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Morning Musume PVs Through the Years!: Arigatou Harunas!

It’s that time again!  This time we’re going through a set of PVs that were set when both Haruna Ogata and Haruna Iikubo graduated from H!P (basically all of 2018).  So that mean’s we will be talking about: Are you Happy?, A gonna, Furari Ginza, Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara, and Y Jiro no Tochuu!

Are you Happy?

The Song: As I said at the top of the post, these singles are graduation singles, this along with “A gonna” marked the graduation for Haruna Ogata specifically, but honestly, if you had told me this was, I wouldn’t believe you!  It’s mostly because she really only gets one solo line in the song and she wasn’t totally shown off heavily to really show that it’s her last single with the group.

What Genre is it?: EDM mostly with a little bit of a African touch in it (the bridge) but the rest is a synth haven.

The Premise: None

The Setting: I think personally, the setting is the most interesting part of the PV because it’s shot at a place I’ve seen before in Nami Tamaki’s “Realize” PV and it’s in front of and in the plaza of the Fuefukigawa Fruit Park.  Other than that there’s a night shot on the other side of the park which is neat and features rainbow lights in the background!

The Outfits: Simple Silver & White outfits for the entire song.  Nothing much to say about them really, kind of sticks out in the day shots, but otherwise yeah kind of boring IMO.

The Choreography: I think the other thing from the PV that stuck out was its choreography as it’s a bit quick-paced but it seems slightly messy at times too.  The odd pre-chorus section where the girls start doing this weird wavy dance circle around Sakura & Mizuki was super awkward and the hopping in the bridge just felt strange to me, but the rest was cool I’d say

PV as a Whole: I want to like the PV as theres points where I do, but other times I feel like it’s a bit messy due to both the choreo and the song itself.  Are you Happy? might not be on the higher echelon of their EDM songs in their catalog, but I suppose it’s decent.

A gonna

The Song: While it was performed earlier than “Are you Happy?”, A gonna was the unique one off the single as it had a different sound, slightly drifting away from EDM here.  Nothing much important to say here, but once again, there was not a lot of Haachin to hold here as she definitely stood out less here.

What Genre is it?: Slight EDM vibes (especially that early bridge after the second run in the chorus) but it has a little more of a hip-hoppish vibe to it (some trap beats included too).

The Premise: None

The Setting: I want to say that A gonna’s set reminds me a bit of a darker “Umaku Ienai” from ANGERME due to the stage-esque setting and the random stuff lying about.  I mean the messy garage-like area is cool and I like how there’s a car and some interesting set pieces to look at was good, but that’s really it…no alternate locations, just solo shots and group shots in and around the space.

The Outfits: This time it seems the group is wearing casuals this time around.  Though I had to say that the only girls that really stuck out to me were Maria (looked unique among the crowd) and Chisaki and Reina (they wore yellow and that popped out a LOT).  Every one is OK, but the white is heavy!

The Choreography: I really am not sure what to think about the choreo here honestly, it’s also just a bit too messy for my liking, but there are certain parts that it sticks out, but adding with the casual clothes make it seems a bit much to me.  Plus some of the robotics were strange and just the overall hits just don’t work.  Yikes!

PV as a whole: I kind of like the fresh take of the group for the PV for A gonna, but mesh that with the frankly weird choreography and odd way the song is, it feels cool, but weird all at once.  I’m not sure how to feel about this song and PV quite yet xD.

Furari Ginza

The Song: Finally getting into Haruna Iikubo’s graduation single, we start with Furari Ginza which felt like the experimentation track off the single because it sounded different than the last couple A-sides we’ve had from Momusu.

What Genre is it?: Not sure where I’d completely put it, but maybe like swing/pop maybe?  Something a little nostalgic for back when I’d say.

The Premise: Not really much of a premise, but it does show of some semblance like Maria and Kaede flirting with the rest of the group (as they’re dressed like guys).

The Setting: At the opening, it did seem weird with the cutout backdrops, but luckily once the song begins, the group is placed in a little city setting (ala cardboard cutouts like Hello! Morning almost).  It’s cute I’ll give it that.  Solo shots though are done in front of blue curtains with flashing lights too.  Add in some extra odd shots of the old timey-wimey filters and some green-screen shots and there’s Furari Ginza.  Kind of happy with this setting for sure!

The Outfits: There’s a certain kind of old time feel with the main outfits for this song with each member having some unique color schemes and jewelry and what not but I think Maria and Kaedii got lucky because they get these suits and moustaches as they’re playing the men woo-ing the ladies.

The Choreography: While it is a step up from the previous single, Furari Ginza’s is a little reminiscent of the old formation dances and such and I love how they break up into smaller groups of girls with their own choreo simultaneously going on with the main dance too!  Though I do cringe at the dab at the end of each chorus, the choreo is fine!

PV as a whole: While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the song, the PV definitely helped it out in many ways by being fun and silly and kind of catchy to listen and watch as well.  I like the brightness of it all and the teasing from Maria & Kaede was pretty fun too, probably my favorite PV of the 5 here!

Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara

The Song: As the other A-side, Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara was the song that would fill the group’s EDM quota and here we are!  Nothing special to note here sadly, but I mean the song was just awesome like “Mukidashi de Mukiatte” was!

What Genre is it?: Full-blown EDM here!

The Premise: None

The Setting: There are 2 main settings for this song surprisingly.  The first is the one set for the dance-shot and it’s a raised platform with some glass windows? appearing behind them…kind of an odd choice and slightly basic if you were to ask me, but the other set used for the rest of the PV (mostly solo shots or group shot) is just the room with what I would say paper towel hanging around them and the girls kind of fly in and out of between them.  If I had thought that Up-Front blew their money for “Furari Ginza” then I am shocked at how basic this PV looks to me.

The Outfits: Not quite sure what happened with the outfits either because there’s only one for this PV and it’s on everyone!  It’s kind of like an odd seifuku/suit outfit to me.  Though it kind of kills me that the suit is poop brown (with a white button-up & tie) and their dresses are like black/white/tan plaid which is just not good with black heels & socks).  Just not good here!

The Choreography: Actually, I don’t remember too much of the choreo here because not a lot of it was shown to be honest.  Of the shots we did see, it’s pretty powerful and works for the song.  Though I think I was more impressed at the rest of the video showing off some rather sexy glares from the members (some intentional, some not so much).  I feel like this was supposed to be a little out there in that kind of way, but I don’t know, the glare game was strong with this one.

PV as a whole: For as basic of a PV we got for this A-side, I think it kind of worked but in other places it didn’t.  I think the dance-shot really nice and the blue added some softness the remainder of the PV which had lots of browns involved (though I think the cheap construction paper drapes? were VERY cheap looking).  Great song, but I think they could’ve spent more on this one!

Y Jiro no Tochuu

The Song: Surprising that we actually got a PV for this song which was the goodbye song to Harunan (was also the B-side of the single too).  Kind of nice to see Harunan off considering Haachin got nothing for leaving the group oop!

What Genre is it?: It’s a mid-tempo sentimental song, but it’s a little more up-tempo than I was expecting from it.

The Premise: None

The Setting: So the PV as you can see is performed in a live setting, but isn’t a live persay.  It was shot at their ~GET SET, GO!~ tour stage which is kind of weird and made me thing it was rushed a bit.  Not quite the most intriguing of sets TBH.

The Outfits: I’m guessing these were tour outfits too, but the whole pink/black candy stripe outfits really seemed off for me (cute though, but could’ve been like Harunan’s colors (Honey & Chocolate?).  Maybe it’s just me.  Dunno, it just doesn’t seem to click with me.

The Choreography: Seems pretty simple in comparison to the other tracks in this post, but at least we can see a good portion of it because of the live-ish performance of it.  Nothing too demanding or difficult looking, but hey at least Harunan is like front and center for most of it

PV as a whole: I mean it could’ve been worse, but it did feel off that it was a live performance without the crowd watching essentially.  I don’t know, but couldn’t a proper PV have been better for something like this?



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Morning Musume PVs Through the Years!: Well…I mean they gave it a 2nd go!

Er…Welcome back to the Momusu PV series!  Didn’t think I’d be making one of these so soon, but it seems like H!P is seriously pushing the 20th Anniversary for H!P hard this year, moreso than last year with just Morning Musume! (although to be fair half of the PVs in this post were released back in 2017 so I guess?  Anyways, today we’re going to go back and forth in time to look at the updated versions of both Ai no Tane & Morning Coffee as well as the new tracks Gosenfu no Tasuki & Hana ga Saku Taiyou Abite!

Ai no Tane (20th Anniversary Ver.)

The Song:  Even though the last post I made in the series showed kind of how disappointed I was with Morning Musume celebrating their 20th year as a group was nearing, it wasn’t until the end of 2017 where things started looking up with a surprise announcement!  It wasn’t just the fact that Morning Musume was going to do an updated version of Ai no Tane (the group’s indie debut), but they were also bringing the original 5 members that sung the original (Abe, Iida, Nakazawa, Ishiguro, and Fukuda) back together for this special moment.

What Genre is it?: Well, it’s definitely poppy and in the realms of a current pop sound H!P can muster.  Though I will say compared to the original it doesn’t feel at all dated.

The Premise: Doesn’t seem to be one here…maybe the idea of the older members tending to flowers is a things since the younger generation is holding them..

The Setting: There seems to be two main settings for the song (possibly 3).  The first that shows up is the dance shot where its Morning Musume ’17 in a house/studio with 3 background of flowers (blue, pink, and red).  While the OG members are in a cute little room.  MM’18 though do get group shots in front of the flower murals from the dance shot.  It’s a simple looking PV for what it’s worth.

The Outfits: All white….*sigh* there’s just no end to these white outfits are there?  Everyone is donning a white dress of some sort in MM’18 while the OG are also donning white but they’re slightly different (especially with Aya, Kaori, and Asuka).  Very plain looking outfits I’d say.

The Choreography: Considering that the dancing was left to MM’17, I wasn’t expecting too much and just from the shortened clip (yeah, this was a digital release hence why there’s no full PV on YouTube), the dance I did get to see was VERY simple moves for the group, a bit more than the original (which had none).  Some side shimmys and light poses…nothing too out of the normal.

PV as a whole: Being as this was the start of the celebration for Morning Musume, the new version of Ai no Tane was a great way to kick things off, but I wish the PV wasn’t so overly filled with white outfits and the setting as such too (be happy that there was even color from the flower murals and the stuff place around the room when the old MM members were singing).  Still, it’s nice to see original 5-nin here though…well worth the surprise!

Gosenfu no Tasuki

The Song: Released as a digital song prior to the release of Morning Musume ’17s 15th studio album, Gosenfu no Tasuki is technically the last PV to feature Haruka Kudo as a member of the group and now “Wakaindashi!”.  It’s also surprisingly a ballad for the group so it’s a bit of a surprise that it wasn’t included on their album, but on the “Hatachi no Morning Musume” album (though not quite sure why it was chosen as a digital song though).

What Genre is it?: A piano/strings ballad

The Premise: None unless following a staff around is considered something..

The Setting: Disregarding PVs that are essentially live performance footage, I would say this PV marks is the most boring of Morning Musume’s PV discography hands down.  It’s just all white with the only figment of color coming from the staff, lyrics and small animations and the girls’ skin.  Otherwise, a plain white background is just not a good choice.

The Outfits: It’s like they continued to wear their stuff from “Ai no Tane” here, but it is indeed different clothing just the same boring ass white…

The Choreography: None

PV as a whole: You could possibly guess that I found this to be a weak PV and release overall.  The song itself might have some nice parts about it, but I just couldn’t deal with the PV it got…it felt super cheap and the lack of color besides the above mentioned just didn’t help its situation.  Yeah…what a bland song and PV this is…

Morning Coffee (20th Anniversary Ver.)

The Song: Didn’t we just get an updated version with “Morning Misoshiru”?  We’re getting another update but this time updated with the original 5 members (and one less Kudo) once again in tow?  I suppose it makes sense since it is the group’s first major single and this was used to promote their 20th anniversary album, “Hatachi no Morning Musume” but feels like not a lot of time was passed for this one.

What Genre is it?: Comparing it to the original real quick, the song is slightly faster and the arrangement is bit more pop/rock than the originals more 90’s pop vibe.  It might throw older fans off, but I feel it fits with the current H!P sound.

The Premise: None

The Setting: Maybe it’s just me, but when I saw the overall setting I get this cheap feel of “Go Girl ~Koi no Victory” in my head from the little shop and building that could be from Hello! Morning.  Though it is just a set and that to me feels a little more depressing.  Doesn’t that the spotlights that shine during the chorus added more to the poor budget here.

