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Petit Best 18


Track Listing

  1. Zenbu Owatta Kaerimichi / °C-ute
  2. Momochi! Zutto Otomomochi / Momoko Tsugunaga
  3. BRAND NEW MORNING / Morning Musume ’17
  4. Ai Sae Areba Nanni mo Iranai / ANGERME
  5. Jidanda Dance / Juice=Juice
  6. Peanut Butter Jelly Love / Country Girls
  7. Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa / Kobushi Factory
  8. Hatsukoi Sunrise / Tsubaki Factory
  9. Gobaku ~We Can’t Go Back~ / Reina Ichioka, Ruru Danbara, Ayano Kawamura, Kurumi Takase, Momohime Kiyono
  10. Real☆Little☆Girl / Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Hokkaido
  11. Furusato no Yume / Kamiishinaka Kana
  12. Yami ni Nukegake (Movie Version) / Kobushi Factory
  13. Pharaoh no Haka / Morning Musume ’17
  14. Yumemiru Television / ANGERME
  15. Miss Henkan!! / Haruka Kudo & Masaki Sato
  16. Inoue no Uta / Rei Inoue & Hikaru Inoue
  17. Obaka Neko to Obaka Neko Baka no Uta / Haruna Iikubo & Tomoko Kanazawa
  18. Minmin Rock’n’Roll! / Musubu Funaki & Reina Yokoyama

1. Zenbu Owatta Kaerimichi

While I’m not surprised that once again °C-ute opens the album up, but I’m more surprised of the song they chose to open this compilation with because it was one of three new songs that was found on their “°COMPLETE SINGLE COLLECTION” best album prior to their disbandment.  That said, unlike Berryz’ final track, this also wasn’t promoted much so I thought they would’ve pulled “Final Squall” or even “To Tomorrow” (the latter being on the Blu-ray, ironically).  The song itself I’m kind of torn about.  I love the intro with the swerving synths and subsequent areas of the song.  Though right after, the song goes into this hokey, cutesy track that might’ve worked for the quintet back during their first three albums, not this far in their careers and their vocals seem a bit too mature (especially Maimi).  Actually, just from the chords, it gives me this odd feeling of 2008/09 when H!P was doing their run with anime themes like some Guardians 4 stuff.  It’s OK, but definitely wasn’t expecting °C-ute’s pick to be this one.

2. Momochi! Zutto Otomomochi

The other song I was quite surprised, but not really to see was Momoko’s solo song that was found on her solo final album best?  It’s odd, but yeah this was technically the only new song from her (disregarding the Country Girls disc).  The song is a bit slower and luckily not a super genki track that Momochi has definitely done in the past >.>.  This song is kind of nice taking for a lighter acoustic pop/rock style and while I never thought Momoko was an amazing singer, she held her own here.  Unlike °C-ute’s track, this definitely feels like a sentimental goodbye track.  Not bad!


The rest of the album were easy guesses for me to be included here (H!P hasn’t released a WHOLE ton of things this year).  Anyways as per normal we’re continuing on this leg of the album of songs released by groups tenure with Momusu’s pick.  Really though it wasn’t much a shock to me.  BRAND NEW MORNING marks as the debut for the newly hatched 13th Generation members; Kaede Kaga and Reina Yokoyama, but at the same time it was released when Maachan was on hiatus due to physical injuries.  The tune is a lot more aggressive than the previous two tracks and I wholly welcome it.  The whole marching feel is strong and all the members seem to give off this very in-your-face performance as well, especially for both newcomers!  Really awesome song and definitely made it known that this was a ~brand new Momusu~ here!

4. Ai Sae Areba Nanni mo Iranai

Next up is ANGERME’s selection and it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago it released (June actually).  Though in my mind, it just doesn’t feel old to me, but in reality it kind of is.  After I reviewed the single initially, I still feel like the song belongs back in 2011/12 due to the mish-mash of ideas and shifts in composition from a darker EDM sound to a waltz and to a general pop feel in the chorus.  I do like that the elder members (Ayacho, Rinapuu, Kanana, and Takechan takes the center vocals here), and the remainder were sitting back a bit (plus Maho was on hiatus due anxiety).  I’ve gotten used to the herky-jerky arrangement and such so the tune has grown, still not their best, but it’s decent enough for them.

5. Jidanda Dance

Juice=Juice comes next and it’s literally their only physical single they released this year.  Jidanda Dance is quite something as it’s crazy upbeat and silly to listen to.  Little bit surprised that “Fiesta! Fiesta!” wasn’t included but Jidanda Dance is a fine choice considering it’s the last song to include the 5 of them before new members joined.  I really like the bright atmosphere of the song and I love the chorus here, but like a couple of other tracks, wasn’t expecting an Ondo-styled breakdown.  Other than that, this was exciting and was impressed at everyone’s vocals!  It’s a song that really leaves itself as an earworm of a song and Juice=Juice hasn’t had a song like this in a long while!

