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Enter the Tsubaki Facto….wait, didn’t I just do this?…and more KSS????

Yep! On today’s Hello! Station, advisor Saki Shimizu announced another group (a rival group to Kobushi Factory).  Interesting idea to make a rival group, but it does make it seem eerie since this was almost the case between Berryz Kobo & C-ute (does it means C-ute is almost finished?).  Anyways, let’s take a look at our new unit!


Ahhh their first group photo and they’re essentially like their sister group, just in dresses (except Kishimon).  So let’s dig deeper on the girls!

Riko Yamagishi


So the eldest in H!P, Rikoriko comes first.  I was happily surprised to see this because her rival, Minami Nomura became a member in Kobushi Factory so seeing this happened was pretty awesome on Captain’s part!  Now she’s a member that I liked for quite a while and her stint on the KSS show and Karen na Gasshoudan really made her stand out…I enjoyed this!

Yumeno Kishimoto


When it comes to Kishimon, I hadn’t noticed her as much as her generation-mates like Kaga, Kanazawa, and Wada…but she’s come quite a long ways and to the point where she got a nice solo in “Say! Hello!”.  I do fondly remember her as the tan one so she does stick out visually.  I’m curious to what she’ll bring.

Kisora Niinuma


Same can be said about our next girl, Niinuma.  When she first joined the KSS, her voice was really squeaky and almost similar to Momoko’s voice.  As time passed, she mellowed out and almost has the same timber as Minami Nomura.  While I was surprised she was chosen over some of her more powerful gen-mates (Danbara & Funaki), she was a popular choice.

Kiki Asakura


Unfortunately, the 2nd half of this new group are members I know very little about.  I do know that Kiki is one of the popular members of the KSS from this newest batch (well that came in at the end of 2014).  Sources do say she’s a strong performer, so I got some hope there.

Risa Ogata


Next up, Risa Ogata is from the now defunct, NGP label so she’s already had some training compared to Asakura & Tanimoto, but there really is nothing more I know…interesting to see how she’ll sound.

Ami Tanimoto


Oh hey!  She’s quite the looker…reminds me of what Akari Uemura joined the KSS!  Anyways, Ami came in with the NGP girls despite never being one…strange to me, but she looks like she’ll have a nice light voice…but since there’s nothing of performance videos…hard to tell!

So the KSS also got another boost of girls!…no pictures as of yet, but they (and Tsubaki Factory) will perform as the upcoming test recital

  • Kokoro Maeda
  • Mizuho Ono
  • Rion Nakano
  • Nanami Yanagawa
  • Mao Akiyama
  • Mizuki Kanatsu
  • Momona Kasahara
  • Honoka Okamoto

WOW, such quick news this week!

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Morning Musume PVs through the years!: Reina’s final bow & the Make-up less Diva!~

So as we’re getting closer to the current line-up we have quite a couple more PVs to tackle before then.  This post will be about the surge of Morning Musume all-around and the two big things that happen in this time period; 6th Generation’s Reina Tanaka graduates from the group and the lone 11th Generation addition of Sakura Oda!  So the 5 PVs we’ll talk about are: Wakuteka Take a chance, Help me!!, Brainstorming, Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai, and Reina’s solo PV, Rock no Teigi

Wakuteka Take a chance

The Song: Wakuteka Take a chance continues Momusu’s loooong trek through EDM with at this point a song that is nothing but techno bleeps and bloops and a bunch of auto-tune with Reina and Riho once again taking the spotlight.  Of course, it was also established that everyone else (except Sayumi) were going to be all backgirls which didn’t impress anyone sadly.  I personally liked the song back when it came out, but over time I’ve become less interested in it (plus there’s been other and better songs released).

What Genre is it?: Electronic, synths…you know what to expect.

The Premise: Nothing to note really…

The Setting: There’s nothing too much to say here either, well more than the premise haha.  Most of the PV is set in a black background, but there’s places where each members go like the dance shot (which is terribly basic), shots of them lying on a lit up box, solo shots of them behind light bars (Ami Suzuki and Perfume should say something), and slow-mo shots of their silhouettes with flame effects.  It does have a little more going on than “One Two Three”, but this is sadly basic otherwise.

The Outfits: Ditching their member colors for three neon colors (Green, Pink, and Orange), their outfits were just as uniform, but the colors are a little bizarre in a PV with mostly a black background.  Special mention to Sakura though, despite not being in this PV, she got her own special dance-shot where she donned a Red outfit…weird timing (and it’s on the Help me!! DVD.

The Choreography: Since the group has turned into a dance machine group, their choreography also took to importance and now we’ve got formation dances from the group.  It’s still a different way of taking the group, but it is rather eye catching, especially the parts where they make a line and rotate around (the chorus section).  I don’t get some of the verses choreo, but overall it’s pretty neat.

PV as a whole: What I remember most from this PV was how many goddamn versions this got mostly because during filming, Ayumi was out for an injury and decided to wait and send “incomplete” versions of the PV to stretch the time out before the official was released.  What we got though is kind of barren almost.  I felt like nothing from the members, but the lighting was interesting and each member looked glowing (especially Reina).  Still, it’s not up there in favorites sadly.

Help me!!

The Song: So the first thing this song is noted for is that it’s the debut of the lone 12th Generation, Sakura Oda and like Aika Mitsui’s debut, she got two giant lines within the song.  While I felt the leash on the Reina/Riho was loosened up a little, it was still mostly them.

