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H!P Profiles: Ongaku Gatas


Top Row L to R: Mika Muto, Yuri Sawada, Minami Sengoku, Miki Korenaga
Middle Row L to R: Erina Mano, Rika Ishikawa, Arisa Noto
Bottom Row L to R: Asami Konno, Hitomi Yoshizawa, Mai Satoda

It’s definitely great to see Tsunku doing something else besides promoting Koharu everywhere right?  It was another group that used the H!P Eggs in the group but also surprisingly used members who weren’t active (since Konkon, Charmy, Satoda, and recently Yossie had left the main groups, so it was fitting to bring the 4 0G members to 6 Eggs (who all of them we haven’t fully heard of yet).  It did seem like they were pushing Arisa and Erina the most and Miki and Mika the least and of course the well-known members were pushed because, well they were well known in H!P.  This iteration lasted the longest because they released 2 singles and an album before Mika left H!P and Erina had graduated from the group (and Eggs) to become a soloist.


L to R: Yuri Sawada, Arisa Noto, Mai Satoda, Hitomi Yoshizawa, Rika Ishikawa, Asami Konno, Minami Sengoku, Miki Korenaga

Shortly after the loss of two of their members, the group moved on to release another single, “Come Together” with the 8 members before Yuri Sawada left the program as well and causing the group to basically take a break for a 2 years almost


Top Row L to R: Arisa Noto, Minami Sengoku, Miki Korenaga
Bottom Row L to R: Mai Satoda, Hitomi Yoshizawa, Rika Ishikawa, Asami Konno

The final iteration (for all we know) came together one more time after the Elder Club all graduated H!P so in turn the group’s final single , “READY! KICK OFF!” was indeed an indies single.  After the release of that, Arisa graduated and joined Happy! Style where she’s now a member of the rather popular group, StylipS.  Konkon left the music business (somewhat) to become a news reporter, Sengoku graduated from Eggs and is now currently a member of Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari), and Mai Satoda graduated from Gatas Brilhantes (which I suppose meant she also left Ongaku Gatas as well).  They never really went out of the way to say the group had disbanded so it does leave 3 members left: Charmy, Yossie, and Korenaga…I doubt they’ll return but it’s a nice dream no doubt.

Style of Music: Really, they were quite all over the map even though they were a shortlived group.  Their first two singles did have a disco theme to it which is quite awesome.  The album was quite varied and the B-sides were pretty chanty.  After Mika and Erina left, the group focused more on slower songs and their final single was a poppy tune!



  • Narihajimeta Koi no BELL
  • Yattarouze! (Mika and Erina’s last single)
  • Come Together (Yuri’s last single)
  • READY! KICK OFF!! (indies)


  • 1st GOODSAL

Ah, the group’s debut single, Narihajimeta Koi no BELL…such a classy song and great to show off the Eggs (except Miki And Mika of course) but still awesome!

This is the only performance of their final single, READY! KICK OFF!! and of course this showed where the group was really going to.

Top 5 Favorite Songs

  • Narihajimeta Koi no BELL
  • Yattarouze!
  • Koi Uranai Toori ni wa Naranai wa (album song from “1st GOODSAL”)
  • Aisaretai Aisaretai (B-side from “Come Together”)
  • Dakishimete…Namida (album song from “1st GOODSAL”)

Overall: I loved the idea of this group basing it off their futsal team Gatas Brilhantes and even moreso giving a couple of the eggs chances to show fans what they were capable of.  Though the line distribution focused more on the more well-known members, the Eggs stood out (except Muto and Korenaga which confused me why they were so shunned when compared to the 4 other Eggs involved and Korenaga outlasted them all xD).  After Mika and Erina left, the focus was pretty much on Konkon, Yossie, Charmy, and Satoda which kind of made me not watch them.  With the group technically not disbanded (just heavily inactive), they could pull some members back for another performance or revival, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.  Still this is where I actually started my H!P (right around Yossie’s graduation from Momusu to her place in Ongaku Gatas).

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