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Site Update?

Well, hello my dear readers! Time to talk about some things that is coming to realization on ITG.  The site I started out was really talking about all of the members and units that made up Hello! Project’s history and I’m getting quite close to the end of it…so where do I go from here?!?  I have a couple ideas that I wanted to throw out there for you guys and maybe get some feedback!


As Momusu’s is coming to an end, and since I probably won’t able to update until a nice lengthy patch is capable, I’ll need something else to do!  I figure I might do Berryz since they’re about to leave but I’m also open to suggestions elsewhere!

===TOP 10s===

Lots of other blogs have been known to do this and I figured I could be interesting in doing some, topic-wise it would be difficult without your guys’ help (of course favorite H!P songs will be a HUGE endeavor but that’s way down the line).


The one I KNOW I want to do personally, Most of you guys know me through this blog, but I am known for doing TONS of J-pop reviews on my other blog, Kurayami Monogatari, and that’s been going on since mid-2008.  So I kind of want to do a rather unique twist to my reviews (a lot of the early H!P albums I reviewed were when I couldn’t tell who was who singing).  So I want to review my reviews XD.  I might hold off on the more recent albums (like everything from 2012 up).  There isn’t many but enough to do these for a while!


Maybe make profiles from some of the groups under UFP?


Anyways, leave a comment below and tell me what you guys think!….Or you can tell me (and follow) on Twitter! RIGHT HERE

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Out of nowhere, Aika is graduating T.T

Early this morning, I was bored and just listening to music when my feed went off and Hello! Sayunii updated that Aika announced her graduation…

Personally I was sad because I loved this girl and while I didn’t get to see her join, I was definitely following her since Onna ni Sachi Are (but also went back for the two singles beforehand).

Many people will say that she was pretty much shadowed by everyone else which is true because there was no really solid form to her start since it was two singles before JunLin arrived and things shifted towards them (for a little bit).  Even she herself has mentioned quite a bit that she was lonely and wanting friends but it really didn’t happen for quite a while but she took to a mom role and that’s where she really shined.

She didn’t sing too much, but her lines have been some of the more memorable ones like in “Egao YES Nude”, “Kanashimi Twilight”, Nanchatte Ren’ai”, “Silver no Udedokei”, “Aisaresugiru Koto wa Nai no yo”, and even “Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai”.  Even having her own song at one point in “Watashi no Miryoku ni Kizukanai Donkan na Hito”.  Plus the sub-groups/revival units she was involved in also helped out too.

Sadly, last year during promotional stuff for “Only you”, she had fractured her ankle and had to sit out the entire time…it was unfortunate because she couldn’t do tour performances really and was in crutches/wheelchair for Takitty’s graduation/showing the Jyuukies.  She has been a good leader to new girls though and supposedly was getting vocal training in the process which seemed so good for the future for her

So why did she leave?

Well, despite the doctors calling it a green light to return to the group full-time, they also worried that it would happen again if she danced as hard as she did.  Aika actually thought of herself and opted to just graduate so she wouldn’t have to put that worry on everyone…

The catch?  While she is graduating, she’ll still be in H!P doing something…maybe solo work that’ll have her be less in dance form or something totally different?  The idea is interesting and all but hmmmm we’ll see….

BTW, she’s graduating alongside Gaki so many fans are upset because of the short notice and some of Gaki’s big fans are wanting this to be only her and Aika fans want a bigger ceremony just for her…freaky…



So after May 18th, it’ll be down to 10 members.  Sayu, Reina, Kyuukies, and the Jyuukies.  Tsunku/UFA is going to have to utilize the newer members now since it’ll be strange having just Reina and Riho (plus a auto-tuned Sayu) take over XD.


We’ll miss you Aika ❤ ❤ ❤

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The beginnings of a Hello! era ^_^

If you were wondering, I am Brett (or Solarblade as I’m more widely known as on forums and well on a basis)…and I might be the man behind Kurayami Monogatari.  Well, I’ve always wanted to pull an H!P site because since I’m pretty knowledgable (well on the main stuff).  So there’s right now two things I want to do and they’re both series I’ve come up with

The first one is a celebration of Momosu’s 50th single so I want to go back and talk about every PV they’ve done (including some not well-known ones haha).

The other is a more grandeur one and it’s me talking about each and every group that has happened in H!P (and soloists).  So I might get a groove on that soon…and it’s choronological ^^.

I do hope to meet a lot of people through this site like I have with my main review blog…so be prepared peoples ^_^

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