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H!P Profiles: Ice Creamusume



L to R: Peipei, Anchii, Guu-chan, Reirei, Youko, Shenshen

Let’s start talking about Tsunku’s “other” binge idea during this time.  Roughly around 2007-08, Tsunku started really trying to reach to other Asian regions to get H!P more well-known.  This culminated to many things that happened in the company around the next 2-3 years like Morning Musume getting two Chinese members in Linlin and Junjun and other things that I’ll be talking about in the next few posts.  Now in 2007, Tsunku held auditions in Taiwan for a new group which excited many people and it came down to 4 finalists (but some of the people that were dropped made a return to basically “re-audition”).  Of course these 6 won (and there were 2 more finalists…but…well you’ll find out later).  This group became Ice Creamusume and were given colors based off of well…ice cream flavors.  They would train for a bit before debuting with a Taiwanese mini-album at the beginning of 2009 and a couple weeks later release it in Japan (with the same songs but different titles because of the language).  They also made their first tour appearance right when the Elder Club was leaving…hm.  After that though, the group basically disappeared with not much of an ping of what they were up to after the summer H!P tours.  Then in November of 2010, they were taken off the company’s site and was officially the end for Ice Creamusume.

Style of Music: They really only have one original song to their name and it was pretty basic H!P stuff.  Poppy but upbeat.  The covers they did for the most part didnt change in arrangement so can’t really say much there (except their version of Morning Coffee was slightly poppy).



  • 1st Zui Bang! (Taiwan) / 1st Saikou! (Japan) (mini-album)

Here’s the group’s only original song, Debut! ~Koisuru Kado ni wa Fukukitaru~…there’s also a Mandarin version as well because you know they’re Taiwanese and all.

Overall:  With the sudden surge of Tsunku wanting to broaden the company out, it also turns out to be a big whiplash of failure with the upcoming groups (mostly).  Ice Creamusume was probably the biggest loss and probably waste of time for the girls as they performed 3-4 times live altogether with H!P and had the mini-album before the plug was pulled and it definitely felt like either UFA or Tsunku just suddenly lost interest by the time this “broadening” had burned off and couldn’t care less.  Weird to know though that we haven’t gotten much information about anyone since the disbandment except that Reirei got married so that’s something at the least.