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Morning Musume PVs Through the years!: Arigatou Riho and Kanon!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these but that’s only because I managed to actually keep up and get to the current releases Momusu have been put out.  At this point in time I’ve reached a milestone where I’m finally seeing members I saw joining the group now leaving to greener pastures to put it that way with 9th Gen members: Riho Sayashi & Kanon Suzuki.  So in this post we’ll be talking about Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi, ENDLESS SKY, One and Only, Utakata Saturday Night!, The Vision, and Tokyo to Iu Katasumi.

Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi

The Song: As the first A-side from Riho’s final hurrah, we have Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi which was originally supposed to be a solo track, but canned for some reason (mostly by the fact that Riho wasn’t exactly leaving H!P after this, but still).  Still it is the slowest of the tracks!

What Genre is it?: Sounds quite like a ballad, mixed in with some synth elements

The Premise: None

The Setting: To me it seems like it’s in a large room (well most of the PV with the choreography), though once we get into solo shots, it feels like the girls are in various places in this house.  Though it feels like Riho gets a special setting, it actually is a different part of the house?, just darker and with lights surrounding her.

The Outfits: I was kind of surprised from the simplicity of the setting and it bled into the outfits as well where all the members have a simple white outfit.  Though, once again, Riho has 2 extra outfits (for her solos) and instead it’s a little more mature with once being a little more formal with pants and such and a black dress for another.  While, I’m not surprised by this, I feel like H!P was going through this love of simple white outfits and it was starting to bother me a bit at the time

The Choreography: It feels like we’ve finally started to close the door on formation dances and returning to what the Platinum era was doing with dances.  It’s very smooth and a lot of sudden pops to fit with the beats of the song.  Of course with the focus on Riho, she gets two major dance solos (because she was the leading force behind the choreography).

PV as a Whole: As a whole, Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi was a total surprise and a nice drift off from the electro songs for the time being.  All the ladies looked heavenly, even if the video was lacking color and vibrancy (which only was fixed during Riho’s solos).  I do feel that it was a good song to show off our graduating members and the power she brought with her dancing.


The Song: There’s really not much to say about this song, or well what is special about it compared to the other two tracks of the single.  While not as heavy on Riho as Tsumetai was, it was a little more upbeat in arrangement and tried to be as happy as it could despite the implications with Riho leaving (especially the ending with Duu shedding tears)…like she did in “Mikaeri Bijin”…

What Genre is it?: Pretty much a mid-tempo EDM track, think “Ima Sugu Tobikomu Yuuki” basically and you’re pretty close to what ENDLESS SKY is all about.

The Premise: None

The Setting: If you thought the washed out, white-over-white look in the previous video was bad, then ENDLESS SKY felt like a cheap throwaway in comparison.  It almost looks like “Ima Sugu” with the pillars going on, and of course white curtain all over the place.  If it wasn’t for the outfits, this could’ve been a LOT worse than it should have been.  You can tell there’s some blue/purple hues going on to try to add a little more flair, but it just fades out for me.  Then there was the falling feathers and the scenes where the group are either laying/sitting in the circle as well which doesn’t do much favors to the otherwise blah set.

The Outfits: That being said, the outfits were really the only colors we had as they were wearing a get-up split between members of both blue and purple outfits.  I mean at least it helped the members pop out more from the background to say the least.

The Choreography: I have to say, I don’t remember much of this dance.  After “Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi”, I think we were spoiled a bit.  I mean I remember a lot of finger-pointing and some hand shakes that came off odd to me.  Not the most memorable of them all.

PV as a Whole: ENDLESS SKY felt almost too much of a shrug from H!P.  I’m not sure what happened, but the PV’s overly simplistic look kind of bored me to death.  Luckily, the members actually emoted nicely and added much personality to a rather drab PV.  Definitely a weaker one of recent times next to “TIKI BUN”.

One and Only

The Song: As the most energetic song from the single, One and Only was the first track that everyone knew about because of the whole tie-in with J-MELO and the sheer fact that it’s the first song that’s sung entirely in English!  While there was no solos to be found in this song as opposed to the previous two PVs, we did get to see a lot from the girls!

What Genre is it?: Not quite rock, not quite EDM…kind of in between!

The Premise: None

The Setting: I’m not gonna lie and say they’re at a location, but it’s actually green-screened, almost to the levels of “Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa”.  The group dance is in front of a revolving globe, where as another shot has them surrounded by blue clouds like they’re above the clouds!  As for solo shots, it’s an abstract thing, though it does look like an actual background with light bars, but it could also be more green-screen too!  Add lyrics in the actual video too!

The Outfits: It feels like it’s been quite a while since the group had more than one uniformed outfits for a PV so this is quite a treat.  Majority of the video has them wearing different kinds of clothing but all share some amount of white and a plaid (black/red) look.  The other outfit is only seen during the group shots in the clouds where they were all white (again) but in a more casual style.

The Choreography: At least the choreography doesn’t feel half-assed compared to what ENDLESS SKY was.  It’s a mad catchy dance and it feels like it’s rather easy to do as well.  Probably one of the more memorable parts of the PV!

PV as a Whole: I think the energy and just seeing how much fun the girls were having, making this PV, was probably the best of the single.  Despite the need for green-screen through most (if not all) of it, One and Only was just so much fun to watch and Miki was just all over this single too.  Fun song and video it got!

Utakata Saturday Night!

