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ANGERME’s new Kami…I mean new member >.<

Wow, I didn’t expect ANGERME to actually announce a new member so quickly after their single, “Desugita Kui wa Utarenai / Dondengaeshi / Watashi” was released more or less even announce a new member because there was a lot of people that thought adding a new member was a bit too soon after Murota, Sasaki, and Aikawa were added to the bunch.  I will assume we will get new Kenshuusei soon from these auditions, but for now let’s pay attention to our new member!!!

Moe Kamikokuryou


Just from first looks she reminds me of Sayaka Ichii, Yumeno Kishimoto, and Tomoko Kanazawa all mixed together and that’s actually pretty cool!  Really though there’s not a whole lot info on her just simply because she’s a brand-new member and not a Kenshuusei.  She’s from Kumamoto (a first for H!P) and she took part in the 12th Gen auditions (which one, who knows xD).  Supposedly she’s got pipes so this is actually a good thing if she’s taking up Nyon’s mantle once she graduates too.

Like I said, not a bad choice and certainly one that was unexpected (seems to be a common theme these past few weeks what with Sayashi’s graduation announcement and Country Girls gaining two members)…what else could H!P surprise people with?

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Happy One Year Anniversary Country Girls!, wait there’s a surprise from you? :0

Yup, as they performed on their first year together as a group, it was announced that we’d be getting two new members!!!

Musubu Funaki


First up is our little ace it seems, Funakki.  I’ve taken to her pretty quickly when she joined the KSS and her vocals are surprisingly really good.  Though in the same worry I had with Manakan, she’s not going to be always able to use her power vocals, but luckily she can easily doll it up and put a cute spin on things.  I wonder if she’ll take up the space left behind from Utachan (meaning the group can start performing “Itooshikutte Gomen ne” because they’ve been avoiding it iike the plague >.<)

Nanami Yanagawa


Of the newest batch of KSS that we got way back in March, Yanagawa has risen up through the ranks in such a fast time (especially being able to perform next to such strong acts like Danbara and Kaga in Nana Tamagos that it’s no surprise she’d find herself next to Funakki.  I am wondering what she’ll bring to the group because I feel like she’s the extra feet (or maybe Momoko’s time with the group is coming to an end soon.

Overall, I’m quite content with the two chosen and while there’s no set date when this 7-nin Country Girls will begin, I’m already getting excited to see the fixed up choreographies of their singles!

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