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Ayaka Wada to graduate from ANGERME/H!P in Spring 2019


So it seems the day has come where one of the eldest members in H!P is going to finally graduate.  According to her blogpost, Ayacho doesn’t wanna quit singing/dancing but wants to take it a step further on top of other paths that she wants to take and it’s pretty awesome to see her follow out further.

Personally, while I never found her to be the best singer in most things she’s done (especially in the original S/mileage lineup to current ANGERME), she’s always had personality in spades and she just kept getting prettier and prettier as the years gone by.

Now the question becomes who will become H!P’s next leader (and ANGERME’s next leader as well).  Still, at least we have a year with Ayacho so let’s cherish it!

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1 Audition, 2 groups? Something to be excited for!

So here we are again in Audition land and this time it seems H!P is going to make two groups out of this one, hopefully (considering the last audition only ended up with 7 Kenshuusei members, one who already left, mind you).


So FINALLY news that’s going to push Ichioka’s group forward, it seems her group will focus on being a “performance” group and that could really mean anything, but it seems vocals & dance being the primary focus…might get a C-ute-like group out of this I feel like.  Granted as she’s still the lone member & such, it could go either especially if some of the members added are from the KSS then she might be passed (though she’s gotten better vocally, so it wouldn’t hurt for more support to come in.


Though I think the bigger news is that we finally get confirmation of what’s going on with Takase and Kiyono and it’s another new group!  I was hoping it was a group and not so much them being thrown into Engeki Joshi-bu.  So unlike Ichioka’s group, this group is going to be more theater-esque to add with their singing/dancing so I feel like it’s going to be a bit more silly like Berryz Kobo was.  Though they could be more serious considering how good these two are vocally so who knows!


Seems like we’ll get the winners and first releases sometime in the Summer tour or a little later, but I’m excited…it’s nice to see something going on now (though I hope Country Girls can make a comeback fulltime too).

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Haruna Ogata to graduate MM’18/H!P in June


So it was announced today that in June, 12th Gen member, Haruna Ogata, will be graduating from Momusu (and H!P) to focus on university studies.


You know personally and it might offend some people, but Haachin really didn’t bring much to the table when it comes to the group and she really had never popped up on my radar (which is a current issue that still permeates within the 12th Gen girls sadly enough).  With Haruna, I feel like she was/is the worst vocally of the current lineup and due to the fact that she’s had little time to showcase herself (well in studio recordings), I felt no connection to her so this is kind of 0 emotion for me unlike both Duu & Zukki previous.

To be fair, I hope she gets far and builds a great future for herself and it’ll be nice to see her return once in a while

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Maho Aikawa bids farewell to H!P


So after nearly a year of silence from Aiai, it was finally announced on the last day of 2017 that she has indeed decided to leave ANGERME and H!P today.  Considering that this took forever to find out because she had the hope to push through, it just wasn’t enough and she didn’t want to have panic attacks performing with the group.

Personally, it’s kind of here and there for me as she wasn’t a big member in the group (the worst vocally between her and her gen mates, Rikako and Mizuki) and she only lasted about 5 singles (and a best album) worth which didn’t cement much considering she barely got solos as well.  It’s a loss indeed, but I’m not quite sure she left too much of  a mark on me.

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Strike 3! Kobushi Factory….


So it seems Kobushi just can’t win this year huh.  With Rio and Rena gone it seems lightning has struck a third time with Natsumi Taguchi being dismissed from her contract and therefore is not in Kobushi and moreso H!P anymore…It seems that she had some scandalous pictures leak on top of some problems within her family which led to the decision.

Though on my end, Taguchan wasn’t a front girl and her big spot was in “Sakura Night Fever”, but she’s been in H!P for a long time if you include her Kenshuusei days.  I liked her a little bit back then, then there was that short hiatus she took away back then and I was a bit surprised she’d come back and join Kobushi…It’s just strange that she’s leaving now I guess (stranger enough that the 3 members left on the 6th of a different month.

Not a big loss IMO, but a loss indeed…Kobushi slow your rolls!

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And now the Hokkaido goddess has returned!


After the announcement yesterday of Renako’s leaving, I wasn’t expecting another announcement a day after, however this one is REALLY good and a happy one at that.  It was announced today that Manaka Inaba (former Country Girls) is returning to the company after having to graduate due to Asthmatic issues.

Her first duty announced is that she’ll return on the 18th on top of being the new leader of the Hokkaido branch of the Kenshuusei

Honestly, it’s great to see her again and I wonder if she’ll join a new group on top of it, or just play it safe for now with the HPKH girls or maybe the 8 of them will become a group?  I don’t know but I’m excited!!!

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Another Fist Hits the Dust….


