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H!P Profiles: ZYX / ZYX-α


Back Row L to R: Erika Umeda, Saki Shimizu, Maimi Yajima, and Megumi Murakami
Front Row L to R: Mari Yaguchi and Momoko Tsugunaga

Let’s go back a little back to when Marippe was in Minimoni.  I had mentioned there that during the last Minimoni movie, she had left with 4KIDS to help them out.  Strangely enough the idea ended up that Mari would lead ZYX (which interestingly enough had none of the members from 4KIDS (bahaha)).  Instead she was given 5 others from the collective H!P Kids and started up.  What was good about this looking back now is how much Erika and Captain lead the group with everyone else kind of backing them up (even Mari was back there).  At first I thought the group was going to go far, but after two singles…they became inactive…no reason why was stated but with Megumi and Mari leaving before the group was revived…one can say that things got too busy with Berryz and C-ute forming up.


Top L to R: Risa Niigaki, Koharu Kusumi, Erika Umeda, Momoko Tsugunaga
Bottom L to R: Maasa Sudo, Chinami Tokunaga, Ayaka Wada, Saki Ogawa

Yup another group that was a part of the revival units, ZYX-α was a strange group to be brought back (especially with only two of the original members, Erika and Momoko being in the group, even though Maimi and Captain were still active at the time.  In replacement we get two Momusu members: Gaki and Koha, two other Berryz: Chinami and Maasa, and newly formed S/mileage members: Dawa, and Sakitty.  However this group was shortly lived (moreso than the other revival groups because they only released 1 song, Mirai Yosouzu II.  Then Erika and Koharu left and the group just faded out.

Style of Music: ZYX’s sound to be honest didn’t exactly have a concrete style.  I mean their first single was dance-heavy while Shiroi TOKYO was a bit more cutesy pop.  B-sides were merely covers of old H!P songs so that doesn’t really count.

Even less so when ZYX-α came to be because their only song is a damn ballad and there was no solo lines to be found…yeah, it was sung together…yeah noooo.



  • Shiroi TOKYO

Here’s the group’s first single, Iku ZYX! FLY HIGH.  I just love the energy of the group and omg Saki is just so tiny and seeing all that Erika-ness is just such a nice surprise (especially how she’s treated in the future…>.>).  I was also quite impressed with Megumi and of course Marippe.

Here is the lone song that ZYX-α did which is a DREAMS COME TRUE cover.  Sadly it really is the only song from the revival units that didn’t suit the group at hand.  Considering ZYX was a dance-unit, this was quite disappointing, even moreso of the fact that the song was sung entirely in unison.

Overall: You know, I have to say that ZYX was a great way to truly introduce us to the H!P Kids as they really took the spotlight here and not Mari, though I did question why she was here, they were capable of leading it by themselves.  I still love this group for the attention given to Saki and Erika because after this they kind of fade to the background as well as Megumi in their second single.  I did wish they had continued but as we know the Kids went into either C-ute and Berryz and history went on its way.

As for ZYX-α, this showed promise even though there were two more members than the original.  I mean this could’ve been interesting (even though it’d be heavy with high vocals since Chinami, Sakitty, Dawa, Koharu, Erika, and Momoko all have that high tone.  I just wish Tsunku/UFA had given them a song to show their talent and not such a vanilla and bland song that is VERY un-ZYX-like!

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