6. Peanut Butter Jelly Love

Of the 2 A-sides they could’ve chosen, I think this one was the more popular one between this and “Good Boy Bad Girl”.  It does strike a similar sound to other songs in their discography, but it’s pleasant enough.  I also love Momoko’s introduction as her higher register has this cooing feeling before the tune turns into something like “Wakatte Iru no ni Gomen ne”.  There was a whole lot of Momoko, but it seems there was some showing of Yamakki, Chiichan, and Ozeko here so that was nice to see and even Yanamin and Funakki.  It’s a lighthearted and breezy track, sucks that it might be the last Country Girls PV (and physical single) for quite a while…

7. Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa

Just like Country Girls, it seems Kobushi Factory was only able to squeeze out on single this year (too busy with JK Ninja Girls and the fact they lost both Riorio and Renako).  At least they managed one more single with the original 8 members with Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa (which wasn’t involved with the stageplay/movie).  The song continued to show the group as a pop/rock sound but this time has a ska-like feel to it.  Not quite sure why, but the song gives me a goodbye vibe, but the positive lyrics reinforce its place to show perseverance.  It seems that the only solos here though were for Hamachan, Ayapan, Reirei, and Minamina.  Yeah, neither Rena or Rio got spotlight (then again one got fired and the other left for “anxiety”)…what a bad year for Kobushi to have…

8. Hatsukoi Sunrise

On the other hand, Tsubaki made big strides in 2017 starting with 3 new members; Mizuho Ono, Mao Akiyama, and Saori Onoda and the fact they had their major debut this year!  Of course bring in the leading A-side of said major debut here!  Hatsukoi Sunrise is probably one of the best songs from H!P this year hands down!  It’s powerful, energetic, lots of great moments to be had as well.  It feels like after “Hitorijime” the original 6-nin got a lot better vocally and could stand tall (maybe not so much Riko and Ami) but adding the new members gave a stronger foundation to build on.  Great song and a good way to kick things off in the year!

9. Gobaku ~We Can’t Go Back~

I have to say of all the tracks that were shown off during the Summer tours, Gobaku was the one I was expecting of them to make its way here because it featured the newly debuted girls (Reina Ichioka, Ruru Danbara, Ayano Kawamura, Kurumi Takase, and Momohime Kiyono) well I say mostly because Ichioka is a leader of a currently unknown group of girls and Takase and Kiyono are kind of just floating around, doing stageplays at the moment.  The song itself is funky and screams cool.  Of the 5 girls though, I think Kawamura is the weakest as her voice is a bit squeaky where as everyone else got a lower timbre.  Definitely a grouping I didn’t see coming, but I appreciated this a whole lot!  Awesome song!

10. Real☆Little☆Girl

So the Hokkaido branch of KSS was technically the first to release in 2017 and that surprising to see them release a physical single apart from the actual Kenshuusei.  I thought the song was bright and fun to listen to and in some ways made me think of Country Girls’ more rockabilly stuff.  It was also awesome to hear the 7 of them manage solos throughout the track as well!  It’s pretty youthful and the song has quite an earworm tone about from those ~utae, utae, utae~ and similar lines.  Fun little ditty overall!

11. Furusato no Yume

Did everyone forget that there was a SATOYAMA release this year?  Yeah, I have to raise my hand too because this went under the radar for the most part during the year (it was performed at HinaFest, but Nakky left the group shortly after because C-ute disbanded and whatnot).  A group formed of Moe, Ayumi, Tomoko, and Saki, I wasn’t quite sure how it’d turn out between two decent singers (Moe, Kanatomo) and the lesser sounding singers (Nakky, Ayumi).  Though in the end, it didn’t really matter because the song was just a snoozefest all-around.  The arrangement is pretty standard piano/strings with light synths and percussion.  Yeah this was just not all that memorable to me.

12. Yami ni Nukegake (Movie Version)

Moving onto stageplay songs it seems we start off with Kobushi and their JK Ninja Girls song although I think it’s just an insert song though (considering it was a B-side on their actual single).  Now concerning the movie version, it’s a bit shorter than the one from “Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa / Eejanaika Ninjanaika”.  Mostly due to a different ending.  With Yami ni Nukegake being promoted quite a bit (especially on tours), I can see why Kobushi likes performing it a lot because it’s loud and features their growling.  I just liked how everything sounded for them and a much more preferred song than the one found earlier on this compilation from them.

13. Pharaoh no Haka

Moving to Momusu’s stageplay of the same name, I actually hadn’t listened to the OST quite yet and I was intrigued they were going to tackle Egyptian-like songs and Pharaoh no Haka doesn’t disappoint in that respect.  Actually the tune sounds just as grandiose as their last stageplay song, “Higashi no Chihei, Nishi no Towa”.  However it’s only a little over 2 minutes so the epic growth doesn’t quite reach, but it’s a nice concept and the theme song makes me curious to what the rest of the OST is like.

