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Most original name for a group? Funny joke UFP!

So on today’s Hello! Station we got an announcement of a new SATOYAMA unit!


L to R: Moe Kamikokuryo, Ayumi Ishida, Saki Nakajima, Tomoko Kanazawa

Meet our new SATOYAMA unit, Kamiishinaka Kana

What surprised me was just having Kamiko be the one to announce this as if she was the leader of this unit.  Granted, this announcement is slightly weakened by the fact the other 3 have been in previous SATO units (Ayumi in Harvest, Nakky in DIY, HI-FIN, and Kanatomo in ODATOMO.  It also didn’t help that the name of the unit is a bit lazy and kind of mundane (though it makes the acronym KINK seem very interesting!).

Anyway, they will release an event single, “Furusato no Yume” during the SATOYAMA e Ikou! event / Hinafest date).  This unit won’t last too long with Nakky graduating in June, but it’ll be nice to see what the song willbring.

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Let’s say hello to our 13th Generation!

Yup, we finally have our new Generation (going through two auditions once again).  Though no actual new members, but chosen from the Kenshuusei!  So let’s get to know them!

Kaede Kaga


One of the eldest Kenshuusei, joining back in 2012 alongside Kanatomo, Maria, Wadasaku, Kishimon, and Ichioka. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting her to win due to her age and straight-up 4 year tenure in the trainees program.  Though she’s pretty impressive as a vocalist and has grown during the time and her adding to Momusu will probably lead to her being a main vocalist which is great (we really needed more vocalists).

Reina Yokoyama


The other new members is the opposite to Kaedii by being from the most recent batch of Kenshuusei!  Yokoyama hasn’t really done anything too huge in the program (hell, I haven’t been able to hear her proper yet).  There’s not much of an opinion so I’ll just have to wait til their first single before making a complete thought out of her.

Overall, I feel like a 2-nin is a bit disappointing because that just meant these auditions were just done primarily to fill the spots that Riho and Kanon had left behind when they graduated and it’s looking like Kaede might fill Riho’s spot while Reina will have Zukki’s.  I would’ve chosen better girls too to add onto the group.


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°C-ute to disband in 2017


Today, it was announced that the eldest group in H!P currently will disband at Saitama Super Arena in June of 2017.

Honestly, while the timing was surprising, the overall thoughts were that it wasn’t as much of a shock considering the tenure they’ve been pulling since they’ve debuted.  I love the group and as much as I think Airi, Maimi, and Chisato were the vocal powerhouses, Saki and Mai were pretty integral as well!

More news is that they’ll release one more single and won’t take part in the Winter H!P concerts.  Makes me think there’ll also be a best album thrown in like when Berryz called it a day.

Don’t know what other surprises are in store, but it’ll be a nice run towards the end!

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Tsubaki Factory gains 3 members?…WHT?!?

Yup!  Announced today at a Fanclub event, the group annouced 3 new members (all from the Kenshuusei…so let’s get to know them!

Saori Onoda


Probably the most familiar face of the trio, Saorin kind of took up Karin’s mantle when she started doing the Pinkss stuff and even then she surprised many for her Shindan Test performance opting for a recorder solo!  To me she stands as a good face for the group next to Yumeno currently.  It’ll be interesting to see what she’ll bring, but I have a feeling she’ll be a lead next to Yumeno and Kiki.

Mao Akiyama


The next gal up is Mao Akiyama!  Though I am sad to say that between her and the other girl that’s coming up, I don’t have too much of an opinion on them.  With Akiyama though, she is known for her dancing abilities so that’ll come in handy for more upbeat songs.  We’ll see how things go!

Mizuho Ono


The last girl, Mizuho is really an enigmatic to the group as she kind of runs in the middle of the road leaving nothing that really sets her apart from her KSS sisters.  She has gotten better singing since her induction to the KSS, but how it’ll stand amongst the other 8 will be interesting.

Overall, I feel like moving Tsubaki to a 9-nin group might be a little overkill, but I feel like the group really needed a spark as not many fans are won over quite yet.  While I see Saori being a good choice, it’ll be worth seeing if Mao and Mizuho can add something else as well!  Though announcing this not even a week after the 6-nin released “Hitorijime / Watashi ga Obasan ni Nattemo” is beyond weird

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Manaka Inaba graduates from Country Girls


Today, it was announced that Manaka Inaba from Country Girls has graduated.  For me, this isn’t all too surprising because she’s been absent and on hiatus for a couple months now due to her asthma which apparently hasn’t gotten better.  The notice did say she’ll remain a part of UF, but to what degree is unknown currently.

It’s a bitter and sudden closure as she only sung on three singles, but she was kind of the hidden ace amongst the group due to her amazing dancing skills and her voice which could go between a powerful voice and to a cutesy squeak.  While I wonder if they’ll replace with someone (as ANGERME did recently), I kind of hope one of the Hokkaido KSS gets added just for the whole Country Musume/Girls status quo.

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Time for some Kenshuusei news!

So over the last week we’ve gotten some pretty interesting news concerning the Kenshuusei!  So let’s talk about it all!


