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For those who like H!P ^_^, plus a learning experience!

H!P Profile: Chinatsu Miyoshi

Chinatsu Miyoshi (name she goes by today, Tami Rumiko) is still kind of a person that’s hard to talk about because of how little she really contributed to the H!P legacy.  She was active in the company for roughly a year before dropping out and moving to South Korea where she changed her stage name and started doing small things there like songs for a Soundtrack and recently debuted as an actress.  Beyond there, there’s not much info on how she ended up in H!P or why she left…but yeah she has to be mentioned.

Style of Music: Chinatsu’s music was definitely 90’s pop music ala Morning Musume with “Ai no Tane”-kind of like feel.  I mean at the time of this release, it’s kind of blah and not in tune with the more exciting groups that were debuting around this time…she was relaxed but poppy.  To me, Michiyo = pop/rock, Yuko = enka/pop, and Chinatsu’s was just breezy pop music.



  • Unchain My Heart
  • Love, Yes I Do
  • Anata no Shirts to Love song

I think it’s the only PV she has, unless I’m missing something here.  Still, it’s just merely a preview and I’m not sure either if the full version is out there somewhere

Top Favorite Songs (6 songs only to her name under H!P)

  • Unchain My Heart
  • JOY! JOY! JOY! (B-side from “Anata no Shirts to Love song”)
  • Namonaki Generation (B-side from “Unchain My Heart”)

Other Things to Mention:

Well, in personal notations, besides a couple other people, I had no idea of this girl when I first listened to H!P music and her music is rather hard to come by.

Chinatsu is the first soloist with no album to her name

Overall: I’m rather VERY curious to know what happened and why she left H!P rather quietly after only three singles.  She had a pretty soothing voice and while the style of music sounds really dated nowadays, she kind of made a little spark in the H!P history book…but she’s surrounded by mystery!