The Outfits: I will say that I do LOVE the throwback for the outfits in this PV directly connecting to the original Morning Coffee outfits back in the late 90’s.  I mean they’re not direct copies (MM’18 looks a bit more uniform and not donning turtlenecks and knee-high boots and the elder members are wearing longer skirts too).  Just a nice call back and it is the lone outfit they wear here too.

The Choreography: A bit more lively here and I especially adore the into where we’re introduced to the members by generation.  Does seem like the younger girls get the more active role in the dancing while the 1st Gen ladies are doing more of the swaying (they’re old…don’t give them too much flak for not going for it).

PV as a whole: I was WAY more into this PV than I was the last two by a pretty big margin and it seems a bit more effort was put into this.  I also loved seeing the younger girls react a bit more naturally with the 1st Gen ladies who also felt more at home and having a fun time reliving this song.  I’m just still elated to see Aya and Asuka join back into the world.

Hana ga Saku Taiyou Abite

The Song: Considering all 4 songs were released digitally initially before finding their way to “Hatachi no Morning Musume”.  I find this one the least info heavy about because its an original song like “Gosenfu no Tasuki” was in 2017.  Also sticks out on this post because of its sound as well.

What Genre is it?: It was the only song from “Hatachi” that was EDM-centric and one of three songs off that mini that only had the current Morning Musume members in it.

The Premise: None to be found

The Setting: The first thing I noticed was the stage where the dance was shot…A black platform in the middle with red drapes spreading out across the area.  To be fair, the shiny look it has makes it look rather cheap (almost like tape?).  Though I do like the silhouettes of flowers interspersed across the white parts of the stage giving it a bit more something to an otherwise plain stage.  There’s also parts where girls are standing in front of a grey background with petals falling and even some girls like Maachan, Eripon, and Haachin falling into petals as well.  The last chorus though has raised roses and I thought that looked pretty neat for the tone of the song.  Not the best setting, but definitely an interesting one.

The Outfits: Wow 3/4 of the videos I watched in this post were white outfits…this is pretty embarrassing to say the least.  They do look more flowing than the other 2 though I’ll give it that and it wasn’t a total bust because of solo shots of the girls and the silhouettes of the patterns shown on their outfits added a bit of neat visual trickery to boring clothes.

The Choreography: Of the 4 videos, I would say this had the strongest choreo (but considering the competition, it wouldn’t take too much to bypass them anyways).  It’s what you’d expect from Morning Musume as of late and I appreciated that one of the songs had a powerful dance behind it.  Do love how it flows and the girls kind of rotate around each other a LOT.

PV as a whole: I feel like being the lone EDM song here kind of makes it stick out in this celebration of Morning Musume’s 20th year and I think we could’ve had another one…but it’s whatever.  Hana ga Saku Taiyou Abite reminds musically a little bit of “Jama Shinaide Here We Go!” but it’s an oddball due to celebration circumstances, but it’s a decent song and easily could’ve been an A-side.



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Morning Musume PVs Through the Years!: Well…this is a bit messy for a 20th Anniversary?

Welcome back to another chapter of Momusu PVs! Wooooo!  Anyways this has been due for quite a while so it’s great to come back and do another one of these posts!  This post covers a lot of different changes in Momusu from a single without Riho/Zukki and the introduction to Kaedii & Yokoyan to the simulataneous and random addition of Country Girls’ Chiichan and the graduation of Duu (with a little lack of Maachan as well, due to injury).  So we’ll take a look at Sexy Cat no Enzetsu, Mukidashi de Mukiatte, Sou Janai, Morning Misoshiru, BRAND NEW MORNING, Jealousy Jealousy, Jama Shinaide Here We Go!, Dokyuu no Go Sign, and Wakaindashi!.

Sexy Cat no Enzetsu

The Song: The track itself doesn’t really have to much to offer in the information department.  Though it is known that Fukuchan, Duu, and Sakura are the song leads here and they are represented as cats!

What Genre is it?: It’s pretty playful sounding, a little dance, a lot of saxophones and just as much mischievous attitudes around!

The Premise: From what I can gather, the group is kind of in this state of matureness and only sticking to the thing they’re doing and the three main singers are off to make the girls have more fun.  Of course towards the end, they succeed and the group is having fun and just bouncing of the walls!

The Setting: There’s three main sets and one minor?  The main set is where a lot of the premise is taking place which is in a big room with various chairs, books, lighting, and whatever else is involved.  The second and third are for dance shots, one looks like it’s inside some abandoned warehouse (kind of looks like the same place they shot ANGERME’s “Nana Korobi Ya Oki”.  The other is in a studio with random light bars and mirrors and the minor set is the alleyway shot for Mizuki, Haruka, and Sakura.

The Outfits: The group besides the main singers wore black dresses to kind of give off a slight goth feel to the already darker toned look of the PV.  However, it doesn’t become clear until Fukuchan, Duu, and Odasaku enter in with cat ears and faux fur to kind of set themselves apart from the rest of the group…not bad, but I’m sure the furry community enjoyed the tails in the PV

The Choreography: Just like the outfits, the choreo was also split between leads and the rest of the group.  The group did a lot of dancing in line with each other and there was a lot of chest pumping and some simpler dancing whereas the 3 leads had cat-like dance moves since they were the focus of the PV.

PV as a Whole: Altogether, I thought this was a pretty awesome PV/song…very mischievous and playful and I was happy that Duu was once again getting some lead time here and she added a lot of spice to the song.  While the remaining members didn’t get quite the time to shine, their presence in the PV was well worth it!

Mukidashi de Mukiatte

The Song: As it was the last to be shown off of the three A-sides, Mukidashi de Mukiatte surprised many with all the members getting some kind spotlight and the sound that it brought in comparison of its sister A-sides.

What Genre is it?: It’s definitely a EDM track from the group!

The Premise: None

The Setting: Well, most of the track is the dance shot which is a white (or black) room with these angular artistic towers…that’s pretty much it when it comes to that besides the bridge where it was just all black.

The Outfits: A leopard-like top and skirt which is pink with black spots and a grey jacket on top of them…seems like a bizarre walk down the same lane that “Help me!!” took long ago.  Though I feel like it’s more striking because of how barebones the set actually is so it kind of sticks out…not sure in a positive or a negative way…it’s just there.

The Choreography: What stood out to me the most besides the editing was the choreography which was pretty exciting and striking when the PV showed.  I pretty much loved the whole chorus especially the jacket thrusting and the splitting of the girls…it was pretty awesome, though there was a surprising lack of Duu (she had injured herself, so she ended up missing both the dance-shot for this and “Sou Janai”).

PV as a Whole: While it doesn’t take much to notice that this had barely any money behind it in comparison to both “Sexy Cat no Enzetsu” & “Sou Janai”, it still was the best song off the single with it’s pulsating beat and crazy hooks.  I also have to say the editing of the PV was also really good with the transitions, negative coloring, and even the bridge where face paint and black light were used…that was neat!

Sou Janai


The Song: What’s noteworthy about Sou Janai is the fact that finally one of the 12 Gen members is a lead and that’s Maria this time around!  While she might not be the best singer, she did managed to do well for this one.

What Genre is it?: Not quite as hard hitting as “Mukidashi de Mukiatte” but it’s more along the lines of ANGERME’s EDM-ish songs.

The Premise: This is one of those “I know there has to be one, but it’s flew over my head” situations.  Since it has an extended intro/outro, there might’ve been something with Maria walking in and the rest of the group teleporting in bubbles and the glass breaking to the end of all of them walking away after spending most of the PV standing like robots.  Like I said, there’s probably some guesses but nothing concrete.

The Setting: I can say that there’s two places where the sets are.  The first is the building hall where most of the close-ups, solo dance shots (well, somewhere) and smidge of the premise takes place.  Then there’s the actual dance shot which takes place I assume elsewhere in the building, but it’s easily recognized because of the red wall behind the group.  I guess you can also say a SMALL part takes place in black space (the constellation shots).  Not bad, a little weird with the red wall when otherwise the PV has a blue hue to it.

The Outfits: White dresses, but they look a little more modern.  I suppose it passed, but I can’t help that it feels like a cheap move here.

The Choreography: I will say that I do enjoy the dance when the girls were alone rather than when they’re’s probably me though.  Kind of surprised they did it in two lines, but I feel like the other two A-sides had better choreo in the long run.

PV s a Whole: As most of the budget went into this one (those bubbles aren’t going to pay themselves)  Sou Janai felt both sophisticated and yet also cheap at the same time.  I feel like it should’ve got a different PV than what it actually got.  It was interesting to see Maria get the spotlight here and she didn’t do too bad with it…but the PV is an odd one for me.

Morning Misoshiru

The Song: Morning Misoshiru was the product of the group actually promoting Miso soup for the coming winter so they had a surprise and it was a song!  Though it basically is just “Morning Coffee” swapped one word out in its choruses.  This does come first because A. The PV was out first, B. This was before Maachan went on hiatus, and C.  Well, while it’s not an A-side, it does become a B-side for the next two tracks I’ll be talking about.  This was also the first PV to include newest members Kaede Kaga & Reina Yokoyama.

What Genre is it?: Poppy, but less organic sounding than “Morning Coffee”.

The Premise: The girls camping and the new members join in the fun, simple and not difficult to explain!

The Setting:  Inside and outside the tent…kind of a basic setting, and around a fire pit there’s always that xD.  But let’s be honest, I’m just happy they’re outside and not in a studio xD

The Outfits: Casual pretty much, although from what it looks like, it’s more like Autumn clothing with hats and sweaters.

The Choreography: There are bits and pieces of some of the choreo in the PV, but it’s kind of half-assed because the girls are kind of celebratory towards the occasion and so there’s a lot more other things happening beyond choreo (wasn’t even expecting though.

PV as a Whole: I’ve never really cared for Morning Misoshiru because it was just a quick money grab from the Miso soup products being sold.  The arrangement too felt less special than the original.  What I will say is that it’s a cute PV, not a good one to introduce Kaede and Reina (as they had no lines).  Cute but not very memorable.


The Song: As the leading A-side for their next single, BRAND NEW MORNING to me marked the actual debut for both Kaede and Reina as they had lines this time and a stronger appearance than in “Morning Misoshiru”.  However, on the flipside of the coin, Maachan was absent for this and “Jealousy Jealousy” due to a back injury she sustained at the end on 2016.

What Genre is it?: EDM as per usual, but it sounds a bit march-like and smidge ethnic in places.

The Premise: None here

The Setting: Not quite sure of the setting, it seems like a bit of a red, golden version of some past A-sides but with curtains and pillars with many spotlights filtering around the set.  Kind of simple in the long run.

The Outfits: As the PV brought in only one outfit for the PV, they all match well.  Definitely reminding me of the “Ai no Gundan” outfits, but without the berets.  It’s a red/black outfit with some gold additions across different parts.

The Choreography: I have to say, the thing that stood out in the PV was the choreo one again tapping back into their formation dances and I’m not complaining as they were pretty sharp and newcomers Kaede and Reina had some pretty big parts to their own.  Add on some flag-twirling sessions and you got a pretty energetic set-up.

PV as a Whole: Honestly, while I do love the song itself, but the PV felt very safe for the group giving us the formulaic dance-shot, close-up session that we’ve been getting for quite a while now.  Still, it’s decent and Kaede and Reina already look like they fit in smoothly!

Jealousy Jealousy

The Song: Nothing to really comment about how special it is, I guess it’s nice they brought back some rapping sections and hearing Miki take more of a leading role is quite nice too.

What Genre is it?: Slightly reminds me of Platinum era with strings involved and a steady beat alongside more of the recent sound that Momusu was taking with horns and the funky sound!

The Premise: Nothing really, but I do find the girls walking from the white side to the black side in vice versa interesting.

The Setting: The PV’s main set is probably the black and white split screen-esque set which is where a lot of the premise (maybe?) is found.  The dance shot is more of a checkerboard-like stage which looks cool to watch, but once the raps start the changes slightly to add more color.  Then there’s the mannequin scenes where the girls are rotating in front of red curtains.

The Outfits: The group dons two outfits for the PV, One is the main one of choice and it’s a white dress which is seriously boring nowadays since everyone in H!P has to don a white outfit in at least one of the PVs.  The other though is a bit more interesting but not shown off enough.  They’re casual hip-hoppish clothes and adds color to the monochromatic PV.

The Choreography: I actually don’t remember too much from the choreo side of things except whenever Kaede and Reina get the leading move in the chorus, but otherwise, I suppose it was rather standard for them.