14. Yumemiru Television

Of the 3 stageplay songs, I kind of wasn’t expecting ANGERME’s song to pop up, simply because of all the songs on the compilation, this one came out last (October) and that said was also the first time hearing their new members (Funaki & Kawamura) being a part of the group.  The song itself sounds kind of cheap sounding (those CASIO synths really seem to make that a thing).  I do like that it’s a fuller song than “Pharaoh no Haka”, but it’s kind of lame-ish to me.

15. Miss Henkan!!

The remaining 4 songs on the compilation were released during the summer months as digital singles and all are duets with various H!P members.  The first to be released was between Maachan & Duu for this quirky ditty so to speak.  With a slight rockabilly vibe, the tune is more or less a joke tune as most of the time the song is Duu saying one thing and Maachan kind of warping it around.  I wasn’t too interested in the song because of its shtick, but it’s nice to see the two having fun with this one.

16. Inoue no Uta

Next up is the duet between Kobushi’s Reirei and KSS leader Hikarun as they have the same last name as one another, Inoue no Uta!  At first I was surprised of the two performing together, but it’s a pretty cool song and my favorite of the 4 because it’s pop/rock and gives nods to various 80s classic rock songs!  A little bummed it’s only a little over 2 minutes in length, but it’s catchy and fun (plus as a huge bias towards Hikarun, it’s great to see her get this kind of promotional material).

17. Obaka Neko to Obaka Neko Baka no Uta

Following that rockin’ experience we tone it down immensely with a song about cats, a duet from Harunan & Kanatomo this time.  Unlike the other 3 digital tracks, this is an actual full track (almost 5 minutes) and I was left confused and slightly bitter.  The song itself is a very café friendly tune with simple instruments led by acoustic guitar.  I will say, Haruna sounds pleasant here and Tomoko as well, but together…it’s not quite graceful but it’s enough.  Still a song about cats…how random!

18. Minmin Rock’n’Roll!

The final track on the compilation is a track between Funakki & Yokoyan and I also kind of dug the surfer rock vibes I get from this.  Once again, I was happy to hear Musubu showing off her vocal chops here and she sounds great all-around and we get a better grip with how Reina sounds and she’s got an interesting, husky voice.  On top of that, throw in the “cicada” voices and you get this goofy and silly song and yet it’s just cute to listen to.

Tracks Recommended

  • Hatsukoi Sunrise
  • Gobaku ~We Can’t Go Back~
  • Inoue no Uta
  • Minmin Rock’n’Roll!

What a crazy year 2017 has been huh.  Just going from the compilation this year, there was a lot of variety in the songs we got despite not having too many releases ironically.  I would say this has a lot of the -do listen- songs and there were some surprises (C-ute, Momoko and the digital singles).  Not bad, could’ve been tweaked better, but this was a decent year it feels like.

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Strike 3! Kobushi Factory….


So it seems Kobushi just can’t win this year huh.  With Rio and Rena gone it seems lightning has struck a third time with Natsumi Taguchi being dismissed from her contract and therefore is not in Kobushi and moreso H!P anymore…It seems that she had some scandalous pictures leak on top of some problems within her family which led to the decision.

Though on my end, Taguchan wasn’t a front girl and her big spot was in “Sakura Night Fever”, but she’s been in H!P for a long time if you include her Kenshuusei days.  I liked her a little bit back then, then there was that short hiatus she took away back then and I was a bit surprised she’d come back and join Kobushi…It’s just strange that she’s leaving now I guess (stranger enough that the 3 members left on the 6th of a different month.

Not a big loss IMO, but a loss indeed…Kobushi slow your rolls!

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Morning Musume PVs Through the Years!: Well…this is a bit messy for a 20th Anniversary?

Welcome back to another chapter of Momusu PVs! Wooooo!  Anyways this has been due for quite a while so it’s great to come back and do another one of these posts!  This post covers a lot of different changes in Momusu from a single without Riho/Zukki and the introduction to Kaedii & Yokoyan to the simulataneous and random addition of Country Girls’ Chiichan and the graduation of Duu (with a little lack of Maachan as well, due to injury).  So we’ll take a look at Sexy Cat no Enzetsu, Mukidashi de Mukiatte, Sou Janai, Morning Misoshiru, BRAND NEW MORNING, Jealousy Jealousy, Jama Shinaide Here We Go!, Dokyuu no Go Sign, and Wakaindashi!.

Sexy Cat no Enzetsu

The Song: The track itself doesn’t really have to much to offer in the information department.  Though it is known that Fukuchan, Duu, and Sakura are the song leads here and they are represented as cats!

What Genre is it?: It’s pretty playful sounding, a little dance, a lot of saxophones and just as much mischievous attitudes around!

The Premise: From what I can gather, the group is kind of in this state of matureness and only sticking to the thing they’re doing and the three main singers are off to make the girls have more fun.  Of course towards the end, they succeed and the group is having fun and just bouncing of the walls!

The Setting: There’s three main sets and one minor?  The main set is where a lot of the premise is taking place which is in a big room with various chairs, books, lighting, and whatever else is involved.  The second and third are for dance shots, one looks like it’s inside some abandoned warehouse (kind of looks like the same place they shot ANGERME’s “Nana Korobi Ya Oki”.  The other is in a studio with random light bars and mirrors and the minor set is the alleyway shot for Mizuki, Haruka, and Sakura.

