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H!P Profiles: Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai


L to R: Arisa Noto, Yuuka Maeda, Kaede Oose, Konatsu Furukawa, Saki Mori

In October 2005, Tsunku surprised many by announcing the FIRST H!P Egg group, Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai.  The group was originally Arisa, Yuuka, Kaede, and Konatsu and included Kanna Arihara as well, but VERY shortly after, she had graduated from the Eggs to join °C-ute.  After she left it was announced that Saki Mori would be replacing her.  The 5 above would go onto release their only single (said only 500 copies were initially released), Minna no Ki.  After the release, Kaede Oose would also graduate from the Eggs to go into THE Possible.


L to R: Arisa Noto, Konatsu Furukawa, Saki Mori, Ayumi Yutoku, Yuuka Maeda

Yeah, after Kaede left, she was replaced by Ayumi Yutoku for a shortwhile before she herself would leave the program (onto nothing in particular…she’s one of the more quiet ex-Eggs).


L to R: Saki Mori, Akari Saho, Arisa Noto, Yuuka Maeda, and Konatsu Furukawa

The last itearation of the group (to me) was when Akari came in to replace Ayumi and oddly enough at this point, the group was less into music and more for environmental awareness.  In a way, I was hoping more music was going to come from them with this solid group, but once Arisa had graduated and Yuuka joined S/mileage (and therefore graduated) the group went into inactivity.





Team Ohana-Batakettai!! (Top Pic) L to R: Minami Sengoku, Rina Katsuta, Konatsu Furukawa, Rie Kaneko
Team Midories L to R: Manami Arai, Akari Saho, Ayano Sato, Yuu Kikkawa
Team Catch the Nature L to R: Asuna Okai, Sayaka Kithara, Mia Sainen, Kaori Sano
Team Genki Mori Ranger L to R: Mizuki Fukumura, Saki Mori, Irori Maeda

After Yuuka and Arisa had left, I guess Tsunku wanted to bring them back and to further promote environmental awareness so he basically shoved in MANY of the Eggs in with the 3 remaining members and an extra member, Kaori Sano was was a UFP-Egg (totally different from the H!P Eggs).  With that happening, they were also split into 4 sub-groups…all of them supporting the same nature-friendly atmosphere.  Slowly through the years they were ultimately forgotten and all but one member has moved on from the Eggs (and that one member is Rie Kaneko).

Style of Music: The only things musically that’s resounding with Tomoiki’s music was their only single which was essentially a pro-environmental song that’s kind of cute but also in the feels of SATOYAMA and SATOUMI but it’s a nice pop track while the B-side, Shiritai Koto Ippai was a ballad.



  • Minna no Ki

This is the only “PV” the group ever got with Minna no Ki and it’s really more of a dance shot/live performance more than anything really).

Overall: You know when I got into H!P, I’ve never really heard about the group.  Even then when I did start getting into H!P and even recently, I never knew the group was still active when I was listening to S/mileage when they debuted.  Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai is like Ecomoni in where this is before SATOYAMA and SATOUMI really begun to flourish.  I actually would love to see this group return as a SATOUMI thing (plus technically the group never REALLY shut down since Kaneko is still around).  But dang I was shocked that initially it wasn’t just the 8 original members…but there was actually 20 members involved…DAMN!

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