PV as a Whole: Don’t know why, but this one didn’t really stick out to me like “BRAND NEW MORNING” did.  I mean it was great to see rapping and Miki in the front, but the song itself felt more like something left for an album or something like that.

Jama Shinaide Here We Go!

The Song: Moving on, we get into the last single to feature Haruka and the debut for Chisaki Morito who was added to the group after her other group, Country Girls went on a weird hiatus.  This song in particular doesn’t have special notes to say about it

What Genre is it?: Lighter EDM, but still kind of got a strong beat behind it.

The Premise: While it doesn’t fully show until the end, but it’s like the girls are breaking through a mirror

The Setting: A lot of the PV is set through its dance-shot which is pretty bare-bones here going for a black set with 6 lights shining behind the group which is lead into the other shots which is mostly in front of a mirror (or a window).

The Outfits: It seems that the group has 2 outfits for this one.  The main one is the black dress with a white (prismatic top).  It’s nice there’s somewhat of an effort with the outfits here as their classy and kind of cool.  I do like the kind of beige fabric added to the dresses too.  The other outfits are a bit relaxing and somewhat casual outfits as the girls have their own look.  I do like Harunan is wearing a hat though…funny she’s the lone one here.

The Choreography:  The dance itself is a lot more flowing and a bit more emotional set than other PVs in recent times.  It’s like a mix of “Ima Sugu Tobikomu Yuuki” and “ENDLESS SKY” with the wavy arms and just overall smooth moves from all the girls.  Though there’s nothing that totally pulls me into the dance like older songs did.

PV as a Whole: Jama Shinaide Here We Go! of the 3 A-sides off this single is the one that doesn’t quite reach the mark for me.  Maybe it’s just the overall awkwardness of everything that caused me to kind of forget about it.  It’s dark and mysterious, but there’s not a whole lot of depth to it…I think maybe the effort went to the other songs…

Dokyuu no Go Sign

The Song: The next track up is a another pretty straightforward song and it brings back the split into vocal/dance units which means that Erina, Haruka, Ayumi, Reina, Kaede, and Chisaki are not present in this track vocally, but are the main dancers for the PV.  That should be said that the remainder are the leads of the track.  Boy they have lines for days and I appreciate that.

What Genre is it?: Very energetic pop/rock like a ska-less “Koko ni Iruzee!” or plenty of Buono! songs!

The Premise: None here…

The Setting: White room and green screen.  Actually the white room reminds me of a couple older H!P PVs (namely Manoeri’s “Onegai Dakara…” and Juice=Juice’s “Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne”).  The green screen tries to pop more color in there and there are paint effects (which seems to remind me ironically of Juice=Juice’s “Jidanda Dance”) but it’s a boring af set.  Doesn’t help that “Jama Shinaide” has the same problem…  The only time it gets close to being decent is the bridge when the song shifts into its classical motif.  The room gets a blue hue and the dancers are a LOT more visible but I talk more below…

The Outfits: I swear, white on white background never works and it seems that once again its become a problem!  The vocal group are wearing white jackets but they have blue with red spot dresses on to make them stand out whereas the dance unit is wearing white pants and there’s barely any color coming from their undershirts.  It’s pretty glaring that the director was messing up this part.  They also have once again different casual clothes, but since the camerawork is so frantic, we barely get to focus on them.

The Choreography: So with the split, the teams are what like they feel like back in “Oh my wish!”.  The vocals still have their own dance choreo and it’s there, but it’s not quite as upfront as the actual group that dances and they’re dance looks pretty hardcore with gymnastics and crazy moves.  However, due to the white on white situation, their moves are hard to focus on and keep on fading into the background.

PV as a Whole: The song itself is fine, one of the better non-EDM songs that Momusu has done which is a breath of fresh air for them.  Little bummed about the group split, but I regardless enjoyed the song.  The PV though, I think could’ve been handled MUCH better.  The whole white-on-white was distracting enough and trying to focus on the choreo was hard enough with how many camera-cuts this has.  Yeah, PV was a mess, for a good song…


The Song: The last PV on this post, is of course the one that sends Duu off following her graduation and she’s all over the song with lines and face-time.  Though interestingly enough that Akane, Reina, and Maria are the only other girls to get solos (because they’re the youngest members).

What Genre is it?: Seems like this song took more of a tropical house sound, but breezy pop too.

The Premise: I don’t think there is one, it’s just Duu on a bus with Momusu (or herself) and she’s traveling around.  That is until the Complete Edit was released where it does have a bit more emphasis on a premise.  It basically begins with the group getting on a bus at night and then Duu falls asleep and the song plays and at the end of the song she wakes up to get off the bus while the remaining members drive on.

The Setting: So a lot of the MV is set outside from in a bus to a part of a city.  Though they’re also on a set for the dance shot (which isn’t there as much as the other) and once again…another white room (which might’ve been the same as “Dokyuu no Go Sign”).  You can tell I really like they’re outside moreso than the studio.

The Outfits: Unlike in the previous MV, it seems that the casual clothing is seen moreso than the uniformed set.  To be quite honest though, the dance-shot outfits are boring af being once again white dresses (seriously UFP…quit using them so damn much!!).  Going back, the casual outfits look nice and we get better looks at it and it’s not quite as flashy as the ones in “Dokyuu no Go Sign”.

The Choreography: From the small amount that we did get from the PV, I like the fact that at some points they form a “Do” as that’s roughly (Duu).  Though beyond that, a lot of the dance centers around Haruka but that’s an obvious conclusion.

PV as a Whole: Wakaindashi! was made for one thing and that was to send Duu off and it did a pretty good job, I do find that most of the budget was placed here since they actually went outside for the PV which hasn’t happened for a while!  Best of the single that’s for sure!

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Morning Musume PVs Through the years!: Arigatou Riho and Kanon!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these but that’s only because I managed to actually keep up and get to the current releases Momusu have been put out.  At this point in time I’ve reached a milestone where I’m finally seeing members I saw joining the group now leaving to greener pastures to put it that way with 9th Gen members: Riho Sayashi & Kanon Suzuki.  So in this post we’ll be talking about Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi, ENDLESS SKY, One and Only, Utakata Saturday Night!, The Vision, and Tokyo to Iu Katasumi.

Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi

The Song: As the first A-side from Riho’s final hurrah, we have Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi which was originally supposed to be a solo track, but canned for some reason (mostly by the fact that Riho wasn’t exactly leaving H!P after this, but still).  Still it is the slowest of the tracks!

What Genre is it?: Sounds quite like a ballad, mixed in with some synth elements

The Premise: None

The Setting: To me it seems like it’s in a large room (well most of the PV with the choreography), though once we get into solo shots, it feels like the girls are in various places in this house.  Though it feels like Riho gets a special setting, it actually is a different part of the house?, just darker and with lights surrounding her.

The Outfits: I was kind of surprised from the simplicity of the setting and it bled into the outfits as well where all the members have a simple white outfit.  Though, once again, Riho has 2 extra outfits (for her solos) and instead it’s a little more mature with once being a little more formal with pants and such and a black dress for another.  While, I’m not surprised by this, I feel like H!P was going through this love of simple white outfits and it was starting to bother me a bit at the time

The Choreography: It feels like we’ve finally started to close the door on formation dances and returning to what the Platinum era was doing with dances.  It’s very smooth and a lot of sudden pops to fit with the beats of the song.  Of course with the focus on Riho, she gets two major dance solos (because she was the leading force behind the choreography).

PV as a Whole: As a whole, Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi was a total surprise and a nice drift off from the electro songs for the time being.  All the ladies looked heavenly, even if the video was lacking color and vibrancy (which only was fixed during Riho’s solos).  I do feel that it was a good song to show off our graduating members and the power she brought with her dancing.


The Song: There’s really not much to say about this song, or well what is special about it compared to the other two tracks of the single.  While not as heavy on Riho as Tsumetai was, it was a little more upbeat in arrangement and tried to be as happy as it could despite the implications with Riho leaving (especially the ending with Duu shedding tears)…like she did in “Mikaeri Bijin”…

What Genre is it?: Pretty much a mid-tempo EDM track, think “Ima Sugu Tobikomu Yuuki” basically and you’re pretty close to what ENDLESS SKY is all about.

The Premise: None

The Setting: If you thought the washed out, white-over-white look in the previous video was bad, then ENDLESS SKY felt like a cheap throwaway in comparison.  It almost looks like “Ima Sugu” with the pillars going on, and of course white curtain all over the place.  If it wasn’t for the outfits, this could’ve been a LOT worse than it should have been.  You can tell there’s some blue/purple hues going on to try to add a little more flair, but it just fades out for me.  Then there was the falling feathers and the scenes where the group are either laying/sitting in the circle as well which doesn’t do much favors to the otherwise blah set.

The Outfits: That being said, the outfits were really the only colors we had as they were wearing a get-up split between members of both blue and purple outfits.  I mean at least it helped the members pop out more from the background to say the least.

The Choreography: I have to say, I don’t remember much of this dance.  After “Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi”, I think we were spoiled a bit.  I mean I remember a lot of finger-pointing and some hand shakes that came off odd to me.  Not the most memorable of them all.

PV as a Whole: ENDLESS SKY felt almost too much of a shrug from H!P.  I’m not sure what happened, but the PV’s overly simplistic look kind of bored me to death.  Luckily, the members actually emoted nicely and added much personality to a rather drab PV.  Definitely a weaker one of recent times next to “TIKI BUN”.

One and Only

The Song: As the most energetic song from the single, One and Only was the first track that everyone knew about because of the whole tie-in with J-MELO and the sheer fact that it’s the first song that’s sung entirely in English!  While there was no solos to be found in this song as opposed to the previous two PVs, we did get to see a lot from the girls!

What Genre is it?: Not quite rock, not quite EDM…kind of in between!

The Premise: None

The Setting: I’m not gonna lie and say they’re at a location, but it’s actually green-screened, almost to the levels of “Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa”.  The group dance is in front of a revolving globe, where as another shot has them surrounded by blue clouds like they’re above the clouds!  As for solo shots, it’s an abstract thing, though it does look like an actual background with light bars, but it could also be more green-screen too!  Add lyrics in the actual video too!

The Outfits: It feels like it’s been quite a while since the group had more than one uniformed outfits for a PV so this is quite a treat.  Majority of the video has them wearing different kinds of clothing but all share some amount of white and a plaid (black/red) look.  The other outfit is only seen during the group shots in the clouds where they were all white (again) but in a more casual style.

The Choreography: At least the choreography doesn’t feel half-assed compared to what ENDLESS SKY was.  It’s a mad catchy dance and it feels like it’s rather easy to do as well.  Probably one of the more memorable parts of the PV!

PV as a Whole: I think the energy and just seeing how much fun the girls were having, making this PV, was probably the best of the single.  Despite the need for green-screen through most (if not all) of it, One and Only was just so much fun to watch and Miki was just all over this single too.  Fun song and video it got!

Utakata Saturday Night!

The Song: After leaving Riho to finally graduate, it wasn’t long until Zukki would announce her full graduation out of the company.  With that, this song was actually the last of the three A-sides to be revealed due to that and left us wondering what was going to be in store for Zukki’s final song.  To be fair, it’s such an amazing track and just brings out so much happiness and all that Zukkiness was just what everyone needed before she bowed out.

What Genre is it?: It’s a little EDM, but it’s definitely got some funk and disco here (a little like “Sukatto My Heart” too).

The Premise: None

The Setting: I think the best way to describe it is like they took C-ute’s “Bye Bye Bye!” hexagonal set and threw in some Berryz’ “Asian Celebration” shenanigans like the disco balls and shiny things!  Interesting things to not, that some of the solo shots are set in front of repetitive screens and there’s DJ Zukki as well!  Simple set, but worked well with everything else that was going on!

The Outfits: The outfits for this one are pretty simple, just shiny yellow, blue, and pink dresses for everyone!  With some feathers to top it off!  Though Zukki does get an extra outfit during her monologue in the bridge.  She gets a Red/Orange suit with a big yellow polka-dotted bow and a boa to kind of make it work together.

The Choreography: With the song being mostly under a disco/funk style, the dance was to be pretty fun and energetic and it didn’t disappoint in that regard!  I did love the throwback to C-ute’s “Massara Blue Jeans” with the hip thrusts and the ~utakata~ pump was cute too!