The Outfits: The group besides the main singers wore black dresses to kind of give off a slight goth feel to the already darker toned look of the PV.  However, it doesn’t become clear until Fukuchan, Duu, and Odasaku enter in with cat ears and faux fur to kind of set themselves apart from the rest of the group…not bad, but I’m sure the furry community enjoyed the tails in the PV

The Choreography: Just like the outfits, the choreo was also split between leads and the rest of the group.  The group did a lot of dancing in line with each other and there was a lot of chest pumping and some simpler dancing whereas the 3 leads had cat-like dance moves since they were the focus of the PV.

PV as a Whole: Altogether, I thought this was a pretty awesome PV/song…very mischievous and playful and I was happy that Duu was once again getting some lead time here and she added a lot of spice to the song.  While the remaining members didn’t get quite the time to shine, their presence in the PV was well worth it!

Mukidashi de Mukiatte

The Song: As it was the last to be shown off of the three A-sides, Mukidashi de Mukiatte surprised many with all the members getting some kind spotlight and the sound that it brought in comparison of its sister A-sides.

What Genre is it?: It’s definitely a EDM track from the group!

The Premise: None

The Setting: Well, most of the track is the dance shot which is a white (or black) room with these angular artistic towers…that’s pretty much it when it comes to that besides the bridge where it was just all black.

The Outfits: A leopard-like top and skirt which is pink with black spots and a grey jacket on top of them…seems like a bizarre walk down the same lane that “Help me!!” took long ago.  Though I feel like it’s more striking because of how barebones the set actually is so it kind of sticks out…not sure in a positive or a negative way…it’s just there.

The Choreography: What stood out to me the most besides the editing was the choreography which was pretty exciting and striking when the PV showed.  I pretty much loved the whole chorus especially the jacket thrusting and the splitting of the girls…it was pretty awesome, though there was a surprising lack of Duu (she had injured herself, so she ended up missing both the dance-shot for this and “Sou Janai”).

PV as a Whole: While it doesn’t take much to notice that this had barely any money behind it in comparison to both “Sexy Cat no Enzetsu” & “Sou Janai”, it still was the best song off the single with it’s pulsating beat and crazy hooks.  I also have to say the editing of the PV was also really good with the transitions, negative coloring, and even the bridge where face paint and black light were used…that was neat!

Sou Janai


The Song: What’s noteworthy about Sou Janai is the fact that finally one of the 12 Gen members is a lead and that’s Maria this time around!  While she might not be the best singer, she did managed to do well for this one.

What Genre is it?: Not quite as hard hitting as “Mukidashi de Mukiatte” but it’s more along the lines of ANGERME’s EDM-ish songs.

The Premise: This is one of those “I know there has to be one, but it’s flew over my head” situations.  Since it has an extended intro/outro, there might’ve been something with Maria walking in and the rest of the group teleporting in bubbles and the glass breaking to the end of all of them walking away after spending most of the PV standing like robots.  Like I said, there’s probably some guesses but nothing concrete.

The Setting: I can say that there’s two places where the sets are.  The first is the building hall where most of the close-ups, solo dance shots (well, somewhere) and smidge of the premise takes place.  Then there’s the actual dance shot which takes place I assume elsewhere in the building, but it’s easily recognized because of the red wall behind the group.  I guess you can also say a SMALL part takes place in black space (the constellation shots).  Not bad, a little weird with the red wall when otherwise the PV has a blue hue to it.

The Outfits: White dresses, but they look a little more modern.  I suppose it passed, but I can’t help that it feels like a cheap move here.

The Choreography: I will say that I do enjoy the dance when the girls were alone rather than when they’re’s probably me though.  Kind of surprised they did it in two lines, but I feel like the other two A-sides had better choreo in the long run.

PV s a Whole: As most of the budget went into this one (those bubbles aren’t going to pay themselves)  Sou Janai felt both sophisticated and yet also cheap at the same time.  I feel like it should’ve got a different PV than what it actually got.  It was interesting to see Maria get the spotlight here and she didn’t do too bad with it…but the PV is an odd one for me.

Morning Misoshiru

The Song: Morning Misoshiru was the product of the group actually promoting Miso soup for the coming winter so they had a surprise and it was a song!  Though it basically is just “Morning Coffee” swapped one word out in its choruses.  This does come first because A. The PV was out first, B. This was before Maachan went on hiatus, and C.  Well, while it’s not an A-side, it does become a B-side for the next two tracks I’ll be talking about.  This was also the first PV to include newest members Kaede Kaga & Reina Yokoyama.

What Genre is it?: Poppy, but less organic sounding than “Morning Coffee”.

The Premise: The girls camping and the new members join in the fun, simple and not difficult to explain!

