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H!P Profiles: Hello! Pro Egg / Hello! Pro Kenshuusei




Row by Row Top L to R: Maho Ohyanagi, Yui Okada, Miyuki Kawashima, Kanna Arihara, Kaede Oose, and Aina Hashimoto
Row 2: Yurika Akiyama, Robin Okada Shouko, Kanami Morozuka, Yuki Goto, Mirei Hashida, Ayumi Yutoku, and Miki Korenaga
Row 3: Mika Muto, Erina Aoki, Yuri Sawada, Arisa Noto, Saki Ogawa, and Yuuka Maeda
Row 4: Ayaka Wada, Kanon Fukuda, Anri Tanaka, Mia Sainen, Asuna Okai, and Irori Maeda
Row 5: Minami Sengoku, Saki Mori, Konatsu Furukawa, Sayaka Kitahara, Azusa Sekine, and Manami Arai
Row 6: Akari Saho, Erina Mano, Manami Ogura, Momoka Komine, and Yuu Kikkawa
Row 7: Linlin, Mizuki Fukumura, Akari Takeuchi, Rie Kaneko, and Karin Miyamoto
Row 8: Ayano Sato, Azusa Sezaki, Tomomi Hirano, Rina Katsuta, and Sayuki Takagi
Row 9: Nanami Tanabe, Runa Kizawa, Wakana Nagasawa, Haruka Kudo, and Kurumi Yoshihashi
Row 10: Ayano Hamaura, Natsumi Taguchi, Minami Mogi, Aina Otsuka, and Rena Ogawa
Row 11: Kanae Yamaga, Sakura Oda, Fuyuka Kosuga, Akari Uemura, and Mizuki Murota
Row 12: Rise Okamura, Riko Yamagishi, Minami Nomura, Tomoko Kanazawa, and Reina Ichioka
Row 13: Yumeno Kishimoto, Maria Makino, Kaede Kaga, Sakurako Wada, and Rikako Sasaki
Row 14: Hikaru Inoue, Karen Tanaka, Rio Fujii, Kana Mikame, and Kana Mashiro
Row 15: Manaka Inaba

Hello! Pro Egg was a unique idea for Tsunku at the time because it was kind of unknown of a thing at the time for Idols to be trained (moreso known to the public).  It started out with 32 members and since then has been ebbing back and forth with how many (to the point where there was only 8 left at its lowest point, Rie, Akari, Karin, Wakana, Nanami, Sayuki, Rina, and Haruka).  They have grown back to big numbers since then and really suddenly become more apparent they exist to the point where they are starting to get their own songs!

Style of Music

Before, they didn’t have anything original and stuck with just covering H!P songs.  They did have sub-groups but that’s them and not fully Eggs.  They did have a digital single called “Sora ga Aru” performed by Sayaka Kitahara, Mirei Hashida, Kanon Fukuda, and Robin Okada Shouko…but that wasn’t enough.

When the name changed to Kenshuusei (which by the way, sounds suspiciously like AKB’s whole Kenkyuusei…) they started to begin promoting themselves more and to the point where they got songs like Kanojo ni Naritai!!! and Ten Made Nobore! (both songs have a bit of a need for the fans to love them) and with songs like Oheso no Kuni Kara Konnichiwa, Crying, Seishun Beat wa 16, and Koishitai Shintou…the group is more well-rounded to take different arrangements and styles.



  • Sora ga Aru (digital single; only sung by Sayaka, Kanon, Mirei, and Robin)
  • Mottainai Baasan Ondo (only sung by Saki O. and Asuna)
  • Kanojo ni Naritai!!! (only sung by Karin, Natsumi, Aina, Ayano H., and Nanami)
  • Ten Made Nobore! (collaboration with Juice=Juice)
  • Oheso no Kuni Kara Konnichiwa / Ten Made Nobore!
  • Karen na Gasshoudan (only sung by Nanami, Ayano H., Mizuki M., Riko, Kaede K., Rikako, Risa, and Hirona)


  • ① Let’s say “Hello!”
  • Rainbowx2

This is their first PV, Ten Made Nobore!, there are some Kenshuusei missing which is a surprise but still it’s a bit plain but these are trainees (and Juice=Juice).

This would be the group’s 2nd A-side, Oheso no Kuni Kara Konnichiwa which was the last for quite a couple members.  It follows H!P’s current sound but has that weird bit too (Land of Bellybuttons?).

Other Things to Mention

There are a couple of members that are considered questionable members, but in official notes, aren’t H!P

  • Gatas Brilhantes H.P. – They were a futsal team, so the members that weren’t already H!P are not considered connected beyond the fact they played soccer together.
  • Shimmin – She was a trainee, but she was never considered an Egg…plus she didn’t stay very long (I’ll still make a profile regardless)
  • Kaori Sano – While she was involved in Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai, it seems like she was a UFP Trainee (which is totally different)….>.>
  • Jang Da Yeon – She’s an interesting one, she is like Shimmin as they both are from South Korea and all, but she was seen in H!P Egg uniform at one of the concerts (plus she tried out for auditions)…though she’s still not really considered an Egg.
  • Yuka Miyazaki – People seem to confuse Yuka as an Egg because she’s seen performing with them a lot…although, she’s in Juice=Juice.

Overall: It was only a matter of time before Tsunku would start a training program (considering H!P was losing some great members during this time period)…it’s great to see that a lot of the girls who joined through this has blossomed into great idols (or whatever field they were in) and not a lot of trouble has happened.  Of course if H!P is continuing on, of course this program is following in its trails!

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H!P Profiles (special): Hello! Pro Kenshuusei (pt. 3: The Current Kenshuusei)

The last post of this category, we will be going over the current Kenshuusei members.  There’s quite a bit so let’s get started shall we?

Riko Yamagishi


Riko was a member that joined alongside Minami Nomura and Rise Okamura and for quite a while, it was hard to grasp what personalities all three of them had.  Riko did stand out in their show (Hapi Pure) however which is interesting and she’s quite funny…maybe after a little more time, things will become more apparent.  Slowly she’s been standing out more and she has an interesting personality too!