PV as a Whole: I haven’t been this impressed by a PV from Momusu for quite a while and USN! was definitely a knock out of the park!  The effects were quite nice and felt exciting, to the amount of times we get to see all the members (especially Zukki!).  I especially loved her monologue where she claimed that the video was coming to an end and reminding us to keep smiling (as it was always her wish for her fans).  It was a realization that many didn’t expect but hit hard and she’ll be missed a lot!

The Vision

The Song: It seems that as of recently, H!P has been getting into these vocal/dance splits in the song as its happened with “Oh my wish!” and ANGERME’s “Nana Korobi Ya Oki”.  Though this is Momusu’s 2nd ordeal and once again the girls that didn’t sing in Oh my wish! (Fukuchan, Eripon, and Daaishi (Ayumi)) were sadly sat out for this one and acted as the visual representation of the track here.  Though I suppose it’s to be said that 12th Gen had a little more of appearance here, but not quite there yet!

What Genre is it?: It’s basically the sequel to “Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe” with the fluttery piano lines and light EDM affairs

The Premise: None

The Setting: For most of the video, the dance is shot on a stage (it’s startin’ to get old H!P >.>) though I first thought it was in a training room, which is bizarre, but eh!  The other shots are taking in a white room surrounded by chandeliers and linen?  It’s a little boring to say the least, but much more elegant than whatever happened in “ENDLESS SKY”.

The Outfits: Trying to mesh with the white background of the solo shots and the overall beige feel of the choreo section, the outfits weren’t too bad being half blue, half white skirts.  The only thing that truly bothers me is the white strip of cloth hanging off their backsides, it kind of looks like toilet paper honestly

The Choreography: Sadly, the focus of the dance is placed upon Erina, Mizuki, and Ayumi which was impressive don’t get me wrong (though Eripon had some hiccups), but the rest of the group looked odd?  Though it was cute how Sakura and Masaki had some moments togethers and the verses were nicely done too…it’s just the chorus that is strange.

PV as a whole: While I do think it’s the weakest of the 3 A-sides on Zukki’s graduation single, the song itself is really pretty and has seriously grown on me since it was first performed.  I think these simpler PVs are a bit underutilized with money, but then again when is that a new thing?  Still great song, meh PV.

Tokyo to Iu Katasumi

The Song: Being the first song from the single to be performed, the song drew a lot of weird opinions, but for me Tokyo to Iu Katasumi was just something a little more aggressive and that was missing from the group at least not since “Oh my wish!”  Still, it was a decent track but the other two kind of ranked higher than it xD

What Genre is it?: Aggressive EDM, maybe not trance-like, but it has beats and guitar riffs!

The Premise: None

The Setting: For the first half, it felt like it was just going to be one setting with the group in a circular set surrounded by spotlights…it feels slightly familiar for some reason.  Luckily the setting does change when we hit the 2nd verse where the girls are backstage (of some place).  It gets better during the bridge with more scenes of the girls just relaxing/getting ready.  There wasn’t a whole lot of that sadly.

The Outfits: Where I think the PV starts to slip are the outfits which were a bit random and didn’t make much sense in the long run here.  The pink and blue candy striped outfits just looked out of place for everything (especially since it’s mostly a darker looking PV).  Though the backstage scenes had the ladies in just casual clothing so it was OK, but the uniformed outfits just didn’t work here.

The Choreography: Which was made worse with the choreo this time around.  I wonder what the idea/concept was about it, but lord did it not work with this kind of aggressive sound.  There were some cool parts to it, but the chorus is where it just messes up and looks goofy.  Not fitting to the song at hand.

PV as a Whole: You could say the video gets a weird look from people and I would agree because from the wacky candy outfits to the arm flailing choreography to the stark contrast to everything else the PV had to offer, I feel like the director/stylist/choreograper never spoke to each other about how this was going to come together and sadly it didn’t work.  Luckily, the song is pretty bangin’ so I suppose that’s a good thing!

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Morning Musume PVs through the years!: Welcome to the 12th Gen!

Well, it’s time to talk about the current times with what is the beginnings of the 12th Generation of girls: Maria Makino, Haruna Ogata, Miki Nonaka, and Akane Haga.  There was a lot of hype standing here considering this was another 4-nin addition!  So I will be talking about the 7 PVs here: Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru (and it’s Another ver.), Yuugure wa Ameagari, Ima Koko Kara, Oh my wish!, Sukatto My Heart, and Ima Sugu Tobikomu Yuuki

Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru

The Song: Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru might be the primary A-side, but it wasn’t the first to release oddly enough.  The tune is very heavy in EDM (more than some of their past A-sides).  While it didn’t show off the 12th Gen girls very well, this particular PV (and another) features a surprise twist.  Zukki was injured during this time and to make up for a similar happening with Juice=Juice, Karin Miyamoto took up her place.  She did appear a little too much and it took away some of what I wanted to enjoy of the PV, but it was a nice thing she did for Kanon.

What genre is it?: EDM

The Premise: None

The Setting: It seems like most of the PV is shot in a room (like “Password is 0” with a kind of futuristic design in the middle back.  The solo shots have colored light bars (ala “Brainstorming”) and there were somewhat smaller group shots (12 Gen in one, Ayumi, Mizuki, Erina, and Sakura in another, and Riho, Haruna, Masaki, and Haruka in one (I suppose Zukki was to be here, but injuries) and Karin by herself.  There was also a setting with the girls holding parasols (except 12th Gen as they hold paper fans in the intro and Karin doesn’t gett any).

The Outfits: Seems like the group has one uniform outfit and it’s the silvery dresses with the spiky shoulder guard XD.  The biggest difference though is that the 12th Gen has a noticeable black cover whereas the rest of the girls are mostly in silver.  They’re OK, but the spiked shoulders is a tad out of place.

The Choreography: Being as the group is into their formation dance, this one is no different.  It’s a decent dance and there’s some cool parts like the chorus and the chanting sequences.  It’s a little messy, but I think it was due to how many girls there are now hahah.

PV as a whole: It’s a faily standard PV as things go, but a lot of fans had really kicked it down because o a lot of different things from how boring it is to the overabundance of Karin and even the lack of interesting things coming from the new girls. HOWEVER…

The Premise: I feel like there’s definitely a story to this PV from the 12 Gen girls looking at the other members and seeing how they are.  There’s so many theories as to what everything is meant for and I love it!  We haven’t had a story to a PV in a long while!

The Setting: While it is mostly green-screened, the fact that it was a train setting is pretty neat (nothing like “Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari” but it is a start).  The dancing is mostly set in a forest and there’s shots of the girls ripping holes in a paper wall.  Add in a chocolate smokescreen in the dance break and Sakura raining down during the final chorus…it’s a busy looking PV but a very beautiful looking one.

The Outfits: Seifukus huh?  It seems like they really are separating the new girls from the already established ones.  The new girls wear white seifukus while the remaining members wear something different with a navy blue jacket on top.  There’s also a scene where the established members are in tour attire doing cheerleading.

PV as a whole: Being the PV that was done by a winner of a contest, this version of Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru is quite a favorite amongst fans for the breath of fresh air away from the simplistic PVS we’ve been getting.  Also it’s nice to see Zukki involved here (though not in the dance ironically)..  Bizarre, yet pretty is what I got from this and I hope they hire Shibue to do more in the future!

Yuugure wa Ameagari

The Song: Released last between the 3 A-sides, Yuugure wa Ameagari was a pretty interesting song that didn’t follow many current trends.  Though like the above PV, Zukki was absent as well, leaving us once again with a LOT of Karin to be involved.  Still, it’s a nice slower song and stuck on me stronger than the other two A-sdes too.

What Genre is it?: It’s a bit like “Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe” albeit with a little more oomph to it.

The Premise: None

The Setting: It’s really hard to defend how cheap some PVs are these days from H!P, but this one while pretty, was the worst In quite a while.  I mean a white stage with one lone Sakura tree is just not cutting it really and while dimming the lights and making it look Autumn-like is a nice touch there’s just something about it that feels like it was so 10 dollars to make.

The Outfits: I also kind of found the outfits a tad bit lacking in comparison to the other 3 PVs released.  I mean the new members all don white dresses (seems to be the in-thing for newly joined Hello! Project members as of recent) while the remaining members (and Karin) don light blue satin dresses which look nice, but good lord does it make Maria, Akane, Miki, and Haruna O. stick out (which works out due to the choreo).

The Choreography: I love the fact that they made the dance look so smooth and ballet-like as they do circular formations throughout (even the 12th Gen hangs in the middle and has a significant part during the dance break).  It’s nice and safe but pretty to look at.

PV as a whole: Like with the main PV above, the fact that Karin took up a lot of close-ups bothered me a little bit, but she does go in the background in the 2nd half at the least.  The PV felt cheap and the lonely Sakura tree did not help the situation any better.  With the song, it’s pretty good, but I mean with the only thing sticking out are Karin, the dance break, and Masaki’s piano-mimicry…it was a boring PV otherwise.

Ima Koko Kara

The Song: As the first song shown off due to its tie-in to the Precure movie, Haru no Carnival, Ima Koko Kara is sort-of a cover?  It’s their spin of the theme of the movie which is a bit more EDM along with the stringswork.  Strangely enough Zukki was in this AND she was dancing (odd that this came out first and the other two A-sides didn’t have her in the PV).  There is also a group of kids that join the group in the 2nd chorus, but that’s not all great because it ends shortly after it…it’s a strange song for me.

What Genre is it?: Anison/EDM

The Premise: Despite the tie-in there was no concrete storyline for the PV.

The Setting: *sigh* Even cheaper, it’s just a black set with neon lights firing behind them (and scenes from the movie intertwined) and some solo shots with rose petals (digitally) falling…

The Outfits: It seems like the group is actually color-coded in these sparkly dresses by their Generation (except Sakura).  9th Gen takes up Purple, 10th takes up Green and 11th/12th take up Red.  Simple dresses, but nice with the hairstyles of some of the girls.

The Choreography: I think the dance is actually taken from the movie due to the syncing of scenes from said movie and the girls that mirror each other pretty well.  What does happen is that kids join in to dance (scary to think one of them is a boy, considering the series is a GIRLY one).  Basic, but understandable why that is.

PV as a whole: I still am not a fan of the song, which does hamper my enjoyment of the PV which is just as cheaply made as “Yuugure wa Ameagari”.  Kind of chintzy, the effects look rather bad in higher quality and the addition of those kids kind of shot whatever enjoyment I had left.  At least the girls’ solo shots were really pretty!

Oh my wish!

The Song: Moving onto the 2nd single they’ve released in the year, the primary lead song is Oh my wish! and it was a pretty good surprise because it shook up the vocal leads around quite strongly.  We have Kanon and Haruka leading the song (with Masaki, Haruna, and Sakura as secondaries).  Even Akane and Haruna O. have a dialogue solo as well!  As for Maria and Miki, they’re have duet lines and Mizuki, Riho, Ayumi, and Erina are a dance team (as in they have NO lines in the song).  Surprising twist, but definitely refreshing to hear other members get pushed.

What Genre is it?: EDM basically

The Premise: None

The Setting: It kind of looks like majority of the PV is set in a concert hall (on a stage like “Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke” and out in the main hallway it seems (where the full dance is).  Of course there’s shots of them dancing on stage (mostly for the dance team & Zukki/Duu) and there was also a scene of the vocal team on a balcony singing as well.  Overall, it’s simple, but compared to the other 2 PVs from this single, this is probably where the money went hahah.

The Outfits: Sadly, the outfits did kind of fall short on this PV.  I mean the vocal team have plain white dresses on (ironically strange since “Yuugure wa Ameagari” and the 12 Gen in white dresses as and they’re mostly the same damn thing again.  The dancing squad though has silver dresses…a bit plain-jane for me…I suppose they’re OK considering the setting, but…just a tad BLAH.

The Choreography: It is sad to see that the dance-shots are non-existing, but the dance is primarily focused around Mizuki, Riho, Ayumi, and Erina as they have the most ballistic movements and noticeable choreo when compared to the rest of the group which go in and out between the dancing and their own steps.  It’s a strong dance (for the 4 of them), but the rest of it, it’s hard to tell what was going on.

PV as a whole: If it wasn’t because of the song, the video might not have struck as anything special otherwise.  I do like the split between the vocal/dance group (first started in ANGERME’s “Nana Korobi Ya Oki”) and seeing the rest of the normal mains and giving it over to Zukki and Duu (who was all over this PV) was excellent!  The PV otherwise is pretty much a standard H!P PV except it’s out on a live set and not so much a typical stage set.