The Setting:  Inside and outside the tent…kind of a basic setting, and around a fire pit there’s always that xD.  But let’s be honest, I’m just happy they’re outside and not in a studio xD

The Outfits: Casual pretty much, although from what it looks like, it’s more like Autumn clothing with hats and sweaters.

The Choreography: There are bits and pieces of some of the choreo in the PV, but it’s kind of half-assed because the girls are kind of celebratory towards the occasion and so there’s a lot more other things happening beyond choreo (wasn’t even expecting though.

PV as a Whole: I’ve never really cared for Morning Misoshiru because it was just a quick money grab from the Miso soup products being sold.  The arrangement too felt less special than the original.  What I will say is that it’s a cute PV, not a good one to introduce Kaede and Reina (as they had no lines).  Cute but not very memorable.


The Song: As the leading A-side for their next single, BRAND NEW MORNING to me marked the actual debut for both Kaede and Reina as they had lines this time and a stronger appearance than in “Morning Misoshiru”.  However, on the flipside of the coin, Maachan was absent for this and “Jealousy Jealousy” due to a back injury she sustained at the end on 2016.

What Genre is it?: EDM as per usual, but it sounds a bit march-like and smidge ethnic in places.

The Premise: None here

The Setting: Not quite sure of the setting, it seems like a bit of a red, golden version of some past A-sides but with curtains and pillars with many spotlights filtering around the set.  Kind of simple in the long run.

The Outfits: As the PV brought in only one outfit for the PV, they all match well.  Definitely reminding me of the “Ai no Gundan” outfits, but without the berets.  It’s a red/black outfit with some gold additions across different parts.

The Choreography: I have to say, the thing that stood out in the PV was the choreo one again tapping back into their formation dances and I’m not complaining as they were pretty sharp and newcomers Kaede and Reina had some pretty big parts to their own.  Add on some flag-twirling sessions and you got a pretty energetic set-up.

PV as a Whole: Honestly, while I do love the song itself, but the PV felt very safe for the group giving us the formulaic dance-shot, close-up session that we’ve been getting for quite a while now.  Still, it’s decent and Kaede and Reina already look like they fit in smoothly!

Jealousy Jealousy

The Song: Nothing to really comment about how special it is, I guess it’s nice they brought back some rapping sections and hearing Miki take more of a leading role is quite nice too.

What Genre is it?: Slightly reminds me of Platinum era with strings involved and a steady beat alongside more of the recent sound that Momusu was taking with horns and the funky sound!

The Premise: Nothing really, but I do find the girls walking from the white side to the black side in vice versa interesting.

The Setting: The PV’s main set is probably the black and white split screen-esque set which is where a lot of the premise (maybe?) is found.  The dance shot is more of a checkerboard-like stage which looks cool to watch, but once the raps start the changes slightly to add more color.  Then there’s the mannequin scenes where the girls are rotating in front of red curtains.

The Outfits: The group dons two outfits for the PV, One is the main one of choice and it’s a white dress which is seriously boring nowadays since everyone in H!P has to don a white outfit in at least one of the PVs.  The other though is a bit more interesting but not shown off enough.  They’re casual hip-hoppish clothes and adds color to the monochromatic PV.

The Choreography: I actually don’t remember too much from the choreo side of things except whenever Kaede and Reina get the leading move in the chorus, but otherwise, I suppose it was rather standard for them.

PV as a Whole: Don’t know why, but this one didn’t really stick out to me like “BRAND NEW MORNING” did.  I mean it was great to see rapping and Miki in the front, but the song itself felt more like something left for an album or something like that.

Jama Shinaide Here We Go!

The Song: Moving on, we get into the last single to feature Haruka and the debut for Chisaki Morito who was added to the group after her other group, Country Girls went on a weird hiatus.  This song in particular doesn’t have special notes to say about it

What Genre is it?: Lighter EDM, but still kind of got a strong beat behind it.

The Premise: While it doesn’t fully show until the end, but it’s like the girls are breaking through a mirror

The Setting: A lot of the PV is set through its dance-shot which is pretty bare-bones here going for a black set with 6 lights shining behind the group which is lead into the other shots which is mostly in front of a mirror (or a window).

The Outfits: It seems that the group has 2 outfits for this one.  The main one is the black dress with a white (prismatic top).  It’s nice there’s somewhat of an effort with the outfits here as their classy and kind of cool.  I do like the kind of beige fabric added to the dresses too.  The other outfits are a bit relaxing and somewhat casual outfits as the girls have their own look.  I do like Harunan is wearing a hat though…funny she’s the lone one here.

The Choreography:  The dance itself is a lot more flowing and a bit more emotional set than other PVs in recent times.  It’s like a mix of “Ima Sugu Tobikomu Yuuki” and “ENDLESS SKY” with the wavy arms and just overall smooth moves from all the girls.  Though there’s nothing that totally pulls me into the dance like older songs did.

