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WOO, finally we have names…wait more?

Yup! So on Thursday, we finally got the news (well technically we got it earlier in the week through leaks, but regardless) of Ichioka & Takase/Kiyono’s group names finally and boy were they a doozy!  Let’s talk about them!



So in the video announcement, we first get the name of Ichioka’s group CHICA#TETSU which continues the pattern of using symbols in the name (at least I don’t have to copy and paste the hash mark, unlike the Celsius mark in C-ute’s name >.>).  I kind of dig it and the play on words in different ways is pretty nice.  Probably the easiest to remember once they start to release singles and whatnot.

Ame no Mori Kawa Umi (RFRO)


Next up was the announcement of Takase’s and Kiyono’s group and I haven’t seen an actual full Kanji group name since at least Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai (surprise because this name does give off a SATOYAMA/UMI vibe).  It’s a bit different and with the company using the nickname RFRO, it’ll be interesting to see what this group does.



I thought we were done at that point, but it seems surprises continue when they brought both groups together for the third announcement!  It seems that these two groups (and the winners of the ONLY YOU audition) will form a unit together called BEYOOOOONDS which is such a goofy name, I’m sure with the current backlash, it might just be shortened down to just BEYONDS, but yeah, this name is just not OK.  It seems though that this collective is starting to get some steam by forming two original tracks already, “Megane no Otoko no Ko” & “Bunkasai Jikkou Iinchou no Koi”.  So I wonder if they’ll wait to release these songs once the winners of the ONLY YOU audition are announced.

Which also brings to mind that another unit is going to be made from those winners like how CHICA#TETSU & Ame no Mori Kawa Umi working out.


Normally, I wouldn’t bat an eye at something like this but at the Hallo! Fest going on this weekend, a surprising performance came from a group(?) called Minis.? which consisted of Yokoyama, Morito, Kamikokuryo, and Funaki (ignore Yurina here).  They performed an original track called “Complex ni Sayonara!” (the same name of the book, they released).  I’m sure this is a one-off group so I assume this might end up being a track on Petit Best 19…but this was still worthwhile news.


2019 is already shaping up to be one busy year for the new units, so I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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