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Morning Musume PVs through the years: The Big 6!

Been a while since I’ve done one of these so initially I was going to do three, but since I’ve vacated the site a bit, I will review 6 so basically I WISH, Ren’ai Revolution 21, The☆Pea~ce!, Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~, Souda! We’re ALIVE, and Do it! Now.  So let’s jump in with the first one!


The Song: I WISH marked the first single after Sayaka’s graduation and to be fair the song did sound quite sentimental as well.  I also think that with the previous single, “Happy Summer Wedding” was just introducing us to the new 4th gen but with I WISH they made their mark better as well since all four new members were prominent alongside Marippe and Gocchin (while everyone else was in the back LOL).

What Genre is it?: It’s pretty poppy for the most part, kind of a giant switch after their last two singles.

The Premise: Out of all of the H!P singles out there, I think I WISH has the best in this category for sure.  Starting with the intro sequence of the story (even though it’s silent and the words are in Japanese you know there’s a story since Mari is in the middle and she’s kind of wondering where she belongs.  Slowly the other Momusu members join in and things are happy (plus the Tsuji/Aibon and Marippe/Gocchin-ness is awesome.  Once the song actually gets going a little storyline ensues with the ladies playing different characters dealing with normal life issues (plus Nacchi looking up Yuko’s dress) XD…they all go to Gocchin and somehow Rika just kind of goes “look how ridiculous we are”.  Interesting concept right?

The Setting: Taking the budget count down immensely for this PV, I WISH looks really cheap especially looking back at the previous releases.  It’s like the shot this during Hello! Morning since it has those sets and ideas going (though I’m not sure that existed at the time of release?).  It didn’t really impress me sadly…

The Outfits: There were about 2 1/2 outfits for the PV…One was their tracksuits they wore during the choreography (and the half is the letterman jackets they had in the beginning of the song.  The jackets were pretty cool and made sense but clashed harshly with the pink tights they were making.  The other outfits…are during the whole mini-story where all the girls have their own look.  The ones that stood out was Yossie’s Karate get-up, Maki’s police uniform, and Nacchi looking like a hobo…riding a bike….>.> (which reminds me….Nacchi looked so uncharacteristically chubby in this PV….what happened?)

The Choreography: To be honest, when I watched it, I couldn’t remember much of the dancing because I was too focused on the stories that were going on.  From the shots that were shown, it looked a little sloppy in areas not gonna lie, but I don’t think they were going for precision here so it makes sense.  Not an important factor here.

PV as a whole: I WISH as whole was unique for them because they paid more attention to a story rather than just going through the vibes (closest to I WISH at this point was “LOVE Machine’s” extended version.  Though I did kind of stare blankly at how cheap the PV was (besides the storybook sections).  I did love that we did get to see a whole lot more of the new girls (since we haven’t really had close-up shots of them, unless you count “Aisha Loan de” but that’s a special case).

Ranking: 18/74 (I really do enjoy I WISH, but the PV was a bit cheap in areas and that was a fail after “Happy Summer Wedding”.  Though the song by itself and the premise saved it!)

Ren’ai Revolution 21

The Song: Ahhhh, one of the group’s signature songs!  Ren’ai Revolution 21 is pretty popular when you talk about H!P and as one of the more recognizable tunes, it really stood out to me at release but it can be overplayed sometimes (alongside “LOVE Machime”).  The song is also notable because we see another member graduate, Yuko, who said that she was getting too old and the dances were becoming too much for her so she backed down after this one.

What Genre is it?: We return to the disco-pop feel here! Similar to “LOVE Machine”.

The Premise: After “I WISH”, the seemed to cool the jets in the premise department as there really isn’t much of one to begin with.

The Setting: I find it freaky that they took the setting up into space for Ren’ai Revolution 21 and in a spaceship as well.  Plus in some of the dance scenes, they’re on the Moon (or something similar) or once again inside the spaceship somewhere..

