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For those who like H!P ^_^, plus a learning experience!

H!P Profiles: GAM


L to R: Aya Matsuura, Miki Fujimoto

In the hodgepodge of Tsunku working with the multiple new Eggs, he created another one of those “kind of almost like a retread group” but didn’t with GAM (which stood for The Great Aya and Miki) who were the only two members here and good lord were they a fanservice-heavy duo.  They had the sexy going on and with two of the more favorable voices in H!P, they really combined nicely!  The lasted 3 singles (plus a Rakuten Eagles single) before releasing one album.  Then in 2007, a 4th single was incoming, but Miki ended up in a scandal which left her to resign from Morning Musume & H!P (though still go on the GAM tour) and ultimately ending this unit.

Style of Music: Honestly, at first with their debut, they were going for something edgier and poppy, but after that the songs became close to what Gomattou was initially about…and when their album was released, it became a bit more varied in styles.



  • Thanks!
  • Melodies
  • LU LU LU
  • Daisuki Rakuten Eagles (indies)


  • Amai Yuuwaku ~1st GAM~

This is the group’s 2nd single, Melodies, or the REALLY lesbian / fanservice-y PV XD….man, Ayaya and Mikitty look so good!

Top Favorites (not enough to do Top 5 >.>)

  • Junketsu ~Only~ (album song from “Amai Yuuwaku ~1st GAM~”)
  • Thanks!
  • Aijou Oasis (album song from “Amai Yuuwaku ~1st GAM~”)
  • Melodies

Overall: Like I said before, GAM was a unit that really didn’t need to exist simply because they could’ve just brought back Gomattou to do this because GAM’s sound almost went back to that direction.  I mean is it so hard to bring back Maki for this?  Then again, DEF.DIVA existed too, but here we see Ayaya in both…so…I don’t know, but I do like Miki and Aya’s connection as a duo, this was a nice duo as well…though sad they didn’t last very long because of Miki’s scandal.

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