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H!P Profiles: MilkyWay


L to R: Yuu Kikkawa, Koharu Kusumi, Sayaka Kitahara

Should I even explain what this is about??  MilkyWay was another unit that was solely created to promote Kirarin☆Revolution even further!  Of course we had Koharu was of course was portraying Kirari Tsukishima but unlike Kira☆Pika, this group had two Hello! Pro Eggs!  Sayaka Kitahara was part of the original 32 members (and was involved in the digital single, “Sora ga Aru”.  Kikkawa was part of the 2nd Generation of Eggs and was already a well-known member because she had auditioned to be part of the 8th Generation and didn’t pass.  They trio lasted two singles before the anime had ended thus also concluding the group’s activities.

Style of Music: Of their two singles, they had a broad grasp of sounds.  Moving from Celtic, to Pop/Rock to Cutesy to slightly latin, they never stuck to a certain genre of music.



  • Anataboshi
  • Tan Tan Taan!

This is the 2nd A-side, Tan Tan Taan! and what got me noticing the three ladies altogether.

Overall: MilkyWay like I’ve said on my last post was the first H!P group I reviewed on my other blog so I give credit to this trio for really solidifying my interest for the company.  Looking back now, being part of the crazy anime binge Tsunku was on, they kind of had a sad fate of ending when Kirarin☆Revolution ended.  They were probably the best thing to come out of the whole Kirarin series.  Afterwards, Koharu would graduate out of H!P, and Kikkawa and Kitahara would go onto have solo careers elsewhere.  Would’ve loved to see the group blossom further…but nope.  At least they left some great songs behind!

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