The Outfits: I would have to say, Ren’ai Revolution 21 has the most raciest outfits yet.  I mean the black tops that show their midriffs is really something and gives the girls a sexy look which I guess is a nice change after the tracksuits.  Plus with Maki, Mari, and Nacchi donning visors in some of the shots, it did look sexy, not gonna lie.  Then they have outfits where I’m still kind of wondering if it worked or they were just a hot mess.  Some of them worked and some of them were pretty tragic.  I liked that Nacchi got some fur, Kei-chan standing out with the furry cowboy hat.  Besides that, everyone else looked bad.  Like Kaorin’s hairstyle and Tsuji altogether….plus a little of Yossie lookin strange too lol (but it was the boycut that she had here), and Yuko borderlining Teletubby-land.  I didn’t think the PV needed that much fur and color to have when the PV has all the subdued and dark colors but whatever…

The Choreography: To make up for the lack of coordinated dancing in “I WISH”, Ren’ai Revolution 21 focused a lot on the dancing here and it became pretty well-known as well since it made the Japanese version of Just Dance.  It’s a really fun and quick-paced dance and everyone seemed to have a good time doing it as well.

PV as a whole: I really love this song and the PV it got because it’s something no one really expected (especially after “I WISH”, this kind of looked like an idea that was improbable because it looked like they spent a lot on this).  I will say that I love the first half because of the cool look and sexy moves they were pulling…once the fur and colors came out, I kind of was like….these outfits suck.  Still I do love the PV and the energy from it all.

Ranking: 17/74 (Even though it’s one spot above “I WISH” I just felt this showed a nice Momusu that was going to be cool and mature…OH HOW I WAS WRONG…)


The Song: After Yuko graduated it seemed like the average age actually dipped since you know, Yuko was pretty old.  The☆Pea~ce! kind of changed the game up since they were like SURPRISE! we are not going to be mature like we were in the last single, we will be RANDOM AS ALL HELL and it shows in both the PV and lyrics of the song!  Of course the song is know as Rika’s theme since she has a long speaking line in the middle of the track.

What Genre is it?: Like the last single, it’s still disco-pop, but with more brass!

The Premise: Now many will watch the PV and most will either go for the whole saving the ship during a rainstorm bit (which is true no lie) but there is a little other bit that goes on.  Before the single, there was a scandal that dealt with cameras found in the ladies bathrooms which stirred up the H!P girls a bit, so I guess the PV director/Tsunku wanted to poke fun and let the girls go on with that idea (I wonder who actually liked that idea though).

The Setting: They just seem to go everywhere nowadays eh?  From the space PV of their last single, the setting for this is on a boat y’all!  From the beginning to the end we see the girls dancing in a lavatory (a rather big one at that 0.o) and outside on the deck keeping the boat safe.  Then they turn the lavatory into the dancefloor with lights coming from the toilets and a giant disco ball….yeah strange right?!?

 The Outfits: It’s good that there wasn’t a lot of outfits here 3 actually.  The first one is used in most of the dance shot which is the sailor get-up and they all looked fitting, especially Nacchi here (she doesn’t look pudgy as she was which is GREAT!).  The second one was more of a uniform and that was during the outside shots essentially so we don’t see a lot of it, but it looked nice as well.  The last costume was saved for the end which was after the lavatory was turned into a disco room…and it was shiny and sparkly gold with yellow feathers on the top of their heads (a premonition to “Onna ni Sachi Are” maybe?).

The Choreography: They keep up with the choreography with the The☆Pea~ce! as well and it’s fun, together and just great to see the girls dancing together.  There’s some cool dual moves of the girls and that whole thing at the end of tricking people that the video was ending lol.

PV as a whole: The was just one whole PV of WTF to be honest.  I mean dancing in bathrooms, posing on a toilet (or next to it) and just silly bathroom humor mixed in with a small story and dance party at the end, it was wacky just like the song and I found it funny.  Plus, the girls looked great and having fun!