What Genre is it?: Yeah…EDM

The Premise: None to be honest

The Setting: Despite that it’s entirely green-screened, they are standing in locations of real places in Japan.  Even the dance-shot too!

The Outfits: Something just doesn’t feel right when you throw something like pink tutus with a leopard-print top…it really clashes with everything in the PV (especially when everything else is in a blurred look, with some pink/blue hues to it).  Sadly it’s the only outfits and there’s little to differentiate the members with.  Can’t say I’m too big of a fan.

The Choreography: I will say, during this formation dance period, Help me!! is pretty impressive and it shows a lot of interesting and difficult moves (especially from Riho during Sakura’s solo, her reach is incredible!). Otherwise, it still is a pretty good dance track, although the chorus section is a bit meh.

PV as a whole: Sakura’s debut was pretty awesome if not slightly redundant after the previous singles.  I will say that the PV was pretty to look at because of the actual places (even if they are green-screened).  As for the song, it’s pretty standard and it has trouble during live performances (that ~eikou~ line is TERRIBLE).  Yet, I still find myself coming back to the studio version…hmmmm.


The Song: So we’re finally here on Reina’s final single.  Starting with the primary A-side, Brainstorming, I found it surprising that we had gotten the dance-shot with little notice beforehand and many people were shocked but also happy with this.  The tune itself is still carved from the same meat as “Wakuteka Take a chance” and “One Two Three” which is OK for now, but I would say of the three, this one had the most cohesion.

What Genre is it?: EDM, but there’s some slight rock touches to it.

The Premise: None to be had.

The Setting: Like “Wakuteka Take a chance”, the PV is mainly focused on the choreography, so it’s no surprise it’s on a stage with a black background.  Although it does have a V-shaped set of light bars (in the solo shots set in the member’s colors).  There is ONE point in the PV where it’s the group of girls standing in a white background, but there was literally no point in it and felt like a last minute thing since it doesn’t really correlate to the rest of the PV.

The Outfits: When I first saw these outfits, I immediately thought of “Shabondama’s” outfits because of the striking red and blue coloring.  Add some shiny stuff and belts and you have these outfits.  I liked them and it contrasted to the rest of the set.

The Choreography: Yeah, still pretty high-quality choreography, but I love how they centered in on Riho, Ayumi, Sakura, and Mizuki for a couple parts (and props to the Riho/Ayumi dance battle after the first chorus), that was pretty badass to include and it looked good too!

PV as a whole: Really much of the same we’ve been seeing since Sayumi started leading the group.  Focus on the dance, less on the PV set is what I’m starting to notice.  Brainstorming though was a great song though and the PV it got was nice!

Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai

The Song: The next track was the secondary A-side to Reina’s final single and I’m not sure why this needed to be one lol.  It’s a bit too robotic and while I do love how much Sakura is in this one it wasn’t enough to really make the song memorable for me, but I partially blame the PV it got too.

What Genre is it?: EDM still lol.

The Premise: None

The Setting: I feel like I’ve seen this kind of setting before (“One Two Three”) with the curtains, though the difference is the hue of the lights. Though, watching it closer, it feels like they just put drapes on the light bars from “Brainstorming” and called it a day.  Sad that it is the only thing for a set here.

The Outfits: I thought after the failure of using yellow in their PVs (thanks, “Pyocopyoco Ultra”), they bring yellow back in the form of flapper dresses.  They kind of clash with the set in the worst way and some of the girls have some weird accessories going on (could do without Duu’s hat >.>, Reina’s funky beret thing, and Sayu having her hair tied up like that).  It’s just awkward looking.

The Choreography: When it comes to the choreography from the song, Kimi Sae… is not bad, but after “Brainstorming”, this is kind of disappointing.  Some of it is based on marching and I do like the rotating formations during the pre-chorus, but it’s quite basic and easy (though Maa-chan did screw up once).

PV as a whole: Honestly, I felt like they just threw this together last second, because it reeked of laziness.  I mean the set is pretty drab, the outfits clashed with everything (and the flapper dresses on them all didn’t look right), the dance was lacking, and there were points where you can see off the set which was even more awkward.  I like the song occasionally, but I dislike the PV.

Rock no Teigi

The Song: Like how Ai-chan and Gaki got solo PVs when they graduated so as such Reina got her own and it was an original song unlike Gaki’s cover.  With a song like Rock no Teigi, I was expecting an edgy song, but it got half of it right.  It’s not bad, but I barely remember it XD.

What Genre is it?: A little rock, a lot EDM lol.

The Premise: None to be had.

The Setting: There’s actually two significant settings, but they’re in the same room.  For the first half, she’s in a classroom surrounded by desks with wire attached to them.  Then in the second half it’s chairs and disco balls surrounding her.  It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but I suppose it’s meant for something?

The Outfits: Reina has two outfits in the PV, the first used in the first half oddly reminds me of her outfit in “Wakuteka Take a chance” but has more going on visually with it.  The second is a little more goofy looking because of that sweater with the cut shoulders…just a bit odd (especially since I never thought Reina was into pink stuff).

The Choreography: None since she’s restricted in her set, plus she’s working the microphone.

PV as a whole: I was surprised that unlike Gaki and Ai’s PVs, Reina’s didn’t really look back on her time in H!P and was really all about her.  Though I wasn’t expecting too much out of this, I still can’t remember the PV well except the barbed wire and desks…that was cool.  Still, ehhhh.


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