei’s Test Recital that’s held every year,  Sakurako was an interesting choice, but she had a certain atmosphere that looked good performing.  It could be just from that where she was added.  Since then and hearing her perform more recently, Wadasaku’s voice has deepened quite a bit and that’s really cool, brings a cool touch to the group that has a lot of the more cutesy vocals.  Be interesting to see what she’ll be like within the group.


Rio Fujii

Out of all the members, I think Fujii was the most excited about the announcement, plus she’s like the group’s spaz so it was funny to watch her expressions and shock over the news.

Honestly, since the 2nd Gen S/mileage auditions, I have really become fond of Riorio simply because she’s such a strong personality and has great power in her dancing skills for sure!  Vocally, she’s been rough, but the fact that she kind of speaks for the group and is first in a lot of things makes me think she’s going to be the leader of the group (which I’m all for by the way!).  Plus, her boyish haircut makes me notice her a LOT!


Ayaka Hirose

Now in the initial announcement, it was shown that Ayapan and Reirei were told of this together and not with the rest of the girls (the next Hello! Station ended up being the 8 together).  Ayaka was very happy though wasn’t crying as much as Rei was.

Now I don’t know much because Ayapan was a Kenshuusei member for a month before this announcement and prior to that, was a NICE GIRL Project Kenshuusei (to which NGP is shutdown now, hence the large amount of KSS we got at the end of 2014).  After watching video performances, Ayapan has a really awesome voice and hits notes so well, makes me feel like she’ll be a main vocalist (though that being said, she might be next to Hamaura, Nomura, Wada, and possibly Fujii).


Rei Inoue

Reirei hearing the announcement was so nice to watch, she seemed so happy that she was just in tears and happy to see the other girls too!

I think for everyone, Rei is the one people know the least about because she’s only been a Kenshuusei member in both NGP and H!P for not too long before she was chosen for Kobushi Factory.  There’s not many performances out there, but for the small amount of appearances, she’s not bad, but not at the level Ayaka is.  She’s kind of the wild card of the group, I wanna know what she’s capable of.


Of course, the group’s name also came with an announcement of their debut single which is a DVD single called “Nen ni wa Nen / Survivor” and is based around the stageplay they’re going to perform alongside Berryz Kobo’s Maasa Sudo.  (plus it comes out a day after Country Girls’ debut so it’ll be a busy couple of weeks!

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