PV as a Whole: Jama Shinaide Here We Go! of the 3 A-sides off this single is the one that doesn’t quite reach the mark for me.  Maybe it’s just the overall awkwardness of everything that caused me to kind of forget about it.  It’s dark and mysterious, but there’s not a whole lot of depth to it…I think maybe the effort went to the other songs…

Dokyuu no Go Sign

The Song: The next track up is a another pretty straightforward song and it brings back the split into vocal/dance units which means that Erina, Haruka, Ayumi, Reina, Kaede, and Chisaki are not present in this track vocally, but are the main dancers for the PV.  That should be said that the remainder are the leads of the track.  Boy they have lines for days and I appreciate that.

What Genre is it?: Very energetic pop/rock like a ska-less “Koko ni Iruzee!” or plenty of Buono! songs!

The Premise: None here…

The Setting: White room and green screen.  Actually the white room reminds me of a couple older H!P PVs (namely Manoeri’s “Onegai Dakara…” and Juice=Juice’s “Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne”).  The green screen tries to pop more color in there and there are paint effects (which seems to remind me ironically of Juice=Juice’s “Jidanda Dance”) but it’s a boring af set.  Doesn’t help that “Jama Shinaide” has the same problem…  The only time it gets close to being decent is the bridge when the song shifts into its classical motif.  The room gets a blue hue and the dancers are a LOT more visible but I talk more below…

The Outfits: I swear, white on white background never works and it seems that once again its become a problem!  The vocal group are wearing white jackets but they have blue with red spot dresses on to make them stand out whereas the dance unit is wearing white pants and there’s barely any color coming from their undershirts.  It’s pretty glaring that the director was messing up this part.  They also have once again different casual clothes, but since the camerawork is so frantic, we barely get to focus on them.

The Choreography: So with the split, the teams are what like they feel like back in “Oh my wish!”.  The vocals still have their own dance choreo and it’s there, but it’s not quite as upfront as the actual group that dances and they’re dance looks pretty hardcore with gymnastics and crazy moves.  However, due to the white on white situation, their moves are hard to focus on and keep on fading into the background.

PV as a Whole: The song itself is fine, one of the better non-EDM songs that Momusu has done which is a breath of fresh air for them.  Little bummed about the group split, but I regardless enjoyed the song.  The PV though, I think could’ve been handled MUCH better.  The whole white-on-white was distracting enough and trying to focus on the choreo was hard enough with how many camera-cuts this has.  Yeah, PV was a mess, for a good song…


The Song: The last PV on this post, is of course the one that sends Duu off following her graduation and she’s all over the song with lines and face-time.  Though interestingly enough that Akane, Reina, and Maria are the only other girls to get solos (because they’re the youngest members).

What Genre is it?: Seems like this song took more of a tropical house sound, but breezy pop too.

The Premise: I don’t think there is one, it’s just Duu on a bus with Momusu (or herself) and she’s traveling around.  That is until the Complete Edit was released where it does have a bit more emphasis on a premise.  It basically begins with the group getting on a bus at night and then Duu falls asleep and the song plays and at the end of the song she wakes up to get off the bus while the remaining members drive on.

The Setting: So a lot of the MV is set outside from in a bus to a part of a city.  Though they’re also on a set for the dance shot (which isn’t there as much as the other) and once again…another white room (which might’ve been the same as “Dokyuu no Go Sign”).  You can tell I really like they’re outside moreso than the studio.

The Outfits: Unlike in the previous MV, it seems that the casual clothing is seen moreso than the uniformed set.  To be quite honest though, the dance-shot outfits are boring af being once again white dresses (seriously UFP…quit using them so damn much!!).  Going back, the casual outfits look nice and we get better looks at it and it’s not quite as flashy as the ones in “Dokyuu no Go Sign”.

The Choreography: From the small amount that we did get from the PV, I like the fact that at some points they form a “Do” as that’s roughly (Duu).  Though beyond that, a lot of the dance centers around Haruka but that’s an obvious conclusion.

PV as a Whole: Wakaindashi! was made for one thing and that was to send Duu off and it did a pretty good job, I do find that most of the budget was placed here since they actually went outside for the PV which hasn’t happened for a while!  Best of the single that’s for sure!

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And now the Hokkaido goddess has returned!


After the announcement yesterday of Renako’s leaving, I wasn’t expecting another announcement a day after, however this one is REALLY good and a happy one at that.  It was announced today that Manaka Inaba (former Country Girls) is returning to the company after having to graduate due to Asthmatic issues.

Her first duty announced is that she’ll return on the 18th on top of being the new leader of the Hokkaido branch of the Kenshuusei

Honestly, it’s great to see her again and I wonder if she’ll join a new group on top of it, or just play it safe for now with the HPKH girls or maybe the 8 of them will become a group?  I don’t know but I’m excited!!!

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Another Fist Hits the Dust….


Boy, H!P is just having a crazy year and in some ways, not that good!  Shortly after Fujii’s firing, we had learned that Renako had gone on hiatus due to having anxiety issues (the same stuff that ANGERME’s Maho Aikawa has been dealing with).  Though it seems netizens had found that she was also caught with a boy…but it doesn’t seem like it really affected the situation any.  Until today where it was announced she was graduating from the group & company.

