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H!P Profiles (small): POCKY GIRLS & Venus Mousse


Top Row L to R: Risa Niigaki, Asami Konno, Makoto Ogawa, Kei Yasuda
Bottom Row L to R: Ai Kago, Rika Ishikawa, Natsumi Abe, Ai Takahashi, Nozomi Tsuji


L to R: Maki Goto, Mari Yaguchi, Hitomi Yoshizawa, Kaori Iida

POCKY GIRLS & Venus Mousse were essentially two sub-units that were really only created to promote Pocky (you know, those awesome snack stick that come in NUMEROUS flavors?  Of course one look and you’ll immediately say that Venus Mousse were the more mature group while POCKY GIRLS were the cutesy ones.  They both only released one song PG with YES! POCKY GIRLS and VM with Megami ~Mousse na Yasashisa~.  They both were initially released on Petit Best 3 but they also grew into full versions on Morning Musume’s 5th album, No.5.

Yup this is the Pocky Girls’ song I assume there’s other versions focusing on other members (who all had nicknames BTW)

More of that sultry look, this is the CM for Venus Mousse’s track which BTW, Gocchin is not a part of (I think she had just graduated before this?)

Overall: I thought that it was strange to have Tsunku have a CM sub-unit more or less two of them with this Pocky tie-in.  The idea was nice since I really enjoyed Venus Mousse’s song a tad more than POCKY GIRLS, but both show kind of that bright sound that I just enjoy.  There’s no unknown reason why it stopped because as they’re just CM, it was obvious it was going to stop…though the main thing to remember is that this was one of the final things Maki Goto did as a Morning Musume member

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