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H!P Profiles: 2005 Shuffle Units: Elegies, Sexy Otonajan, Puripuri Pink

It seemed so soon to have done shuffle units a short time after H.P. All Stars because well…it was way too soon lmao.  Though unlike the past shuffles, 2005 marked a pretty big change where not all of the members were going to be involved!

Elegies – Inshouha Renoir no You ni


L to R: Ayumi Shibata, Ai Takahashi, Reina Tanaka, Mai Satoda

It’s pretty interesting that Tsunku actually only made Elegies by the only shuffle unit to get a dance track, but for that…Inshouha Renoir no You ni is probably one of my favorite songs from H!P!  The best thing is that the line distribution is pretty equal (but then again these 4 were the faces of active H!P so it really made sense to just give everyone lines.

The PV we got for it though we quite a cool take on the typical H!P shot.  I mean I love the fact they used picture frames as like a motif for the PV and really the ladies’ choreography really had a certain posing flair about it that would work in such a setting.  Plus, wow Shibata looked AMAZING in the PV.

Sexy Otonajan – Onna, Kanashii, Otona


L to R: Megumi Murakami, Miki Fujimoto, Miyabi Natsuyaki

When I first saw Sexy Otonajan, I was shocked that they chose Megumi and Miyabi (as they were pretty young for such a song) but was quite alright with Mikitty.  Their song, Onna, Kanashii, Otona was a pretty slick and VERY smooth of a song for such content.  To be honest, Miki really stood out in the song with her deeper vocals and overall tone.  Though I will say that Megumi was a close second because she was showing TONS of potential in this track.  Very subtle and pretty song.

The video itself is quite fancy and a bit sexy so it makes it slightly uncomfortable, but the song is still quite soothing and Miki and Megumi just look perfect for the PV.  Miyabi today would look amazing in this PV, but she herself at that time…meh.  It’s just a really vanity-heavy PV hahaha

Puripuri Pink – Hitoshirezu Mune wo Kanaderu Yoru no Aki


L to R: Kei Yasuda, Kaori Iida, Yuko Nakazawa, Atsuko Inaba

The last shuffle unit, Puripuri Pink was an interesting selection because it has members of the early years (surprised to see Kei, Yuko, and Atsuko together) LOL.  Their song Hitoshirezu Mune wo Kanaderu Yoru no Aki stood out amongst the shuffles because it’s sung entirely in unison and is a straight-up ballad.  I mean it was really a song to show how close the four are and I thought they blended nicely together!

The PV just seem to add more of a reason to show how close these four are.  They are all dressed in kimonos and lighting sparklers and just having a nice time together.  It’s a simple PV and while it’s not as engaging as the other two, it was a pretty nice PV and song overall

Ranking: Inshouha Renoir no You ni ——–> Onna, Kanashii, Otona ——–> Hitoshirezu Mune wo Kanaderu Yoru no Aki

Who’s New?: No one xD

Who Didn’t Participate: Way too many to name off xD

Overall: I feel like that since this was the last Shuffle Unit (well sort of), I felt that 2005’s did have great songs but the fact that SO many members of H!P weren’t involved was just a tad unusual.  Elegies looked perfect with its members for sure, Sexy Otonajan while MAJORLY jailbait…had a pretty good song (plus it seemed recently The Wolverine used the song in the movie) lol and Puripuri Pink had a nice unified track.  I mean this might have been the most solid set of shuffles lol.

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Review: Petit Best 5


Track Listing

  1. ONE FOR ALL & ALL FOR ONE! / H.P. All Stars
  2. Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~ (Let’s Have a Dance Remix) / Morning Musume
  3. Yokohama Shinkirou / Maki Goto
  4. YOUR SONG ~Seishun Sensei~ / Aya Matsuura
  5. Datte Ikitekanakucha / Natsumi Abe
  6. Namida no Taiyou / Melon Kinenbi
  7. Robokiss (Jisedai Remix) / W
  8. Shining Itoshiki Anata / Country Musume ni Fujimoto to Konno
  9. Koi no Nukegara / v-u-den
  10. DO MY BEST / Yuko Nakazawa
  11. Piriri to Yukou! (More Piriri Remix) / Berryz Koubou
  12. GOOD BYE HELLO / Natsumi Abe & Rika Ishikawa
  13. LOVE LIKE CRAZY (Smooth Jazzy Mix) / Nochiura Natsumi
  14. Aegekai ni Dakarete / Kaori Iida
  15. Sarasara no Kawa / Yuki Maeda
  16. HELP!! ~Ecomoni no Acchi Chikyuu wo Samasunda.~ / Ecomoni