While I do feel like in Kobushi, Rena was the weakest singer, she brought charisma and a very pretty look to the group so I’m a little sad she’s leaving without a farewell single, but there’s nothing you can’t really do.

I’m wondering since we’re down two members in Kobushi if it means we’ll get new members to fill in the space from this audition!

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Half Year Roundup! 2017 Edition!

So it’s the beginnings of July and right before the Summer tour begins, so I wanna go back and recap the year so far!

Morning Musume ’17

This year has been hectic for every group it seems.  Kicking this post off is out main group and the began on a low note with Maachan being sat out due to a back injury, but we also had the debut for Kaede Kaga & Reina Yokoyama with the single “BRAND NEW MORNING / Jealousy Jealousy”.  After that, Masaki rejoined the ranks and another surprise came in the form of Country Girls’ Chisaki Morito joining the group (made a post about that bombshell).


As the group that was going to disband in 2017, the made a final rush with one last single in “To Tomorrow / Final Squall / The Curtain Rises” before releasing a final best album “°COMPLETE SINGLE COLLECTION” and in June the group bid farewell.


Just like Momusu, ANGERME begun the year with the announcement that Maho Aikawa would be on hiatus due to anxiety issues and had to move on with just the 8 members.  They did release a single, “Ai Sae Areba Nanni mo Iranai / Namida Iro no Ketsui / Majokko Megu-chan”.  Though that quickly changed due to the whole Country Girls change AND Kenshuusei debut which ended up with CG’s Musubu Funaki & KSS member Ayano Kawamura joining the group.


As the group that had the least members (after C-ute graduated), Juice=Juice released a single in “Jidanda Dance / Feel! Kanjiru yo” and two digital single for “Goal ~Ashita wa Acchi da yo~” & “Jouro” before they got pulled in the H!P shift by adding CG’s Nanami Yanagawa & KSS member Ruru Danbara.

Country Girls

After the announcement of Momochi graduating from the group, Country Girls began their 2017 with the release of their single “Good Boy Bad Girl / Peanut Butter Jelly Love” as her final single with the group.  Momoko would go on to release a 15th anniversary album “Tsugunaga Momoko Idol 15 Shuunen Kinen Album ♡Arigatou Otomomochi♡” which was released right before she graduated, but that’s not all…Due to Momochi graduating, Risa & Mai decided to focus on school but somehow still be a part of H!P and because of that the remainder of the group (Chisaki, Musubu, and Nanami) were sent to other groups and Country Girls will only be active when the two get holidays and breaks (plus releases in digital form).  So unfortunately, the group is going to be on hiatus after the Summer tour.

Kobushi Factory

Kobushi were continuing to promote their first album as the year began so it took a while before the group actually released their first single (well it’s the 2nd release because the actual first was an OST for their “JK Ninja Girls” stageplay).  The single which was tied to the movie version of JK Ninja Girls was released in June, “Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa / Eejanaika Ninjanaika”, but before release we would get news that it would be Rio Fujii’s last single with the group as she would graduate at the end of the Summer tour…HOWEVER…she was fired before the tour started so Kobushi only has 7 members now….

Tsubaki Factory

Tsubaki was the first group to release a single this year which was also the debut for Mao, Mizuho, and Saori with “Hatsukoi Sunrise / Just Try! / Uruwashi no Camellia”.  After that they went a bit quiet and now are the first group to announce a new single for the 2nd half of the year titled “Shuukatsu Sensation / Waratte / Hana Moyou”.

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei / Kenshuusei Hokkaido

The trainees were quite busy this year.  Added about 8 new members to the collective before their Shindan Test.  Before that though the Hokkaido girls managed to release a single for “Real☆Little☆Girl / Kanojo ni Naritai!!!”

At the test, they announce that Kawamura, Ichioka, and Danbara would debut and Takase & Kiyono were going to start a new branch in the Kenshuusei that focused on acting.

From there, we get their two unreleased songs finally on digital stores, “Hello! Massara no Jibun” & “Isshakudama de Buttobase!” and the announcement of where the 3 girls would debut to (Danbara to Juice=Juice, Kawamura to ANGERME, and Ichioka is going to be a leader to a new unit!


Well, there’s still a couple songs that need to be released and it feels like right now it’s through UPCOMING! which means a couple more weeks of random, but awesome releases.

Besides Tsubaki’s upcoming single, nothing else, but it feels about the right time for Momusu to announce a single.

Maybe we’ll get some insight to Reina’s new group?



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…Or Fujii just ends up being fired…


Really?  What a total surprise (albeit late for me to respond to).  What I’m talking about is about the recent news that UFP has dropped Fujii and released her from her contract a couple months before she was going to graduate.

Not much is known on what the reason is for the firing, but it’s slightly pointing towards something that was agitating the company to the point where they discussed things with her parents and came to the conclusion that she had to be let go (a thing that hasn’t happened since Aibon’s scandals).

