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Morning Musume PVs Through the Years!: Well…I mean they gave it a 2nd go!

Er…Welcome back to the Momusu PV series!  Didn’t think I’d be making one of these so soon, but it seems like H!P is seriously pushing the 20th Anniversary for H!P hard this year, moreso than last year with just Morning Musume! (although to be fair half of the PVs in this post were released back in 2017 so I guess?  Anyways, today we’re going to go back and forth in time to look at the updated versions of both Ai no Tane & Morning Coffee as well as the new tracks Gosenfu no Tasuki & Hana ga Saku Taiyou Abite!

Ai no Tane (20th Anniversary Ver.)

The Song:  Even though the last post I made in the series showed kind of how disappointed I was with Morning Musume celebrating their 20th year as a group was nearing, it wasn’t until the end of 2017 where things started looking up with a surprise announcement!  It wasn’t just the fact that Morning Musume was going to do an updated version of Ai no Tane (the group’s indie debut), but they were also bringing the original 5 members that sung the original (Abe, Iida, Nakazawa, Ishiguro, and Fukuda) back together for this special moment.

What Genre is it?: Well, it’s definitely poppy and in the realms of a current pop sound H!P can muster.  Though I will say compared to the original it doesn’t feel at all dated.

The Premise: Doesn’t seem to be one here…maybe the idea of the older members tending to flowers is a things since the younger generation is holding them..

The Setting: There seems to be two main settings for the song (possibly 3).  The first that shows up is the dance shot where its Morning Musume ’17 in a house/studio with 3 background of flowers (blue, pink, and red).  While the OG members are in a cute little room.  MM’18 though do get group shots in front of the flower murals from the dance shot.  It’s a simple looking PV for what it’s worth.

The Outfits: All white….*sigh* there’s just no end to these white outfits are there?  Everyone is donning a white dress of some sort in MM’18 while the OG are also donning white but they’re slightly different (especially with Aya, Kaori, and Asuka).  Very plain looking outfits I’d say.

The Choreography: Considering that the dancing was left to MM’17, I wasn’t expecting too much and just from the shortened clip (yeah, this was a digital release hence why there’s no full PV on YouTube), the dance I did get to see was VERY simple moves for the group, a bit more than the original (which had none).  Some side shimmys and light poses…nothing too out of the normal.

PV as a whole: Being as this was the start of the celebration for Morning Musume, the new version of Ai no Tane was a great way to kick things off, but I wish the PV wasn’t so overly filled with white outfits and the setting as such too (be happy that there was even color from the flower murals and the stuff place around the room when the old MM members were singing).  Still, it’s nice to see original 5-nin here though…well worth the surprise!

Gosenfu no Tasuki

The Song: Released as a digital song prior to the release of Morning Musume ’17s 15th studio album, Gosenfu no Tasuki is technically the last PV to feature Haruka Kudo as a member of the group and now “Wakaindashi!”.  It’s also surprisingly a ballad for the group so it’s a bit of a surprise that it wasn’t included on their album, but on the “Hatachi no Morning Musume” album (though not quite sure why it was chosen as a digital song though).

What Genre is it?: A piano/strings ballad

The Premise: None unless following a staff around is considered something..

The Setting: Disregarding PVs that are essentially live performance footage, I would say this PV marks is the most boring of Morning Musume’s PV discography hands down.  It’s just all white with the only figment of color coming from the staff, lyrics and small animations and the girls’ skin.  Otherwise, a plain white background is just not a good choice.

The Outfits: It’s like they continued to wear their stuff from “Ai no Tane” here, but it is indeed different clothing just the same boring ass white…

The Choreography: None

PV as a whole: You could possibly guess that I found this to be a weak PV and release overall.  The song itself might have some nice parts about it, but I just couldn’t deal with the PV it got…it felt super cheap and the lack of color besides the above mentioned just didn’t help its situation.  Yeah…what a bland song and PV this is…

Morning Coffee (20th Anniversary Ver.)

The Song: Didn’t we just get an updated version with “Morning Misoshiru”?  We’re getting another update but this time updated with the original 5 members (and one less Kudo) once again in tow?  I suppose it makes sense since it is the group’s first major single and this was used to promote their 20th anniversary album, “Hatachi no Morning Musume” but feels like not a lot of time was passed for this one.

What Genre is it?: Comparing it to the original real quick, the song is slightly faster and the arrangement is bit more pop/rock than the originals more 90’s pop vibe.  It might throw older fans off, but I feel it fits with the current H!P sound.

