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For those who like H!P ^_^, plus a learning experience!

H!P Profiles: Taiyou to Ciscomoon / T&C Bomber

L to R : Miho Shinoda, Atsuko Inaba, Miwa Kominato, RuRu Honda

Taiyou to Ciscomoon appeared after the creation of Country Musume and is the first main group to not have Musume in their names XD.  They were auditioned of course but they had training all over the United States ^_^.  They’ve lasted quite a short while in really just about a year’s worth of time, went through a time where a member was gone (Miwa) and had a name change for the group (T&C Bomber)….all that in a year’s time, talk about busssssy!!!

Style of Music: I was surprised with this group to be honest!  I mean first off, their vocals are AMAZING and probably goes down with the best vocalists of all H!P right here.  Well maybe not Miwa…she had cutesy vocals XD.  Anyways, their music was pretty nifty for them…it gave them a sexy glow and feel that other H!P projects didn’t really have.  If you like Momosu’s “Summer Night Town”, “Daite HOLD ON ME!” and “Memory Seishun no Hikari”, this is definitely the area you should be in.  It was R&B/Dance, and soulful tunes…it was pretty darm cool!  Even after the name change, they still kept true to their sound (well maybe small changes to the music…but still vocally great!



  • Tsuki to Taiyou
  • Getamekira
  • Uchuu de La Ta Ta
  • Everyday Everywhere
  • Magic of Love
  • Marui Taiyou -winter ver.- (Miwa is missing)
  • DON’T STOP Ren’aichuu (Miwa returns, first single as T&C Bomber)
  • HEY! Mahiru no Shinkirou


  • Taiyou&Ciscomoon 1
  • 2nd STAGE
  • Taiyou to Ciscomoon / T&C Bomber Mega Best

I actually put up Getamekira, because I thought it showed the ladies off (especially RuRu) a lot more better in this song…and because this song is quite good as well and it was merely their second single!

This is the only PV where it’s just Atsuko, Miho, and RuRu…this is Marui Taiyou -winter ver.-

Last but not least, we have HEY! Mahiru no Shinkirou which was the group’s final single and one of two singles that they went under T&C Bomber.

Top 5 Favorite Songs:

  • Getamekira
  • Chinmoku (album song from Taiyou&Ciscomoon 1)
  • HEY! Mahiru no Shinkirou
  • Uchuu de La Ta Ta
  • Versus (B-side from Magic of Love)

Other Things to Mention:

While it might not be a big deal, Taiyou to Ciscomoon is the only group to have a member leave for a single then return on the next single.

RuRu Honda is also known for being the first H!P member not to be from Japan (she’s from China).

Overall: Honestly, Tsunku/UFA really lost something good with T&C Bomber.  Like I said, they were the best vocalists they’ve ever had under the H!P umbrella.  I do wonder why they gave up on them because their music was unique and just fit them soooo nicely.  Despite Miwa actually having to leave because of some issue that wasn’t big enough (since she returned), they were amazing.  I miss them the most XD