Sukatto My Heart

The Song: Interestingly enough, it was the first song revealed from the single and it surprised some because of it’s 2011-esque disco-funk sound!  Really it’s the standard song regardless with the normal leads like Sakura, Riho, Mizuki, Masaki, and some Ayumi.  It might be my least favorite from the single, but it’s still quite decent.

What Genre is it?: Unlike the other two A-sides, this one had a more disco-funk beat (reminded me somewhat of Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” with those bass clips and feel).  It also kind of had a certain charm to it like “Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku”, “Shining Power” and even Momusu’s own “The Matenrou Show”.

The Premise: None

The Setting: *sigh* And we’re back to a regular old stage set.  It almost looked like it was done on the same stage as “Oh my wish!” but it’s not.  Add in one HUGE disco ball and that’s basically the main set (for the dance).  There’s solo shots of the girls in front of lights and a smokescreen, but this is short alongside solo shots of them in front of said big disco ball too.  Meh…

The Outfits: Some fans really do think the nautical outfits as a throwback to their classic A-side, “The☆Pea~ce” and I can see it with the amount of blue and white all about.  Though for some reason, Kanon, Masaki, Haruna, and Akane don hats whereas everyone else don’t.  It’s a bit nicer than the “Oh my wish!” ones but it’s still slightly basic?  I don’t know, but I’m not sure how the sailor outfits fit the song.

The Choreography: While not as explosive as the first PV, the dance is a little more easier to handle and it shows!  Everyone is dancing together in the same ideas and some do stick out like Eripon’s flip and some interesting movements on the solo shots.  I do think that this is probably slightly the weakest part of the whole thing, but it still looked good.

PV as a whole: Still doesn’t really rank high for me and Sukatto My Heart is kind of that throwback song, but there’s just something missing in this song where the other two made sense.  I don’t know why, but this just didn’t stick to me in the end and was the weak link of the single.

Ima Sugu Tobikomu Yuuki

The Song: Finally, as the final A-side of this post, Ima Sugu Tobikomu Yuuki features Masaki as the lead vocalists (I know Tsunku said Miki too, but she has one solo).  It does also have a lot of solo lines for most members (except Haruka, Kanon, Akane, and Haruna O….as they have solos in “Oh my wish!”).

What Genre is it?: It’s a bit lighter on the EDM in comparison, but it’s also got a twinge of anison it it too.

The Premise: None

The Setting: Why it’s no surprise this one is rather cheap too, taking place in a sort-of white room (like “Password is 0” and “Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru” and even “Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game”).  Though it has a sunset vibe (which gives me “Ai Araba IT’S ALL RIGHT” vibes).  Beyond that, there are small groupings hanging together in boxes…quite awesome and definitely was done better than a similar setting in “Kanashiki Twilight”.  There’s also solo shots of Ayumi, Erina, Riho, and Mizuki (OIC) Miki, and Masaki in once again smokescreen.

The Outfits: Something about these red dresses make me think of Berryz Kobo’s “Shining Power” outfits which were also this kind of scarlet/crimson, they were definitely pretty and stuck out from the sunset background of the PV…very decent stuff!

The Choreography: Just like “Sukatto My Heart”, the dance isn’t quite difficult looking, but I do like how it looks like it flows way better for the 13-nin group all-around and various members get different moves here and there.  I do like certain moves (Eripon’s solo line and her movement was nice!) and the chorus was nice to watch

PV as a whole: Of the 3, I thought I liked this in between!  The fact that more members got lines here was nice and the set while simple was pretty effective.  Masaki though has been rushing the ranks on this whole single by having many memorable lines it seems.  Decent PV, not the best but passable I think.

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Morning Musume PVs through the years!: Time for the Sayu Wave! pt. 2

Welp, it’s time to talk about the next batch of PVs from Morning Musume, more specifically Momusu ’14 up to Sayumi’s graduation from the group.  Which means the PVs that I’ll talk about are: Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe, Password is 0, TIKI BUN, Shabadabadoo~, and Mikaeri Bijin so let’s get started ok?

Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe

The Song: Continuing through 2014, we’ve come to the announcement that Tsunku had throat cancer and was going through treathment.  So when this song came out, it struck a lot of fans deep with its meaning and the sound of it all.  I definitely was one of those that love this song so it’s just now wondering what kind of PV we got!

What Genre is it?: A mix between EDM and a ballad.

The Premise: None

The Setting: Mostly green screen, but the fact that it has a celestial look to it makes it worthwhile, I mean it’s not as impressive as “Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa” was, but it’s definitely pretty to look at.  The solo shots are basic white background with some effects going on.  Simple set I’d say.

The Outfits: Pretty blue dresses (all in Ayumi’s color xD).  They fit the PV and it looks nice on everyone.

The Choreography: At first, I thought the dance was a bit too jumpy and the formation was not fitting such a song, but after a while I got used to it and like the more slower sections.  Plus their doing the dance barefoot so it seemed to be more personal of a dance.  I still don’t like the chorus section, but what can I say lol.

PV as a whole: Definitely ranks as the prettiest video to be released that year actually.  I feel as if the space theme worked overall and the group taking a more lighter route with the song itself just made me feel so happy to listen and watch the video.  Probably one of the best of Sayu’s leadership.

Password is 0

The Song: As the sister A-side to “Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe”, Password is 0 is the more energetic of the two and had a really repetitive hook to it which is probably why I remember it more than other songs hahah.  It was also used as a tie-in to cellphones and there was even a version featuring Morisanchuu.  It’s a really interesting song.

What Genre is it?: Fast-paced EDM

The Premise: None to be found

The Setting: Sadly, the PV setting is just a typical stage setting, not much to it really unfortunately.  Even the solo shots are just shot in front the black walls (though there are some shots where they are in front of something?) I really couldn’t tell what it was though.

The Outfits: I guess to contrast the previous PV’s blue dresses, Password is 0’s are red tops and shorts.  I love the opposite colors though and it’s more chic than Toki’s at least.  Still a bit simple and I was slightly disappointed that there wasn’t a second outfit.

The Choreography: Even with the PV being a glorified dance-shot, the dance was going to be the more important factor.  It looks rather difficult especially since they try to make 0s with two people in midair…It’s a pretty good dance though and the energy from the group altogether shows well here.

PV as a whole: While not as pretty as Toki nor as in depth like previous singles, Password is 0 is an OK video despite being a glorified dance-shot.  There were a lot of cool shots though and the electronic writing of words on-screen is pretty cool too.  I might not be as interested in the song, but the video was nice.


The Song: So we’re finally onto Sayumi’s final single with the group and strangely enough this is the only song on the single to include all 10 members together.  There’s not much to say besides it has the same repetitive aspect that “Password is 0” had which is strange to me.

The Premise: None

The Setting: An auditorium?  Even the solo shots are seemingly placed somewhere in there.  Not exactly the most exciting, but at least it’s not a stage set.

The Outfits: Well, I can say that I do love the mix of black/white/red on their outfits, I think it’s the red scarves that kind of bother me (although they use it in their dance).  Without it, it looks fine, but I feel like the scarves get in the way sometimes.

The Choreography: To be honest, I thought the dance in the PV was just as repetitive as the song was.  I mean the verses had a lot of that DJ-esque movement going on and the chorus with the step forward, lean side to side was kind of bleh too.  Not a lot of elements that I liked about the dance really…probably my least favorite of the formation dances to be honest.

PV as a whole: It’s strange to think that I didn’t care for TIKI BUN, but I really didn’t.  It felt like it was just a throwaway song to have the 10 of them together on at least one track as the rest was split.  I don’t know, but I just didn’t care for this one in particular.


The Song: As I’ve said above, “TIKI BUN” is the lone track with all members, the next track from the single is a Sayumi solo, Shabadabadoo~.  It’s a tune that really encompasses what Sayu was all about in Momusu and sung by her too (with two short moments with Mizuki and Haruna (the sub-leaders at the time).  It was no surprise this song would be cute as a button though.

The Premise: None

The Setting: With all that pink, it was hard to focus what was going on!  There was one set where she’s performing on a stage, but most of it is her in front of some pink background with her standing or sitting.

The Outfits: Sayumi actually had two different dresses on in this PV.  One was a Red & Yellow dress (Yellow polkadots included) and the other was a more poofier light pink dress.  Though the latter dress looks similar to the one she wore in “Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game” which would be pretty cool if it was the same one.

The Choreography: There’s not a lot of difficult choreography here, just some simple steps and arm movements from Sayu.  It still shows how cute she can get in one PV so there’s a lot of facial expressions here.

PV as a whole: As the farewell song from Sayumi, Shabadabadoo~ is really a nice song to say goodbye with.  She explains herself and what she wants to do after Momusu in a rather adorable way.  The song itself isn’t too bad and probably the best Sayumi has ever sounded (her other solo song is rather ugh).  Nice song overall.

Mikaeri Bijin

The Song: The 3rd A-side, Mikaeri Bijin is sung only by the 9th, 10th, and 11th Gen of the group and is the group saying goodbye to Sayumi which is something that hasn’t really been done!  Also, a song that was done by an Enka artist and not Tsunku (as he was still dealing with the cancer thing).

What Genre is it?: As much as they want to say it’s Enka…it sounds more like a general ballad to me.

The Premise: After who knows how long, we finally get somewhat of a premise here.  As barebones as it is, Sayumi is getting ready to leave and she’s written notes to the remaining members, she exits the house and the girls read (and some cry) to which Sayumi turns around one more time and then walks away.  Pretty simple, but shows how much she loved the group.

The Setting: Inside a house, simple place and once again not at a stage set thank god!

The Outfits: Let’s start with Sayumi who had a much nicer outfit being a traditional red kimono. She looked so beautiful in that and very nice!  However, I wasn’t so sure about the rest of the group.  The had on blue, purple, & green tops with a yellow skirt.  I really wasn’t sure what they were trying to pull with such odd color choices, but it’s not the worst they had.

The Choreography: Let’s get things out of the way, Sayumi didn’t dance.  The rest of the group though does dance which is once again odd in a ballad setting, but this doesn’t seem to focus too much on formations.  Simple and flowing like it should be hahah.

PV as a whole: This was a perfect sendoff for Sayumi.  It was nice to see the girls react to her leaving letters for them.  It’s just a feel-good and slightly bittersweet.  The song was just as much too, giving us a nice ballad for once.  Definitely one of my favorites!

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Morning Musume PVs through the years!: Time for the Sayu Wave! pt. 1

On today’s post we will be covering 5 PVs (covering 2 singles) yeah, this was where things started to really depend on multiple A-sides (and no B-sides unfortunately).  It’s also fun to notice that in this post, there were no graduations nor were there new members added because Tsunku really wanted to focus on these 10 members (Sayu, Riho, Fukuchan, Zukki, Eripon, Harunan, Maachan, Duu, Ayumi, and Sakura).  So the 5 PVs in question in this post are: Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke, Ai no Gundan, Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa, Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai, and What is LOVE?.  So let’s dive right in!

Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke

The Song: Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke was the first single without Reina Tanaka in the front and left many wondering what would come for the first single.  To be fair, it wasn’t surprising that Sakura ended up taking front row seats and Fukuchan, Ayumi, and Maachan also got some recognition as well.  I also really enjoyed how straightforward the song was and how it didn’t sound like a bunch of songs meshed together.

What Genre is it?: Pretty much an EDM song (like all the other songs on this list).

The Premise: Nothing really…

The Setting: Most of the PV is centered around a stage in a theater which is pretty neat and makes sense as they’re a performing group right?  Most of the other shots (the mini-group shots, and the solo shots) are shot on the stage but elsewhere…pretty simple set, but a nice one regardless.

The Outfits:  They actually have two outfits for the PV as well.  Both of them are used throughout the dance shot and group/solo shots so there’s no specific outfit.  The first one we see makes them look like jailbird girls with the striped black & white dressed.  The other is an all black attire that really gives off this cool vibe from them.  Overall, once again a bit simple but nice nonetheless.

The Choreography: Probably the most memorable thing about the PV is the dance!  It’s got a lot of cool movements and the whole formation thing definitely works in their favor and with the song not being so jagged, it flows a LOT better than previous videos too.  One of my favorite dances from Momusu.

PV as a whole: After all that green-screen and mad editing, we finally get a break here and Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke was a pretty big hit with fans!  Everything just worked well together and made for a good PV….alsooo….

There were these versions that got (sort of PVs), it was a competition to see who could make the best PV and the 3rd one, was the winner (the director would go on to film their future PV, “Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru”).  Also shoutout to the fact that the song was slightly changed where Haruna took Sayumi’s parts (as she was graduated when this happened).

