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H!P Profiles: SATOYAMA pt. 2

Today, we’ll be continuing our sort-of sub-units for the environmental awareness show.  Though it’s not too much since the only new thing was a new group in the form of Jurin, but I will squeeze in the return of Peaberry and GREEN FIELDS as well!

So we begin with the surprising return of Peaberry and GREEN FIELDS, there was no real reason for either to have returned without Harvest and DIY it just kind of happened (with not a lot of fanfare from the fans either) to the point where GREEN FIELDS’ didn’t even get a PV for their song but more on that lol.

Peaberry – Cabbage Hakusho ~Haru-hen~


L to R: Ayaka Wada, Kayoko Hosokawa, Riho Sayashi

A lot people scoffed at Peaberry since they kind of had the two members that really split the fandom through the middle.  Though to the groans of many, they returned and they’re putting out a new single (a major label one at that) and sadly it’s just a new version of their indies song, Cabbage Hakusho.  In an odd twist, they also added the former Prime Minister’s wife, Kayoko Hosokawa to the song with her short incerpt of the classic song, “Furusato” (not the Momusu song mind you).  Personally, the song didn’t sound too different, but the addition of Furusato was a bit too randomly placed in the song…(before the second verse?).

When we had the original PV to stare at, there really wasn’t much to it beyond a lot of Ayacho and Riho outside standing and walking around.  Luckily, the new version is a bit more engaging, especially with Kayoko acting as their grandmother in the PV.  I mean the duo are still just kind of standing around when they aren’t making food with granny Kayoko and all, but it’s still a more engaging video than the original.

B-side: At least the single did come with a new song in the form of Niji no Seseragi which is more or less a chorale song.  At first I couldn’t really hear Sayashi and Wada over the chorale voices, but over time they start to pop out.  Overall, it’s an OK song but not seriously memorable.

GREEN FIELDS – Tokainaka no Kare


L to R: Saki Shimizu, Yuka Miyazaki, Aika Mitsui

Yeah, what I mentioned earlier, I felt like the return of Peaberry and GREEN FIELDS was mostly left silent because they was little to no interest in seeing either of them return.  It was so bad that GREEN FIELDS didn’t even get a PV for their major label debut.  Honestly, I couldn’t give a reason why because none of them were too busy at the time (maybe Yuka since she was just debuting in Juice=Juice).  It still is today the only song that didn’t get a PV.

The song itself is really catchy and upbeat and the 3 ladies sound like they’re having fun.  Add some interesting instruments like horns, kazoo and etc. and I honestly preferred this song more than the other two SATOYAMA releases in 2013.

B-side: What? GREEN FIELDS got an original B-side as well?  Yup, they got the kind of folksy B-side, “Haru wa Kuru” and it’s slower than the leading track, but still sounded interesting and refreshing enough to stand out in the year.

Jurin – Hotaru Matsuri no Hi


L to R: Masaki Sato, Karin Miyamoto

Jurin didn’t form together until July of 2013 (a while after Peaberry and GREEN FIELDS released their singles), but it was the only new SATOYAMA unit of 2013 before we ended up with a new SATO trio which will be in a couple posts.  Like the other two, I didn’t feel like there was a lot of fanfare with these two though it is the first time we see Karin a group (due to her being in Juice=Juice).  They were given the song Hotaru Matsuri no Hi which was a ballad which also kind of threw up red flags similarly to Peaberry’s song.

Funny I say that because the PV is a lot like the original Cabbage Hakusho PV where the duo are just simply standing around in a meadow.  It really doesn’t pick up until near the end where the duo is singing in front of a green screen of fireflies.  Yeah, a bit plain of a PV.

Ranking by me: Tokainaka no Kare >>>>>>> Cabbage Hakusho ~Haru-hen~ >>>>Hotaru Matsuri no Hi

Overall: Honestly, with the decrease of attention for the SATOYAMA movement, it was no surprise that I had a lack of interest in 2013’s selection.  Peaberry’s was just an edited version of their first song, Jurin’s was boring, and GREEN FIELDS was so ignored.  I wonder what had happened here because I was so tired of it all.

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