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Morning Musume PVs Through the Years!: Arigatou Harunas!

It’s that time again!  This time we’re going through a set of PVs that were set when both Haruna Ogata and Haruna Iikubo graduated from H!P (basically all of 2018).  So that mean’s we will be talking about: Are you Happy?, A gonna, Furari Ginza, Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara, and Y Jiro no Tochuu!

Are you Happy?

The Song: As I said at the top of the post, these singles are graduation singles, this along with “A gonna” marked the graduation for Haruna Ogata specifically, but honestly, if you had told me this was, I wouldn’t believe you!  It’s mostly because she really only gets one solo line in the song and she wasn’t totally shown off heavily to really show that it’s her last single with the group.

What Genre is it?: EDM mostly with a little bit of a African touch in it (the bridge) but the rest is a synth haven.

The Premise: None

The Setting: I think personally, the setting is the most interesting part of the PV because it’s shot at a place I’ve seen before in Nami Tamaki’s “Realize” PV and it’s in front of and in the plaza of the Fuefukigawa Fruit Park.  Other than that there’s a night shot on the other side of the park which is neat and features rainbow lights in the background!

The Outfits: Simple Silver & White outfits for the entire song.  Nothing much to say about them really, kind of sticks out in the day shots, but otherwise yeah kind of boring IMO.

The Choreography: I think the other thing from the PV that stuck out was its choreography as it’s a bit quick-paced but it seems slightly messy at times too.  The odd pre-chorus section where the girls start doing this weird wavy dance circle around Sakura & Mizuki was super awkward and the hopping in the bridge just felt strange to me, but the rest was cool I’d say

PV as a Whole: I want to like the PV as theres points where I do, but other times I feel like it’s a bit messy due to both the choreo and the song itself.  Are you Happy? might not be on the higher echelon of their EDM songs in their catalog, but I suppose it’s decent.

A gonna

The Song: While it was performed earlier than “Are you Happy?”, A gonna was the unique one off the single as it had a different sound, slightly drifting away from EDM here.  Nothing much important to say here, but once again, there was not a lot of Haachin to hold here as she definitely stood out less here.

What Genre is it?: Slight EDM vibes (especially that early bridge after the second run in the chorus) but it has a little more of a hip-hoppish vibe to it (some trap beats included too).

The Premise: None

The Setting: I want to say that A gonna’s set reminds me a bit of a darker “Umaku Ienai” from ANGERME due to the stage-esque setting and the random stuff lying about.  I mean the messy garage-like area is cool and I like how there’s a car and some interesting set pieces to look at was good, but that’s really it…no alternate locations, just solo shots and group shots in and around the space.

The Outfits: This time it seems the group is wearing casuals this time around.  Though I had to say that the only girls that really stuck out to me were Maria (looked unique among the crowd) and Chisaki and Reina (they wore yellow and that popped out a LOT).  Every one is OK, but the white is heavy!

The Choreography: I really am not sure what to think about the choreo here honestly, it’s also just a bit too messy for my liking, but there are certain parts that it sticks out, but adding with the casual clothes make it seems a bit much to me.  Plus some of the robotics were strange and just the overall hits just don’t work.  Yikes!

PV as a whole: I kind of like the fresh take of the group for the PV for A gonna, but mesh that with the frankly weird choreography and odd way the song is, it feels cool, but weird all at once.  I’m not sure how to feel about this song and PV quite yet xD.

Furari Ginza

The Song: Finally getting into Haruna Iikubo’s graduation single, we start with Furari Ginza which felt like the experimentation track off the single because it sounded different than the last couple A-sides we’ve had from Momusu.

What Genre is it?: Not sure where I’d completely put it, but maybe like swing/pop maybe?  Something a little nostalgic for back when I’d say.

The Premise: Not really much of a premise, but it does show of some semblance like Maria and Kaede flirting with the rest of the group (as they’re dressed like guys).

