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H!P Profile: Rika Ishii

Rika Ishii is probably the epitome of back girl in Hello! Project and that’s no lie.  She started out as a soloist under the pseudonym “Peachy” before joining H!P and once she switched she kind of became this back girl of sorts.  She was involved in a lot of the odd albums like 5 of the 6 Douyou Pops (Children’s songs basically and sadly where Utaban gave her that nickname “That Children’s songs lady”), one of the FOLK SONGS albums, the Hawaiian Morning Musume album and appeared in a shuffle unit for the year she was active.  After that she kind of quietly backed down and started to release singles under her name and finally released her solo debut album in 2010.

Style of Music: As Peachy, Rika’s music kind of reminds me of like your typical idol pop music, but bright and happy which kind of stood out (plus the fact that it was good enough that Perfume covered “Super Jet Shoes” is pretty sweet as well.

Once she joined H!P, she didn’t really have anything for her own to pull which might be disappointing but the fact she was involved in all the side releases that made her the outcast of H!P roughly.  Her biggest showing was in a PV from one of the Douyou Pops, (Kamome no Suihei-san ) and her involvement in the shuffle groups.

Once her stint under H!P was up she went solo and her sound became much more toned down and mature.  It wasn’t surprising but it kind of reminded me of Ayaya for some reason!



  • Super Jet Shoes ~Mirai wo Aruku Kutsu~
  • Snow Paradise
  • Yumemiru Chikara (last single as Peachy)
  • Kotoshima
  • Ao
  • Kimi wo Sagashiteru (event single)
  • Kagetsu Yoru (event single)
  • Fuyu no Ashiato (event single)
  • Nijiiro Button (event single)
  • blue


  • Aoi Kuma
  • Slow Love
  • la mur

The first PV is her second single, “Snow Paradise”…definitely sounds like it could’ve been released around Morning Musume with like the big songs since there’s a lot of disco flair about it.

Probably stated as the biggest appearance in an H!P video (even though she was in the Hawaiian mega-mix for Morning Musume and the Odoru11 PV) Rika was seen the most through “Kamome no Suihei-san” which was a song from Douyou Pops 3.

Last, but not least, here is the PV for “Wedding Story” which is a song from her first album.  It’s not as idol-like like her Peachy works but a bit more refined and focus on Rika’s vocals.

Top Favorite Songs (not enough, plus don’t know her music much

  • Super Jet Shoes ~Mirai wo Aruku Kutsu~
  • Snow Paradise
  • Wedding Story

Other Things To Mention?

Rika to me is considered the last of the classic girls since the next group is the start of the H!P Kids and Gomattou.

Like Miyoshi Chinatsu, she disappeared quietly into obscurity.

Though she left a good mark on Utaban on the shuffle unit special as “That Children’s Songs Lady” which is true as she explained since she was featured on 5/6 of the H!P Childrens albums

Overall: Another one of the ladies that I’m a bit more curious about to as how she became an H!P girl, Rika Ishii probably should’ve had more than what she ended up with in H!P because she had one of the better vocals at the time.  Supposedly according to Utaban, she was an office lady of sorts and was asked if she wanted to do Kids’ songs and that’s how she ended up there.  I found that it was nice that Tsunku was able to let her do a shuffle unit (even if I had a hard time picking out who was who in said unit >.>).  I’m happy she continued on with music and from the songs I’ve heard from “Aoi Kuma” she still sounds STRONG.

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