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H!P Profile (small): Jang Da Yeon


In 2009, during Tsunku’s short era of trying to widen their audiences outside of H!P, Tsunku held another audition, this time in Korea to find even more talent.  The winner of that audition was Jang Da Yeon who was placed as a Hello! Pro Korea Egg.  With that she actually was seen in regular Egg garb over a year later in 2011 performing alongside many of the other Eggs.  While people might have thought she had joined them, she didn’t lol.  Then she took part in S/mileage’s audition for their 2nd Generation and she was surprisingly a finalist.  She didn’t make it though and she went quiet for another 2 years before finally saying through her Twitter that she had left the program in 2013.

Overall: There’s really not much to say about Jang and her time within H!P….she appeared randomly and out of the blue (especially the whole Egg performance and her sudden joining in the finals in S/mileage’s audition).  I mean it’s great she won the Korean audition and all, but UFA quite dropped the ball with this one and after the idea of broadening to other Asian regions wore off, she was also kind of forgotten in the end.  I do wish her the best, and maybe we’ll see her in a K-pop group one day? 😛

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