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H!P Profiles: Muten Musume



L to R Back Row: Junjun, Aika Mitsui, Linlin
Middle Row: Risa Niigaki, Reina Tanaka, Eri Kamei
Front Row: Ai Takahashi, Sayumi Michishige

During the summer, it was announced the Morning Musume was doing a tie-in for Kansai’s Muten Kurazushi Shops and later would turn-out that there was a side-group announced that included all of the then-current Momusu members.  Of course the single would release a little before Eri, Linlin, and Junjun’s final single in Morning Musume so this single was kind of overlooked due to the triple graduation.  Of course, after that single, the group became no more and went to the underground.

Style of Music: Considering that the group only has 2 songs to their name, Both tracks were kooky and goofy sushi-themed songs~  Very quirky and upbeat and was a nice breath from Momusu who were starting to slowly move out of the emo-musu stage.



  • Appare Kaitan Zushi!

So this was the PV for Appare Kaitan Zushi! and yeah it’s animated with the members being turned into well, various ingredients to food.  Different right?

Overall: Muten Musume was a strange announcement for me especially with 3 of the members ready to graduate and all that.  It was a really random side-group for me and the songs were pretty damn random and quirky which was something Momusu was missing in this line-up (of course there was 3, 2, 1 BREAKIN’ OUT!” but that’s only one song >.>).  Would be great to see this song performed someday again…

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