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Jeeze, more new girls!!!!


L to R: Maho Aikawa, Rikako Sasaki, Mizuki Murota

Say hello to S/mileage’s new members!  Of course they are all former Kenshuusei now which we all were told last week on HaroSute.  I’m going to be frank but these thee excited me more than the new girls that joined Morning Musume simply because Murotan was my current Oshi and I’m just so damn happy to see her here!

As for Sasaki, she was the one that is so well-known in the KSS and I’m sure it made fans super happy to know that she made the cut!

Finally there’s Aikawa and to be honest she might has well been a brand new girl since she didn’t have much time to shine in the KSS (to be honest, I haven’t even heard her voice if there was a performance to show it off, though I think there was in the most recent Nana Tamago.


Even though they won’t begin until January, these 3 are already making me excited for S/mileage’s next releases!