Ai no Gundan

The Song: Whereas the above PV was used as the main promotional song, Ai no Gundan was a nice surprise to get a PV.  The tune is more or less fashioned like all the other EDM songs but has a nice twist with the addition of saxophones (which might be done by computers).  Once again we see the lines spreading out a little with Maachan and Fukuchan getting the lines so that’s always nice.

What Genre is it?: EDM of course

The Premise: None

The Setting: While I feel like the budget went to Wagamama, Ai no Gundan felt more cheap than what I was expecting.  Most of the PV is on set where it’s quite black (though it looks like it’s supposed to represent the night) and they threw in some trees to give it some nature life (odd) and there’s some sparkles all thx to editing.  The other set is a bit opposite where it’s daytime, but it’s the same set otherwise.

The Outfits: There’s once again 2 different outfits for the PV.  The first is used primarily for the night scens (AKA the dance shots) and it looks like a cool military-esque outfit, but colored red and black.  I do love the outfits and a lot of the members look so cool.  The other one (for the daylight scenes) have them in simple white dresses (except for Duu, who is wearing shorts and a throw-on), very basic, but slightly elegant.

The Choreography: The last time they did something march-like was “Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai” and that was a tragic mess so seeing Ai no Gundan’s choreo was a blessing.  They looked so good and together and the formations they did were pretty cool (plus they had a march sequence) and the bridge solos for Riho, Sakura, Mizuki, and Ayumi was pretty awesome (like how it was in “Brainstorming”).

PV as a whole: Like I said, the budget difference between the 2 A-sides was pretty damn obvious and we were back to having a boring set to using effects in the video.  I will say the daylight sections were nice and all the members looked heavenly there.  Love the song, the PV is meh.

Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa

The Song: As the first single released by the renamed Morning Musume ’14, Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa was the first PV released and funny enough (came out before the name change ironically).  It’s a different kind of song totally separate from the previous EDM songs by having a lighter sound, but bringing in some elements like triplets in the vocal melodies and some boom-claps.  I don’t recall too many solos, but it is known for the Riho is god meme lol.

What Genre is it?: EDM

The Premise: None

The Setting: Seriously, it’s nothing but green-screen here, though it looks amazing unlike some previous tries

The Outfits: Another PV where there’s two outfits.  The main one used (for the dance) is a pretty basic white dress though it comes with a white shawl and a big black belt…I found it kind of annoying because most of the PV is against a white green-screen (meaning the outfits fade into the background, but the black belt was there to kind of make up for it.  The other is just casual clothes (in the mini-group shots).

The Choreography: Luckily the star of the PV is once again their formation dances and its on full display here even the green-screen amplifies a lot of it by popping designs on certain actions and movements (or the direction the girls are pointing) even the chorus has a difficult area where they have to keep in the same movements.

PV as a whole: When it came to Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa, the PV was OK, somewhat reminded me of “Wagamama” with the grouping together and having fun to a dance-shot.  Though I’m surprised they went full-on green screen, but strangely in the end, it worked and the tune was pretty interesting (still can’t get behind the lyrical smushing) but it’s a bright and happy EDM tune.

Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai

The Song: Mostly known as the song used to promote the Sochi Olympics, Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai is a pretty cool cheer song and something to make the people of Japan more energetic.  Vocally it seems more like a Riho/Sakura fest, but I suppose it works haha.

What Genre is it?: EDM

The Premise: none

The Setting: Like “Ai no Gundan”, the PV is basically on a studio set with a lot of focus on the dance itself.  I do like that the whole thing is like the inversed colors of the Japanese flag (the floor is white, while the background are red drapes.  The interesting thing though are the solo shots where the members are standing in front of the flowing (flags? drapes?) whatever and it seems the effects also have them waving in front of the camera seemingly.

The Outfits: Wow a one outfit PV huh?  Yup, the PV’s lone outfit is a blue outfit covered by a mesh top so it looks cool and blue & black.  Interestingly enough Erina, Masaki, and Ayumi are the only ones wearing pants whereas everyone else was rockin’ shorts.  Not bad and a little more memorable than “Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa”

The Choreography: I don’t think the choreo had as much visual showing like the other A-sides from this single, but at the same time, I don’t think this dance was as intriguing as them either.  I do like they incorporated the olympic rings in the dance and once again the whole Riho/Ayumi rivalry is up there too.  Not bad, but probably one of the weaker ones.

PV as a whole: As the last PV shown off, Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai did feel weak as a PV though not the weakest of the single sadly enough.  It felt like a stylized dance-shot since there wasn’t a whole lot of depth.  I do like the dance when I can see it and there’s a lot of epic solo moments…but otherwise it’s just a normal H!P PV.

What is LOVE?

The Song: As the first song we actually heard before the single’s release, What is LOVE? is a tune made for a show, J-MELO, a show where it kind of gets Westerners into J-pop and such.  It’s pretty hyperactive and the BPM is just as such.  I tend to remember it more because of the English in the song (done by Masaki and Sayumi).  Still a pretty high action song.

What Genre is it?: EDM

The Premise: None

The Setting: Sadly the setting is a live performance from “Morning Musume Concert Tour 2013 Aki ~CHANCE!~” so it’s just a stage setting.

The Outfits: Despite being a live performance, the outfits helped a lot here because they’re all in sparkly dresses based on their member colors.  Though while not surprising to see Duu in a hat, Harunan is wearing a cowboy’s hat…strange for sure.

The Choreography: Probably the best thing about the song is the dance that goes with it because it’s just as crazy and fast as the song itself.  My favorite part is the intro part and the pre-chorus…just really interesting.

PV as a whole: Definitely the laziest PV I’ve seen Morning Musume has ever done (yeah even surpassing “Chokkan 2”!).  The reason why it’s just a live performance is because Sayumi wanted all the fans to be involved.  Honestly, I wish they just made an actual video for this because I do love the energy from the song and the dance is quirky.  Still, bad PV, good song!


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Morning Musume PVs through the years!: Reina’s final bow & the Make-up less Diva!~

So as we’re getting closer to the current line-up we have quite a couple more PVs to tackle before then.  This post will be about the surge of Morning Musume all-around and the two big things that happen in this time period; 6th Generation’s Reina Tanaka graduates from the group and the lone 11th Generation addition of Sakura Oda!  So the 5 PVs we’ll talk about are: Wakuteka Take a chance, Help me!!, Brainstorming, Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai, and Reina’s solo PV, Rock no Teigi

Wakuteka Take a chance

The Song: Wakuteka Take a chance continues Momusu’s loooong trek through EDM with at this point a song that is nothing but techno bleeps and bloops and a bunch of auto-tune with Reina and Riho once again taking the spotlight.  Of course, it was also established that everyone else (except Sayumi) were going to be all backgirls which didn’t impress anyone sadly.  I personally liked the song back when it came out, but over time I’ve become less interested in it (plus there’s been other and better songs released).

What Genre is it?: Electronic, synths…you know what to expect.

The Premise: Nothing to note really…

The Setting: There’s nothing too much to say here either, well more than the premise haha.  Most of the PV is set in a black background, but there’s places where each members go like the dance shot (which is terribly basic), shots of them lying on a lit up box, solo shots of them behind light bars (Ami Suzuki and Perfume should say something), and slow-mo shots of their silhouettes with flame effects.  It does have a little more going on than “One Two Three”, but this is sadly basic otherwise.

The Outfits: Ditching their member colors for three neon colors (Green, Pink, and Orange), their outfits were just as uniform, but the colors are a little bizarre in a PV with mostly a black background.  Special mention to Sakura though, despite not being in this PV, she got her own special dance-shot where she donned a Red outfit…weird timing (and it’s on the Help me!! DVD.

The Choreography: Since the group has turned into a dance machine group, their choreography also took to importance and now we’ve got formation dances from the group.  It’s still a different way of taking the group, but it is rather eye catching, especially the parts where they make a line and rotate around (the chorus section).  I don’t get some of the verses choreo, but overall it’s pretty neat.

PV as a whole: What I remember most from this PV was how many goddamn versions this got mostly because during filming, Ayumi was out for an injury and decided to wait and send “incomplete” versions of the PV to stretch the time out before the official was released.  What we got though is kind of barren almost.  I felt like nothing from the members, but the lighting was interesting and each member looked glowing (especially Reina).  Still, it’s not up there in favorites sadly.

Help me!!

The Song: So the first thing this song is noted for is that it’s the debut of the lone 12th Generation, Sakura Oda and like Aika Mitsui’s debut, she got two giant lines within the song.  While I felt the leash on the Reina/Riho was loosened up a little, it was still mostly them.

What Genre is it?: Yeah…EDM

The Premise: None to be honest

The Setting: Despite that it’s entirely green-screened, they are standing in locations of real places in Japan.  Even the dance-shot too!

The Outfits: Something just doesn’t feel right when you throw something like pink tutus with a leopard-print top…it really clashes with everything in the PV (especially when everything else is in a blurred look, with some pink/blue hues to it).  Sadly it’s the only outfits and there’s little to differentiate the members with.  Can’t say I’m too big of a fan.

The Choreography: I will say, during this formation dance period, Help me!! is pretty impressive and it shows a lot of interesting and difficult moves (especially from Riho during Sakura’s solo, her reach is incredible!). Otherwise, it still is a pretty good dance track, although the chorus section is a bit meh.

PV as a whole: Sakura’s debut was pretty awesome if not slightly redundant after the previous singles.  I will say that the PV was pretty to look at because of the actual places (even if they are green-screened).  As for the song, it’s pretty standard and it has trouble during live performances (that ~eikou~ line is TERRIBLE).  Yet, I still find myself coming back to the studio version…hmmmm.


The Song: So we’re finally here on Reina’s final single.  Starting with the primary A-side, Brainstorming, I found it surprising that we had gotten the dance-shot with little notice beforehand and many people were shocked but also happy with this.  The tune itself is still carved from the same meat as “Wakuteka Take a chance” and “One Two Three” which is OK for now, but I would say of the three, this one had the most cohesion.

What Genre is it?: EDM, but there’s some slight rock touches to it.

The Premise: None to be had.

The Setting: Like “Wakuteka Take a chance”, the PV is mainly focused on the choreography, so it’s no surprise it’s on a stage with a black background.  Although it does have a V-shaped set of light bars (in the solo shots set in the member’s colors).  There is ONE point in the PV where it’s the group of girls standing in a white background, but there was literally no point in it and felt like a last minute thing since it doesn’t really correlate to the rest of the PV.

The Outfits: When I first saw these outfits, I immediately thought of “Shabondama’s” outfits because of the striking red and blue coloring.  Add some shiny stuff and belts and you have these outfits.  I liked them and it contrasted to the rest of the set.

The Choreography: Yeah, still pretty high-quality choreography, but I love how they centered in on Riho, Ayumi, Sakura, and Mizuki for a couple parts (and props to the Riho/Ayumi dance battle after the first chorus), that was pretty badass to include and it looked good too!

PV as a whole: Really much of the same we’ve been seeing since Sayumi started leading the group.  Focus on the dance, less on the PV set is what I’m starting to notice.  Brainstorming though was a great song though and the PV it got was nice!

Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai

The Song: The next track was the secondary A-side to Reina’s final single and I’m not sure why this needed to be one lol.  It’s a bit too robotic and while I do love how much Sakura is in this one it wasn’t enough to really make the song memorable for me, but I partially blame the PV it got too.

What Genre is it?: EDM still lol.

The Premise: None

The Setting: I feel like I’ve seen this kind of setting before (“One Two Three”) with the curtains, though the difference is the hue of the lights. Though, watching it closer, it feels like they just put drapes on the light bars from “Brainstorming” and called it a day.  Sad that it is the only thing for a set here.

The Outfits: I thought after the failure of using yellow in their PVs (thanks, “Pyocopyoco Ultra”), they bring yellow back in the form of flapper dresses.  They kind of clash with the set in the worst way and some of the girls have some weird accessories going on (could do without Duu’s hat >.>, Reina’s funky beret thing, and Sayu having her hair tied up like that).  It’s just awkward looking.

The Choreography: When it comes to the choreography from the song, Kimi Sae… is not bad, but after “Brainstorming”, this is kind of disappointing.  Some of it is based on marching and I do like the rotating formations during the pre-chorus, but it’s quite basic and easy (though Maa-chan did screw up once).

PV as a whole: Honestly, I felt like they just threw this together last second, because it reeked of laziness.  I mean the set is pretty drab, the outfits clashed with everything (and the flapper dresses on them all didn’t look right), the dance was lacking, and there were points where you can see off the set which was even more awkward.  I like the song occasionally, but I dislike the PV.