I guess it all worked out well because she was chosen to be in Tsubaki Factory as the leader!  I’m so excited to see how she’ll perform now!  Though with Kobushi out of the KSS, Riko is now considered the eldest of the current list of Kenshuusei.

Reina Ichioka


I definitely was paying attention to the 1-day auditions that happened for 11th Generation of Momusu.  Reina was definitely one of the more interesting finalists (honestly she stood out more than Yumeno and Maria did).  She’s still not the most electric of the Trainees, but she has perserverance and I like that.  Also, more recently, she fixed her jank teeth and she looks so much better!

Yumeno Kishimoto


Yumeno never impressed me during the finalists round because she didn’t do anything jaw-dropping (unlike Sakura Oda and Haruka Ono).  It was nice to see that Tsunku did bring in the finalists to Kenshuusei-land.  Yumeno still needs fine-tuning but she’s not bad.  I will say though, she’s quite tan!

Funny enough, Kishimon was chosen to join Tsubaki Factory…and personally I think she’s vocally the best out of the 6!  Very awesome to hear her develop into this powerhouse vocalist, can’t wait to see more of her in the future!

Hikaru Inoue


So we had another 6-nin plus generation announced from the Test the other Kenshuusei had back in 2013 and I wasn’t entirely sure to think about them except for Rio Fujii who was a fan favorite and the only one to really recall her name.  The other 5 had some things going for them but half of them quit and Fujii and Inaba had been promoted leaving Hikarun as the remaining of her generation.  She’s come a long way and she’s definitely getting up their in vocal strength which is a farcry from when she begun.  I just hope she’s chosen for something as she’s my current favorite of the Kenshuusei!

Ruru Danbara


Or as I like to say, the well-known member of the 7 members who came from the failed 12th Gen auditions, Ruru already had some fans prior to joining the Kenshuusei and it shows because she did go to the same performance arts schools as Riho did and she sings quite well for a newbie so she seems like she’ll go far (hopefully Tsunku notices it).  It shows too because she’s probably the strongest vocalists in the KSS  AND she won the 2014 test performance, so she’s at a high tier right now.

Kisora Niinuma


I find Kisora’s name to be so interesting.  As a member, I personally think she has the weakest voice from the 7, but it’s because she kind of has that Momoko/Nakky/Maimai squeak which turns me off in a way.  Maybe she’ll grow out of it, but I’m not too big a fan of her voice.  Fortunately she’s toned it down a bit since then and while she still has a cute voice, it’s pretty stable as things go.

With that and her strong popularity, Niinuma was chosen as a member for Tsubaki Factory.  Currently, she’s a voice in the group, hopefully the personality will work itself out in the future!

Kiki Asakura


Next, we get the big bunch of additions that were added at the end of 2014 starting with one of the few hyped girls, Kiki Asakura.  Now I’m not totally sure where the popularity came from, but Kiki reminds me a bit of Ai-chan with her wide smile and such, it’ll be great to see what she’ll be doing in the coming years in H!P

Like Kisora, Kiki’s popularity might’ve helped her to pass and join Tsubaki Factory and fortunately she’s one of the better members of the group especially since she’s had no prior training.  Though she kind visually reminds me of Ai-chan…but a little wide of a smile there!

Saori Onoda


She kind of reminds me of SU-METAL of BABYMETAL fame for some strange reason.  While not as pushed like Kiki has already, Onoda seems like cutie…but we’ll see how she’ll turn out.  From her 2015 (and 2016) Test, Onoda is really impressing me with her vocals and talents, it was almost awesome, add on that she was chosen to sing a song for Kopinks, makes me wonder if she’ll be utilized in H!P anytime soon :0

Luckily, she was chosen in August to join Tsubaki Factory.  It’ll be interesting to see what she brings since she has proven herself to be vocally impressive.

Ami Tanimoto


Oh wow! She looks quite green (as in totally new to this idol thing).  While Kiki and Saori were announced prior to these next 7, Ami is actually kind of the odd one out between the 7 as she came from the 12th gen auditions (the 2nd time).  Not much else is really known at the moment, but I’m sure that’ll change.

Even with very little information, Tanimoto was chosen as a member for Tsubaki Factory.  I feel though as if she was only chosen because of her looks because she (like Yokogawa) cannot sing at all!

Risa Ogata


Risa is a cutie that I know for sure, what she can do is still a mystery to me >.<

Yet she passes and joins Tsubaki Factory…Risamaru is going to be an interesting member that’s for sure and she’s actualy decent, a little green, but nothing too bad.  I feel like she reminds me of someone though…a little Aya Matsuura mixed with some Haruna Ogata (no relation xD)

Kizuki Horie


Of the new girls (that aren’t in Kobushi Factory) she’s gotten some work being a backup dance in C-ute’s “Tsugi no Kado wo Magare” PV, otherwise still unknown to me.  At least until she performed “Shabondama” in her Test Recital and lord she’s got an impressive voice on her…I hope she gets chosen for something!

Kurumi Takase


Oh hey! our first new KSS in 2015!, Takase actually comes from an indies group, Tochiotome25.  Surprising to see her end up here, but being already groomed means she might have a high chance of debuting (because others have).  Also her performance of “Senobi”, awesome!!! Someone to watch out for.

Mizuho Ono


Then we just get another large batch of Kenshuusei (a couple days before their Test Recital) back in 2015.  Starting with Mizuho Ono, she’s one for me to follow for me.  Her first performance as a KSS was at said test recital wowed me.  Besides her and Yanagawa, Ono’s voice has a lot of potential and she’s kind of a cutie as they say.  I’m definitely going to be following her.

Luckily, her potential has done good because she joined Tsubaki Factory in 2016 so congrats!!!

