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For those who like H!P ^_^, plus a learning experience!

H!P Profiles: Gomattou


L to R: Aya Matsuura, Maki Goto, and Miki Fujimoto

Ahhh the first one-single unit.  By this point in H!P’s lifespan, we’ve known to see that Tsunku likes to keep his groups releasing stuff and I thought what we had here was something huge with H!P’s top 3 soloists (because Yuko, Yuki, Michiyo, and Rika I. wasn’t enough), they thought a trio would be a great idea!  What surprised me though was that the group lasted only ONE single for some unknown reason (at least I never really heard why the group was fated to release only SHALL WE LOVE?).

Style of Music: With only one song under their wing, it was the only style they have and that’s R&B which is something all three ladies have sung before (not so much Ayaya) but still it was a comfortable song for them.




This is the PV for the song, simple set but shows off the trio quite nicely

Overall: I’ve always wondered why Gomattou was never pushed much with just only one single, I mean you would think Tsunku would cater to such an amazing mix of talents from Ayaya, Gocchin, and Mikitty since they are three of the better vocalists of their times.  Plus, the single itself hit No. 1 on the ORICON charts so why were they the start of this whole one-single special units bull…I actually wanted to hear more out of this group…though we get similar groupings in the future!

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