The Setting: At the opening, it did seem weird with the cutout backdrops, but luckily once the song begins, the group is placed in a little city setting (ala cardboard cutouts like Hello! Morning almost).  It’s cute I’ll give it that.  Solo shots though are done in front of blue curtains with flashing lights too.  Add in some extra odd shots of the old timey-wimey filters and some green-screen shots and there’s Furari Ginza.  Kind of happy with this setting for sure!

The Outfits: There’s a certain kind of old time feel with the main outfits for this song with each member having some unique color schemes and jewelry and what not but I think Maria and Kaedii got lucky because they get these suits and moustaches as they’re playing the men woo-ing the ladies.

The Choreography: While it is a step up from the previous single, Furari Ginza’s is a little reminiscent of the old formation dances and such and I love how they break up into smaller groups of girls with their own choreo simultaneously going on with the main dance too!  Though I do cringe at the dab at the end of each chorus, the choreo is fine!

PV as a whole: While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the song, the PV definitely helped it out in many ways by being fun and silly and kind of catchy to listen and watch as well.  I like the brightness of it all and the teasing from Maria & Kaede was pretty fun too, probably my favorite PV of the 5 here!

Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara

The Song: As the other A-side, Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara was the song that would fill the group’s EDM quota and here we are!  Nothing special to note here sadly, but I mean the song was just awesome like “Mukidashi de Mukiatte” was!

What Genre is it?: Full-blown EDM here!

The Premise: None

The Setting: There are 2 main settings for this song surprisingly.  The first is the one set for the dance-shot and it’s a raised platform with some glass windows? appearing behind them…kind of an odd choice and slightly basic if you were to ask me, but the other set used for the rest of the PV (mostly solo shots or group shot) is just the room with what I would say paper towel hanging around them and the girls kind of fly in and out of between them.  If I had thought that Up-Front blew their money for “Furari Ginza” then I am shocked at how basic this PV looks to me.

The Outfits: Not quite sure what happened with the outfits either because there’s only one for this PV and it’s on everyone!  It’s kind of like an odd seifuku/suit outfit to me.  Though it kind of kills me that the suit is poop brown (with a white button-up & tie) and their dresses are like black/white/tan plaid which is just not good with black heels & socks).  Just not good here!

The Choreography: Actually, I don’t remember too much of the choreo here because not a lot of it was shown to be honest.  Of the shots we did see, it’s pretty powerful and works for the song.  Though I think I was more impressed at the rest of the video showing off some rather sexy glares from the members (some intentional, some not so much).  I feel like this was supposed to be a little out there in that kind of way, but I don’t know, the glare game was strong with this one.

PV as a whole: For as basic of a PV we got for this A-side, I think it kind of worked but in other places it didn’t.  I think the dance-shot really nice and the blue added some softness the remainder of the PV which had lots of browns involved (though I think the cheap construction paper drapes? were VERY cheap looking).  Great song, but I think they could’ve spent more on this one!

Y Jiro no Tochuu

The Song: Surprising that we actually got a PV for this song which was the goodbye song to Harunan (was also the B-side of the single too).  Kind of nice to see Harunan off considering Haachin got nothing for leaving the group oop!

What Genre is it?: It’s a mid-tempo sentimental song, but it’s a little more up-tempo than I was expecting from it.

The Premise: None

The Setting: So the PV as you can see is performed in a live setting, but isn’t a live persay.  It was shot at their ~GET SET, GO!~ tour stage which is kind of weird and made me thing it was rushed a bit.  Not quite the most intriguing of sets TBH.

The Outfits: I’m guessing these were tour outfits too, but the whole pink/black candy stripe outfits really seemed off for me (cute though, but could’ve been like Harunan’s colors (Honey & Chocolate?).  Maybe it’s just me.  Dunno, it just doesn’t seem to click with me.

The Choreography: Seems pretty simple in comparison to the other tracks in this post, but at least we can see a good portion of it because of the live-ish performance of it.  Nothing too demanding or difficult looking, but hey at least Harunan is like front and center for most of it

PV as a whole: I mean it could’ve been worse, but it did feel off that it was a live performance without the crowd watching essentially.  I don’t know, but couldn’t a proper PV have been better for something like this?



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