Kokoro Maeda


Ahhhh what a cute name with Kokoro!  She oddly reminds me of Reina Ichioka for some reason, but that’s not all bad.  While I don’t remember too much of her performance, I’m sure the more she trains the better she’ll stand out which is pretty certain as her 2016 Test was pretty impressive!

Mao Akiyama


After Ono & Yanagawa, I think Akiyama did the best of this new bunch.  She did perform a rather difficult song (C-ute’s “The Power”) and she didn’t do half bad considering it was her first performance in H!P.  She picked up more points as she won the Dancing award in the 2016 Tests so she’s growing quite exponentially.

I guess it must’ve worked because she ended up joining Tsubaki Factory, so it’ll be amazing to see how she’s going to work out in the group!

Mizuki Kanatsu


Like Akiyama, Kanatsu also chose a pretty difficult song to sing (Momusu’s “Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai”) sadly, it didn’t have as good of a turnout since it took her breath out…maybe she’ll get a lot better as time goes on.  Since then, Kanatsu has gotten slightly better, but still has some work to do.

Kurumi Noguchi


We finally get into our newest generation from the beginning of 2016 and we have Kurumi.  Personally, being the eldest of the group, I’m not sure what she could bring to the table, but maybe some good vocals?  Interesting and I love the hairdo!  From the tests, she has nice vocals and presence, but who knows if that’ll get her into a group.

Kotomi Ono


Wait, did Sakurako Wada rejoin the KSS?  Yeah, Kotomi really reminds me of Wadasaku for some reason and I actually kind of like that about her, beyond that, I’ll wait for a performance to see where she’ll end up!  Sadly from her first test, she is somewhat the worst of the 5, but I hear a lot of promise with her.

Kirara Yonemura


She looks really young like almost Honoka young it seems, but I feel like this youthful look might strike a lot of fans which is a plus…I have a feeling her voice is going to be squeaky though >.<.  Surely enough, Yonemura’s voice is rather high and pitchy, but she emits a really happy aura!  It’ll be great to see where she goes from this!

Sakiko Kodama


Not really much to say with this gal yet at least, out of the 5 new Kenshuusei, I feel like I know little about Kodama to not really make an opinion sadly >.<.  From the tests though, Kodama isn’t gaining any points, as she forgot lyrics here and there.  Maybe time will tell, but right now she’s not leaving a mark on me.

Momohime Kiyono


Strangely enough, it seems this girl is currently getting the eyes of a lot of H!P members and even making a rival out of Momochi (I’m sure you can guess why!).  I do wonder how well she’ll do with the upcoming test recital though!  Luckily, she was one of the two winners and she definitely impressed (honestly she just oozes confidence here).  Strong singer!


H!P Profiles (special): Hello! Pro Egg (pt. 2: The other Eggs/Kenshuusei that aren’t in it)

Erina Mano

erinamano I think this is a great way to kick things off.  The first three Eggs that were added into the Egg program after the original 32, starting with the one who probably has risen the highest in H!P.  ManoEri started off quietly in the beginning, but she started to get somewhere when she was chosen to join Ongaku Gatas where she was one of the more promoted members in that group.  Shortly after though, she had graduated from the Eggs and became a soloist (which at the time was a surprise since soloists were on the downlow until she did become the only soloist in H!P until 2013 when she graduated H!P to become an actress.  Which she is doing ^_^

Manami Ogura


There’s not much info on Manami besides the fact that she was an Egg for a year and two months.  I guess she did some performances and won the audition alongside ManoEri and Momoka…but there hasn’t been much about her since she left it seems >.<

Momoka Komine


At least unlike Manami, it seems the only noteworthy thing Momoka did in her time was actually finding herself as a backdancer to ManoEri in some of her PVs.  Interesting, but left kind of mysteriously with not much known since then.



Funny enough, Linlin (or Qian Lin) was an Egg member for not even a year before Tsunku decided to make her the first Egg to become a full-fledged Morning Musume member!  While the idea behind this reason is a bit strange (because she and Junjun were of Chinese heritage), she was a great addition with her powerful vocals!  Also during this time period she was in Exceed! and Shin Minimoni too.  Even though she graduated, she continues to perform and is working on releasing her first album in China.  I will definitely miss her voice though…AMAZING

Yuu Kikkawa

yuukikkawa The other member that joined alongside Linlin, was also the first member to lose an audition but would enter as an Egg (at least for all we know).  Kikka was a favorite in her audition (the same one that ended up with Aika winning).  She was an instant favorite due to that and soon after joined Sayaka Kitahara and Koharu Kusumi to form the short-lived group, MilkyWay.  In 2010 though, it was announced that her training was completed and her first move was that she would become a soloist.  Today, she is still singing on her own and she’s doing fairly well with herself so I’m happy that her fanbase has flourished since she’s become solo!

Mizuki Fukumura


Everyone recognizes this gal right?  It’s Fukuchan!  At first she was kind of under the radar for me as an Egg.  She did manage to pop out a bit with becoming part of the 2nd Generation of Shugo Chara Egg! and was a backdancer for some of ManoEri’s PVs.  Then Tsunku made it available for the Eggs to audition to be in Morning Musume and Fukuchan became the first Egg to officially make it into Momusu through auditioning and also was a part of Reborn Eleven.  Today she’s now the sub-leader for the group and I can’t wait to see what she’ll bring once Sayumi leaves!

Akari Takeuchi


It’s pretty cool that Chisato had Asuna be in the Eggs and now Maimi had her cousin Take-chan join the Eggs and she was a good favorite of mine.  Her first appearance that really counted was when she was one of the few Eggs that weren’t the original members chose for the Champloo revival units (in particular Shin Minimoni).  Then it was silent before she passed the autidion and became a sub-member for S/mileage before finally becoming the 2nd Generation of the group.  Besides that, she was also a part of the mega-group Mobekimasu and the SAYOYAMA unit Harvest.  She’s still one of my current favorites!