Ranking: 9/74 (Yeah, one of my top 10!  I seriously love the hell out of The☆Pea~ce! since it’s so me…just making no sense but having fun with it)

Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~

The Song: Mr. Moonlight was released with the fact that we had 4 new members among the ranks; Ai Takahashi, Risa Niigaki, Makoto Ogawa, and Asami Konno.  This new addition didn’t make a full impact on the song because Risa was the only one who had a solo line from the four.  The other members kind of sat back (except Makoto since she was pretty big in the PV).  Also, this song is considered Yossie’s theme since she sang about 70% of it alongside Gocchin and Nacchi (who all were singing with a much deeper tone than their normal style).

What Genre is it?: Like the title implies, it’s in a big band style!  Something the girls haven’t tackled yet!

The Premise:  If you got the album with this on it (the album version is considerably longer) it tells of a story of these young girls trying to get inside this club which happens, then I guess going with the PV, Yossie is wowed by Makoto and woos her to be his essentially.  Cute love story basically.

The Setting: I know it’s a stage and all, but it seems like it’s supposed to be like out on the town almost with Yossie flying with Makoto all over the city.  So it’s kind of essentially that through the entire PV with the band (Americans!!!!)  in the background.

The Outfits: There was a lot of outfits in this PV!  First we see the new girls in either Red or Blue skirts which carry for most of the PV alongside Kaori, Kei, Mari, Aibon, and Tsuji who weren’t really important in the song.  Then we see Maki, Nacchi, and Yossie in suits (since they’re playing men in the PV) so their outfits kind of matched the style…(either Red, Blue, and Yellow OR Maki and Nacchi in plaid while Yossie is in white.  Later in the PV, we see the unimportant girls get their own unique outfit to try to swoon the guys.  The last major one is the while outfit with the capulets and sasshes….that was a little strange but everyone wore them so it was their “uniform” outfit. xD

The Choreography: Like with “I WISH” the choreography took a back seat to pay attention more to the story that was being told.  From what was shown, the dance looked easy for them but made sense with 4 new girls and all that.  It was cute though ^_^

PV as a whole: I love the sassy feel of the song and it’s just classy all over.  The video did kind of focus a LOT on Maki, Nacchi, Yossie, and Makoto a little too much and not enough on the other members, but this was a fun, and kind of romantic PV too.  Plus Yossie is just amazing playing a guy…

Ranking: 35/74 (I enjoy the song a lot, but there are so many more that kind of overpower this IMO)

Souda! We’re ALIVE

The Song: Of the 6 songs on this post, it feels like Souda! We’re ALIVE doesn’t really have much of a big impact…since there really isn’t anything too noteworthy to talk about.  We do get to see more of the 5th Gen sing (except Konkon oddly enough) but that’s really it besides the song have a rather nice line distribution.

What Genre is it?: It’s kind of pop/rock with a little bit of a Russian jig thrown in there…yeah you heard me correctly XD

The Premise: At this point in Morning Musume, we see less of premises being used so they slowly start to go away until later (like Platinum era) XD  Though it seems like it’s just everyday girls that want to have fun….short and simple.

The Setting:  Most of the setting is on a dance stage (another thing we start to see a LOT more of).  Though some of the shots are kind of like the girls frozen in place while the background changes (green screen?)  and there are scenes of girls just falling into hay.  Not the most exciting but it works XD

The Outfits: So there’s two different ones.  The first is more or less casual outfits (well some of them looked casual >.> looking at you Marippe!).  The second is the ones that are used predominantly in the dance shot and they’re just white with a flowery pattern going down across the chest and sides (different colors amongst girls).

The Choreography: Since there is like 0 Premise, the choreography steps up its game and we see the girls doing what I consider their hardest dance yet (for some of them).  Some of the girls are dancing with purses and it’s hard to dance with props especially those since they were swinging them around too.  So props to Makoto, Rika, Aibon, and Gaki for pulling it off.  The dance itself is pretty hard too especially everything in that Russian dance break…that looked difficult.  Definitely one of the hardest they’ve done, but they looke like they were having fun.