The Premise: None

The Setting: Maybe it’s just me, but when I saw the overall setting I get this cheap feel of “Go Girl ~Koi no Victory” in my head from the little shop and building that could be from Hello! Morning.  Though it is just a set and that to me feels a little more depressing.  Doesn’t that the spotlights that shine during the chorus added more to the poor budget here.

The Outfits: I will say that I do LOVE the throwback for the outfits in this PV directly connecting to the original Morning Coffee outfits back in the late 90’s.  I mean they’re not direct copies (MM’18 looks a bit more uniform and not donning turtlenecks and knee-high boots and the elder members are wearing longer skirts too).  Just a nice call back and it is the lone outfit they wear here too.

The Choreography: A bit more lively here and I especially adore the into where we’re introduced to the members by generation.  Does seem like the younger girls get the more active role in the dancing while the 1st Gen ladies are doing more of the swaying (they’re old…don’t give them too much flak for not going for it).

PV as a whole: I was WAY more into this PV than I was the last two by a pretty big margin and it seems a bit more effort was put into this.  I also loved seeing the younger girls react a bit more naturally with the 1st Gen ladies who also felt more at home and having a fun time reliving this song.  I’m just still elated to see Aya and Asuka join back into the world.

Hana ga Saku Taiyou Abite

The Song: Considering all 4 songs were released digitally initially before finding their way to “Hatachi no Morning Musume”.  I find this one the least info heavy about because its an original song like “Gosenfu no Tasuki” was in 2017.  Also sticks out on this post because of its sound as well.

What Genre is it?: It was the only song from “Hatachi” that was EDM-centric and one of three songs off that mini that only had the current Morning Musume members in it.

The Premise: None to be found

The Setting: The first thing I noticed was the stage where the dance was shot…A black platform in the middle with red drapes spreading out across the area.  To be fair, the shiny look it has makes it look rather cheap (almost like tape?).  Though I do like the silhouettes of flowers interspersed across the white parts of the stage giving it a bit more something to an otherwise plain stage.  There’s also parts where girls are standing in front of a grey background with petals falling and even some girls like Maachan, Eripon, and Haachin falling into petals as well.  The last chorus though has raised roses and I thought that looked pretty neat for the tone of the song.  Not the best setting, but definitely an interesting one.

The Outfits: Wow 3/4 of the videos I watched in this post were white outfits…this is pretty embarrassing to say the least.  They do look more flowing than the other 2 though I’ll give it that and it wasn’t a total bust because of solo shots of the girls and the silhouettes of the patterns shown on their outfits added a bit of neat visual trickery to boring clothes.

The Choreography: Of the 4 videos, I would say this had the strongest choreo (but considering the competition, it wouldn’t take too much to bypass them anyways).  It’s what you’d expect from Morning Musume as of late and I appreciated that one of the songs had a powerful dance behind it.  Do love how it flows and the girls kind of rotate around each other a LOT.

PV as a whole: I feel like being the lone EDM song here kind of makes it stick out in this celebration of Morning Musume’s 20th year and I think we could’ve had another one…but it’s whatever.  Hana ga Saku Taiyou Abite reminds musically a little bit of “Jama Shinaide Here We Go!” but it’s an oddball due to celebration circumstances, but it’s a decent song and easily could’ve been an A-side.



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Ciao Bella Cinquetti has disbanded well…I was late on this!


Yeah, I missed this piece of news until after the fact it already happened but after a little over 11 years, THE Possible / Ciao Bella Cinquetti has thrown in the towels and performed for the last time back on August 2nd.  It is rather sweet though that the last song they performed was “Young DAYS!!!” (their debut) and even more of a surprise bringing back Oose and Akiyama to bring back the original 6 together for one more hurrah!

Now, I’m a little surprised they didn’t get to release one more thing (the last was a measly digital single back in December of last year).  I think they could’ve simply released a best album, especially since they lasted longer than both their H!P sisters, Berryz Kobo and C-ute!  Still, as the last kind of breath from TNX (which also fell apart), but they left a nice mark!

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Haruna Iikubo to graduate from MM/H!P in the Fall!


Announced today, the other Haruna will be graduating during the Fall tour later on this year to move on and do more within the entertainment industry!

At the beginning to probably halfway through her tenure, Harunan was pegged as the worst from the group as she was lanky and her vocals were strange versus the remainder of the group who were to be fair further ahead (I feel like her model background was why she was chosen).  Though once 12th Gen was added, all of a sudden it felt like Harunan was getting suddenly better in both dancing & singing enough that she wasn’t sticking out like a sore thumb and the last two years, she’s just been on my radar.  Figured that she would announce her graduation considering she is 24 (the eldest of the group too).  Still, going to miss her a bit after…let’s hope like Duu, she gets prominence in her final single!

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