Rie Kaneko


For a while it seemed like there was some kind of hope building for Kaneko, but unfortunately that was not meant to be and on the 14th of December of 2013, she left the program to do her own thing.  She’s definitely the longest retained Egg/Kenshuusei so she definitely has that going.  I hope her future endeavors take her far because she was starting to shine!

Karin Miyamoto


Ahhh Karin!  In recent times, she’s definitely a favorite amongst the Kenshuusei and people have been wanting her to finally debut for SOOOO long.  She’s done quite a lot as an Egg/Kenshuusei like being involved in the revival units in Shin Minimoni and then the stageplay unit, Reborn Eleven to even having a solo career (though as Kopink) before finally striking her chance as the face of Juice=Juice and the SATOYAMA unit, Jurin.  She’s really come a long way from when she started!

Ayano Sato


It’s kind of funny that Ayano is the only non-original Egg that is now currently in Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari).  Though in her days as an Egg, she really didn’t do much cept Egg performances and being in two Mano PVs.  At least she’s standing out SO MUCH MORE nowadays in her current group!

Azusa Sezaki

azusasezaki So, not to be confused with Azusa Sekine, Sezaki is known for having the shortest tenure as an Egg.  Not even two months in and she withdraws from the program.  I think she was in ONE performance before leaving.  Last time she was mentioned, her home was damaged in the Touhoku earthquakes.  Hopefully she’s ok yeah?

Nanami Tanabe


Tanabe was quite an interesting girl, she was actually a winner for an audition to fill in the last space in the 2nd Generation of Shugo Chara Egg! and since then had become quite the popular member within the Eggs/Kenshuusei.  Though after 5 years, she left the program near the end of 2014.  It was sad, but understandable…still she was pretty good and now with her new group, OnePixcel, many of her fans can keep up!

Tomomi Hirano


It’s really strange to know that of the Eggs, she was the oldest, already way in her 20s during her tenure.  I’m not exactly sure what Tsunku was really going for with Hiracchi especially with the high age, but she stuck in for about a year before leaving.  I think maybe her voice was on the higher scale perhaps, but she left before it was properly let out to the crowd ^_^

Rina Katsuta


The other 7th Generation member of the Eggs, Rinapuu might not have been a looker in her days as an Egg but somehow her work had lead her to audition for the second generation of S/mileage and she passed!  Even though she isn’t a main force in the group, she’s still doing great though and involved in SATOYAMA in Sato no Akari

Sayuki Takagi


Ahh the ever strong Sayubee!  While she was kind of the only Egg added when she was announced, she really stood out to me and kind of reminds me of Gaki (when she was younger) but she already has potential, especially for being in Juice=Juice…her voice REALLY stands out to me even in Triplet!.

Runa Kizawa


We ended up getting three more Eggs after Sayubee and Tanapyon…This is kind of where I started paying attention to the Eggs just a bit more.  Runa though escapes my mind because she left quite quickly after her induction.  Her only noticeable move was being a back up dancer in ManoEri’s “Seishun no Serenade”.  Since she left, she joined a new idol group, Smile Gakuen.  I hope she’s happy where she is now!

Wakana Nagasawa


Now Wakana was the first Egg I noticed who left…though she didn’t do anything totally noticeable as a H!P member, she kind of just mysteriously disappeared and reappeared under a different label and a new group, Sakura Girls.  Like Runa, I’m happy she’s still following her dreams even though she isn’t H!P no longer.

Haruka Kudo


The only real star of the three eggs introduced, Haruka was a big surprise.  I mean right from the start, she’s a really young lady, but yet her voice is husky and scratchy and really unique compared too the girls of H!P.  For that reason, Tsunku chose her to be a part of Morning Musume as part of the 10th Generation!  Kuduu, I hope she’ll become a major key to Momusu’s future and she’s slowly working on that with Triplet!

Kurumi Yoshihashi


Another favorite of mine, Kurumin was supposed to join back in March but due to the earthquake, it had to be held at a later date.  Initially, I didn’t seem to recognize her besides that last name, but after a while she started blossoming into this strong singer with a fantastic and bright personality…though I was sad to hear that her training was over in 2015 and in that wording left the KSS.  I hope she finds something amazing to do or audition one more time?  I don’t know but I really liked this gal!

Ayano Hamaura


Hamachan joined alongside Kurumin and Taguchan and she was so cute when she debuted in the first iteration of the Kenshuusei.  She was charming and very petit with very suiting vocals.  After a while, I thought she’d be passed up after failing many auditions (though she did become the speaker when it came to Hina Fests.  Luckily in 2015, she was added to Kobushi Factory and she’s been doing great so far!  Can’t wait to see what comes next!

Natsumi Taguchi


Beyond Kurumin, I felt like Hamachan and Taguchan were so cute and squirrely for different reasons,  being already a child actress, Natsumi I thought had a foot forward over the other two, but then she kind of disappeared off the radar in 2013 before returning and for some reason chosen to join Kobushi Factory two years later.  It’ll be interesting to see where she ends up as the group moves forward!

Minami Mogi

minamimogi The next two ladies auditioned for the 9th Generation for Morning Musume and it came down to 5 girls, Riho, Eripon, Zukki, Aina, and this lady who was credited as Tragic-chan because she cried a LOT in her auditions.  Mogii wasn’t the worst but she did need a lot of work (but lets be honest so did Eripon xD).  She stayed for a while, but quit…don’t know what happened but hope she continues to do well in the future.

Aina Otsuka


Well it’s still to fresh to really think my Kenshuusei oshi left, but it happened.  I was definitely rooting for her when she first appeared in the finals to become 9th Gen.  I was sad she wasn’t chosen but then the news that she became a trainee made me happy and she was already impressing more during her performances which lead to her becoming a main vocalist for Juice=Juice.  Sadly, she left a couple days ago due to contract issues with her family and H!P.  I do wish her the best but I do hope she finds another outlet because I love her doing music!  Plus with her singing original songs, I hope she’ll release them on discs!

