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For those who like H!P ^_^, plus a learning experience!

H!P Profiles: ROMANS


Back Row L to R: Hitomi Saito, Rika Ishikawa, Ayaka Kimura
Front Row L to R: Mai Satoda and Mari Yaguchi

If there was a group that seemed a bit superfluous, ROMANS might be that group for me.  I mean I get they were made for a show they did and to show a more sexy and sensual side of H!P, but this kind of felt a little too tacky for me.  Granted you had Satoda, Boss Saito, Coconuts Ayaka, and Marippe who could sing and then Charmy (who I personally thought couldn’t sing much and was kind of there because she was considered the cutest member).  Oddly enough the group only lasted one single in and quickly disbanded.  Strange >.<

Style of Music: For being a sexy group, their song SEXY NIGHT was a sultry and classy song but set with an R&B sound (because Tsunku was really into R&B for some reason).  The B-side of their single, “Roman” was a bit more cutesy pop which totally went against the whole theme of the group, but it’s whatever. xD



  • SEXY NIGHT ~Wasurerarenai Kare~

So this is the A-side of the single, and I have to say I kind of wished they didn’t shaft Ayaka and Hitomi to be the MCs of the song (something disappointingly similar to 7AIR’s treatment).  The song is sexy and Rika, Mari, and Mai sound great but when the B-side had better line distribution, it just kind of makes you wonder lol.

Other Things To Mention

-The group was made for Sexy Onna Jyuku, which was a H!P program and since that ended the group also seem to fade into the annals of H!P history.

Overall: I wish there was more to this group than what they were given.  It was like an early version of v-u-den and all then, but ROMANS had a lot of talent!  I just wished they didn’t screw Hitomi and Ayaka up here because I personally think they should’ve took the reins alongside Mai and put Rika and Mari in the background, no offense xD.  I do like SEXY NIGHT though…it’s just quite smooth and very pretty (especially the lines from Satoda….holy craps xD