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H!P Profiles: Petitmoni / Petitmoni V

1st Generation L to R: Maki Goto, Sayaka Ichii, Kei Yasuda

Ahhhh, our second Momusu sub-group to appear!  During the explosion that came out of the popularity of “LOVE Machine” this group quickly followed which came with Kei-chan and Ichii (no Marippe since she was doing Tanpopo).  Also came in the newbie, Gocchin whose popularity during these times really made anything she was involved in pretty popular!  Funny enough though, this trio only released one single in “Chokotto LOVE”…but damn was it huge…following the success of “LOVE Machine” (the PV even follows it).  Sadly, they didn’t last long because Sayaka graduated pretty soon after the group’s introduction…

2nd Generation L to R: Hitomi Yoshizawa, Maki Goto, Kei Yasuda

Most people when they hear Petitmoni, they usually think of this trio more than any others because they lasted MUCH longer than the first generation.  After Sayaka left and the 4th generation was added to Momusu, they decided to let 3/4 of the members move into the sub-groups and Yossie got added to this group.  They released three singles and an album (with the one single the first generation produced as well) plus a new song and some extras like the two exercise songs, The★Petitmobics (which was a DVD from them to promote exercise (I guess?).  It was a great time for the group and they stood out the best during these days.  Then Gocchin (and later Kei-chan) graduated from Momosu and was essentially left dead for a while.

3rd Generation L to R: Hitomi Yoshizawa, Makoto Ogawa, Ayaka Kimura

The third generation, much like the 3rd generation of Tanpopo added someone who wasn’t from Morning Musume and that was Ayaka from Coconuts Musume.  The new group might not be on everyone’s mind and I’m sure there’s a couple people surprised that there was a third generation of the group simply because…they never released a single!!!  Yeah they only have two songs under their wing.  One was a cover of “Chokotto LOVE” and the other was “WOW WOW WOW” which is an original tune…sadly the only way you can get them is through the Petit Bests.

Petitmoni V L to R: Erina Mano, Saki Nakajima, Mai Hagiwara

Of course Tsunku revived quite a number of groups back in 2009.  Petitmoni was revived but lost the fact that it was a Momusu sub-group because none of the three members of Petitmoni V were part of the group.  Nakky and Maimai are C-ute members while ManoEri was a soloist.  Like the 1st and 3rd generation, they only have two songs under their name as well.  One is off the Champloo album (which featured all the revivals and other things) and the other was on a Petit Best as well.  Nothing has happened since then so it’s probably an inactive group now (but they can get back together because all three members are still active in H!P).  Personally, I really wished they had gotten better singers for Petitmoni V…no offense but Saki, Erina, and Mai aren’t great singers……T.T

Style of Music: I’m not sure if Tsunku said what he wanted Petitmoni to sound like when it was just Gocchin, Ichii, and Kei-chan (but he liked Sayaka and Kei together when they sang “Otome no Shinrigaku soooo…)…but their lone single sounded youthful…like a burst of fun energy.  I mean it’s not like the crack-induced Minimoni or S/mileage but more mature youthfulness? (oxymoron right?).  DREAM&KISS (the B-side) on the other hand was more outlandish and dynamic…so it’s hard which direction they were really aiming for.

At least when it came to Gocchin, Kei-chan and Yossie, things were a little easier to tell.  Though at the same time didn’t help much either because they did different things with their music.  Some were energetic tracks and some were laidback and sweet.  However they are the most stable the group has been ever so they got the most tracks.

The third generation didn’t really have much to go on really I mean their Chokotto LOVE was the same arrangement, just new vocals added.  It seemed their only song, WOW WOW WOW was pretty energetic and a lot more rockin’ than anything the previous two have done so that’s something new.

Petitmoni V though was more like the 2nd Generation with both their songs.  Well, I didn’t think Kimi ga Iru Dake de was very Petitmoni and more like something else that would be suited for C-ute.  At least Pira! Otome no Negai was more fitting but for obvious reasons didn’t seem vocally there xD



  • Chokotto LOVE
  • Seishun Jidai 1.2.3! / Bicycle Daiseikou!
  • BABY! Koi ni KNOCKOUT!
  • Pittari Shitai X’mas!


  • Together! -Tanpopo, Petit, Mini, Yuko- (Joint album, only place to find the second generation’s take on Chokotto LOVE
  • Zenbu! Petitmoni (Could be considered a complete best at it’s time since it had all the songs they’ve done plus more)
  • Tanpopo / Petitmoni Mega Best (A-sides best + WOW WOW WOW)

This is the lone PV the original trio released and it’s their best-selling A-side throughout the years.  Chokotto LOVE is oddly enough a song that I don’t enjoy a lot…I’m not sure why but it kind of felt messy?  I don’t know but it’s memorable though for being right behind “LOVE Machine’s” sales.

There are songs that I think everyone should have on their music devices on on their H!P playlists ALWAYS…and BABY! Koi no KNOCKOUT! is definitely a song that I would consider for that role.  It’s a badass song and Yossie, Gocchin, and Kei-chan sung this song with power and it’s catchy in all the right way!  MY favorite Petitmoni song ^_^

Despite, the 3rd generation never getting a PV for WOW WOW WOW, it was performed live and this song screams Buono! for me everytime I hear it because of the way it was produced!  BTW look how much ass Makoto is kicking in the song (I LOVES HER) xD.  Not to say Ayaka and Yossie didn’t much because they were rockin’ out too!

Petitmoni V didn’t get a PV worth either so we’re stuck with a live of Pira! Otome no Negai to survive on.  The song isn’t bad for what it’s worth because it’s silly and energetic to listen to.  My only qualm is that…it’s Saki, Erina, and Mai singing the song….Yeha…..

Top 5 Favorite Songs:

  • BABY! Koi ni KNOCKOUT!
  • DREAM&KISS (B-side from Chokotto LOVE)
  • Pira! Otome no Negai
  • Pittari Shitai X’mas!

Other Things to Mention:

Not too much to say otherwise about Petitmoni really…cept I wish the 3rd generation had more stuff to release since they had great singers at that point!

Overall: Petitmoni might not have survived like other groups tried to as sub-groups but Petitmoni made a huge splash when they debuted with Chokotto LOVE and tried many times to score big hits.  Though BABY! Koi ni KNOCKOUT! was pretty damn good though.  If Tsunku decides to bring back the trio again, I hope he shuffles the Petitmoni V away because Petitmoni has been known to have amazing vocalists and this isn’t them….If it was me, I’d put Maimi, Kanon S., and Rina together for a new incarnation TBH

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