Rock no Teigi

The Song: Like how Ai-chan and Gaki got solo PVs when they graduated so as such Reina got her own and it was an original song unlike Gaki’s cover.  With a song like Rock no Teigi, I was expecting an edgy song, but it got half of it right.  It’s not bad, but I barely remember it XD.

What Genre is it?: A little rock, a lot EDM lol.

The Premise: None to be had.

The Setting: There’s actually two significant settings, but they’re in the same room.  For the first half, she’s in a classroom surrounded by desks with wire attached to them.  Then in the second half it’s chairs and disco balls surrounding her.  It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but I suppose it’s meant for something?

The Outfits: Reina has two outfits in the PV, the first used in the first half oddly reminds me of her outfit in “Wakuteka Take a chance” but has more going on visually with it.  The second is a little more goofy looking because of that sweater with the cut shoulders…just a bit odd (especially since I never thought Reina was into pink stuff).

The Choreography: None since she’s restricted in her set, plus she’s working the microphone.

PV as a whole: I was surprised that unlike Gaki and Ai’s PVs, Reina’s didn’t really look back on her time in H!P and was really all about her.  Though I wasn’t expecting too much out of this, I still can’t remember the PV well except the barbed wire and desks…that was cool.  Still, ehhhh.


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Morning Musume PVs through the years!: The Grand Ole 50th!

So moving on in this walk through history lane, we finally hit a pretty huge landmark for the group, 50 singles!  Though working up to it, there was rather a lot that happened just to get to it.  Like the fact that we got the 10th Generation that included Ayumi Ishida, Masaki Sato, Haruka Kudo, and Haruna Iikubo!  Though the 9th gen still felt fresh and we were still getting used to them, adding 4 more members was quite there.  A little after though, the then leader Risa Niigaki had announced that she wouldn’t be a part of that glorious 50th single and decided to graduate one single prior and then 8th Generation member Aika Mitsui had also decided to graduate because she didn’t want to re-injure herself (even after she got the OK to return).  Anyways the PVs that I will be talking about are: Pyocopyoco Ultra, Renai Hunter, the Gaki solo, Egao ni Namida ~THANK YOU! DEAR MY FRIENDS~, One Two Three, The Matenrou Show and its TYPE 0 version.

Pyocopyoco Ultra

The Song: After seeing Ai-chan graduating from the group and seeing the new generation be announced, a lot of fans were wondering what the first single under Gaki’s leadership would go and for many this was DEFINITELY a song that really didn’t seem right at all.  First off, the sound is VERY different from singles before having such a youthful and child-like atmosphere about it (which maybe made more sense) but you’ll see why this really doesn’t work.  The song is very fast and has a huge amount of buzzing synths.  It’s also known as Momusu’s lowest-selling single and honestly, I can’t blame it even if it’s the opening theme for Suugaku Joshi Gakuen.

What Genre is it?: Very poppy, almost anime-esque…pico-pop maybe?

The Premise: Not much of anything to be said here, there might be with the fact that it does kind of leads itself everywhere with the goofyness, though some could argue it’s about Gaki helping the new members grow up to being great chickens (which is about as farfetched as it goes, though it does bring in some symbolism here).

The Setting: I’m not sure if I should call it cheap or kind of interesting and breaks a little monotony of the Green Screen a bit.  It’s still a studio set for the choreography, but they did some pretty interesting things with it regarding its PV.  There’s a lot of scrolling to follow the ladies whether it looks real or a projection, it’s probably the best aspect of the PV.  Not much else in its setting since the close-ups are in the same area so nothing too special there.

The Outfits: To be honest, this is where the PV kind of falls flat on its face.  You’d think after the feathery stuff from “The☆Pea~ce” and “Onna ni Sachi Are”, they would be a little more lenient on such a thing, but HELL NO, they had to REALLY kick it up a huge notch with their full-on chicken suits and you can tell that the younger members (the 9th/10th gen) were OK whereas not everyone older was into it (especially Reina, Gaki, and Aika).  I couldn’t blame them because these outfits were atrocious and weren’t helped live.  They were so damn bright and the only way you could tell the difference is that Gaki is Mother Hen and she has the most white on, Sayu, Reina, and Aika had some white leggings while the remainder have broken shells to represent their youthfulness.

The Choreography: So the dance is kind of goofy which suits the song, but there’s something weird about it like the Ishida swinging, the hokey jumps, it’s just rather all over the place and with the outfits already blinding me, it makes the dance look awkward and bad, kind of wish it wasn’t like lasers into my corneas >.<

PV as a whole: It took so long for this song to warm up to me and even then it’s not even close to being in the high ranks for me.  It’s also probably why I loathe the PV and get headaches simply from just watching it.  I will say it was nice to see Aika get a lot more facetime than before.  Though, I can’t deny that beside that, I heavily couldn’t get really into the whole picture this single tried to do.  Not even the 10th Generation’s debut really cut it for me.  It was just overall a poor release.

Renai Hunter

The Song: So a little before “Pyocopyoco Ultra” released, the last of the 5th Generation, Risa Niigaki had announced she was to graduate in the Summer (though she wanted to graduate alongside Ai-chan, but stayed to help the new members out a little more).  A lot of people had thought the aforementioned single was to be her last because of the timing (which would’ve SO sucked), but instead chose Renai Hunter as her final song.  Sadly though, it would also turn out a month after this single’s release, 8th Generation member Aika Mitsui was also leaving the group due to fear of injuring herself once more and so the two graduated on the same day.  With that said, Renai Hunter is more of a love letter from Gaki because Aika’s announcement was after the single hence no love for her graduation.

What Genre is it?: Kind of dubsteppy, very EDM-friendly (as much as Momusu is sliding towards EDM).

The Premise: None really, which is not a surprise for me lol.

The Setting: I can’t lie and say that I felt like Renai Hunter’s negative is most likely the settings for this one.  Most of the PV is set in a box with fluorescent lights around then and to make things worse, it’s all white so there’s not a lot of color here.  There are close-up shots that kind of remind me of other H!P videos, though the slow-motion group shots with the wind blowing was really cool and left a bigger mark on me than anything else visually.  There are also these “magazine shots” for every member and while a twist on what other things are going on, it’s pretty awkward.

The Outfits: So kind of like what “Pyocopyoco Ultra” started, Renai Hunter kind of split the group up by generations.  Gaki is the lone member wearing yellow, Sayu, Reina, and Aika, don black (even though you don’t see Aika in the dance shot because healing still), the 9th Generation don red and the 10th with blue.  Simple and easy to tell who is who in the PV.  Plus, anything is much better than their last outfits, just so much better XD

The Choreography: If there was anything that most people remember Renai Hunter over, it’s that crazy ass choreo it got.  I mean the crab dance mixing with the dubstep parts and dancing in two circles is just ridiculously good fun and even if it’s one of their weirdest dances, I felt like it made the song what it was in a cool way.  Quirky, but awesome nonetheless!

PV as a whole: After their reckless last PV, Renai Hunter cleaned up everything and gave us a wonderful song to let Gaki really take hold of and she sounded AMAZING.  It did show off the members in a nice enough light (saw a LOT of Haruka though).  The song is pretty edgy and really kind of starts of this really amazing run with EDM, Tsunku has been really diving into with every group in H!P.  The PV is kind of the normal for Momusu which is OK but those magazine shots are SO random >.>


The Song: If you didn’t know, Egao ni Namida is a cover of an album song from fellow H!P artist, Aya Matsuura!  Back in 2011/2012, a lot of H!P ladies had gone and released digital singles of nothing but covers.  Gaki was a part of this, but with her graduation nearing, there was an album released from her called “Hello Cover”.  Of course, Egao ni Namida was a part of this but it had a different arrangement that’s different from Ayaya’s original and the one we got here from “Renai Hunter” (it was a B-side).  Personally, I haven’t really done much with it to really think of it (besides my review back then).  Though the PV, I don’t think I’ve watched all the way through and if I did…damn I forgot XD

What Genre is it?: It’s pretty poppy, kind of normal fare from H!P.

The Premise: I wouldn’t say there’s too much of one besides Gaki just looking through pictures of her past.

The Setting: It’s a pretty basic set, which is a white-washed bedroom almost kind of run down.  I feel like maybe it could’ve used more settings, but no surprise that it wasn’t as treated like Ai-chan’s solo.

The Outfits: There’s something about Gaki’s outfit that kind of makes me think that she was a bit random in choosing it out.  I mean pink/black cowboy boots, pink tutu, grey sweater and a lavender/yellow hat just sounds like a mess.  Though with how casual she was in the PV, I didn’t think too much of it.

The Choreography: None here as she’s just sitting around, but also standing and making cute poses.  Still none overall.

PV as a whole: There’s just something about this PV that almost mirrors that of Ai’s solo PV that she got before she graduated.  Even though it’s merely a cover and it kind of downplayed Gaki’s graduation (would’ve been nice if she had gotten an original song).  This never stuck out for me and even though I love Gaki, this PV is kind of forgetful to me.

One Two Three

The Song: We’re finally here! After all that we finally hit a HUGE milestone for the group as we get our 50th single!  One Two Three has a LOT of promotion (enough that H!P had members of olde commenting on the previous 49 singles).  With the recent drop of Risa and Aika, One Two Three was going to be an interesting direction for the group that vocally didn’t do well because of the Reina/Riho hack and leaving a lot of the other members to have mere syllables as their only solo lines.  Overall, it really was the beginning of a whole new Momusu era (oh yeah did I mention that Sayumi begun leading the group?).

What Genre is it? Definitely EDM, no dubstep to be found at least!

The Premise: None to be had really, though I felt like they were supposed to be mannequins, but the idea felt scrapped in the later half of the song.

The Setting: A lot of the PV like “Renai Hunter” is set in its dance-shot which is pretty basic, the group dancing in front of a huge golden drape.  Beyond that, most of the close-up shots are set in front of an angled mirror which gives off a double effect which could’ve been used more cleverly to be honest.  There are times where I feel like the mannequin thing could’ve been more useful, but that wasn’t the case.

The Outfits: With the new amount of members and Reina and Sayu being the last of the older generations, it was time to really find out who the new girls are and with that we went back to member colors (and this is before Eripon and Harunan changed their colors so they had Purple and “Chocolate”).  Add on the checkerboard dresses and member-color centric boots, it’s simple but neat and easy to tell who’s who.

The Choreography: I feel like this dance really gives me nostalgic trips like some dance moves feel like they’re from previous singles.  I also feel like this is where the group started to REALLY kick their dance moves in a higher standard.  Definitely the strongest point for the PV for sure!  Maybe it’s me but damn did Ayumi stand out in a good way here, showcasing her abilities!

PV as a whole: Such a big song for the group and definitely had a huge following for it since it’s their biggest single since “Ai Araba IT’S ALL RIGHT” which solidified them for a comeback.  Once I had saw the dance-shot, I was sold because the dance was just badass and the song even moreso.  When it came to the full PV, I kind of felt like ideas thrown all over the place.  The mannequin sections while cool, didn’t last very long and the SHEER AMOUNT of sparkles were overbearing.  Still, what a great song and one of the best of the current years.

The Matenrou Show

The Song: It’s not over yet, we somewhat got a PV for the other A-side that came with “One Two Three”.  If you ask me, if you thought the heavy amounts of Reina and Riho were bad, The Matenrou Show was even worse as they were the ONLY ones that ended up with solos.  I still don’t understand why it merely got a dance-shot if there wasn’t going to be plans of a PV (to be fair it might be because of things that happened between this single and “Renai Hunter” which I’ll get to it soon enough).

What Genre is it?: Definitely disco rides throughout, funky bass lines, synth horns, similar to various other H!P songs (“Shining Power” is the first one that pops up).

The Premise: None

The Setting: Same as “One Two Three’s” which kind of feels lazy.

The Outfits: Same as well, REALLY feeling lazy here

The Choreography: The only visual thing different is the choreography which is pretty cool if not somewhat forgettable.  The most notable thing I can say is that the fact the members dance around in a circle is probably the most memorable thing within the choreography.  There’s some cool in sync moments, but really it’s focused a lot of Reina and Riho that most of the dance is just really focused on them.

PV as a whole: I’m not sure why they would just kind of throw a lazy dance-shot for The Matenrou Show onto the single, especially since it’s not even all that exciting and the focus was stuck on the ladies who sing.  Don’t even know, but it felt so lazy and maybe missing something to it.

