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Morning Musume PVs through the years!: Triple Grads and Fashion Emergencies!~

Today, I’m going over the final blow to the Platinum Era, the final punch in the groin, the one that hurt the most…well, you get what I mean right?  What I mean is that in this period we came to the conclusion of the emo-musume era with the announcement of Eri, Junjun, and Linlin leaving our group which would leave us with 5 members (which we haven’t seen since “Morning Coffee” mind you).  The first being was that she had a pretty serious skin condition and needed to bow out to recover.  The latter two didn’t exactly have a personal reasoning, but to Tsunku, their “training” was over basically…or their VISAs ran out and couldn’t do anything to stay otherwise.  Anyways we are reviewing Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai, Genki Pikapika!, Seishun Collection, Appare Kaiten Zushi! (the Muten Musume single), and Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game.

Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai

The Song: From our last trip through the PVs, we just lost Koharu and the group was fully moving on.  What we got was this small section of weirdness starting with Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai.  I mean it’s nothing that’s totally different from Momusu…although lyrically it was a bit of a stretch moving from being a fickle princess to vanity and looking beautiful.  A little strange right?  Though I’m happy to see Eri and Risa sticking out more from the group!

What Genre is it?: Honestly, it’s hard to tell besides going for the usual idol sound.  There’s some latin in it with the acoustic guitar, and the mid8 section with the violin solo was something more ho-downish, but overall it’s kind of a synthed up idol track.

The Premise: There’s not a whole lot to say.  I mean it’s just the group getting all prettied up and ready to walk down the catwalk looking sexy (questionable with that).  Simplicity at its best I suppose.

The Setting: The same can be said about the setting.  It’s really mostly on the catwalk (where they strut and where the dance-shot is held) as well as behind the scenes where the girls are getting touched up with make-up and the sort (I’m a guy…like I know what’s going on damnit!!!).  Also the solo shots had a spinning disco ball…what that had to do with the PV confused me and seemed rather out of place.

The Outfits: This is also where I coined this selection of time as the fashion disaster era starting here and going to our final A-side with Eri, Jun, and Lin.  So many people bagged the outfits for the video and for good reason, it looked like they swallowed up the members (especially them hats >.>) and (also coined the dresses as bloody tissues which is surprisingly what I thought too!)  Even worse is that this IS THE ONLY outfit of this PV.

The Choreography: You really don’t get to see a lot of the choreography in this one, but shots that you do felt stiff and kind of hokey at points.  It just felt like there was no energy to it and the group was just phoning this one.

PV as a whole: I want to know what had happened with H!P during this time period because it wasn’t just Momusu suffering but just about every act that was active in that time had some issues with promotions.  Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai does have a split following which honestly is deserving because I just felt like this was kind of like Tsunku having no ideas and took an album song and made an A-side at the last minute.  Plus, this song felt odd an areas…the synths and random other instruments (plus the violin solo) felt jarring.  The video also showed some lacking.  I mean it was understandable that H!P PVs are usually never fantastic and original, but it felt like none of the girls were interested and the clothing department, like Tsunku ran out of ideas for this one…I have grown to enjoy the song, but in smaller doses than others.

Genki Pikapika!

The Song: Another one of those PVs that really don’t get much attention, we get (sort-of) one with Genki Pikapika! which was an album track from their “10 MY ME” album.  The PV was actually made because of the fact the group was in Hawaii to perform (which is something they do quite a bit as it is, so it was a nice thing to have).  Makes me wonder if this was a nod to “Good Morning” which was also a beach-shot PV.  The song is of course a cute one with duo lines throughout…plus I heard some of the back members more here which is nice!

What Genre is it?: Just a pure idol-pop song with rainbows and cupcakes XD

The Premise: None here, just the group having fun together at the beach.

The Setting: Of course, being as this was a treat the PV was shot in Hawaii so they’re obviously on a beach with one of the volcanoes in the background (I can’t recall where they were)…but it could be anywhere in the state lol.  They also threw in some close-up shots…but they aren’t fully significant.

The Outfits: They are in bikinis! Nuff’ said.

The Choreography: At first I didn’t think there would be any, but when the chorus hits, the group does some simple choreography and steps and arm waving.  Nothing that the group had to really remember strictly.

PV as a whole: It wasn’t meant to have the budget of A-sides, but I actually think it was a step up from “Good Morning” because the group was actually performing the song together.  It’s like if you took “HEY! Mirai” and the aforementioned track and fused the PVs it’s quite the outcome.  I mean I understand why it’s rarely mentioned in the fandom but it was nice…but this song sounds eerily similar to our next PV.

Seishun Collection

The Song: Most of us were recovering from “Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai” then we got our next A-side, Seishun Collection and most of the fandom was even more bored and disappointed with this song because it felt like we had gotten our mid-tempo typical positive track.  I suppose it was nice that they had decided to take things like this because “Aruiteru” had gotten high marks on ORICON…but ehhhh.

What Genre is it?: All kinds of feel-good idol pop here.

The Premise: I really am not sure if there was one…

The Setting: What confused me were the setting of this PV there was a couple.  Most of it was on a Soccer field (to everyone that isn’t USA, a football field) because our country has to be weird like that XD).  Another set was on some steps (mainly in the 2nd chorus) and last but not least inside a room with a lone couch (the final chorus).  What these things have in common is really confusing but hey different locations this time!  Also the solo shots were in the park (where the girls hold their signs), the trampoline shots, and inside the house (you can see the wall paneling).  Overall it seemed random…especially the inside shots since most of the PV otherwise was set outside.