Rena Ogawa


Joining the KSS the same time with the 9th Gen finalists, Mogii and Tsukapon, I felt like Renako was an odd face, but appreciated a new girl beyond Minami and Aina.  Rena at first was kind of strange-looking, but once she let her hair down and started approaching a more mature look, she’s been getting a lot more visually appealing…though once she joined Kobushi Factory, she’s got the weakest vocals, but still is being pushed alongside the others.

Kanae Yamaga


I really don’t know much about Kanae besides knowing she was a finalist during the S/mileage auditions.  She also kind of left without much warning.  The latest from her is that she’s auditioning once again for Morning Musume (strange that she’d leave Kenshuusei to do so) but she was the oldest of the trainees.  Maybe we’ll see her again in the finals who knows right?

Sakura Oda


Joined alongside Kanae and was at the same auditions…no one really thought much of her as a finalist and neither did Tsunku but he kept the two around as Kenshuusei.  As the 11th Generation auditions happened it slowly became apparent that Sakura has a lot more talent (and a LOT more training in her!).  She was the only winner of the auditions and really gave some relaxed sighs since her vocals are quite amazing for such a young age.  Can’t wait for the future to see how she turns out like she did in ODATOMO.

Fuyuka Kosuga


*sigh* What a tragic happening with Fuu-chan.  She started off as a finalist for S/mileage’s 2nd audition and while not many people were wanting her to pass, she actually somehow did and became a sub-member for the group and was with them to release “Tachiagirl”.  However, only 26 days later, it was suddenly announced that she had to quit because of sudden severe anemia.  Though she wasn’t kicked out from H!P, Tsunku let her return as a Kenshuusei.  Two hiatuses later and at the 2nd Test in 2014…it was announced she had graduated from the KSS.  Sad that it was mostly because of her medical setbacks, but I hope she finds solace in something that won’t get her so sick all the time!

Akari Uemura


Since Aina left, I made Aarii my favorite in Juice=Juice.  It’s said that she was part of H!P Kansai before becoming a Kenshuusei member which is a bit strange but whatever.  She’s a real cutie and her first official picture had her in a smug look which caught my attention pretty quick!  Even though she’s not the best vocally, she’s working on it nicely especially in Sato no Akari!

Mizuki Murota


When Murotan joined the Kenshuusei, she was kind overlooked by me because I was happy to see Fuu-chan back and Aarii stole my heart.  Though after time, she rised WAY above them becoming such a powerful voice amongst the trainees.  Then she stole my heart in Karen na Gasshoudan and then I was a big fan of hers.  Then the BIG news that she had joined S/mileage just excited me especially with the direction the group is in…I can’t WAIT to see what she’ll do for her first single with them after the name change to ANGERME!

Rise Okamura


I really didn’t get to know much about Rise and her time in Kenshuusei because she was there for a short time before going on hiatus mode (and then ultimately leaving the program).  From the performances I did hear from her, she had a pretty good voice.  I wonder if she chose education…hope whatever she’s doing keeps her happy!

Minami Nomura


There was a point in time where I wasn’t able to figure out members (alongside Riko and Rise, which the latter left shortly after)…Riko and Minami never stood out to me for the longest time (at least until 2014).  There wasn’t much to say about Minamina though…though I was happy to see her being chosen to join Kobushi Factory and she’s one of the middle members.  I like to see how far she goes!

Tomoko Kanazawa


Tomoko really hasn’t been a member long, but she’s definitely a VERY impressive singer in H!P-land.  I mean she was an OCEAN AWARD finalist so that should tell you she’s pretty high quality…and then a little after a month of Kenshuusei work, she was added to Juice=Juice…her voice is THE BEST of the 6 (well now 5 >.>).  I just REALLY love to see how Tomoko will do in the future (and maybe hear some amazing solos at concerts like the one she did alongside Sakura in ODATOMO).

Maria Makino


Being a finalist from the 11th Generation auditions for Momusu, our first glimpse of Maria and I was kind of like she’s a tad boring and it followed her throughout her time in KSS.  Though I was surprised that she won the 2nd try at the 12 Generation auditions and now is a part of Morning Musume!  I hope she’ll bring a lot more to this group, but I don’t expect her to be the voice of the group for now…but she’s cute!

Sakurako Wada


When she won the character award of the KSS recitals in 2013, I felt like Wadasaku would be chosen for a group sooner or later and she was!  When I first saw her and the crooked smile she owned, I was definitely charmed and since then has gotten more interesting to watch even if she isn’t a lead in Kobushi.  She’s pretty damn tall though (not like Yurina) but getting there!

Kaede Kaga


After previous longtime Eggs/KSS Tanabe & Kaneko went nowhere as time grew longer to their eventual finishing of their training, I was starting to feel the same for Kaedii as she ended up going about over 4 years in tenure.  She’s been quite a starlet and seeing her grow was just exciting and showcased her taletns, luckily unlike the two mentioned above, Kaede was chosen to join Morning Musume in December of 2016.  Can’t wait to see her debut in the group!!!

Rikako Sasaki


When Rikako joined, she was immediately met with the eyes of many because she was already kind of known within H!P.  She was kind of the face of the KSS and while I didn’t think she had the vocals to make it perfect, I had to agree that she had something that not many of the KSS were showing.  It all paid off nicely when she was chosen to join S/mileage/ANGERME in 2014.  I can’t wait to see what she’ll bring!

Kana Mashiro


Joining back in earlier in 2013, Kana joined the Kenshuusei alongside with 5 others, but she didn’t stay very long…only about 6-ish months at best.  I’m not sure what she could’ve brought, but she was pretty damn tall considering.  Oh well, hopefully she finds what she wants to do in the future!

Karen Tanaka


Wow, I mean I figured after her December end of the year video, her saying she wasn’t entirely sure if she’ll stay a year longer had me worried.  Being the KSS of her generation that never blossomed right up until the end, Tanaka wowed me with her performance of Ayaya’s “dearest.”.  She sounded wonderful and when Tsunku also said she had solo written on her, I was slightly hoping that’d be the case.  Sadly, she left on the 1st of September.  Lost a pretty good singer!