Top Row: Hikari Sato, Haruka Ota, Mei Yamazaki
Bottom Row: Kanami Ishiguri, Minori Kawano, Yume Kudo, Ryo Kitagawa

The biggest news is that a new branch of the Kenshuusei program was created for members from Hokkaido!  Though that 6/7 are from Sapporo (Kitagawa is from Rankoshi), these our are new trainees. Now what they’ll do during this time is still up in the air currently (though they did perform “Oheso no Kuni Kara Konnichiwa”).  It makes me wonder if this is a pre-conceived group in waiting or not (as they have a profile picture above) whereas the normal KSS don’t (yet).


On the other side of the program, it was announced that Yumei Yokogawa, Momoko Shimano, Nagisa Hashimoto, and Rion Nakano had finished their training a few days before the announcement of the Hokkaido branch.  With the first three, age was pretty much the factor on why they are all gone (though for Yumei, I’m sure it was her lack of talent…sorry but not sorry).  As for Rion, there was not a lot of reason for her leaving, but maybe she wanted to go back and focus on school or something.

With the Kenshuusei (not counting the Hokkaido girls) going to just 16 members (plus Tsubaki), they might focus on gaining new girls for a while, though with 2 new songs, anything can happen.

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ANGERME gets another new member!


So at today’s opening day for the H!P annual Summer concert, it was announced that ANGERME was getting their 5th Gen member, and surprise, surprise it’s Momona Kasahara!

While she hasn’t been a member for too long, I can’t help but feel that she wasn’t too ready from going by her Test Recitals (even though she did win alongside Momohime Kiyono in this years).  I do love that she loves Eri Kamei, but she slightly felt weaker than normal, but considering her improvements in the year between, maybe she’ll find her spot within the group, though she is all-in-all taking over Meimi’s place so who knows what she’ll bring.




The Hokkaido auditions have finally completed and there’s 7 members joining, though with the way the site is wording it, it sounds like they will start as the Hokkaido branch of the KSS, but at the same time sounds like they’re a group already XD…I’ll be making a post about this on 7/30 (their debut date)

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Kanon Suzuki to graduate Morning Musume & H!P in Spring 2016


So it’s been announced that our lovely Zukki is flying from the coop at the end of Morning Musume ’16’s Spring Tour to essentially become a social worker where she’ll do her best to make other people feel better!

Coming off the heels of Riho graduating, I’m actually surprised by this a lot more as she’s become quite the fan favorite worldwide!  Another member I got to see from auditions to now, she’s grown quite a bit and has shown some amazing vocals in her tenure.  I’m a little bummed that she didn’t get quite enough spotlight like Riho and later on, Mizuki has and ended up in the back end (though she did have a lot more spotlight B-sides) up until “Oh my wish!”.  Still, I’m kind of hoping that her last single will have something nice for her (another center song orrrr a solo?).  Now, the auditions seem a little more respectable due to losing two members!

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Meimi Tamura to graduate from ANGERME and H!P in Spring 2016, SO SOON :/


In a out of blue announcement, Meimi Tamura today at ANGERME’s Christmas live announced that she’ll graduate in the Spring of next year citing that she wants to focus on singing and being an actress.

While some people saw this coming, I don’t think anyone thought it was going to be so soon after losing Kanon Fukuda in November.

Seeing that I’ve followed her since she was announced to debut as a sub-member in S/mileage, Meimi was one of the members that took some time to get used to because back then, she was a bit high-energy and wild which did bother me some as the other members were a bit more laidback.  As time grew on though, Meimi blossomed into this force of power and her vocals magically switched from being sugary cute to this mature and rather impressive set of pipes and it has since led me to love her as she grew older and the group matured in their music too!

Her leaving is going to be sad, but knowing she wants to push herself more makes me think we’ll see more of her in the future, as for ANGERME (maybe that audition should’ve had two winners) 😄

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ANGERME’s new Kami…I mean new member >.<

Wow, I didn’t expect ANGERME to actually announce a new member so quickly after their single, “Desugita Kui wa Utarenai / Dondengaeshi / Watashi” was released more or less even announce a new member because there was a lot of people that thought adding a new member was a bit too soon after Murota, Sasaki, and Aikawa were added to the bunch.  I will assume we will get new Kenshuusei soon from these auditions, but for now let’s pay attention to our new member!!!

Moe Kamikokuryou


Just from first looks she reminds me of Sayaka Ichii, Yumeno Kishimoto, and Tomoko Kanazawa all mixed together and that’s actually pretty cool!  Really though there’s not a whole lot info on her just simply because she’s a brand-new member and not a Kenshuusei.  She’s from Kumamoto (a first for H!P) and she took part in the 12th Gen auditions (which one, who knows xD).  Supposedly she’s got pipes so this is actually a good thing if she’s taking up Nyon’s mantle once she graduates too.

Like I said, not a bad choice and certainly one that was unexpected (seems to be a common theme these past few weeks what with Sayashi’s graduation announcement and Country Girls gaining two members)…what else could H!P surprise people with?

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