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Rei Inoue joins Juice=Juice


Not even 2 days after Kobushi Factory called it a day and disbanded, it was announced through a Juice=Juice livestream, Kanatomo announced that Rei Inoue would be joining Juice=Juice and her activities with them begin once Karin Miyamoto graduates.

I’m actually not surprised because Rei does have a powerful voice and really suits with the rest of the group surprisingly well.  It’ll be interesting to see how she’ll land in the group, maybe doing lead, who knows?!?

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Karin Miyamoto to graduate from Juice=Juice/H!P in June


Sorry, I was a little late with this news but yeah, a couple weeks back, Karin Miyamoto released a video announcing her graduation from Juice=Juice and Hello! Project in June to well end up as a soloist in Up-Front (explains the many unreleased songs she performed last year).  I think of all of the graduation announcements made in the last year, Miyamoto’s is probably the least surprising, but it’s also because she’s pretty much been a veteran for the longest time as well dating back to her Eggs days and her first prominent exposure in the “Champloo” album.  I will say I’m a bit surprised about becoming a soloist under UFP and not stay in H!P (the last soloist was ManoEri soo…).  So I can’t wait to see what she does once she leaves (though this announcement simultaneously gave us their next single which is also will be Karin’s last, “Pop Music / Suki tte Itte yo” in April.

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Mizuki Murota graduating from ANGERME/H!P on March 22nd T.T


So in a surprise announcement today, Murotan announced that she’ll be graduating from ANGERME and H!P on March 22nd, which is the date of Hina Fest.  Apparantly she had been thinking about this since 2018 so I guess I could see this being the right time, but damn ANGERME just losing members like flies as this being the 5th in a year’s time (Wada, Katsuta, Nakanishi, and Funaki).

Murotan was a favorite even when she was in the Kenshuusei and I was happy she was chosen to bring in the name change and different approach to S/mileage.  A great belter and powerful presence was always great to see and it’s sad we only get 2 months with her (hoping a single will be released to kind of give her a graduation alongside Funakki’s).

That said, Funakki’s graduation was pushed back to the end of ANGERME’s tour so I suppose yay?

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Kobushi Factory to disband in March


Yup, a week into 2020 and we get our first shocking announcement from Hello! Project that Kobushi Factory will indeed disband in March.  It seems that Hirose, Hamaura, and Nomura want to do something else (not exactly in the music industry, just something different).  In Sakurako’s case, it was the 5 or nothing at all and with this she’ll be retiring from the industry while Rei will remain in H!P as a soloist (which may or may not lead to her joining a different group, I’m sure.

I had thought the group had found their footing with their 2nd album, but it seems after the triple loss, they’ve been rather struggling and I guess this was the best route to take.  Granted it’ll be interesting to see how H!P will deal after losing Country Girls in 2019.

They did announce their final single set for March 4th, but now it’s just watching what H!P is going to do next.

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Catching up with the H!P news, Gomennasai!

Finally with some time to sit and write about news that I missed out on for the last couple of months, I just wanted to talk about the two big ones that are happening towards the end of the year!

Kana Nakanishi to graduate in December


At the end of September, with the hype of their next single (being the first with Rin) coming up, it was kind of just announced out of the blue that Kana Nakanishi was going to graduate from H!P in December (the 10th to be exact).  Though with the time between, the single was released and unsurprisingly Kana didn’t get special treatment in her final single (I mean to be fair Katsuta wasn’t a part of the single itself, all she got was her digital song being a bonus to the single).  Still, I felt like Kanana got the end of the short stick to be honest.

Granted, she really never pushed herself in the group so she ended up being kind of forgotten in the more recent ANGERME songs (comparing this to how she was in her S/mileage days with “Yattaruchan” and “Choto Mate Kudasai! and even her solo song in “LILIUM”.

(I guess I should also mentioned that Rinapuu had a pretty nice sendoff, like I said above, she got a solo song “Totteoki no Oshare wo Shite” which was released a couple days before her graduation, digitally.  Though for whatever reason it was thrown on ANGERME’s November single too…almost two months after XD.

Country Girls disbandment…or?


After releasing their digital single, I thought things might have just go the way the last couple years from them, but in mid-October, it was announced that the group would be disbanding towards the end of the year (12/26).  Though it’s more that, Yamaki and Ozeki are graduating out on that day, with Yamakki, she’ll also be leaving College Cosmos and the entertainment industry on the whole.

The announcement doesn’t end there as Musubu Funaki also announced her graduation from ANGERME in March (meaning she may have a single to go out on).

As for Chiichan, she’ll just remain in Morning Musume (the only member that didn’t have a graduation announcement luckily).

HOWEVER, the “or” of this is that the Up-front director is thinking on adding new members and begin anew…which I feel is a bad idea and kind of just spits on these four that had remained as a group.


I’m sure we’ll get some new single announcements during the Winter tour, but these should be the last newsworthy things for 2019!

