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For those who like H!P ^_^, plus a learning experience!

H!P Profiles: BEYOOOOONDS / CHICA#TETSU / Ame no Mori Kawa Umi


Back Row L to R: Kokoro Maeda, Utano Satoyoshi, Honoka Kobayashi, Minami Okamura, Saya Eguchi, Reina Ichioka
Front Row L to R: Momohime Kiyono, Miyo Hirai, Shiori Nishida, Yuhane Yamazaki, Rika Shimakura, Kurumi Takase


CHICA#TETSU L to R: Saya Eguchi, Shiori Nishida, Rika Shimakura, Reina Ichioka


Ame no Mori Kawa Umi L to R: Kokoro Maeda, Momohime Kiyono, Kurumi Takase, Yuhane Yamazaki, Minami Okamura

Back in 2017, an announcement was made originally that Reina Ichioka was going to debut with 2 other KSS members (and 2 Country Girls members were being moved to other groups) but of those 5 Ichioka chose to debut in a new group, but was also announced that Takase and Kiyono were to debut with a focus on stageplays, later on pulled back to being a full group as well

Dive into 2018 where things start to move forward and more members were added and later was explained that the two units to be called CHICA#TETSU & Ame no Mori Kawa Umi, but in the same announcement came the formation of BEYOOOOONDS which would be the combination of both groups and winners of the ONLY YOU audition that was running during the time

Towards the end of 2018, Kobayashi, Satoyoshi, and Hirai (winners of said audition) were added, but just to BEYOOOOONDS and not into the other units.

August of 2019 is when BEYOOOOONDS finally debuted in H!P (well, I guess the two smaller units too, but they were clearly not the focus).

Style of Music: Not much currently can be said about BEYOOOOONDS’ style of music because right now it’s their first year, but going by the single, it feels like a story with most of the music the music itself is pretty much EDM or Rock-centric

CHICA#TETSU’s concept is more dance-ish (and as of the end of 2019, based on trains) while Ame no Mori Kawa Umi has a more theatric vibe (though from their singular tracks), C#T is more cutesy while RFRO is more of the cooler rockin’ group.



  • Megane no Otoko no Ko / Nippon no D・N・A! / Go Waist



Ahhh their first ever song!  It’s a really cool song and Megane no Otoko no Ko shows more of the story-driven songs they have!

Overall: It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a new group in H!P not since 2016’s Tsubaki Factory.  Granted they sure took their sweet ass time getting the group going and dragging their feet to complete the group…it does make Hirai, Satoyoshi, and Kobayashi feel a bit odd as they don’t have a “sub-unit” to belong to.  Though I am very excited to see where this goes because a lot of the KSS involved are pretty strong and the 3 audition winners seem to have tons of potential too!  Let’s see where it goes!

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