Manaka Inaba


I kind of figured when we figured out she used to be in the avex idol group, PEACEFUL…she was going to debut somehow in H!P.  Luckily, I was right and she was chosen to join Country Girls~  She has a nice wide range (to which she stick to her higher tones)…can’t wait to see what she’ll add to the group alongside Yamakki!  Sad to say she didn’t stay very long as she left the group two years later due to bad asthma.

Kana Mikame


While I didn’t have the highest hopes for her debuting, Mikame was an interesting girl to say the least, opting to be into MCing more than being an idol?  Yeah, that’s probably a red flag.  Still, she wasn’t the best at singing so maybe they probably thought it was too much effort to deal with and let her go…but I don’t know.

Rio Fujii


Ahhh, there’s just something about Rio that always excites me.  First time fans saw her was when she auditioned for 2nd Generation of S/mileage and was non to be a powerful dancer, yet brash and arrogant.  Though in her time in the KSS, she’s focused a whole lot and really found her way enough to become the sub-leader of Kobushi Factory.  She’s just fun to watch, especially with her bombastic energy!  LOVE IT!~

Hirona Oura


So the newest to leave, Hirona was kind of surprising in fact.  She was the member that ironically reminded me of Taguchi for some reason and she was pretty shy though she managed to catch a drift being being able to do the Karen na Gasshoudan stageplay (and single) before simply just leaving and opening her own Twitter…that to me is an easy to tell, then became official on September 1st.  Very short tenure!

Akane Haga


Of the 7 finalists that didn’t past the initial 12th Generation auditions, Akanechin never stood out to me when compared to the other 6 girls simply because she was kind of in that neutral zone where the other girls had already started to stand out with strong performances (or the lack of).  Then in a twist of turns, Haga was chosen to join Momusu after auditioning AGAIN!  I hope she does well in the group!

Risa Yamaki


Yamakki was the one member that really caught my eye when she was announced (along with Danbara and Yokogawa) so I was happy to see she (and Oura) were involved in Karen na Gasshoudan.  Then in a surprising twist was announced to join Country Girls!  I can’t wait to see what role she’ll play!

Musubu Funaki


When the finalists for the first 12th Gen were announced (and subsequently told there was no winners), I instantly took to Funakki just because she was adorable.  That is until she started singing then it kind of blew me away on how such a low voice could come from someone so petit!  Though I was a little worried that she wasn’t doing anything, Country Girls surprises many by adding her (and Yanamin) to the group…can’t wait to see her in a proper MV!

Yumei Yokogawa


Out of the generation she came from, she was the prettiest, but boy did she have the worst voice amongst the KSS.  I’m not sure why she was so tonedeaf and nasally at the same time, but she managed to scare off a lot of fans that way.  Not to say she was the worst because her dancing skills were up to par.  Shame though she was kind of casted out when the remainder of her generation (sans Danbara & Oura) managed to get promoted.

Maho Aikawa


In May, during the 2nd public tests, Aikawa was introduced with two other gals and I didn’t think too much of it but enjoyed getting more KSS.  Sadly, they hadn’t really stuck out to me and they didn’t get their first full performance until September, but by then it was rather quick because in October, she was chosen to join S/mileage…she’s kind of the unknown factor of the 3 new girls that joined, but I bet she’ll stand out!

Kana Saito


Surprising that Saito left the program so quickly after about less than a year.  Though since her other generation-mates (Aikawa above and  Miu Takemura) aren’t exactly the best…it’s strange she left so soon.  Hopefully she’ll find her path!

Miu Takemura


Sadly to say, in 2016 the last of the generation shared between Aikawa, Saito, and Takemura ended when Miu had finished her training.  She wasn’t one of the stronger members (then again none of the 3 were that impressive to begin with (Saito left too quickly for any really impressions as well)) so it didn’t hit me hard like others did.

Ayaka Hirose


Between Hirose and Reirei, I really didn’t know who either of the two girls really were before they were placed together in Kobushi Factory.  Although it was mentioned that they both were NICE GIRL! Project KSS so they’ve already been getting some training.  Though Ayapan has been impressing me with her vocals and her presence, showing a lot of confidence despite being in an idol group with others (makes sense as she’s the leader of Kobushi Factory).

Rei Inoue


Yeah, Reirei (like Ayapan) didn’t last long as a KSS before being chosen for Kobushi, but it seems like with her, Rei has some powerful pipes on her and the same kind of strong presence as well.  Helps that she’s on Oha Star every week so that’s more promotion for her (and perhaps Kobushi).  I’m just really interested in following her!

Nagisa Hashimoto


With Nagisa leaving (alongside Yokogawa, Shimano, and Nakano), I feel like the only reason Nagi left was primarily because of her older age and the fact that most of the audition age range was not out of her league.  It’s a bit bummer she couldn’t do more as she was the best (of the 4).

Momoko Shimano


As with Hashimoto, I also felt like Momoko was nearing that age where she couldn’t do too many more auditions.  Though I’m not too much of a fan for her due to her higher range and squeakier tone.  Her new hairstyle towards the end of her tenure was pretty cute though!

Honoka Okamoto


You know what, there’s just nothing to say here really.  Honoka joined and just as quickly as she did, she left with not more other than the announcement that she did leave.  Kind of bogus if you ask me, but she was SO very young.  Not much else to say as she never left much of an impression and the one song she did sing…was pretty bad.

Nanami Yanagawa


Ever since the announcement of her joining the KSS, she’s been pushed quite a lot amongst her gen-mates and it paid off REAL fast when she and Funakki were chosen to join Country Girls…I mean it was like almost a year wait, but she actually made the cut.  I can’t wait to see what she’s capable of!

Momona Kasahara


I was so surprised to see that ANGERME would announce a 2nd new member under a year with Momona who before she joined was kind of plain jane and didn’t have an extraordinary voice.  I wonder what she’ll bring to the table as she’s in a VERY high quality group!