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So the Kenshuusei is getting another new unit?!? Oh wait….it’s not permanent

Not even 2 days before the Summer concerts begin is when we get an announcement of a sort-of new unit within the Kenshuusei….not surprisingly named Hello Pro Kenshuusei Unit.  The idea behind is that they’ll watch over the members involved, but will swap girls out here and there for the time beings (slightly like BEYOOOOONDS?).  At least for now the current 5 girls are


Yup, the members you see here; Kirara Yonemura, Kanami Ishiguri, Nanami Kubota, Ruru Kanemitsu, and Madoka Saito were the ones chosen to start things off, not sure if they’ll get an original song too, but it is interesting they’d announce this 2 days before the concerts begin but I do think most of these girls seem ready to do something bigger, but goodness is the KSS getting small x.x

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ANGERME News incoming!

Well, it seems that in the weeks before H!P’s Summer tour, ANGERME has had some news regarding the group and I felt it was the right time to start talking so let’s get the first big news out of the way!

Rina Katsuta announces graduation


Couple weeks back, Rinapuu announced that she was graduating from ANGERME at the end of September to focus on studies (which is a fair conclusion)

To me, Rina was like the underdog when it comes to S/mileage/ANGERME because when she was first added to the group, she did look odd (lazy eye was pretty prominent) and she didn’t get many lines (or a song like Yattaruchan to boost her up like it did for Kanana).  Though for whatever reason when the name changed in the group, Rina was starting to have more solos and prominence and presence all in one!  She was always a great member and while her low energy performance might stick out in a rather rambunctious group, it made her feel like the mom of the group (next to Ayacho was) so it’s going to be sad when she does leave!

New Member joins the group!


Not even a day of warning and ANGERME teased something new was going to happen, well a couple hours later, it was announced that a new member has joined the group! (Katsuta replacement?) Either way it’s none other than Rin Hashisako who was a Kenshuusei member prior to the announcement!

Honestly, she has been growing a lot since joining and her voice is getting better and better as evident from the Test Recitals they’ve been doing!  Young, but she might be a great asset to the group, just surprising that she was added only 1 single (and an album) after Ise & Oota were so watching these 3 will be interestings!


I’m already pumped to see what the Summer concerts will bring (with Hashisako, 3 new Momusu members, the two new members for Juice=Juice, and BEYOOOOONDS performing more, and hopefully some new releases to fill the summer with).  It’ll be awesomes!

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Morning Musume to finally bring in new members!


I mean what a surprise that we’re getting new members in both Juice=Juice and Morning Musume to essentially (fill in the spots), here I feel like the 3 new members that we got were added to kind of fill the void that Kudo, Ogata, and Iikubo left.

Also there isn’t pictures of the members by themselves quite yet so we’re going off this one above.


So going from L to R, we begin with Mei Yamazaki who was a part of the Kenshuusei Hokkaido branch.  Honestly, it’s a good choice and I’m sure she and Miki could have some kind of English conversation which would mean more push for the group to be world wide.

The other two girls in order, Homare Okamura Rio Kitagawa are brand new members and rightfully the winners of the auditions (unless more finalists get placed elsewhere).

Not quite sure how they’ll stack up within the group, but so far it seems like it’ll be an interesting ride with this 15th Generation!

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Juice=Juice comes in with the shadowdrop of new members!

Well, not quite a shadow drop, but we only really had 2 days to brace ourselves for new members to join the group (arguably assuming they’re to kind of take the place that Yanagawa & Miyazaki left behind since they graduated/is graduating so let’s talk about it!

Yume Kudo

Kudo Yume-721497

The first girl announced was Yume Kudo from the Hokkaido branch and I was happily surprised with this addition and she did win the Dancing award at the Kenshuusei test so seeing her being added was pretty awesome.  I am curious to see what’s going to happen with the Hokkaido girls now that there’s only 4 left (Ishuguri, Yamazaki, Sato, and Kawano).

Riai Matsunaga


Well hot damn, one of my favorites in the current KSS line-up also seemed to have been given the green light to join the group!  Yeah, she won the Test Recital and she’s been super solid since joining the Kenshuusei so I’m super happy to see she joined.


Can’t wait to see them debut (seems like they’ll be shown off first at the group’s next Budokan live!

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Yuka Miyazaki to graduate from Juice=Juice & H!P in March


While this news was not surprising in the least because Yuka is the oldest in the group, I was kind of surprised she announced her graduation to be at the same time Yanamin will also graduate too which is at the end of the Spring Tour.

When she first joined, I was happy Up-Front chose someone that didn’t audition for the group but someone from a different situation (like Kanatomo) and us fans already had a little time with her when she debuted as a member in GREEN FIELDS.  Her time in Juice=Juice might have been a back girl, but as the leader of the group she did a good job and she was always bubbly and happy.  I’m wondering if this was already considered seeing that Juice=Juice will be going down to 6 members.

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