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Kanon Suzuki to graduate Morning Musume & H!P in Spring 2016


So it’s been announced that our lovely Zukki is flying from the coop at the end of Morning Musume ’16’s Spring Tour to essentially become a social worker where she’ll do her best to make other people feel better!

Coming off the heels of Riho graduating, I’m actually surprised by this a lot more as she’s become quite the fan favorite worldwide!  Another member I got to see from auditions to now, she’s grown quite a bit and has shown some amazing vocals in her tenure.  I’m a little bummed that she didn’t get quite enough spotlight like Riho and later on, Mizuki has and ended up in the back end (though she did have a lot more spotlight B-sides) up until “Oh my wish!”.  Still, I’m kind of hoping that her last single will have something nice for her (another center song orrrr a solo?).  Now, the auditions seem a little more respectable due to losing two members!

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