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H!P Profile: Kirari Tsukishima starring Koharu Kusumi


Oh boy…Koharu.  Like I’ve said back in the PV Reviews that begun with her joining Morning Musume, she was chosen as the “ace” and lone member of her generation (of course it happened after 2 auditions…).  Though a bit shortly after her addition, Tsunku somehow wanted to have her take on something different and she became the youngest H!P member to become a soloist.  Though she kind of became a different kind of soloist focusing on the anime, Kirarin☆Revolution voicing the character of Kirari Tsukishima.  Of course this led to Kirarin groups: Kira☆Pika and MilkyWay and she paved the way for H!P anime themes!  From 2006-2009 she was doing great and then she announced her graduation.  Since then she’s really done modeling and released one more song for OhaStar.

Style of Music: All of Koharu’s music ran that saccharine, sugary, happy-go-lucky music.  Though sometimes she reached to some genres like Russian jig and pop/rock…for the most part it was that anison, cutesy-cutesy pop.



  • Koi☆Kana
  • Balalaika
  • Happy☆彡
  • Chance!
  • Papancake
  • Hapi☆Hapi Sunday!


  • ☆☆☆
  • Kirarin☆Land
  • Kirari to Fuyu
  • Best☆Kirari (best album)

This is Koha’s 2nd single, Balalaika and I just love the song even though it’s a bit WTF…still a fun song regardless.

This is her final single, Hapi☆Hapi Sunday!…it kind of shows where her sound decided to go after “Balalaika” and boy I was not happy XD

Top 5 Favorite Songs:

  • Balalaika
  • Hatten×JOY (B-side to Hapi☆Hapi Sunday!)
  • Olala (album song from Kirarin☆Land)
  • I miss you (album song from ☆☆☆)
  • Koi☆Kana

Overall: Honestly, when talking about if she was an ace…she was for an entirely different reason than many would expect.  She was definitely NOT the ace and miracle when she joined Morning Musume, but she did bring H!P into the era of Anime which in a way paved the ground for groups like the other Kirarin groups, the Shugo Chara groups, and even some of Berryz’ singles.  My personal thoughts on Koharu though is that she sucked.  Her first album is vocally her best and she just got worse as a singer past that.  Add in her comments from the radio show she did alongside Sayu and Kikka and that made me like her less because while she did say what was her agenda for that…she went at it all wrong.  I don’t know, but she in my opinion was the worst soloist.

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