The Matenrou Show (TYPE 0)

The Song: Seems like the mystery had gone deeper with The Matenrou Show.  Initially found on an H!P pachinko machine, The TYPE 0 of the song is different, but still the same song arrangement-wise.  The difference being that Risa & Aika are present (makes me wonder if the song was made before the graduation.  Actually, it’s pretty much the preferred version as Risa’s vocals add a layer of awesome vocals that could’ve been just as well enjoyed had it been on “Renai Hunter” or something.

What Genre is it?: It’s the same as above, no need to repeat xD

The Premise: None here, cept chilling out XD

The Setting: Despite the fact that it’s a short version (I don’t think a full one was ever made), the TYPE-0 has a slightly different approach.  Being a video made for a Pachinko machine, most of the members weren’t allowed to be in the PV leaving only Gaki, Aika, Reina, and Sayu to be featured here.  The setting is pretty dimly lit and the ladies are looking a little more sexy than normal!  It also feels like they’re in a warehouse (which reminds me of “Kanashiki Heaven”).  Not much else to really say so eh besides some shots in a “cell phone” but they don’t change scenery.

The Outfits: It seems like the 4 of them are wearing something latex, with fishnet leggings (especially Reina).  Something kind of flashy, but nothing that said that there was effort put into these outfits.  Gaki’s shoulder poof is kind annoying, but that’s really it.

The Choreography: None here actually, for being a 2 minute PV, it’s just them sitting and fidgeting on phones…wow xD

PV as a whole: This is one of those times where I kind of wished they made a full version of this because I think it was nice to see the elder Momusu being more sexy than normal and kind of having this edgy look to them.  Yeah, there’s no dancing, but I am MUCH happier to know Risa sung!  Now I know the reason the 9th/10th are not here, but I think it could be done…I do enjoy this than the “dance-shot” we got by a big margin.


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Morning Musume PVs through the years!: The Rebirth

So todays post is really about the introduction of the 9th Gen, which was long awaited and needed after the triple graduation that was 2010.  Yup at the beginning of 2011 we were introduced to our new generation that consisted of Riho Sayashi, Erina Ikuta, Kanon Suzuki, and Mizuki Fukumura.  They were the new blood of the group (although the age gap was pretty damn evident).  Of course we’re going through this era that was pretty much this lineup up to Ai-chan’s graduation (which was also the debut of the 10th gen, but that’s the next post).  So the PVs I will be reviewing are Maji Desu ka Ska!, Only you, Kono Chikyuu wo Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo!, Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai!, and the Ai solo, Jishin Motte Yume wo Motte Tobitatsu Kara.

Maji Desu ka Ska!

The Song: Like I said, it’s the debut for the 9th Generation and they were going to get a pretty big boost to show off this new blood of Morning Musume.  Of course the first lines are split between the newbies while the elders get the second part of the verses with Ai/Reina taking up most of the other lines.  It’s definitely a much brighter song than previous entries from Morning Musume so it’s a much needed and pleasant feel.

What Genre is it?: Ska of course! It’s in the title!

The Premise: There wasn’t one to be found out…although there is a kind of interesting story with the whole Aika in the grandpa outfit.  It’s supposed to be based on a folk legend based on and old man and cacti…Yeah something us Westerners wouldn’t totally understand otherwise.

The Setting: It’s like they took the white room from “Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game” and reused it again.  Though they took this song quite literal by putting the kanji of the song and well…stuck in the middle of the dancefloor (with the members dancing playing around it).  Otherwise there’s not much else to it besides the solo shots with the colorful backgrounds.  Kind of empty though considering how wide it looks.

The Outfits: To be honest, the outfits for the most part really reminded me of something Avril Lavigne would wear.  It’s kind of like they’re wearing punk outfits.  The newer members have somewhat more bold colors (it’s not their member color mind you).  The only other thing here is that Aika was the only one to have a 2nd outfit (bring the old man getup, ironically).  It was interesting and I loved that the girls accessorized here.  Though the new girls had skull n’ crossbones on their jackets.  Cool though!

The Choreography: For being a Ska track it was hard to picture there’d be a dance to it (Koko ni Iruzee! had one, but it wasn’t exactly together dancing).  It also brought an interesting twist by adding line dancing in the chorus.  Have to say that it’s great to see the group smiling and having fun and just looking like they enjoy bring around each other (though it does make me wonder how fragmented it really was considering the age gap and everything).  Overall it was OK.

PV as a whole: Even though the single had to be pushed back because of the Touhoku Earthquake, Maji Desu ka Ska! was pretty good to introduce the new generation equally.  I know we had a poppy song with “Seishun Collection” but this one was so genki and brought the members into a brighter light especially with the graduation that had happened a single before.  The PV felt slightly empty but the energy and goofy atmosphere made up for it.  Though the whole Aika thing flew by my head even though it’s clever wordplay/meaning etc.

Only you

The Song: It didn’t seem like Tsunku was totally ready to leave the Emo-musume songs and released this wacky entry.  Initially, I was thrown off by the verses but it just seem like Tsunku fell in love with using triplets in the song but I quickly fell in love with it.  It’s also known unofficially as the song that really split the fandom of Riho who was the only 9th Gen member to get solo lines next to Ai-chan, Gaki, and Reina.

What Genre is it?: Back then, people thought it was pretty dubsteppy, but honestly it doesn’t come off that way, just some clever musical choices here.  It’s a pretty cool song that’s set along their more dance-centric style that they’ve been used to.

The Premise: Nothing to note in this area.

The Setting: Most of the PV is the dance shot which is shot on a stage with some drapes behind (sounding like something they’d utilize later).  Of course this set transitions from it’s white setting to a red setting.  The other big group setting is when they’re sitting together and cadelabras surround them and diamonds float around the group too (digitally of course).  Then there’s the solo shots that feature the ladies with a diamond-like background (like pretty effects).

The Outfits: It was pretty weird to see the group getting such boring outfits for Only you.  It’s all white! (like “SEXY BOY”).  Though it seems the generational gap appeared again but through their outfits.  It seems like the new members got these short outfits while the elders got something that’s more towards dresses.  At first it didn’t seem so bad, but watching Riho when she gets the front line, it looks slightly awkward…couldn’t they have bothered just having the members fit in the group at this point???

The Choreography: I can say that their dancing has slightly gotten a bit more stronger starting with this PV.  There’s just a lot of quick and sharp movements involved and all the members looked comfortable doing it.  I love the dance and seeing so much intuitive motions really had me excited.

PV as a whole: Everyone thought after “Maji Desu ka Ska!” the group was going to focus more on the new members with their music, but Tsunku blew that out of the water and gave us a pretty edgy and cool song overall.  Yeah, the PV is kind of a glorified dance-shot, but there’s just something about this PV that caught my eye.  From Riho’s apparant push to Ai-chan’s sudden short blonde hair to even Gaki getting auto-tuned, Only you was a blast and is one of my favorite songs from Momusu in recent times.

Kono Chikyuu wo Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo!

The Song: We’re finally here, Ai-chan’s final single which was a big deal to many as she was leader since Mikitty’s departure.  I was surprised she did get her own edition and it was made a big deal.  This single was also the first to be quite revolving as in this song and “Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai!” had PVs that rolled into one another in an endless loop.  It’s a pretty interesting concept and one that I felt worked.

What Genre is it?: It’s very disco-centric.  Upbeat and has a lot of groove to it!

The Premise: I’m not sure of the premise.  I mean it does begin with the ladies sleeping and waking up in a dream simultaneously the same?  Though I don’t think it’s much of a premise though Ai gains a star at the end…Kind of vague premise (if that was the case).

The Setting: Starting off, we see the girls sleeping in a white room as they wake up and make the transition over, the setting changes incredibly!  The setting is in space (well for the solo scenes) while the dance shot is clearly taken from Rainbow Road.  Yeah the one from Mario Kart (reminds me of the MK8 remake of the N64 Mario Kart to be quite honest!).  There’s also the group closeup scene which is still on the fantastic and colorful setting and the solo shots which consisted of the girls standing in front of silver sparkles basically.  Definitely a pretty video, though busy as shit!

The Outfits: They have two although one clearly takes priority.  The first is their sleepers and pajamas which are all different between the members which is cool and once they enter the twilight zone, the outfits dramatically change to these golden goddesses.  Even better that all the girls wear similar outfits!  They looked real good, especially Ai and Gaki…whew~~

The Choreography: After the more aggressive “Only you”, Kono Chikyuu. lightens the mood up a bit and kind of has this weird line dance but in a disco-y way.  Though it was pretty good regardless for the 8 of them.  What, you’re wondering why 8 because there’s 9 members?  Well, during the “Only you” promotion Aika injured her leg well enough that she had to basically not appear in any dance-shots from here onto her graduation unfortunately.  Still what a pretty fun  dance.

PV as a whole: Being the first part of this pretty lengthy video, Kono Chikyuu… was a kind of soft-hitting disco song that really made Ai-chan become the pretty awesome vocalist she is.  It’s a pretty fun song with a pretty damn colorful PV with such a mix this song definitely left a mark on me…though could it be surpassed?

Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai!

The Song: While Kono Chikyuu… was the love letter for Ai from the group, Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai! was more about the future of the group and how they would move on.  Interestingly enough, the song is actually the B-side of the single.  Originally, it was a double A-side but due to Ai’s edition of the single it would’ve thrown the sales for a loop.  This song was more around Reina and Sayumi though let’s be honest Sayu had so much facetime here that it might as well been her song XD.

What Genre is it?: Definitely idol pop at its finest, including synth horns for gosh sakes XD.  Also very genki something we haven’t seen in quite a while.

The Premise: There’s a lot to this PV though do they all lead somewhere….not really because we’re in Sayumi’s dream and boy is it wacky as hell.  I mean there’s points where it tries to go somewhere, but it rewinds itself back and repeats the process.  It’s very wacky and had some pretty bizarro situations.

The Setting: Well, I mean suffice to say that like it’s A-side, it’s heavily done by green-screened.  Add some vivid colors and wild animation, you basically have the video!  Plus it is viewed as Sayumi’s dreamscape so the setting was going to be random and silly.  Most of the time we get the members doing something random here and there.  Though they do have group shots together (although there’s not a WHOLE lot going on there since Aika is in these shots too and she’s once again dutied to sit on a stool).

The Outfits: Unsurpringly enough if you’ve read this far, then you should know that the outfits would just be as wild and random as the PV they were given.  Each of the members has their own unique outfit that quite surrounded by the colors of yellow, blue, and orange being the predominant choices (though Ai-chan got some red).  They’re so bright and adds to the lighthearted atmosphere of the song and PV as well!

The Choreography: I was kind of shocked to learn that this PV actually had no dance.  Might be because of Aika, but it didn’t seem like it was going to happen regardless.  Otherwise most of the video with them dancing is in the group shot but they’re just bouncing around and being cute and peppy.

PV as a whole: Well, knowing that this PV and “Kono Chikyuu” are played together as an endless roll which is pretty unique to the group.  Even watching it, I was so happy to see something like this because it feels like it’s been forever since the group was having so much fun and being crazy random.  Even to the point where the members started to make wacky faces.  It’s one of those rare times where I was just head over heels for the entire package.  It’s one of my favorite tracks today!

Jishin Motte Yume wo Motte Tobitatsu Kara

The Song: So the final PV I’m talking about in this post is actually a solo song from Ai-chan (which we all know, was her love letter to the fans basically).  It’s not the first time this time, but this is the first that we get a PV for such a moment.  There’s not too much I can say otherwise, but it does start a trend of graduating members getting their own PV.  For me, Ai’s song was pretty straight to the books…maybe a little too much, but hell Ai sung it well!

What Genre is it?: It’s actually a a pop/rock song (odd for Ai, but hey w/e).

The Premise: Not too much, but it does kind of show Ai remembering the past (with all those pictures of her past strung across the room and all that).  Not much else really lol.

The Setting: It kind of mostly sets itself in a studio for the most part which does give the impression of a more intimate setting perhaps?  The otherside of this kind of puts her in this barren set with pictures of her tenure in H!P strung across.  Kind of plain, I suppose.

The Outfits: There was only one outfit Ai wore for this video and it’s a rather simple suit and jeans kind of ordeal.  Not much else to really comment about here since it really is that simple.

The Choreography: None here to be quite honest.

PV as a whole: Being the first PV to just have one member at its focus.  Jishin Motte…while sent Ai off on a good note is otherwise a very bland PV.  I mean the two settings was nice and the pictures were cute, but let’s be honest Ai was definitely done with being an idol and it was showing heavily here.  I mean she could’ve done more than swiveled around and hung around her mic…it just didn’t do much for me.


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