PV as a whole: I really enjoy the whole chanting and power behind the song and it carries over with the PV, but I felt as if something didn’t feel right.  Like the random need to have the girls falling into hay.  It’s kind of like where did that come from?  The dance is pretty awesome to see, but otherwise…the video could’ve gone through some sprucing.

Ranking: 12/74 (Given that I wasn’t too interested with the PV, the fact that I really love this song speaks a lot).

Do it! Now

The Song: Then we came to Do it! Now which is well-known for being Gocchin’s final single before she graduated and started her solo career.  It was really a sad moment because Maki was the face of Morning Musume.  It featured some of the same line distribution (plus Konkon finally gets her first lines) plus we see her a LOT in this PV alongside Maki (which is awkward xD). Plus there’s a rap section!!!!

What Genre is it?: R&B/Pop  something they haven’t done since “Memory Seishun no Hikari”

The Premise: I know there’s one somewhere in there, but I can;t figure it out LOL

The Setting: From what I can tell, it’s either in a mansion or a studio of sorts.  I’m thinking it’s both?  I don’t know, the place doesn’t have a roof so it might’ve been that, but at the same time they were dancing inside a studio room…I have no clue.

The Outfits: They had two outfits but we see appearances of old uniforms like the white, flowery ones from “Souda! We’re ALIVE” and “Mr. Moonlight”.  The outfits for this starts with these black outfits (kind of like “Ren’ai Revolution 21”).  The other outfits are kind of these bizarre red dresses, but some of them had different colored additions so it really popped.

The Choreography: This dance is interesting and also awkward at the same time.  I’ve seen the dances during the verses and that’s not bad, but the chorus is kind of where things were just a little too awkward.  Especially with that arm raising section…Konkon and Kaorin…no just no….Otherwise the dance isn’t bad…not their best but it’s OK

PV as a whole: We’re back to this mature Momusu again but with Gocchin leaving I think it was just more of a special reason to go that way.  I mean hell, Maki was all over the PV so it only makes sense.  Like I said, the dancing is good, but slightly awkward and the rest of the PV is kind of smooth but dark.  Though I do wonder why there were scenes like Nacchi drinking water and Kaorin and Marippe getting all dolled up…strange >.<

Ranking: 20/74 (Great song and PV, even if there’s weird things going)



H!P Profiles (small) – 4KIDS

Clockwise from Top Left: Maasa Sudo, Risako Sugaya, Mai Hagiwara, and Airi Suzuki

4KIDS (not the fail company of Pokemon, Kirby, etc.) but the group was made up of 4 H!P Kids (who were still incredibly new in H!P).  They really only had one use in their SUPER short tenure.  The main reason this sub-unit really existed is because of the movie Minimoni ja Movie Okashi na Daibouken! where they slightly sung one track which was a collaboration with Minimoni and Ai Takahashi, “Genki Jirushi no Oomori Song”.  Beyond that, the quartet didn’t go any further than that…

This isn’t the true PV for Genki Jirushi no Oomori Song, but this version shows off 4KIDS a lot more than the original luckily (plus the original is bizarro as it is) XD.

Overall: 4KIDS….it’s an interesting group to think about today since all 4 members are still currently in H!P (we’ll probably never see this lineup again anyway).  At the time of when the single released, the girls were super young and their singing voices were pretty much not there (and it shows since all they’re doing is yelling and chanting).  To see Maasa, Risako, Mai, and Airi together again would be interesting (but hell they wouldn’t touch this song again xD).