The Outfits: If you thought the bloody tissue dresses were bad, Seishun Collections were bad because the colors they used were jarring and unfitting for a song like this.  I don’t know why but baby blue / lime green latex outfits just do not work.  Add on some of the girls wore dresses and some wore actual pants was just awkward af.

The Choreography: It’s a little more engaging than what we saw in “Genki Pikapika!” in the least but it’s still rather simple steps with arm waves and some hops and specific steps but otherwise light.  Although there’s not a lot of it because we have many solo shots, and the scenes on the steps are mostly them just standing there.  Not the most important feature.

PV as a whole: Like “Aruiteru”, I’m not the biggest fan of these kind of bright, poppy songs from Momusu.  Seishun Collection didn’t pull me in quite as hard which might have been the case for many fans, but it’s been slowly warming up as an A-side.  The PV while adorable in how each member took it and their partnership looked just fine.  Still, I just cant feel for the song and the outfits were pretty bad xD.

Appare Kaiten Zushi!

The Song: So after the announcement was made of the three member graduation, we had also gotten this random as hell sub-unit named Muten Musume (featuring all 8 members of Morning Musume).  The reason being with this song was that it was advertised as a song for the Kansai sushi chain, Muten Kurazushi.  The song was pretty random and sounded just as wacky which is a nice change from the vanity and youth songs we were getting (plus, trying to make like of the upcoming graduation as well).

What Genre is it?: Goofy brass-heavy pop track!

The Premise: I really didn’t think there was much of a premise.

The Setting: Well, if you haven’t noticed, the actual members were not present in the PV so instead we get an animated PV.  It really is hard to follow were they’re exactly at.  I assume the first half is at a Muten Kurazushi and the latter half is literally in space.  Most of the time we’re looking at the members and their fascination over sushi 0.o

The Outfits: Since it’s not a true look at the outfits, the cartoon caricatures of the group are pretty interesting because their outfits have something to with ingredients found in sushi.  Like Aika had squid and Junjun had bananas…it was fitting at least.  The actual outfits to promote them were simple but half of it was really meh (though that’s not the PV outfits so I have to pass this up).

The Choreography: There was none…it was pretty much static shots of the animations the entire way.

PV as a whole: I had found this release to be really unusual for Momusu but it was definitely nice that a single came out for this one-shot unit.  While I would’ve preferred to have seen the group in the PV rather than just use animation characters of themselves, it was quirky enough to stick out in my mind.  I love the song, but the PV could’ve had a little more effort (especially with all the news that came out)…also…only performed once?!?  Damnit…

Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game

The Song: *sigh* Well we’re finally here…the final A-side to include Eri, Junjun, and Linlin.  The impending thoughts of the fans were really low especially fans of Kame because she had started blossoming and becoming a wonderful member in Momusu.  Junjun and Linlin were also just getting the footwork down (especially Linlin who was a vocal powerhouse almost rivaling Ai-chan and Gaki).  This song marked a final bow to Momusu of past and moving on which is so great to see a change.  Even though it was pretty much the same singers in the front, it was nice to get solo lines from everyone!

What Genre is it?: There’s a lot of Russian elements to this song and almost makes me think you can do a Cossack dance to this xD.  Add on dance beats and you have a rather nice banger!

The Premise: Not sure exactly, maybe some semblence to the Ugly Duckling but that’s a HUGE stretch to make.

The Setting: I was surprised of all the settings here.  Most of the dance-shot was either in a black room or a white room, actually two because one had colored ceiling tiles while the other had cubic tetris-like protrusions (Tetris…Russian-sounding..hmmm).  The black room had lights shining behind them (ala “Iroppoi Jirettai”).  The solo shots included the scenes in and in front of the pond, and this small hallway (looks like one of the crazy psycho rooms).  Yeah that’s plenty right?

The Outfits: So there’s two significant outfits for this PV, the dance-shot (and some solo shots) outfits which consisted of satin (mabye cotton/silk?) outfits with the members’ significant color (like Ai-chan’s red, Eri’s orange, and Sayu’s pink).  The other was this grand dress that was different with each member but wasn’t of their Momusu color like Aika’s yellow dress and Gaki’s cerulean outfit.  Special mention goes out to Reina because she had the most outlandish outfit that looked like it ate her alive if not for the humongous ass bow she included with this get up…it looked bad compared to everyone elses.  Overall colorful outfits to kind of throw off the black and white look of the video for sure.

The Choreography: Of all the PVs, I felt like this was where Momusu was slowly sliding into a more dance-centric group as this is the most engaging the group has been since “Kimagure Princess” with their dance.  There’s a lot of cool moments mostly in the chorus and mid8 sections.  I really enjoyed the choreography and it suited nicely with the Russian feel.

PV as a whole: I thought of all the PVs I worked on, this was my favorite of them.  I love the amount of love put into this one and even though it’s simple it showed off the ladies and they all looked amazing in their outfits (cept Reina in that dress >.>).  The dance was energizing and the song itself is wonderful and gave Eri a nice sendoff (the B-side from that single did send off Junjun and Linlin better).  Unfortunate that it would the last single and the future was left uncertain till the end of the year…and made us wonder who’d make the group in the beginning of the next year.


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