Fitting that they began PB5 with the megagroup shuffle unit of 2004.  Like I’ve said when I talked about the song, The first half of the song is sung chronologically by groups of members.  Like how Yuko, Nacchi, and Kaorin begins the track and then moves on forward until Miuna, Yui, and Erika M. finish things off, then it’s split all across the map lol.  The song itself is pretty happy and has a certain togetherness that pulls everyone and everything together.  I thought this was a song that needed to happen (though shuffle units, previous have done the same (but they all lacked a couple members of so).  I really loved the song though so this is an amazing way to start things up!

2. Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~ (Let’s Have a Dance Remix)

Of course it’s no PB without some messy remix of an already amazing song.  This time Roman gets the treatment and everyone knows I love the crap outta that song.  The new remix takes the gritty punk sound and replaces it with some strange synths and ideas.  It doesn’t even try to fit around the vocal melody, so it’s just a really awkward remix.  Though I hear Yossie’s ~let’s have a dance~ MANY times through the track.  Annoying remix…

3. Yokohama Shinkirou

Moving onto solo tracks from the Nochiura ladies, we start off with Gocchin’s 11th single, Yokohama Shinkirou.  After missing her chance on the last PB (well “Scramble” was on the DVD)…but I remember this track fondly because it had a pinball-themed PV!!  This song gives us a bit of pop but with a little of a rockin’ twist as well.  I mean it’s not THE best Goto song out there, but this was a pretty good choice to have on this Petit Best.

4. YOUR SONG ~Seishun Sensei~

As we leave to Ayaya’s 14th single, this was about the point where Aya was starting to pull herself away from the bouncy, random idol style we’ve known to love for a more chilled out (Yuko and Miyoshi style of music).  At the time, after “Hyacinth” I think the fans just knew she was going in a different direction.  YOUR SONG isn’t bad, but after songs like “Kiseki no Kaori Dance.” earlier, this is just a tad bit underwhelming.

5. Datte Ikitekanakucha

Waking us up from that slumber, Nacchi’s track, Datte Ikitekanakucha really spices things up!  I mean it’s got a little of a Middle Eastern vibe (with the added sitar) but it does have a pretty upbeat sound (which Nacchi doesn’t do too often, but it’s quite liked!).  Does kind of remind me of “Murasaki Shibiku” and “HEY! Mahiru no Shinkirou” since all three have that ethnic vibe and such.  I’m a bit surprised since not many Nacchi songs tend to really leave much of an impression, but this song REALLY did.

6. Namida no Taiyou

I was so surprised Melon Kinenbi would release a cover song of Anzai Maria’s 1973 hit, Namida no Taiyou (though that is a Japanese cover of Emy Jackson’s 1966 single “Crying in a Storm”).  This song is DEFINITELY a classic and over the years it’s been covered by many artists.  Melon’s version is a bit further away from the surfer pop of the first two and was given a kind of dance/disco flair.  I love the nature of this song and while the only disappointment comes in the form of being only 2:50 in length, this was a pretty amazing cover!  Plus the line distribution is evened out between the four so I’m REALLY loving this.  Great song!

7. Robokiss (Jisedai Remix)

I guess this is the first album to include W and we’re already on their 3rd single, Robokiss.  I wasn’t a big fan of this song so I was wondering what they could to do make this song better.  They actually resung this track and the verses sound a lot better than the original and the track overall is better with a more controlled arrangement and easier to handle tone.  Strange, but I quite enjoyed it more than the original.

8. Shining Itoshiki Anata

Then we enter what would become Country Musume’s final single, Shining Itoshiki Anata.  I’ve always really loved this track (not as much as “Uwaki na Honey Pie” but this song was a surprisingly great ballad (considering I don’t find ballads good most of the time from H!P).  It’s a very 60’s doo-wop song and I found to be quite unique (still straying as far away as the original style the group was supposed to be for, but w/e).  As for line distribution, it wasn’t that great.  Miki was leading 70% with Konkon and Satoda following behind.  I mean Asami and Miuna only got one line in the song…it was pretty eh.  Still, this song is pretty damn good to listen to and recently hearing Risako and Sakura’s take was soooo good!