Sorry for the short post, but this is the first of MANY short posts since this is when H!P kind of goes for the Special Units (you know one single or none at all kind of deal) >.<

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H!P Profiles: Hello! Project Kids

At Debut Top L to R: Chinami Tokunaga, Maiha Ishimura, Megumi Murakami, Miyabi Natsuyaki, Erika Umeda, Saki Shimizu, Maimi Yajima, and Momoko Tsugunaga

Bottom L to R: Mai Hagiwara, Risako Sugaya, Chisato Okai, Airi Suzuki, Saki Nakijima, Yurina Kumai, and Maasa Sudo


H!P Kids were 15 VERY young girls who won an audition back in 2002 and well they were kind of the first group that were kind of in-training so to speak.  The were seen here and there in various PVs like Gocchin “Te wo Nigitte Arukitai”, a couple of Mikitty’s PVs and their biggest appearance in Momusu’s “Ganbacchae!”.  Now some of them had split into small groups as well like 4KIDS, ZYX, and Aa! which got them promoted a little bit more at the time.  Then word started to spread that there would be a group for all of them (even though the idea would be scrapped and instead would be led into Momoko, Miyabi, Risako, Yurina, Naasa, Maiha, Saki, and Chinami coming together to form Berryz Koubou in 2004 (which I will do a profile in the future no worries).  The other 7 girls would continue to be simply called the H!P Kids until a year later in 2005 when they formed °C-ute (with Kanna Arihara who was an H!P Egg and never was considered a H!P Kid.  Time goes on and well three of the original 15 members had left the group: Megumi who went back to a normal life, Maiha the same way, and Erika to go into fashion.   Beyond that, the girls are still together today!

Current L to R: Chinami Tokunaga, Saki Shimizu, Mai Hagiwara, Momoko Tsugunaga, Maimi Yajima, Miyabi Natsuyaki, Airi Suzuki, Risako Sugaya, Saki Nakajima, Yurina Kumai, Chisato Okai, Maasa Sudo


It would be quite a while before we see the 12 of them come together again since they were VERY busy with their own groups and sub-groups but in 2011 we see them coming together once more for their 1st release together, “Amazuppai Haru ni Sakura Saku” and another “Chou HAPPY SONG” in 2012.  It was a great dream to come true seeing everyone together again.  Plus, it doesn’t seem like either Berryz nor °C-ute is slowing down yet (even though they are at the point where the girls are getting a little bit too old.  Who knows….

Style of Music: Sad it took them about 7-8 years before they would release a single as the full group so there’s not much to their style besides being happy idol music.  Plus there’s really only two tracks  credited to both groups simultaneously so I can’t say too much here.  Amazuppai Haru ni Sakura Saku is upbeat but your plain idol track while Chou HAPPY SONG is well a strange mashup of a Berryz & °C-ute song….so what can I say?



  • Amazuppai Haru ni Sakura Saku

This is Chou HAPPY SONG which of course was released earlier this year and boy did this have longevity and popularity.  I liked that this was pretty big and I’m pretty sure both groups were as well.  Also, this song and PV showed how close the girls are (then again for how long they’ve been singing in H!P together (and seperately) it’s an awesome sight!

Favorite Song (one or the other basically XD)


Other Things to Mention

I’ve said this above already, but Kanna Arihara is NOT a part of this since she was originally a H!P Egg that got promoted when °C-ute was created.

They aren’t called H!P Kids anymore because of obvious reasons and since they go by the signature group as well.  No surprise there.

Overall: When I think of H!P’s legacy and timeline, I think with the addition of these 15 young girls marks a turning point.  You know going from all these already matured vocals (like T&C Bomber, and all the Musume groups) they needed youth and something they can work with and manipulate and these 15 girls really marked what was going to happen.  Though I have to say it negatively that after this point the talents kind of start to lessen (I know I’ll get flak….but it just feels like the awesome talent from the beginning up to now has been GOOOOLD, and then everything after the Kids joined seemed to go down a bit.  Still I really like these girls (though it would’ve been great if Megumi, Maiha, and Erika had stayed…)

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