The Song: After leaving Riho to finally graduate, it wasn’t long until Zukki would announce her full graduation out of the company.  With that, this song was actually the last of the three A-sides to be revealed due to that and left us wondering what was going to be in store for Zukki’s final song.  To be fair, it’s such an amazing track and just brings out so much happiness and all that Zukkiness was just what everyone needed before she bowed out.

What Genre is it?: It’s a little EDM, but it’s definitely got some funk and disco here (a little like “Sukatto My Heart” too).

The Premise: None

The Setting: I think the best way to describe it is like they took C-ute’s “Bye Bye Bye!” hexagonal set and threw in some Berryz’ “Asian Celebration” shenanigans like the disco balls and shiny things!  Interesting things to not, that some of the solo shots are set in front of repetitive screens and there’s DJ Zukki as well!  Simple set, but worked well with everything else that was going on!

The Outfits: The outfits for this one are pretty simple, just shiny yellow, blue, and pink dresses for everyone!  With some feathers to top it off!  Though Zukki does get an extra outfit during her monologue in the bridge.  She gets a Red/Orange suit with a big yellow polka-dotted bow and a boa to kind of make it work together.

The Choreography: With the song being mostly under a disco/funk style, the dance was to be pretty fun and energetic and it didn’t disappoint in that regard!  I did love the throwback to C-ute’s “Massara Blue Jeans” with the hip thrusts and the ~utakata~ pump was cute too!

PV as a Whole: I haven’t been this impressed by a PV from Momusu for quite a while and USN! was definitely a knock out of the park!  The effects were quite nice and felt exciting, to the amount of times we get to see all the members (especially Zukki!).  I especially loved her monologue where she claimed that the video was coming to an end and reminding us to keep smiling (as it was always her wish for her fans).  It was a realization that many didn’t expect but hit hard and she’ll be missed a lot!

The Vision

The Song: It seems that as of recently, H!P has been getting into these vocal/dance splits in the song as its happened with “Oh my wish!” and ANGERME’s “Nana Korobi Ya Oki”.  Though this is Momusu’s 2nd ordeal and once again the girls that didn’t sing in Oh my wish! (Fukuchan, Eripon, and Daaishi (Ayumi)) were sadly sat out for this one and acted as the visual representation of the track here.  Though I suppose it’s to be said that 12th Gen had a little more of appearance here, but not quite there yet!

What Genre is it?: It’s basically the sequel to “Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe” with the fluttery piano lines and light EDM affairs

The Premise: None

The Setting: For most of the video, the dance is shot on a stage (it’s startin’ to get old H!P >.>) though I first thought it was in a training room, which is bizarre, but eh!  The other shots are taking in a white room surrounded by chandeliers and linen?  It’s a little boring to say the least, but much more elegant than whatever happened in “ENDLESS SKY”.

The Outfits: Trying to mesh with the white background of the solo shots and the overall beige feel of the choreo section, the outfits weren’t too bad being half blue, half white skirts.  The only thing that truly bothers me is the white strip of cloth hanging off their backsides, it kind of looks like toilet paper honestly

The Choreography: Sadly, the focus of the dance is placed upon Erina, Mizuki, and Ayumi which was impressive don’t get me wrong (though Eripon had some hiccups), but the rest of the group looked odd?  Though it was cute how Sakura and Masaki had some moments togethers and the verses were nicely done too…it’s just the chorus that is strange.

PV as a whole: While I do think it’s the weakest of the 3 A-sides on Zukki’s graduation single, the song itself is really pretty and has seriously grown on me since it was first performed.  I think these simpler PVs are a bit underutilized with money, but then again when is that a new thing?  Still great song, meh PV.

Tokyo to Iu Katasumi

The Song: Being the first song from the single to be performed, the song drew a lot of weird opinions, but for me Tokyo to Iu Katasumi was just something a little more aggressive and that was missing from the group at least not since “Oh my wish!”  Still, it was a decent track but the other two kind of ranked higher than it xD

What Genre is it?: Aggressive EDM, maybe not trance-like, but it has beats and guitar riffs!

The Premise: None

The Setting: For the first half, it felt like it was just going to be one setting with the group in a circular set surrounded by spotlights…it feels slightly familiar for some reason.  Luckily the setting does change when we hit the 2nd verse where the girls are backstage (of some place).  It gets better during the bridge with more scenes of the girls just relaxing/getting ready.  There wasn’t a whole lot of that sadly.

The Outfits: Where I think the PV starts to slip are the outfits which were a bit random and didn’t make much sense in the long run here.  The pink and blue candy striped outfits just looked out of place for everything (especially since it’s mostly a darker looking PV).  Though the backstage scenes had the ladies in just casual clothing so it was OK, but the uniformed outfits just didn’t work here.

The Choreography: Which was made worse with the choreo this time around.  I wonder what the idea/concept was about it, but lord did it not work with this kind of aggressive sound.  There were some cool parts to it, but the chorus is where it just messes up and looks goofy.  Not fitting to the song at hand.

PV as a Whole: You could say the video gets a weird look from people and I would agree because from the wacky candy outfits to the arm flailing choreography to the stark contrast to everything else the PV had to offer, I feel like the director/stylist/choreograper never spoke to each other about how this was going to come together and sadly it didn’t work.  Luckily, the song is pretty bangin’ so I suppose that’s a good thing!

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