9. Koi no Nukegara

Moving on from the end of a unit (though they do have one more offering on PB7) to a new group on the scene, v-u-den’s debut, Koi no Nukegara makes the cut!  I’m sure a lot of people were wondering how v-u-den would sound since we never really got to hear 2/3 of the group before they debuted.  I almost figured it would’ve been cute because Rika was in it, but the song is kind of edgy idol pop!  Finding out that both the new members actually sung VERY well in this song surprised me and worked well with Rika (who sounds actually good too).  Great debut for them ^_^


I’m not exactly sure why Yuko’s song appeared next (when in reality, probably should’ve been with Kaori and Yuki’s song).  After the sentimental love song, “GET ALONG WITH YOU”, DO MY BEST seems to lighten things up and is a happy-go-lucky song.  Yuko’s vocals also seem to mirror the mood of the track because she sounds like she’s having fun singing this.  Her voice does seem to be a bit loud against the music, but overall this was a nice, fun track.

11. Piriri to Yukou! (More Piriri Remix)

Berryz also makes their 1st appearance on PBs with their 3rd A-side, Piriri to Yukou!.  It does take out the original arrangement and has a bit more of an emptier sound overall.  There are more synths, but they don’t seem to really fit and makes the song a bit more mundane, I’d say stick to the original version!


One of the original songs on the album is a duet between Nacchi and Rika.  I kind of was curious because I don’t think I’ve listened to this before.  I have to say, this song was kind of a bit generic sounding…though the arrangement is kind of nice (mostly synth, percussion, strings, and piano.  It kind of sounds like a wintry song actually.  I will admit that Rika did not fit here and Nacchi was doing a MUCH better job.  Different and was a good incentive to include, even if it really wasn’t all that great.

13. LOVE LIKE CRAZY (Smooth Jazzy Remix)

I was kind of surprised that of the two Nochiura Natsumi songs available they included the B-side over “Renai Sentai Shitsu Ranger”.  Add in the fact that it was remixed like some of the other songs.  The original was pretty much hip-hop and really ballsy.  Like the title implies, it has more of a jazzy background, but still kind of keeps its hip-hop roots.  The new additions do replace some of the guitar lines so it wasn’t a HUGE change.  It was a nice remix, but the original pwns over this!

14. Aegekai ni Dakarete

Kaori made her first appearance on this PB and Aegekai ni Dakarete is quite surprising because while we knew she was involved in singing Mediterranean music, I was happy she released a Japanese single with Aegekai ni Dakarete and she really surprised me with her solid vocals!  There’s just something mystical about this song and I was happy it was included here…one of my favorites!

15. Sarasara no Kawa

Moving onto Yuki Maeda’s contribution, we get Sarasara no Kawa (her 5th single).  I’m not sure why, but this kind of doesn’t really scream enka to me (with some instruments maybe).  Regardless of style, Yuki sounds amazing as well and the song has a lot of interesting chords and the flow is nice!  Not as engrossing as Kaorin’s track, but this sounded quite pleasant, another sweet Yuki song.

16. HELP!! ~Ecomoni no Acchi Chikyuu wo Samasunda.~

I really don’t know why they decided to have Ecomoni close the album out.  Though this is the song that most people think of when they’re mentioned (because their other song, “Eco no Waltz” was a B-side to a Hamtaro-themed single).  Sadly, this song sucks to me.  Like honestly, environmental stuff is cool, but keep the song AWAY from English.  ~Help, help, dangerous ass…help help the ass cries~ is not a smart idea.  Plus Rika and Sayu are speaking a lot which is annoying too.  Yeah this was a poor way to end the album honestly.

Tracks Recommended

  • Namida no Taiyou
  • Aegekai ni Dakarete
  • Koi no Nukegara
  • Datte Ikitekanakucha

After how amazing the last Petit Best was, coming into this one had some competition to be as good, sadly it wasn’t as good.  The biggest complaint is the remixes, I’m getting tired of it, especially on Morning Musume’s end because they have done it since they started the series.  Add in the boring Ayaya, Nacchi+Rika, and Nochiura Natsumi tracks and the horrible Ecomoni track, this was just ok…nothing more nothing less.  7/10

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