Boy, H!P is just having a crazy year and in some ways, not that good!  Shortly after Fujii’s firing, we had learned that Renako had gone on hiatus due to having anxiety issues (the same stuff that ANGERME’s Maho Aikawa has been dealing with).  Though it seems netizens had found that she was also caught with a boy…but it doesn’t seem like it really affected the situation any.  Until today where it was announced she was graduating from the group & company.

While I do feel like in Kobushi, Rena was the weakest singer, she brought charisma and a very pretty look to the group so I’m a little sad she’s leaving without a farewell single, but there’s nothing you can’t really do.

I’m wondering since we’re down two members in Kobushi if it means we’ll get new members to fill in the space from this audition!

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…Or Fujii just ends up being fired…


Really?  What a total surprise (albeit late for me to respond to).  What I’m talking about is about the recent news that UFP has dropped Fujii and released her from her contract a couple months before she was going to graduate.

Not much is known on what the reason is for the firing, but it’s slightly pointing towards something that was agitating the company to the point where they discussed things with her parents and came to the conclusion that she had to be let go (a thing that hasn’t happened since Aibon’s scandals).

I mean, personally if she wasn’t into it anymore, I couldn’t blame her for not trying anymore and the need to just get out, but when you have a date for graduation, wouldn’t you think you’d want that last glory moment before returning to reality?  I don’t know the specifics, but Riorio did what she had to do and for that I’m respectful, just wish she went out with a different kind of bang…

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Oh H!P, shuffling your members!

So, today we got a special episode of Hello! Station today and we FINALLY got the news of what H!P is planning to do with the Kenshuusei chosen to debut (sans Takase & Kiyono), on top of the more recent happenings with Country Girls going into semi-hiatus and Morito, Funaki, and Yanagawa kind of placed in limbo.  So let’s see what happened!

Danbara & Yanagawa join Juice=Juice


So the first announcement was made about Juice=Juice and we know that of the current Hello! Project, the group has had the longest running without losing/gaining members.  Though that was blown apart with today’s news.  Personally speaking, I feel like Danbara could’ve been utilized in a group that needed more vocal prowess (Momusu comes to mind). I will say she looks like she’ll fit in just fine and while Yanamin is kind of the same loopy mind that Yukanyan has, I think she’ll fit in perfectly…but vocally it’s up in the air considering most of Juice=Juice is powerhouse singers (maybe not so much Aarii & Yukanyan) but even with Danbara joining it might be a little struggle.

Morito joins Morning Musume ’17


Next was the decision made about Chiichan and she was chosen to be the lone 14th Gen member.  Considering Chiichan was the popular one in Country Girls having her start at rock bottom might be a bit of a struggle.  The announcement was also a bit odd since Fukuchan was kind of low energy as was most of the group when they got the reveal.  I’m curious to see where she’ll be in line distribution, but it’ll be interesting.

Ichioka to become leader of a new unit!


Probably the news that surprised and intrigued me the most, Reina was the only KSS that wanted to form a new unit apparently and she’s got her wish.  Granted, she’s the only known member so there might be Kenshuusei joining (or a short audition) to fill the ranks out.  I hope we don’t have to wait too long because I’m excited for a new group after the Factories.

Funaki & Kawamura join ANGERME


Last, but not least we had the two remaining members and it’s a doozy that both of these girls join my favorite group at the moment.  Having a vocal powerhouse like Funakki is just a decision made in heaven and she can join in singing and standing out rather easily.  As for Kawamuu, she’s a little bit of a wild card but her Shindan Test performance was pretty good so I approve of this a lot!!!



Honestly, I’m not upset by the decisions and am quite curious about how these girls will fit in.  On top of finding out more about Icchan’s group…that I’m really excited about!!

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The Country Curse continues! x.x;


We all know that Momoko is graduating at the end of June, but we weren’t totally sure with the continuation of Country Girls beyond the fact that there will be a disc on Momoko’s graduation album with unreleased CG songs…sadly (or not?) we got some news about what the group will do after Tsugunaga graduated and boy it’s a doozy…

  • It seems that Risa & Mai will focus on school for the time being and will be on somewhat of a hiatus and will only really be active when there’s breaks and holidays.
  • That said, the remaining 3, Chisaki, Nanami, and Musubu will be put into other existing H!P groups.
  • At the end of the announcement it was said that future Country Girls releases will probably be digital releases.

Personally, this seems a little bit strange especially for the timing it brings coming 2 months before the H!P Summer Tour kicks off.  I mean it’s great that Yamakki and Ozeko want to focus, but I feel like that’s somewhat dragging the group, enough it seems that the other three members are going to be tossed around into other H!P groups knowing that Danbara, Ichioka, Kawamura, Takase, and Kiyono are set to debut as well…It seems this is all in UF’s plan, but it seems a lot of the members are really feeling for it…we’ll see how it goes, but it does seem like a bit of a trainwreck at the moment…