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H!P Profiles: High-King


L to R: Yuuka Maeda, Ai Takahashi, Reina Tanaka, Maimi Yajima, Saki Shimizu

Tsunku in his all-knowing ways and in the charm of Hello! Project had a music called well…Cinderella the Musical and from that came High-King which according to him had the best dancers at the time (seemed like he was getting some good vocalists too).  The surprising touch was that it also included an Egg in the form of Yuuka Maeda who was rising in fame within the group.  The group was really only meant for the musical hence they only released one single and ended in 2008 the same year they were brought together.  However, a year later they were brought back again as a “revival unit” however they were the only ones to not go through a line-up change and the 5 of them released two more songs!  Now the group is inactive with only Captain and Maimi left since Ai-chan, Reina, and Yuukarin have all graduated.

Style of Music: As a group that was made primarily because of their strong daning, High-King’s single was both there to show said skills off, C/C (Cinderella Complex) being more R&B and Kioku no Meiro was more electro.  Then the revival happened and their two other songs was a bit softer R&B.



  • C/C (Cinderella Complex)

This is the group’s only PV and being C/C (Cinderella Complex), it’s definitely a song that shows a bit more of the group’s moves than I thought.

Overall: High-King was such a good idea to mix the best dancers into this group that had such a great feel and sound to it.  I did feel like Yuuka in the group was a little too random because the other four ladies donned deeper voice (Reina maybe not as much) but Yuuka sounded so out of place in all four songs she sang in.  Regardless, this was a super group and I wished they had gone further than they did with only one single and two extra songs from compilation albums.

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