Rion Nakano


Then there was Rion who was in amongst a rather mixed bunch of stronger vocals vs. dancers.  While at first announcement, Honoka was the young one, she left just as quick and then fans took to Rion as the young but kooky girl.  While vocally she wasn’t stellar, she pulled off cute songs quite nicely.  Sad to see her go considering she is so young, but she’s got time to have some fun!

Reina Yokoyama


Kind of surprised that of the newest batch of Kenshuusei introduced towards the end of ’16, I was definitely not expecting anyone to join Morning Musume so quickly as Yokoyama has.  Not much is really known about her very much, but I’m excited to see what she brings to the group!




H!P Profiles (special): Hello! Pro Egg (pt. 1: The Original 32)

So after Ecomoni, Tsunku started a big plan and what a plan it was.  He decided to have an audition for this new trainee program called Hello! Pro Egg.  What it turned out was that there was 32 winners and they were given a chance to debut and work hard (granted some of them left in the time period, but a lot of them had chances which is great!  Some of them still are a part of H!P as well).  Shall we get to know these 32 ladies?

Maho Ohyanagi


Starting it off, Maho is the first Egg to just basically leave the program…one of the least known members from the program itself because it feels like she never did anything (maybe one performance but that’s the best I can say).  Strange to have a member that just upsand leaves like that with nothing else about them known otherwise lol.

Yui Okada


The next member actually graduated and got whisked out of Eggs pretty quickly after the program started.  Yui Okada was the first success story and she joined Rika Ishikawa and Erika Miyoshi to form v-u-den.  The trio lasted for quite a while, but they disbanded and Yui has retired from being a musician/idol to focus more on cosmetics and her new line IVORA.  So happy she’s following what she wants to do.  BTW…I had to mention, she got them boobs going on!!! LOL

Miyuki Kawashima


Not much is known about Miyuki besides the fact that she was a part of Gatas Brilhantes, is the first Egg to be married, and auditioned to be in AKB48.  Besides that she’s about as unknown of a member to me as Maho is.

Kanna Arihara


The next member that actually graduated, Kanna Arihara was an Egg longer than Yui was, but she was a sudden move as well.  The only thing she did as an Egg was being involved in Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai but before they fulled debuted with their single, she left to become the 8th member in C-ute.  She was fine up until 2009 where she graduated from (more like quit) H!P to try to return to a normal life, but now she’s back as a talent on another label.  Hope whatever goes on she’ll do her best!

Kaede Oose


The next 6 members all left simultaneously, but that’s because these 6 are the members of THE Possible.  They were created as an H!P unit, but quickly moved over to Tsunku’s newest label, TNX so they were moved there and really wasn’t a part of H!P any longer (I’ll still make a profile for them).  Kaede though was also a part of Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai for a short time.  Since then, Kaede graduated from THE Possible to become an actress!! GET IT!

Aina Hashimoto


The rest of the girls are the current line up of THE Possible, sad to say most of them didn’t really do anything outside of Egg performances, so I’m not sure what to say xD.  Hashimon though is a pretty cool nickname and in the early days was easy to pick out as she wore glasses! (like Maana!)

Yurika Akiyama


Akkyan is probably my favorite voice from THE Possible, though I kind of wished she did more in H!P lol…that voice girl!

Robin Shouko Okada


I think from just knowing the group for a while, Robin is the face and main vocalist used for THE Possible, she’s not the prettiest of the bunch but her leadership is quite strong and she has a pretty good voice as well!  Add in that she collaborated with Kanon Fukuda, Sayaka Kitahara, and Mirei Hashida on “Sora ga Aru” and it’s definitely known Tsunku liked her from the beginning.

Kanami Morozuka


Mororin is another voice that I tend to love a lot in THE Possible (second to Akkyan of course).  I would love to know more about her in the future and get used to her voice on other songs she’s done with the group!

Yuki Goto


She’s another that’s not exactly the most prettiest of the group. but she’s the member I know the least amount.  At least we aren’t confusing her with Yuuki Goto (Gocchin’s brother that was in EE JUMP).  Gonna have to learn more about her lol

Mirei Hashida


Mirei Hashida was another Egg that I’m not all too familiar with, but she has done “Sora ga Aru” with a couple of other Eggies however she’s most notable as the Egg with the attitude as she kind of made fun of Maimai and was disgusted by wota. Nowadays, she’s actually on SONY and debuting this year with her single “My Song”.  So it’s cool to see her continue with music with her new penname, mirei XD.

Ayumi Yutoku


There’s just a lot of Eggs, I just don’t know too much about.  Ayumi is one of those.  Besides being a replacement after Kaede graduated to be in THE Possible in Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai (wasn’t even on a studio release mind you) there really isn’t anything else that’s totally important here.  There’s not even information on what she’s up to…though I guess she really went back to being a normal girl.

Miki Korenaga


When the first 32 members of the program were announced, Tsunku made Miki the leader of the bunch (as she was the eldest) and she was leader for quite some time.  Add in that she was on Kunoichi (female version of Ninja Warrior) and was in Gatas Brilhantes, she was definitely the athlete of the bunch.  Then she was added to Ongaku Gatas with some other Eggs and during that time she’s graduated from Eggs and H!P but continued to do Ongaku Gatas.  Technically they’re still together so Miki is still going (even if they don’t perform lol).

Mika Muto


Another former member, Mika Muto, like Miki was another member that was in Ongaku Gatas, but she graduated fully out of H!P (whereas ManoEri stayed within H!P just became a soloist).  Mika later popped back up with a single, but nothing else has happened since then.

Erina Aoki


I really don’t know much about Aoki….she didn’t seem to do much in her time as an Egg, but she’s a model now so I suppose that’s a pretty good thing to hear from an old member right?  She also kind of looks like Linlin in a way 0.o

Yuri Sawada


If there was one member during the Egg days where I was fangasming the most…it would definitely be Sawachan!  I mean she had amazing vocals and she made the other Eggs that were a part of Ongaku Gatas look bad (even Konkon and Rika-chan!).  It seems she’s doing promotional stuff now, but damn look at her now, she’s beautiful!!!

