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Yurika Akiyama announces sudden departure :0


So today what I was only expecting was Momusu and Kobushi PVs, but that was not all there was.  It was suddenly announced that Yurika Akiyama from Ciao Bella Cinquetti would graduate from the group today…

She did write a raher lengthy blog post about this explaining how she was rather troubled for the last six months (ever since their Nakano Sun Plaza performance).  Even to the point where she mentioned 80% were painful and 20% fun and she decided to go on her own route.

Honestly, I did love Akkyan’s voice in the group as she was a pretty good leader up until Aina really took the show,, but she added a nice mature tone against most of the other members.  Her announcement is kind of reminiscent of Nyon’s announcement too and I agree, if you aren’t happy with the group, then it’s probably best to move on, but I was surprised that Yurika is gone like *snap*.  I also do know that the group is getting pretty up there in age, so I’m not totally surprised, but the sudden leave is strange.