I mean, personally if she wasn’t into it anymore, I couldn’t blame her for not trying anymore and the need to just get out, but when you have a date for graduation, wouldn’t you think you’d want that last glory moment before returning to reality?  I don’t know the specifics, but Riorio did what she had to do and for that I’m respectful, just wish she went out with a different kind of bang…

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Oh H!P, shuffling your members!

So, today we got a special episode of Hello! Station today and we FINALLY got the news of what H!P is planning to do with the Kenshuusei chosen to debut (sans Takase & Kiyono), on top of the more recent happenings with Country Girls going into semi-hiatus and Morito, Funaki, and Yanagawa kind of placed in limbo.  So let’s see what happened!

Danbara & Yanagawa join Juice=Juice


So the first announcement was made about Juice=Juice and we know that of the current Hello! Project, the group has had the longest running without losing/gaining members.  Though that was blown apart with today’s news.  Personally speaking, I feel like Danbara could’ve been utilized in a group that needed more vocal prowess (Momusu comes to mind). I will say she looks like she’ll fit in just fine and while Yanamin is kind of the same loopy mind that Yukanyan has, I think she’ll fit in perfectly…but vocally it’s up in the air considering most of Juice=Juice is powerhouse singers (maybe not so much Aarii & Yukanyan) but even with Danbara joining it might be a little struggle.

Morito joins Morning Musume ’17


Next was the decision made about Chiichan and she was chosen to be the lone 14th Gen member.  Considering Chiichan was the popular one in Country Girls having her start at rock bottom might be a bit of a struggle.  The announcement was also a bit odd since Fukuchan was kind of low energy as was most of the group when they got the reveal.  I’m curious to see where she’ll be in line distribution, but it’ll be interesting.

Ichioka to become leader of a new unit!


Probably the news that surprised and intrigued me the most, Reina was the only KSS that wanted to form a new unit apparently and she’s got her wish.  Granted, she’s the only known member so there might be Kenshuusei joining (or a short audition) to fill the ranks out.  I hope we don’t have to wait too long because I’m excited for a new group after the Factories.

Funaki & Kawamura join ANGERME


Last, but not least we had the two remaining members and it’s a doozy that both of these girls join my favorite group at the moment.  Having a vocal powerhouse like Funakki is just a decision made in heaven and she can join in singing and standing out rather easily.  As for Kawamuu, she’s a little bit of a wild card but her Shindan Test performance was pretty good so I approve of this a lot!!!



Honestly, I’m not upset by the decisions and am quite curious about how these girls will fit in.  On top of finding out more about Icchan’s group…that I’m really excited about!!

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The Country Curse continues! x.x;


We all know that Momoko is graduating at the end of June, but we weren’t totally sure with the continuation of Country Girls beyond the fact that there will be a disc on Momoko’s graduation album with unreleased CG songs…sadly (or not?) we got some news about what the group will do after Tsugunaga graduated and boy it’s a doozy…

  • It seems that Risa & Mai will focus on school for the time being and will be on somewhat of a hiatus and will only really be active when there’s breaks and holidays.
  • That said, the remaining 3, Chisaki, Nanami, and Musubu will be put into other existing H!P groups.
  • At the end of the announcement it was said that future Country Girls releases will probably be digital releases.

Personally, this seems a little bit strange especially for the timing it brings coming 2 months before the H!P Summer Tour kicks off.  I mean it’s great that Yamakki and Ozeko want to focus, but I feel like that’s somewhat dragging the group, enough it seems that the other three members are going to be tossed around into other H!P groups knowing that Danbara, Ichioka, Kawamura, Takase, and Kiyono are set to debut as well…It seems this is all in UF’s plan, but it seems a lot of the members are really feeling for it…we’ll see how it goes, but it does seem like a bit of a trainwreck at the moment…


Farewell Buono!


As we’re getting closer to seeing both C-ute and Momoko graduating, we also have to see that Buono! the epic trio of former Berryz Kobo member Miyabi Natsuyaki and Airi Suzuki & Momoko Tsugunaga closing a chapter for themselves as Buono! members

The group began as a unit to promote Shugo Chara!, an anime that had many many H!P sub-units involved as well as Koharu at the helm of it all.  Buono! at that time was quite into doing rockin’ music to stick out amongst the other units (Guardians 4, SCE!, KiraPika).  After the anime ended, the group was the only one to really strive on continuing their releases and after a couple more singles and mini-albums, they kind of went away and was worried even moreso when Miyabi graduated from H!P.

They came back last year to a surprise of many with a new DVD single to promote a performance at Budokan….

Though they went quiet again for a bit until Monday when they had their final performance at Yokohama Arena…a great 10 years running, coming to a close.

I feel like with Buono! closing it’s doors, the feeling of dread of the upcoming graduations of Airi, Chisa, Nakky, Maimai, Maimi, and Momochi is starting to ooze into my mind and I’m a bit bummed as they represented a LOT of my time with H!P (alongside Berryz).  So it really feels like an end of an era…it’ll be interesting to watch H!P continue after these losses in the ranks.

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