Arisa Noto


I think of all the Eggs, I think Nocchi saw the biggest favorable light of popularity out of all the original Eggs (minus S/mileage).  Arisa in H!P was not bad….she was one of the more promoted Eggs in Ongaku Gatas and was a leader of the Eggs for a short while after Miki Korenaga graduated. After that, she graduated to join HAPPY!STYLE (something Tsunku-related) and  joined three other members to form Team DEKARIS who only lasted about one album, before her (and the same three) reformed as StylipS (because a label switch happened)where she still continues to sing for today and they’re seeing pretty good popularity nowadays!  She’s definitely a great story of her road to fame ^_^

Saki Ogawa


Quite shocking to get to more of the younger batch.  Saki Ogawa at first was never really a standout member but for some reason there was a big push of her and she and the next three were chosen for a new group Tsunku was planning called S/mileage.  However, in that time she last for an album and a couple extra singles before bowing out of the group to return to a normal life (this happened just after the sub-members were announced too).  There really hasn’t been much mentioned after she left the group so who knows what she’s up to now.

Yuuka Maeda


I think in Hello! Project, I feel like Yuukarin did the most of the 32 members.  As an Eggie, she was in Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai, Shugo Chara Egg! and High-King before graduating and becoming a full member in S/mileage and Lilpri up until 2011 where she decided to retire to focus on her studies and did Mobekimasu and one more single with S/mileage before she graduated.  There’s been some pictures of her, but otherwise nothing.

Ayaka Wada


Ayacho seems to really have grown into herself since the first time I ran into her in Shugo Chara Egg!  Took her a while to get to that role but she eventually graduated from Eggs by joining S/mileage and then was involved in ZYX-α and Lilpri.  Then she did Mobekimasu of course before currently being involved in the SATOYAMA unit, Peaberry.  She’s a pretty gal, but her voice could be so much better!

Kanon Fukuda


Nyon is a lot like Ayacho in the way that she’s done quite a bit.  I mean she was an original Egg and she wasn’t doing too much until Shugo Chara! happened and she joined the other three.  Of course like Sakitty, Yuukarin, and Ayacho…they formed S/mileage and graduated Eggs shortly after.  Then Kanon was involved in Lilpri, Shin Minimoni, and Mobekimasu.  Currently she’s still a member of S/mileage and a member of the SATOUMI unit, HI-FIN.

Anri Tanaka


I don’t know much about Anri to say much, but she was in Gatas Brilhantes and in a weird way reminds me of Maasa…strange right?

Mia Sainen


Like Anri, I don’t know much about Mia Sainen to say much…I wonder why if they weren’t totally promoted, why they’d stay long in the program.

Asuna Okai


I am so surprised that Chisato’s younger sister decided to try out for the Egg program and got into it, though I am a bit saddened that she also left as well doing completely nothing but Egg performances with no unit push like many of the other members had.

Irori Maeda


In a strange move, Irorin was an interesting member for me because of how she ended up.  When she first joined she was part of H!P Egg Kansai (something that would be talked about later since Irorin lived far).  She was also first a 2nd Generation Shugo Chara Egg! member before leaving the program and joining the indie group AKBN 0 (no relation to that big ass group of Aki-P.’s).  Today, she left the group but still wants to be an idol…hope she gets what she wants because Irori was a pretty popular member!

Minami Sengoku


Minami never really stood out to me as an Egg besides being a member of Ongaku Gatas (which she might still currently be in, but given that she’s in UUG…she might not).  She was also involved in Reborn Eleven but was after it was announced she completed her training.  Though she kind of looks like Eri a bit >.<

Saki Mori


Ahhh Morisaki!  I have to say back in the days, I probably wouldn’t have noticed her because she was in Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai as a replacement for Kanna when she left for C-ute.  Then she kind of went to the wayside until 2011 when it was announced her training was complete and the next thing she’d do would Reborn Eleven.  Then 2012 came and Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari) was brought together with various other members.  Today, Morisaki is still with the group and UFZS (their K-pop dance group).

Konatsu Furukawa


Another member that went under the radar just like Morisaki did.  Konacchan was also a member of Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai and all before completing her training and becoming a member of Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari) / UFZS.  She’s still is a member today though so WHOO!

Sayaka Kitahara


Saaya was a pretty interesting original member and she’s also got some popularity nowadays!  She started in Eggs with being one of the four voice on “Sora ga Aru” and then a couple years later, joined Yuu and Koharu to form the short-lived unit, MilkyWay.  Then her training was complete, but unlike all the others who finished in this time period, she became a soloist under FRAME (a UFP label) and release singles and an album before announcing she was joining avex and in the first move joined an anison unit, COLORS.  Can’t way too see what that’ll be like!

Azusa Sekine


There were a couple of Up Up Girls that were basically unimportant to H!P when they were Eggs.  I felt like as if Sekki didn’t do too much besides being in ManoEri’s PVs.  Not much to say about her now except it’s great to see her in UUG.

Manami Arai


Just like Sekki, Maana kind of just flew on the bottom of my radar because she didn’t do anything too big as an Egg.  Then she completed her training and became a UUG lol.  She does stand out as a member because I always remember Manami has blue and Morisaki is green xD

Akari Saho


Akari was kind of a surprise that she never got to debut in H!P.  She begun being the replacement for Ayumi Yutoku when she left Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai, then later became a member of the original lineup for Shugo Chara Egg! but was left behind when the other members went off to do S/mileage.  She also was a part of the reborn Aa! with Miyabi and Airi which was where I really took notice for her.  Though I guess we can say Akari was the last original Egg to leave the program.  She was also the final piece to Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari).

NEXT TIME: The other Eggs / Kenshuusei who left or graduated!

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