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H!P Profile: Yuki Maeda

Ahhhh, Yuki Maeda, another gal that really was under the radar for a lot of people that love H!P today even though she was part of the umbrella until the Elder Club graduation in 2009 .  You’d think she’s done a lot but in reality she’s done less than Yuko XD.  Good thing though is that Yuki is still releasing today as her last thing she released was a mini-album last year!  .  Now the most interesting thing about her is the fact that she was found by none other than Kaori Iida…who knew she would’ve picked someone great!

Style of Music: Yuki in all terms replaced Yuko as the enka singer of H!P when the latter decided to change her style to more of a pop style.  Once again, Enka isn’t totally popular with the young crowd so it was more for the older crowd (not even the wota would be behind this style).



  • Naki Usagi
  • Tokyo You Turn
  • Tokyo, Yoimachigusa
  • Tokyo Kirigirisu
  • Sarasara no Kawa
  • Nishi Shinjuku Deatta Hito
  • Omae no Namida wo Ore ni Kure
  • Ai Ai Daiko
  • Kenchana ~Daijoubu~
  • Mianeyo ~Gomennasai~
  • Busan Hatsu


  • Maeda Yuki Zenkyoku Shuu ~Kenchana~
  • Busan Hatsu ~Maeda Yuki Kankoku wo Utau~ (mini-album)

The video above is “Nishi Shinjuku Deatta Hito”, Yuki’s 6th single.  Yeah, enka PVs are pretty plain and boring but what could you really do about that sort of thing.

Top 5 Favorite Songs

  • Naki Usagi
  • Nishi Shinjuku Deatta Hito
  • Kaze Kaikyou (B-side from “Omae no Namida wo Ore ni Kure”)
  • Sarasara no Kawa
  • Sore wa Fushigi (B-side from “Sarasara no Kawa)

Other Things to Mention?

Yeah this is the same Yuki that was in SALT5’s video…total 180 from her normal right?

The only soloist that stuck to one genre of music (minus the shuffle groups).

Overall: Yuki Maeda was an interesting artist under H!P not because she was a soloist which is great that she would be the 4th one and managed to last even after she graduated from H!P but the fact that she was different from other artists.  Like I said Yuko was starting to stray but Yuki is definitely revered as the H!P Enka girl.  The fact that nowadays she’s learning Korean is adding more originality to her music and just surprises me.  She never was a popular gal during her days but she had her fans and she had one of the prettiest vocals out of all the girls ^_^

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